tgs3[07/17/13 12:16 PM ]: Did they leave?

tgs3[07/17/13 12:16 PM ]: haha

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:17 PM ]: no, they haven't even shown up yet

tgs3[07/17/13 12:17 PM ]: Peter was all worried about being late and they haven't even shown up yet

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:17 PM ]: I got here 5 till

MockY[07/17/13 12:18 PM ]: All alone. Scary

tgs3[07/17/13 12:22 PM ]: Maybe I'll have time to change my song for the next round

MockY[07/17/13 12:23 PM ]: I shall not

tgs3[07/17/13 12:24 PM ]: fuck you

MockY[07/17/13 12:25 PM ]:

MockY[07/17/13 12:25 PM ]:

tgs3[07/17/13 12:28 PM ]: Maybe they thought we chnaged to 1:00?

tgs3[07/17/13 12:28 PM ]: Ms Chnadler Bong

tgs3[07/17/13 12:28 PM ]: big fat goalie

MockY[07/17/13 12:29 PM ]: Whoopaah!

tgs3[07/17/13 12:34 PM ]:

tgs3[07/17/13 12:35 PM ]: Its practically in your backyard, NIna

MockY[07/17/13 12:35 PM ]: I soooo want to go

MockY[07/17/13 12:35 PM ]: Especially to day 2

MockY[07/17/13 12:36 PM ]: Damn baby coming the same weekend

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:40 PM ]: That is a pretty impressive lineup

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:41 PM ]: why do you say it's in my backyard?

MockY[07/17/13 12:41 PM ]: It's fucking AWESOME

MockY[07/17/13 12:41 PM ]: Both days

tgs3[07/17/13 12:41 PM ]: Discovery Park

MockY[07/17/13 12:41 PM ]: Sac Town

tgs3[07/17/13 12:41 PM ]: I didn;t mean more yours than ours

tgs3[07/17/13 12:41 PM ]: Just saying its not Marysville or something

MockY[07/17/13 12:41 PM ]: You went for Live there, so why not Testament?

tgs3[07/17/13 12:41 PM ]: She went to Discovery Park for LIve?

tgs3[07/17/13 12:41 PM ]: Do you mean Raley Field?

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:42 PM ]: ahhh

MockY[07/17/13 12:42 PM ]: Discover park

MockY[07/17/13 12:42 PM ]: Day In The Zone

tgs3[07/17/13 12:42 PM ]: I thought it was at Raley Field

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:42 PM ]: I think the first one was Raley Field, but the second one was in Discovery Park

MockY[07/17/13 12:42 PM ]: It was not

tgs3[07/17/13 12:43 PM ]: So you've been there beofre?

MockY[07/17/13 12:43 PM ]: I mean, thnen you thought wrong

MockY[07/17/13 12:43 PM ]: And I forgot my passport that day

MockY[07/17/13 12:43 PM ]: So I could not drink

MockY[07/17/13 12:43 PM ]: Asses

tgs3[07/17/13 12:43 PM ]: So you know how the stage will probably be set up

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:43 PM ]: It was just one stage that time

MockY[07/17/13 12:43 PM ]: I know nothing

MockY[07/17/13 12:43 PM ]: Just 5 bands

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:43 PM ]: you think it'll be just one stage this time too?

MockY[07/17/13 12:43 PM ]: Live headlining after that asian dude

MockY[07/17/13 12:44 PM ]: hahaha

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:44 PM ]: it was a while ago

MockY[07/17/13 12:44 PM ]: No, I would think it's atleast 2

MockY[07/17/13 12:44 PM ]: if not 3

MockY[07/17/13 12:44 PM ]: To many bands to cram in otherwise

MockY[07/17/13 12:44 PM ]: unless they start at l;ike 6am

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:44 PM ]: I think that it'll be more than one stage

tgs3[07/17/13 12:45 PM ]: I still have trouble seeing this all fitting very well there

