MockY[02/06/13 11:13 AM ]: USA!

tgs3[02/06/13 11:16 AM ]: indeed

MockY[02/06/13 11:19 AM ]: Did Anders tell Niklas that he could not vote, but left us in the dark?

tgs3[02/06/13 11:19 AM ]: He told all of us he couldn't vote until 11:30

thebrat13n[02/06/13 11:19 AM ]: yup

tgs3[02/06/13 11:19 AM ]: There's this thing called email...

thebrat13n[02/06/13 11:19 AM ]: did you think Niklas was going to show up early?

MockY[02/06/13 11:22 AM ]: Maybe I should not have my phone in my pocket

Ragee[02/06/13 11:25 AM ]: Plupp

tgs3[02/06/13 11:25 AM ]: Yes you are

MockY[02/06/13 11:25 AM ]: Lemmel

Ragee[02/06/13 11:26 AM ]: du kan va en lemmel

MockY[02/06/13 11:27 AM ]: Du e ju Plupp...och han har lemmlar

Ragee[02/06/13 11:27 AM ]: fullt med lemmlar och chokladmjolk

MockY[02/06/13 11:28 AM ]: Så det så

Ragee[02/06/13 11:28 AM ]: en liten fråga

tgs3[02/06/13 11:29 AM ]: So NIklas, how's the arthritis? Is the medicine working well?

Ragee[02/06/13 11:29 AM ]: om jag och Silvia skulle en dag bestämma oss för att vi verkligen vill flytta till USA, what options do we have?

MockY[02/06/13 11:29 AM ]: none

MockY[02/06/13 11:29 AM ]: Get a sponsor

Ragee[02/06/13 11:29 AM ]: well I think there is a slight differance

MockY[02/06/13 11:30 AM ]: Or go to school and hope for one later on

Ragee[02/06/13 11:30 AM ]: my left knee is not swelling up anymore so thats atleast good

Ragee[02/06/13 11:30 AM ]: what does a sponsor mean in this context¨

MockY[02/06/13 11:31 AM ]: Last resort, you can both marry an american and then later after a few years, become citizens and get a divvorse. Once that is done, you can marry eachother

MockY[02/06/13 11:31 AM ]: An employer

MockY[02/06/13 11:31 AM ]: That is willing to pay you and prove that he canät get the workforce elsewhere

tgs3[02/06/13 11:32 AM ]: I can marry Sylvia and I can pay one of my single employees to marry you. IN 3 years, you can be come citizens and divorce us and then get married to each other.

thebrat13n[02/06/13 11:32 AM ]: ha ha

MockY[02/06/13 11:32 AM ]: Short of having an exceptional skill that no one else has, or getting married to an American, I doubt you will be let in here permanently

tgs3[02/06/13 11:32 AM ]: I promise to be a gentle lover

MockY[02/06/13 11:32 AM ]: haha

Ragee[02/06/13 11:33 AM ]: ahh I see so that is why it is possible for my colleague

MockY[02/06/13 11:33 AM ]: Have no idea who or what he-she is

Ragee[02/06/13 11:33 AM ]: hahaha cepe

tgs3[02/06/13 11:33 AM ]: You can claim that the Swedish government is prosecuting you for your reliegious beliefs and seek asylym here.

Hebbe[02/06/13 11:33 AM ]: haha

tgs3[02/06/13 11:33 AM ]: Move to Cuba and then swim over. All Cubans are allowed to stay as long as they make it to shore.

Ragee[02/06/13 11:34 AM ]: something with euro food

tgs3[02/06/13 11:34 AM ]: He has sex with European food?

MockY[02/06/13 11:34 AM ]: Donät they actually have to be Cubans though?

MockY[02/06/13 11:34 AM ]: And not just some random white boy

tgs3[02/06/13 11:34 AM ]: Yes, he'll have to immigrate to Cuba first

MockY[02/06/13 11:35 AM ]: haha

tgs3[02/06/13 11:35 AM ]: I think he'll be fine as long as he's a Cuban citizen

MockY[02/06/13 11:35 AM ]: bulletproof plan

Ragee[02/06/13 11:35 AM ]: haha wonderfull plan

Ragee[02/06/13 11:35 AM ]: sounds easy

Ragee[02/06/13 11:36 AM ]: wonder how easy it would be to become a Cuban citizen

MockY[02/06/13 11:36 AM ]: But seriously though. Unless you are planning on getting a sought after skill and employer wants (by either getting education here or elsewhere), or getting married to an American, I don't see any way for you to get in here to live

tgs3[02/06/13 11:36 AM ]: If you have a solid business plan, I can invest in it and you can come over as a buisness owner. I'm being serious here, but I'm guessing you don't have some brilliant idea you haven't told us about

Ragee[02/06/13 11:37 AM ]: and I guess it is almost impossible to get a green card

MockY[02/06/13 11:37 AM ]: You need to be able to swim well and far to

tgs3[02/06/13 11:37 AM ]: Sounds like it's time to dump Sylvia

MockY[02/06/13 11:37 AM ]: Green card is the permanent part oif this

Ragee[02/06/13 11:37 AM ]: well have seriosly started on a game idea now so maybe maybe

MockY[02/06/13 11:37 AM ]: and you wont obtain one unless you follow what I just said

MockY[02/06/13 11:37 AM ]: Or go by Theron's plan

thebrat13n[02/06/13 11:38 AM ]: I thought you disliked America?

tgs3[02/06/13 11:38 AM ]: "game idea" sounds about 5-10 years from reality I'm guessing

MockY[02/06/13 11:38 AM ]: ...or go the Cuba route

Ragee[02/06/13 11:38 AM ]: what about the lottery

tgs3[02/06/13 11:38 AM ]: Yeah! Fuckin' USA hater!!!

tgs3[02/06/13 11:38 AM ]: Die!!!

