tgs3[07/15/13 10:58 AM ]: Is voting now?

tgs3[07/15/13 10:59 AM ]: I couldnt remember what time we do now

MockY[07/15/13 11:01 AM ]: Här va det redan fullt hus

tgs3[07/15/13 11:02 AM ]: When is voting?

MockY[07/15/13 11:02 AM ]: In an hour?

thebrat13n[07/15/13 11:02 AM ]: we dont know

MockY[07/15/13 11:02 AM ]: Maybe 2

thebrat13n[07/15/13 11:02 AM ]: I have to leave at 2 for a doctors appt

MockY[07/15/13 11:03 AM ]: I mean, in 2 hours

tgs3[07/15/13 11:03 AM ]: Thats 3 hours away

MockY[07/15/13 11:03 AM ]: not @ 2

thebrat13n[07/15/13 11:03 AM ]: understood

thebrat13n[07/15/13 11:04 AM ]: This was a good round, I dont know what to do with it

MockY[07/15/13 11:07 AM ]: And with this break, Iäm sure we all have at least 2 more awesome tunes to use

MockY[07/15/13 11:07 AM ]:

tgs3[07/15/13 11:10 AM ]:

tgs3[07/15/13 11:10 AM ]: As usual, the break did shit for my list

tgs3[07/15/13 11:10 AM ]: I do better finding music with no breaks

tgs3[07/15/13 11:10 AM ]: Or short ones

MockY[07/15/13 11:11 AM ]: Damn you Robert

MockY[07/15/13 11:12 AM ]: Being abcent from the game is not enough for him. He also must block us from searching for music

MockY[07/15/13 11:12 AM ]: s

tgs3[07/15/13 11:14 AM ]: Hes been gone for 4 days now. Didnt help.

MockY[07/15/13 11:18 AM ]: Well it does take time chasing women in Sactown

MockY[07/15/13 11:18 AM ]: Or are you hanging at Bobs?

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:01 PM ]: SKÅÅÅL!!

tgs3[07/15/13 12:01 PM ]: i wish

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:01 PM ]: är det ingen som hänger på

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:02 PM ]: jag har tagit tre öl och nu har jag en grogg

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:02 PM ]: trodde jag skulle få dricka med er

tgs3[07/15/13 12:03 PM ]: Honestly, after the last 3 weeks, Im good being sober for a little while

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:03 PM ]: inte för länge hoppas jag

tgs3[07/15/13 12:04 PM ]: nah

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:04 PM ]: tar du med vodka till 40-festen?

tgs3[07/15/13 12:05 PM ]: me? I hadnt planned on it. Is there somehting in particular I can get you?

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:06 PM ]: smirnoff funkade fint i dalarna

tgs3[07/15/13 12:06 PM ]: I think Peter blames alcohol for the fact that hes been sick for like 2 weeks

tgs3[07/15/13 12:06 PM ]: Sure, Smirnoff in Haj hajs honor

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:07 PM ]: det gick 2 sjuor smirnoff i dalarna när peter var med

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:07 PM ]: kanske blev en liten skvätt kvar i nr 2

MockY[07/15/13 12:09 PM ]: Yes, I can guarentee that I would be fine now if it wasnät for alcohol

tgs3[07/15/13 12:09 PM ]: sure

MockY[07/15/13 12:10 PM ]: Anders dricker en smirre om dagen

MockY[07/15/13 12:10 PM ]: Hans nya Jag

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:10 PM ]: ha ha

tgs3[07/15/13 12:10 PM ]: Sounds like I wont remember much of my Sweden trip this year

MockY[07/15/13 12:10 PM ]: Fabolous

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:10 PM ]: tog 3 öl till maten idag den var så förbannat god

MockY[07/15/13 12:11 PM ]: Hopefully Robert dont read this chat

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:11 PM ]: då var det lika bra att fortsätta

tgs3[07/15/13 12:11 PM ]: beer sounds much better than vodka

tgs3[07/15/13 12:11 PM ]: Theres probably a 0.0001% chance he reads random SOTD chats

MockY[07/15/13 12:11 PM ]: Anders har gått och blivit hobby alkis. Fett

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:11 PM ]: man kan dricka mer öl om man dricker vodka

MockY[07/15/13 12:11 PM ]: so you say that I should not treat this log differently?