MockY[07/17/13 12:45 PM ]: yeah, me too

MockY[07/17/13 12:45 PM ]: they may use all the parking too

MockY[07/17/13 12:45 PM ]: It's not a small park after all

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:45 PM ]: Which stage and what time will bands be playing? Set times will be posted 2 weeks before the show at - See more at:

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:45 PM ]: from the FAQ

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:45 PM ]: So, more than one stage

tgs3[07/17/13 12:45 PM ]: We should buy some $20 bikes from craigslist and just ride the bike trail there from somewhere else

MockY[07/17/13 12:46 PM ]: Sounds like a fucking awsome idea

MockY[07/17/13 12:46 PM ]: and fun as hell

MockY[07/17/13 12:46 PM ]: Though I probably can't

tgs3[07/17/13 12:46 PM ]: Barley poses a problem

MockY[07/17/13 12:46 PM ]: In case we have a baby situation, I would not want to bike home in a "rush"

MockY[07/17/13 12:46 PM ]: haha

MockY[07/17/13 12:47 PM ]: Either way, this is the coolest concert event in like 4 years

MockY[07/17/13 12:47 PM ]: If only I could have waitied another month to impregnate my lady

tgs3[07/17/13 12:48 PM ]: dumbass

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:48 PM ]: I think I would want to pay for the VIP tickets if I went

MockY[07/17/13 12:48 PM ]: No one is stoping you

MockY[07/17/13 12:48 PM ]: You earn more than me, so I know you can do it

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:48 PM ]: It's only $200 instead of $100 dollars

MockY[07/17/13 12:49 PM ]: @20 for VIP, both days. Unbeatable price

MockY[07/17/13 12:49 PM ]: $200

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:49 PM ]: that's what I'm saying

MockY[07/17/13 12:50 PM ]: That's like half of a regular Dave Matthew ticket at Sleep Train ffs

tgs3[07/17/13 12:51 PM ]: Yeah, I was surprised at how "cheap" VIP was compared to normal

tgs3[07/17/13 12:51 PM ]: I'm obviously all for VIP ticks

MockY[07/17/13 12:52 PM ]: That is almost the price for one Ozzfest ticket

tgs3[07/17/13 12:52 PM ]: Food and alcohol both days will probably be up to another $200 anyway

tgs3[07/17/13 12:52 PM ]: seriously

MockY[07/17/13 12:52 PM ]: So yeah, considering that, they are "cheap"

MockY[07/17/13 12:52 PM ]: true that

MockY[07/17/13 12:52 PM ]: It's like vacatyioning in Sweden

MockY[07/17/13 12:52 PM ]: The plane ticket is like 1 third of the total price

tgs3[07/17/13 12:52 PM ]: At least

MockY[07/17/13 12:52 PM ]: Stupid rental cars and food

tgs3[07/17/13 12:52 PM ]: I would think even more for just a Sweden trip

tgs3[07/17/13 12:53 PM ]: Rental cars used to be cheaper than domestic plane tickets

tgs3[07/17/13 12:53 PM ]: That might not be the case anymore

MockY[07/17/13 12:53 PM ]: Car rental is redicolously expensive

tgs3[07/17/13 12:53 PM ]: I didn;t think it was that bad for just a car. Getting a van on the other hand...

MockY[07/17/13 12:54 PM ]: You got a flippin buss

MockY[07/17/13 12:54 PM ]: Vans are the cheapest you can get. At least when I went to Ohio

tgs3[07/17/13 12:55 PM ]: $200 a week seems pretty damn reasonable to me. What did you pay in Sweden?

Ragee[07/17/13 12:55 PM ]: Am I late?

Ragee[07/17/13 12:55 PM ]: or early?

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:55 PM ]: I think I want to go to the concert. I feel like I need to buy the VIP tickets before they sell out

tgs3[07/17/13 12:55 PM ]: Late

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:55 PM ]: lae

Ragee[07/17/13 12:56 PM ]: too late?

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:56 PM ]: late, but not as late as Hebbe

Ragee[07/17/13 12:56 PM ]: ahh I see

Ragee[07/17/13 12:56 PM ]: so anyone know when he is coming in?

MockY[07/17/13 12:56 PM ]: heck, renbting the Volvo in Sweden was $971 alone

thebrat13n[07/17/13 12:56 PM ]: nope

MockY[07/17/13 12:56 PM ]: grr

MockY[07/17/13 12:56 PM ]: Låter som du har brottom

MockY[07/17/13 12:57 PM ]: Let's revisit the concert tomorrow, unless you know you will go both days even without your precious cousin

MockY[07/17/13 12:57 PM ]: If so, buy em NOW

tgs3[07/17/13 12:57 PM ]: Sounds like you got robber, Peter

Ragee[07/17/13 12:57 PM ]: nah just thought if I should call him or not

tgs3[07/17/13 12:57 PM ]: Weren't you only there for a little over a week?

MockY[07/17/13 12:57 PM ]: do so

MockY[07/17/13 12:57 PM ]: sure was

MockY[07/17/13 12:58 PM ]: I paid $699 for the Audi in Italy

tgs3[07/17/13 12:58 PM ]: Unless they just went on sale, I doubt one more day will matter

MockY[07/17/13 12:58 PM ]: $1670 in just car rental for a Europe trip

MockY[07/17/13 12:58 PM ]: nasty

MockY[07/17/13 12:59 PM ]: That'a a nice Laptop

tgs3[07/17/13 12:59 PM ]: You should shop around more next time

tgs3[07/17/13 1:00 PM ]: Should only be 200-250 a week

MockY[07/17/13 1:00 PM ]: I took the cheapest of the vendor available

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:00 PM ]: yeah, where did you go thru, that sounds like a lot

MockY[07/17/13 1:00 PM ]: So it was not like I grabbed the first possible

tgs3[07/17/13 1:00 PM ]: Unless you got some premium car or something

tgs3[07/17/13 1:00 PM ]: Budget is usually the cheapest in Europe

tgs3[07/17/13 1:00 PM ]: Sweden, anyway

MockY[07/17/13 1:00 PM ]: Hertz in Sweden. Europcar in Italy

tgs3[07/17/13 1:00 PM ]: Hertz shouldn't be that different

MockY[07/17/13 1:00 PM ]: Budget had nothing available

tgs3[07/17/13 1:01 PM ]: Did you do it late? That can be a problem

MockY[07/17/13 1:01 PM ]: Hertz had plenty, but none cheap

MockY[07/17/13 1:02 PM ]: It would have been $800 if I want with the smallest they had. Made no sense since we had a bunch of shit with us, and a car seat

MockY[07/17/13 1:02 PM ]: Either way, it was not cheap nontheless

MockY[07/17/13 1:03 PM ]: It was a miracle we fit in the Audi A2

tgs3[07/17/13 1:03 PM ]: Seems very odd. YOu can do better next time

MockY[07/17/13 1:03 PM ]: Still have no idea how we managed

MockY[07/17/13 1:04 PM ]: Keep in mind, this was with AAA rebate and they had a summer drive, giving us $100 discount at the place

MockY[07/17/13 1:04 PM ]: I can get an actual car for that price ffs. So I'm buying an old Vovle 740 till next time

MockY[07/17/13 1:04 PM ]: and Vovle is cheap

MockY[07/17/13 1:04 PM ]: Must be Russian

tgs3[07/17/13 1:05 PM ]: Did you click the the "fuck me" box?