MockY[07/15/13 12:12 PM ]: Nej

MockY[07/15/13 12:12 PM ]: Man kan dricka mer vodka om man dricker mer öl

MockY[07/15/13 12:12 PM ]: Du har fått det om bakfoten

tgs3[07/15/13 12:12 PM ]: Vodka leads to more hours of sleep for me

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:12 PM ]: theron jag tror chansen är ännu lägre

MockY[07/15/13 12:12 PM ]: jag behöver några starka i mig innan jag grabbar tag i flaskan

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:12 PM ]: dricker jag bara öl så vet ni vad som händer

MockY[07/15/13 12:13 PM ]: Däremot kunde jag dricka direkt ur flaskan utan en enda min, dagen Robert drog hem

MockY[07/15/13 12:13 PM ]: Jag kunde varken känna någon doft eller smak

MockY[07/15/13 12:13 PM ]: Det var bara att dricka på

tgs3[07/15/13 12:13 PM ]: I think the burning on your throat would still be there

MockY[07/15/13 12:13 PM ]: Till och med Rom smakade inget

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:14 PM ]: hellvete vad har ni gjort där borta egentligen

MockY[07/15/13 12:14 PM ]: Vodka barely does that

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:14 PM ]: robert sa att han druckit öl i 3 veckor inte sprit

MockY[07/15/13 12:14 PM ]: Heck, even the hot sauce di nothing. though I started to sweat and the spice hickups came right away

MockY[07/15/13 12:14 PM ]: Funny experiment nonetheless

MockY[07/15/13 12:15 PM ]: I would be such a drunk if that was my state for the rest of my life

MockY[07/15/13 12:15 PM ]: Han drack vin också såg jag

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:15 PM ]: du skulle haft lite god salsa från mej då

MockY[07/15/13 12:15 PM ]: Och nu har hälsenan hans gått åt pipan

MockY[07/15/13 12:15 PM ]: För lite öl tydligen

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:15 PM ]: det sa han inget om

MockY[07/15/13 12:15 PM ]: god? Jag kunde ju inte känna smaken av den. Verkar bortkastat

MockY[07/15/13 12:16 PM ]: Att det drackd för lite öl?

MockY[07/15/13 12:16 PM ]:

tgs3[07/15/13 12:16 PM ]: There was definitely some wine drank. Ask Sofi...

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:16 PM ]: Really? Its just the taste that puts you off being a drunk?

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:16 PM ]: det tror jag på

MockY[07/15/13 12:17 PM ]: Drunk on liqour..yes

MockY[07/15/13 12:17 PM ]: Beer, hells to the no

MockY[07/15/13 12:17 PM ]: liquor

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:17 PM ]: tror jag måste ringa nicke

tgs3[07/15/13 12:17 PM ]: Everclear with a strong tasting mixer could get you drunk pretty easily and probably still taste good

tgs3[07/15/13 12:18 PM ]: If thats what youre after

MockY[07/15/13 12:18 PM ]: I think Ill pass on that one

MockY[07/15/13 12:18 PM ]: Drinking just to get drunk is a thing of the past

MockY[07/15/13 12:18 PM ]: and has been for a very long time

tgs3[07/15/13 12:18 PM ]: Youre the one saying youd be drunk all the time if you couldnt taste the alcohol

MockY[07/15/13 12:19 PM ]: Not saying I mind getting shit faced, but it better damn taste good during

MockY[07/15/13 12:19 PM ]: Maybe for a week, while I pour all kinds of nasty hard liquors down my throat without a grin

MockY[07/15/13 12:19 PM ]: That novelty would probably wear off pretty darn fast

tgs3[07/15/13 12:19 PM ]: Got it. Youre just talking shit.

tgs3[07/15/13 12:20 PM ]: How new of you.

MockY[07/15/13 12:20 PM ]: probably after the first night

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:23 PM ]: kopplade inte fram till niklas

tgs3[07/15/13 12:24 PM ]: not a good sign

tgs3[07/15/13 12:24 PM ]: Maybe he thinks were voting at midnight again like the last round?

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:24 PM ]: I wasnt sure when we were voting, so maybe he thinks were voting in 30 minutes

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:24 PM ]: kanske

tgs3[07/15/13 12:24 PM ]: I guess that was the time for a long while

MockY[07/15/13 12:25 PM ]: Eller så är han avliden

MockY[07/15/13 12:25 PM ]: Han svarar inte

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:26 PM ]: det gick inte fram några signaler alls det bröt bara av

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:26 PM ]: kan vara upptaget vad vet jag

tgs3[07/15/13 12:26 PM ]: a lot

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:27 PM ]: att jag är varslad till den 6:e september

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:27 PM ]: vet jag

MockY[07/15/13 12:27 PM ]: shit

MockY[07/15/13 12:27 PM ]: Det var många månader det

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:28 PM ]: tycker jag med

tgs3[07/15/13 12:28 PM ]: Dont know what that means

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:28 PM ]: har jag tur så får dom in lite mer job

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:28 PM ]: att jag kan vara utan job den 6 september

MockY[07/15/13 12:29 PM ]: varslad - layed off

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:29 PM ]: 25 personer är varslade, jag är nummer 23

tgs3[07/15/13 12:29 PM ]: ouch. Google didnt quite translate it right

tgs3[07/15/13 12:29 PM ]: Google said you were quitting. Wrong direction.

tgs3[07/15/13 12:30 PM ]: Thats too bad. You seem happy with this job

MockY[07/15/13 12:30 PM ]: yeah, you cant varsla yourself

MockY[07/15/13 12:30 PM ]: unless you piss on your boss desk. That might do it

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:30 PM ]: jo jag gillar det här jobbet, schemat, pengarna

tgs3[07/15/13 12:30 PM ]: Dont try it

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:31 PM ]: I guess the difference is he was served notice, he didnt give it

MockY[07/15/13 12:31 PM ]: however, varsla is only used when they lay off people due to lack of work or financial reasons, not fire someone for personal reasons. But that probably goes without say

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:31 PM ]: tror inte jag ska åka ner till nora och pissa på chefens bord

MockY[07/15/13 12:31 PM ]: man vet ju aldrig Anders. Med så mycke vodka i ditt live så vet man ju aldrig vad du hittar på

MockY[07/15/13 12:31 PM ]: ditt liv

tgs3[07/15/13 12:32 PM ]: I thought it was quite hard to fire people for personal reasons in Sweden

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:32 PM ]: you said until sept you have another job, or going back to that one?

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:32 PM ]: det finns fortfarande en chans att få behålla jobbet dom får svar på ett par job i början på augusti

tgs3[07/15/13 12:32 PM ]: not laid off, in other words

MockY[07/15/13 12:33 PM ]: With some piss on a table, it may not be so hard

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:35 PM ]: kan få behålla det jobb jag har om dom får arbeten som väntar svar på

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:35 PM ]: jag har inget annat jobb på gång än

tgs3[07/15/13 12:36 PM ]: Robert was talking about buying a restaurant in Sacramento. You can come work for him

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:37 PM ]: om det hade bara varit jag hade man kunnat fundera på det

tgs3[07/15/13 12:37 PM ]: Of course, he had had quite a few beers by the time we were done with Mulvaneys

tgs3[07/15/13 12:37 PM ]: But Sofi seem at least a little serious about it when I asked her the next day

tgs3[07/15/13 12:38 PM ]: True, you cant really do that at all

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:38 PM ]: lyssnar man på robert så låter det mer som norge

MockY[07/15/13 12:38 PM ]: Den mannen har sina järn i elden

MockY[07/15/13 12:38 PM ]: Norge...så han kan höghöjdsträna dagarna i ända?

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:39 PM ]: han har nog bara 2 år kvar på skolan i lycksele

tgs3[07/15/13 12:39 PM ]: Yeah, he seems to think they might not always have his subject to teach there

MockY[07/15/13 12:40 PM ]: No one has claimed the Sizzler yet

MockY[07/15/13 12:41 PM ]: NIKLAS IS COMING!!!

MockY[07/15/13 12:41 PM ]: HIIIIIDE!!

Ragee[07/15/13 12:42 PM ]: yo yo

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:42 PM ]: so, do you think that you are late or early Niklas?