MockY[07/17/13 1:05 PM ]: I must have

MockY[07/17/13 1:06 PM ]: Europcar is the cheapest you can get. And even so, their cheapest car cost in the end $699

MockY[07/17/13 1:06 PM ]: And that is a tiny ass car

MockY[07/17/13 1:06 PM ]: I asked for a larger one, and all I got back was a laughter

MockY[07/17/13 1:07 PM ]: Sorry, it was a Audi A3

MockY[07/17/13 1:07 PM ]: Tiny ass teenybopper car

tgs3[07/17/13 1:07 PM ]: Just check online to see if I was high, and yup, prices for a week are like 200-250. Don't know where you're looking

tgs3[07/17/13 1:08 PM ]: Cna't imagine June is that different compared to August

tgs3[07/17/13 1:08 PM ]: And you booked in advance?

MockY[07/17/13 1:08 PM ]: Not in Italy

tgs3[07/17/13 1:08 PM ]: Just noticed that Anders showed up

MockY[07/17/13 1:08 PM ]: I did for Hertz

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:08 PM ]: Did you go to Italy, it's more expensive there

tgs3[07/17/13 1:08 PM ]: Maybe we should have a discussion about when SOTD starts. We don't seem to know any more

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:08 PM ]: Sweden should have been at most $300/week though

MockY[07/17/13 1:08 PM ]: It was not

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:08 PM ]: You know Anders is here right?

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:09 PM ]: atleast logged in.

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:09 PM ]: jag glömde helt bort röstningen idag

MockY[07/17/13 1:09 PM ]: I rented a Volvo XC70 and for the 8 or so days I had it, they charged $971 which includes full coverage

MockY[07/17/13 1:09 PM ]: which you kinda have to

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:10 PM ]: ville inte störa eran diskusion

tgs3[07/17/13 1:11 PM ]: What time would people like the vote to be? I'm fine with whatever

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:13 PM ]: jag har fiskat idag sen har jag stått på loppis så jag var hemma typ halv nio

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:13 PM ]: och hade inte en tanke på sotd

Ragee[07/17/13 1:13 PM ]: well I still prefer i at 21:00 swedish time, but got very busy in the evening so I forgot about the vote

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:13 PM ]: it's really up to the Swedes, I would prefer later if asked

MockY[07/17/13 1:14 PM ]: 22:00 is probably what I prefer

MockY[07/17/13 1:14 PM ]: But 21:00 is no big deal at all

tgs3[07/17/13 1:14 PM ]: Don't worry about today, guys. I'm just asking what people want in the future

tgs3[07/17/13 1:15 PM ]: 5 songs! Looks like my bitching worked

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:15 PM ]: jag tro 21 är bättre

tgs3[07/17/13 1:16 PM ]: 2 for 21, 1 for 22 and 2 no cares. Looks like 21.00 wins!

Ragee[07/17/13 1:16 PM ]: you are a very very scary man Theron

tgs3[07/17/13 1:16 PM ]: Cool

tgs3[07/17/13 1:16 PM ]: Let's keep it that way

MockY[07/17/13 1:16 PM ]: Looked at the same car I rented for September which is certainly in advance, and the same time slot would run me $956, so I don't know where you get your cheap rentals

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:16 PM ]: bara lathet från min sida att jag inte hade gjort klart

MockY[07/17/13 1:17 PM ]: Jag ska kissa nu grabbs och flicks

tgs3[07/17/13 1:18 PM ]: Well, getting an SUV certainly adds to the price. Not sure why 3 people would need that

MockY[07/17/13 1:19 PM ]: We had half the house with us. 3 Large suitcases, 3 carry on, and one car seat

MockY[07/17/13 1:19 PM ]: We barely fit in the car as is

MockY[07/17/13 1:19 PM ]: Next trip with 2 children will feature half of that

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:21 PM ]: what did you rent, Theron?

tgs3[07/17/13 1:21 PM ]: I rented "premium". Not sure exactly what that will be. Probably a V70.

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:22 PM ]: well, we'll see how we fit then

tgs3[07/17/13 1:22 PM ]: We're getting charged for the dropoff. so not sure what the price will be one I change that

tgs3[07/17/13 1:22 PM ]: 3 people should be able to make due with a midsize, which for 2 weeks in August is $447

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:22 PM ]: I agree

tgs3[07/17/13 1:22 PM ]: Insurance probably pushes it anohter $100

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:23 PM ]: we'll see if we want Jesse and I to just keep the car down instead of all cramming into the one?

tgs3[07/17/13 1:23 PM ]: With Amy gone, my family travels light

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:23 PM ]: didn't mean?

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:23 PM ]: ?

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:23 PM ]: I still have my Amy

tgs3[07/17/13 1:24 PM ]: That's up to you guys. I would think we could all fit, but I fine with more discomfort than most

MockY[07/17/13 1:24 PM ]: We would not be able to fit comfortably in a midsize this trip

MockY[07/17/13 1:24 PM ]: We made due with the Audi because we barely drove

MockY[07/17/13 1:24 PM ]: The longest was to Ancona wich was 1.5 hours

MockY[07/17/13 1:24 PM ]: And I could not fit properly

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:24 PM ]: Jesse takes less discomfort than most

MockY[07/17/13 1:24 PM ]: Not doing that in Sweden where I drive all the time

tgs3[07/17/13 1:25 PM ]: You only need to be uncomfortable to and from the airport.

MockY[07/17/13 1:25 PM ]: Which is 10 hours total

tgs3[07/17/13 1:25 PM ]: All the time? I guess we vacation differently. My luggage is only in the car for very little of the trip

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:26 PM ]: being the youngest, I'm used to fitting into weird tight spaces to travel

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:26 PM ]: I think I hung out on the floor by Sonja's feet one time when I was young

tgs3[07/17/13 1:26 PM ]: Even I got the back of the Buick a couple of times...

MockY[07/17/13 1:26 PM ]: Either way, the price they gave me is still cheaper than what they would give me for the same window in September

MockY[07/17/13 1:26 PM ]: So I did not check the "fuck me" on the app

MockY[07/17/13 1:27 PM ]: I'm no having anyone in the car glued to the car floor ffs

MockY[07/17/13 1:27 PM ]: hahah

tgs3[07/17/13 1:27 PM ]:

tgs3[07/17/13 1:27 PM ]: Link probably won't work, but those are the prices for 2 weeks in August which is longer than you were there

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:27 PM ]: hur som helst så tror jag inte det går att ändra på nu

tgs3[07/17/13 1:28 PM ]: Damn your logic, Anders!

MockY[07/17/13 1:28 PM ]: I would have gotten the same car this time around anyways, so I did in fact in the end pay less than I would have low season

MockY[07/17/13 1:29 PM ]: Which goes back to the first statement, the plane ticket is just a little party of the entire cost of a vaccation unfortunately

tgs3[07/17/13 1:29 PM ]: I stil don't see how plane tickets were only a third of the price of the trip, which is what started this conversation

MockY[07/17/13 1:29 PM ]: In my case, it was not fully a third. It was about 40%

MockY[07/17/13 1:30 PM ]: $3000 for the tickets and costs accociated with the trip went to $4000

tgs3[07/17/13 1:30 PM ]: Plane tickets are way more than half the price for a Sweden trip

MockY[07/17/13 1:30 PM ]: granted, we went to two places

tgs3[07/17/13 1:30 PM ]: For me its more like 75%

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:30 PM ]: vet ni vad nu röstar vi så får ni fortsätta sen

MockY[07/17/13 1:30 PM ]: so a straight Sweden trip would have been much cheaper

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:31 PM ]: 1

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:31 PM ]: 2

tgs3[07/17/13 1:31 PM ]: It was close to 100% when we went for Anders' birthday

MockY[07/17/13 1:31 PM ]: Kan man inte göra båda på samma gång?