MockY[07/15/13 12:42 PM ]: Tjenixen farbrorn

Ragee[07/15/13 12:42 PM ]: very late

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:43 PM ]: ha ha

Ragee[07/15/13 12:43 PM ]: so waddup

tgs3[07/15/13 12:43 PM ]: Where is the Sizzler?

tgs3[07/15/13 12:43 PM ]: And yes, I know youre not being serious

tgs3[07/15/13 12:43 PM ]: I think hell only do midtown, downtown or old town Sac

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:44 PM ]: thats where I think he should do it

MockY[07/15/13 12:44 PM ]: I would not suggest anything else to him if we are serious about it

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:44 PM ]: The Sizzler is the failed Island Burger spot

MockY[07/15/13 12:44 PM ]: Midtown is by far the best spot to be

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:44 PM ]: Now the failed Sizzler spot

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:45 PM ]: Not a good spot

tgs3[07/15/13 12:45 PM ]: Ah. The spot doesnt seem so bad to me, but what do I know

MockY[07/15/13 12:45 PM ]: What was there before Island?

MockY[07/15/13 12:45 PM ]: They built the building didnt they?

tgs3[07/15/13 12:46 PM ]: I think it was built for Islands

MockY[07/15/13 12:46 PM ]: right

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:46 PM ]: it doesnt seem bad to me either, Mikuni across the way does fine

tgs3[07/15/13 12:46 PM ]: Midtown has a lot more competiion, but maybe thats a good thing. People expect a bunch of restaurants in that area

MockY[07/15/13 12:46 PM ]: right

MockY[07/15/13 12:47 PM ]: and the audience he wants goes there

MockY[07/15/13 12:47 PM ]: The hip younger crowd

tgs3[07/15/13 12:47 PM ]: fuck them

MockY[07/15/13 12:48 PM ]: Thats IHOPs philosophy

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:48 PM ]: ja ja ska vi rösta

tgs3[07/15/13 12:48 PM ]: I would think youd want the rich crowd, which doesnt really mean "young"

tgs3[07/15/13 12:48 PM ]: Were boring Anders now

MockY[07/15/13 12:49 PM ]: rich hip youngsters

tgs3[07/15/13 12:49 PM ]: Have another beer, Anders

tgs3[07/15/13 12:49 PM ]: I can vote whenever

MockY[07/15/13 12:49 PM ]: or a shot

MockY[07/15/13 12:49 PM ]: So can I

MockY[07/15/13 12:49 PM ]: Niklas is silent so I assume he needs a few to get settled

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:49 PM ]: det är ingen som dricker med mej här

tgs3[07/15/13 12:49 PM ]: I just had my 4th beer

tgs3[07/15/13 12:49 PM ]: And a shot of Chivas

tgs3[07/15/13 12:49 PM ]: Really

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:50 PM ]: vad du ljuger

tgs3[07/15/13 12:50 PM ]: Never!!!

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:50 PM ]: ha ha h aha

Ragee[07/15/13 12:51 PM ]: önskar jag kunda dricka men men

Ragee[07/15/13 12:51 PM ]: finns ju annat kul

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:52 PM ]: jo jag vet niklas

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:53 PM ]: 1

tgs3[07/15/13 12:53 PM ]: 2

MockY[07/15/13 12:53 PM ]: ja, hade inte öl varit så in i helvete gott, had ett liv utan alkohol inte varit så jävla farligt

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:53 PM ]: 3

MockY[07/15/13 12:53 PM ]: men nu är det ju det bästa som finns

MockY[07/15/13 12:53 PM ]: 5

Ragee[07/15/13 12:53 PM ]: 346675674

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:53 PM ]: imagine dragons 5p

MockY[07/15/13 12:54 PM ]: The Halo Method 5p

Ragee[07/15/13 12:54 PM ]: Imagine Dragons 6p

tgs3[07/15/13 12:54 PM ]: Imagine Dragons 4p

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:54 PM ]: The Halo Method 6p

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:55 PM ]: the halo method 7p

MockY[07/15/13 12:55 PM ]: Imagine Dragons 6p

Ragee[07/15/13 12:56 PM ]: Last Amanda 7p

tgs3[07/15/13 12:56 PM ]: In Flames 5p

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:56 PM ]: Last Amanda 7p

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:56 PM ]: last amanda 8p

MockY[07/15/13 12:56 PM ]: Blue October 8p

Ragee[07/15/13 12:56 PM ]: The Halo Method 8p

tgs3[07/15/13 12:57 PM ]: Last Amanda 6p

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:57 PM ]: Blue October 8p

Hebbe[07/15/13 12:57 PM ]: in flames 9p

MockY[07/15/13 12:57 PM ]: In Flames 9p

Ragee[07/15/13 12:57 PM ]: Blue October 9

tgs3[07/15/13 12:58 PM ]: Blue October 8p

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:58 PM ]: In Flames p9

MockY[07/15/13 12:58 PM ]: Theron var elak idag tydligen

Ragee[07/15/13 12:58 PM ]: oj oj

tgs3[07/15/13 12:58 PM ]: Lots of big points there

thebrat13n[07/15/13 12:58 PM ]: Slow songs dont always get everyone to come along, especially live ones