tgs3[07/17/13 1:31 PM ]: alcohol and pizza were like the only costs

tgs3[07/17/13 1:31 PM ]: 3

MockY[07/17/13 1:31 PM ]: The most expensive I bought that trip was a pizza and a beer

MockY[07/17/13 1:31 PM ]: haha

MockY[07/17/13 1:31 PM ]: 4

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:32 PM ]: I think we scared Niklas away

tgs3[07/17/13 1:32 PM ]: poor little guy

Ragee[07/17/13 1:32 PM ]: 4234235335

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:33 PM ]: another lost year 3p

MockY[07/17/13 1:33 PM ]: The car price was a monthly he got scared

MockY[07/17/13 1:33 PM ]: Another Lost Year 4p

Ragee[07/17/13 1:33 PM ]: Another lost year 5p

tgs3[07/17/13 1:33 PM ]: Another Lost Year 5p

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:33 PM ]: Skillet 5p

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:34 PM ]: girl on fire 5p

MockY[07/17/13 1:34 PM ]: I now which song is Ninas

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:34 PM ]: You're soooo smart

MockY[07/17/13 1:34 PM ]: We As Humans 6p

tgs3[07/17/13 1:34 PM ]: Lifehouse 6p

tgs3[07/17/13 1:34 PM ]: shit

Ragee[07/17/13 1:34 PM ]: Girl On Fire 6p

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:34 PM ]: We As Humans 6p

MockY[07/17/13 1:35 PM ]: Did something bite you_

MockY[07/17/13 1:35 PM ]: ?'

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:35 PM ]: skillet 7p

MockY[07/17/13 1:35 PM ]: Skillet 7p

Ragee[07/17/13 1:35 PM ]: Skillet 7p

tgs3[07/17/13 1:35 PM ]: Girl On FIre 7p

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:35 PM ]: Girl On Fire 8p

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:36 PM ]: we as human 8p

MockY[07/17/13 1:36 PM ]: Lifehouse 8p

Ragee[07/17/13 1:36 PM ]: Lifehouse 8p

tgs3[07/17/13 1:36 PM ]: We As Human 8p

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:36 PM ]: Lifehouse 9p

tgs3[07/17/13 1:36 PM ]: Lifehouse? Really?

MockY[07/17/13 1:36 PM ]: Jag som trodde jag skulle få en promenadseger. Jävlar så snopet

Ragee[07/17/13 1:36 PM ]: haha

Ragee[07/17/13 1:36 PM ]: yes really

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:37 PM ]: lifehouse den här blir bara bättre och bättre

tgs3[07/17/13 1:37 PM ]: this season sucks

tgs3[07/17/13 1:37 PM ]: and so do all of you

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:37 PM ]: I agree

MockY[07/17/13 1:38 PM ]: Jävla svennar att vara senda i röstning

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:38 PM ]: 1. lifehouse 31p

tgs3[07/17/13 1:38 PM ]: you suck, Hebbe

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:38 PM ]: 2. we as human 28p

tgs3[07/17/13 1:38 PM ]: You suck, Ragee

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:39 PM ]: ha ha ha ha tydligen inte

Ragee[07/17/13 1:39 PM ]: oj oj

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:39 PM ]: synd att du inte använder så här bra låtar själv

MockY[07/17/13 1:39 PM ]: Men su mycket jävla snett

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:39 PM ]: 3. girl on fire 26p

tgs3[07/17/13 1:39 PM ]: You suck, Livefan

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:40 PM ]: 4. skillet 26p

tgs3[07/17/13 1:40 PM ]: You rock, TGS3!!!