MockY[07/15/13 12:58 PM ]: Måste säga det att Lukas Rossi låter betydligt bättre nu än vad han gjorde under Supernova tiden

tgs3[07/15/13 12:58 PM ]: Ive been listenting to a lot of my own stuff lately, so it makes everything else sound a bit worse I guess

tgs3[07/15/13 12:59 PM ]: Rossi seems to sounds the same whereever he goes to me

MockY[07/15/13 1:00 PM ]: Hated his way of singing before. Now it was more normal

MockY[07/15/13 1:00 PM ]: For the better I might add

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:00 PM ]: 1. blue october 33p

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:00 PM ]: 2. in flames 32p

tgs3[07/15/13 1:00 PM ]: damn. close

tgs3[07/15/13 1:01 PM ]: congrats to you both

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:01 PM ]: 3. last amanda 28p

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:01 PM ]: tack

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:01 PM ]: tack theron för att rösta lågt på inflames

Ragee[07/15/13 1:01 PM ]: dumma theron

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:01 PM ]: 4. the halo method 26p

tgs3[07/15/13 1:01 PM ]: pretty much

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:02 PM ]: 5. imagine dragons 21p

tgs3[07/15/13 1:02 PM ]: Niklas still increased his lead

Ragee[07/15/13 1:03 PM ]: fantastiskt

tgs3[07/15/13 1:04 PM ]: On to the next round in this disaster of a season

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:04 PM ]: skönt med en seger efter uppehållet

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:05 PM ]: jag går och lägger mej nu om man ska kunna hålla ungarnas tempo

MockY[07/15/13 1:05 PM ]: Nu är Anders lite för nära mig i arslet

MockY[07/15/13 1:05 PM ]: obekvämt gubbtjyv

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:05 PM ]: god natt vi hörs på onsdag

MockY[07/15/13 1:06 PM ]: Godis

tgs3[07/15/13 1:06 PM ]: Sounds good

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:06 PM ]: för visst är det onsdag

tgs3[07/15/13 1:06 PM ]: Sleep well, my beer drinking cousin

tgs3[07/15/13 1:06 PM ]: Wednesday is better for me

tgs3[07/15/13 1:06 PM ]: than Thursday

Hebbe[07/15/13 1:06 PM ]: längtar efter lite fest med kusiner och bröder

tgs3[07/15/13 1:06 PM ]: Early run and then ready to vote!!!

tgs3[07/15/13 1:07 PM ]: 3 weeks and you shall have it

MockY[07/15/13 1:07 PM ]: Brothers? Is Niklas heading over there as well?

Ragee[07/15/13 1:08 PM ]: well I will be there a bit later than the others

MockY[07/15/13 1:08 PM ]: But you will be there nonetheless

MockY[07/15/13 1:08 PM ]: Sweet

MockY[07/15/13 1:08 PM ]:

thebrat13n[07/15/13 1:09 PM ]: everyone will be there but you Peter, poor Peter

Ragee[07/15/13 1:09 PM ]: will not be land in Sweden until 16:00 on the 5th

Ragee[07/15/13 1:10 PM ]: true Peter is the odd one out

Ragee[07/15/13 1:10 PM ]: and also Silvia

MockY[07/15/13 1:10 PM ]:

MockY[07/15/13 1:11 PM ]: Have fun

thebrat13n[07/15/13 1:11 PM ]: Jesse and Anette will not be at Sundsvall either

tgs3[07/15/13 1:11 PM ]: Maybe theyll be together?

tgs3[07/15/13 1:11 PM ]: With Erica and Oskar...

MockY[07/15/13 1:11 PM ]: Shh Theron. You were not supposed to say anything

tgs3[07/15/13 1:11 PM ]: True. Keeping out the significant others, I see

thebrat13n[07/15/13 1:11 PM ]: Jesse doesnt come to Sweden until around the 11th

MockY[07/15/13 1:11 PM ]: Now that is a PARTY!

MockY[07/15/13 1:11 PM ]:

tgs3[07/15/13 1:12 PM ]: Fucking Martin.

tgs3[07/15/13 1:12 PM ]: His fault youre not there

MockY[07/15/13 1:12 PM ]: Its my boss fault

MockY[07/15/13 1:12 PM ]: Not giving me like 3 months vacation

MockY[07/15/13 1:12 PM ]: ptfff

tgs3[07/15/13 1:12 PM ]: I shall attempt to take picture in your absence. Obsiously you know not to expect much

MockY[07/15/13 1:13 PM ]: Well, I did not do a very good job myself last time

MockY[07/15/13 1:13 PM ]: They are all up on my site however

MockY[07/15/13 1:13 PM ]: Inlcuding the old negatives

MockY[07/15/13 1:13 PM ]:

tgs3[07/15/13 1:13 PM ]: holy shit. You have some 2002 and 2003

MockY[07/15/13 1:14 PM ]: Holy indeed

tgs3[07/15/13 1:14 PM ]: I see you decided to go with one big Sweden folder rather than break it up. Sometimes theres no logical way...

MockY[07/15/13 1:18 PM ]: Well, like I said. I took way less pictures than usual

MockY[07/15/13 1:19 PM ]: So the folders would have like 2-10 pictures in them

MockY[07/15/13 1:19 PM ]: it seemed like a bitch to browse that way

MockY[07/15/13 1:19 PM ]: I need a new camera is what it comes down to it

MockY[07/15/13 1:20 PM ]: The body of the camera as a layer of grease on it and it is very hard to take good pictures

MockY[07/15/13 1:20 PM ]: the whole thing puts me off and as a result, not that many pictures

MockY[07/15/13 1:20 PM ]: The bad to good ratio has skyrocketed lately and it is really aggrevating

MockY[07/15/13 1:21 PM ]: Someone just bought a new phone and a new car, so a camera unfortunately has to wait

tgs3[07/15/13 1:22 PM ]: Hmm. You cant just clean it?

tgs3[07/15/13 1:23 PM ]: I guess I dont understand this later of grease youre talking about

tgs3[07/15/13 1:23 PM ]: Whats on the site looks fine. Better than the ones from 2002/03

tgs3[07/15/13 1:24 PM ]:

tgs3[07/15/13 1:24 PM ]: You really caught the spirit of how those shoes were feeling

MockY[07/15/13 1:25 PM ]: what shoes?

MockY[07/15/13 1:25 PM ]: All I see is a bored ass Robert

tgs3[07/15/13 1:25 PM ]: People are getting pretty bad about fucking uploading a song

tgs3[07/15/13 1:25 PM ]: I stress to have my stuff ready on time...

tgs3[07/15/13 1:26 PM ]: The shoes that you focused on

MockY[07/15/13 1:26 PM ]: Im set for the rest of the season, so I shall not be late

MockY[07/15/13 1:26 PM ]: ahh haha, now I understand

tgs3[07/15/13 1:26 PM ]: Im not, but I upload what shit I have when its time

MockY[07/15/13 1:26 PM ]: Yeah I sure was a Adams back then

tgs3[07/15/13 1:26 PM ]: I guess it explains how Im doing.

tgs3[07/15/13 1:27 PM ]: But I go down with honor!

MockY[07/15/13 1:27 PM ]: The cost of having it cleaned does not make sense as itäs little under half the price of a new one

MockY[07/15/13 1:27 PM ]: its a cheaper option for sure, but still

tgs3[07/15/13 1:28 PM ]: Try not to get your sex gel all over the next one

MockY[07/15/13 1:28 PM ]: Ive had it for 7 years now. Time to reture it

MockY[07/15/13 1:28 PM ]: To late for that

tgs3[07/15/13 1:30 PM ]: Looks like just you and me, so Im signing off. Last chance to join me in a run?

MockY[07/15/13 1:30 PM ]: I shall decline

MockY[07/15/13 1:31 PM ]: holy fuck you are going to be hot out there

tgs3[07/15/13 1:31 PM ]: Yes, but I just run slower and dont freak out about it like you and Chris

MockY[07/15/13 1:41 PM ]: Heat...GAHHHH!!