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:40 PM ]: 5. another lost year 17p

tgs3[07/17/13 1:40 PM ]: You suck, Brat

tgs3[07/17/13 1:40 PM ]: big time

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:40 PM ]: haha

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:41 PM ]: sorry

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:41 PM ]: tack för alla gratulationer

MockY[07/17/13 1:42 PM ]: Nu är man inte tvåa längre

MockY[07/17/13 1:43 PM ]: Du fick väldigt många sådana

MockY[07/17/13 1:43 PM ]: haha

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:43 PM ]: men man tar bara ett poäng itaget på nicke

MockY[07/17/13 1:43 PM ]: Då har du inte tillräckligt med poäng

MockY[07/17/13 1:43 PM ]: rundor menar jag

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:44 PM ]: är nog slut på segrar nu så du får nog tillbaka din andraplats

tgs3[07/17/13 1:44 PM ]: You guys probably want to download Satellite again if you already have

Ragee[07/17/13 1:44 PM ]: sounds good to me

MockY[07/17/13 1:44 PM ]: Du är den enda som tagit alla placeringar denna säsong

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:46 PM ]: girl on fire påminde om youth gone wild med skidrow i början

tgs3[07/17/13 1:46 PM ]: Skid Row sucks

MockY[07/17/13 1:46 PM ]: Grym låt som ingen annan fattade tydligen

MockY[07/17/13 1:47 PM ]: Sunhuman Race is a great album actually

MockY[07/17/13 1:47 PM ]: sub

tgs3[07/17/13 1:47 PM ]: it sucks

Ragee[07/17/13 1:47 PM ]: vote on Monday again?

tgs3[07/17/13 1:47 PM ]: voting sucks

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:47 PM ]: ok

tgs3[07/17/13 1:47 PM ]: Voting on Monday sounds good to me

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:47 PM ]: ha ha ha ha ha theron behöver lite uppåttjack

MockY[07/17/13 1:48 PM ]: heck SKid Row has not realeased many albums at all

MockY[07/17/13 1:48 PM ]: All their fame came from 2 albums

tgs3[07/17/13 1:48 PM ]: Looks like we'll have a break at just the right time for album voting break, so that works out well

tgs3[07/17/13 1:48 PM ]: What fame?

MockY[07/17/13 1:48 PM ]: They had fame ffs

MockY[07/17/13 1:48 PM ]: Whether you like it or not

tgs3[07/17/13 1:48 PM ]: Nope

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:48 PM ]: they had fame

Ragee[07/17/13 1:49 PM ]: alrighty then, dags att kolla lite film då,pööös på er

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:49 PM ]: dom riktigt stor efter debuten

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:49 PM ]: bye

MockY[07/17/13 1:49 PM ]: If you sell 20 million albums spanning just 2 LPs, then you have fame

Hebbe[07/17/13 1:49 PM ]: god natt dax för sängen

MockY[07/17/13 1:49 PM ]: trötta svennar

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:50 PM ]: I need to eat

MockY[07/17/13 1:50 PM ]: I do not

tgs3[07/17/13 1:50 PM ]: Brainwashed youth with no internet

tgs3[07/17/13 1:50 PM ]: poor fuckers

tgs3[07/17/13 1:50 PM ]: forced to think that Skid Row was good

tgs3[07/17/13 1:51 PM ]: I'm honestly shocked athow much they sold. I certainly didn't know anyone in the US who liked them

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:51 PM ]: I liked them

MockY[07/17/13 1:52 PM ]: Europe was in love with them

tgs3[07/17/13 1:52 PM ]: Yes, but I didn;t know you back then.

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:52 PM ]: I had them on tape

MockY[07/17/13 1:52 PM ]: He can't sing worth shit, and their musc is sub par at best, though when they heavied it down a bit on Subhuman Race, they actually sounded decent

MockY[07/17/13 1:53 PM ]: I kept to Scorpions and Bon Jovi

tgs3[07/17/13 1:53 PM ]: That album sold like shit it looks like

MockY[07/17/13 1:53 PM ]: With a hint of Iron Maiden and Judas

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:53 PM ]: I'm leaving now

MockY[07/17/13 1:53 PM ]: Certified Gold, but yeah, their career spanned just 2 albums really

thebrat13n[07/17/13 1:53 PM ]: bye