Ragee[02/06/13 11:38 AM ]: well I didnt say we would more straight away

MockY[02/06/13 11:38 AM ]: You can be in it every year for free

Ragee[02/06/13 11:38 AM ]: haha

MockY[02/06/13 11:38 AM ]: but you have to apply each year

tgs3[02/06/13 11:38 AM ]: What lottery?

MockY[02/06/13 11:39 AM ]: If they claim they want money, don't fall for that

MockY[02/06/13 11:39 AM ]: the official lottery is free

tgs3[02/06/13 11:39 AM ]: Ah, yes, that one. Fairly small chances, but sure, you can give it a try

MockY[02/06/13 11:39 AM ]: And I think there were 7 Swedes each time that were granted when I tried

MockY[02/06/13 11:39 AM ]: Could be more or less now

MockY[02/06/13 11:39 AM ]: It certainly wont hurt

Ragee[02/06/13 11:39 AM ]: if one of us got a green card would the other one be allowed to follow?

MockY[02/06/13 11:39 AM ]: both yes and no

MockY[02/06/13 11:40 AM ]: The other person must apply for a specific visa based on that green card

Ragee[02/06/13 11:40 AM ]: well if it is free to apply why not, does not hurt to get the card no matter one is moving of not

MockY[02/06/13 11:40 AM ]: but it only lasts like 3 months or so

MockY[02/06/13 11:40 AM ]: I do think you have to maintain the green card however

Ragee[02/06/13 11:40 AM ]: soo green card is not helping much then

MockY[02/06/13 11:40 AM ]: As in, use it, or someone else will be granted it

tgs3[02/06/13 11:40 AM ]: Looks like 1.5% or so of Europeans that are in the lottery win. So not impossible...

MockY[02/06/13 11:40 AM ]: The other one can continue to renew it though

MockY[02/06/13 11:41 AM ]: How solid that is, I don't know

Ragee[02/06/13 11:41 AM ]: so I better get started on my game then

MockY[02/06/13 11:41 AM ]: Once you have had the green card for 4 years, you can apply for citixenship

MockY[02/06/13 11:41 AM ]: and once granted, you can marry your love and she will be granted green card right away

Ragee[02/06/13 11:42 AM ]: but the partner would have to live abroad most of the time an unable to work

MockY[02/06/13 11:42 AM ]: I did not say it was ideal

MockY[02/06/13 11:42 AM ]: she or you can always apply to extend the visa

MockY[02/06/13 11:43 AM ]: but I think you have to be married already

Ragee[02/06/13 11:43 AM ]: well that is not really hard

MockY[02/06/13 11:43 AM ]: That is why me and Emma got married so that she could use my student visa to apply for her own dependant visa

MockY[02/06/13 11:43 AM ]: I don't think the other person can just join the other one once getting the green card unless you are married

Ragee[02/06/13 11:44 AM ]: well the plan is getting married eventually so

MockY[02/06/13 11:44 AM ]: So the bottom line is, the likelyhood of both of you coming here to stay forever, is very slim

MockY[02/06/13 11:45 AM ]: Unless you excell in something and get a sponsor here. Then you can get married and she can stay here with you

MockY[02/06/13 11:45 AM ]: So get programming boy

tgs3[02/06/13 11:45 AM ]: Which is why most foriegners are things like doctors and high tech people

tgs3[02/06/13 11:46 AM ]: LEGAL foriegners that is

Ragee[02/06/13 11:46 AM ]: well what if I was able to go through with this game and Theron wanted to be my partner how what would our chances be

tgs3[02/06/13 11:46 AM ]: I think its 100%

tgs3[02/06/13 11:46 AM ]: But it has to be a real business. There might be some requirement to hire Americans or something. I'd have to look into it

MockY[02/06/13 11:47 AM ]: That would be considered as a sponsor

MockY[02/06/13 11:47 AM ]: so that would validate your stay here

MockY[02/06/13 11:47 AM ]: As long as you are employd by him or yourself

tgs3[02/06/13 11:47 AM ]: But I don't know if that is a path to citizenship or not. Might only be good for the length of the business

MockY[02/06/13 11:47 AM ]: In other words, you can't work elsewghere on the sidfe

MockY[02/06/13 11:47 AM ]: Right, he has to do what he's doing. The business dies, so does his visa

Ragee[02/06/13 11:48 AM ]: well if I would be making games I think hat where I would want to stay forever

MockY[02/06/13 11:48 AM ]: However, I think he can apply for green card after a few years, but I'm not familiar with that path exactly

Ragee[02/06/13 11:48 AM ]: well seems like that would be the path with the best odds

MockY[02/06/13 11:49 AM ]: Just an idea away to salvation

Ragee[02/06/13 11:49 AM ]: so where do I enter the REAL Green card lottery

tgs3[02/06/13 11:49 AM ]: Its possible if you come up with something

Ragee[02/06/13 11:49 AM ]: cos I only find where you pay hehe

tgs3[02/06/13 11:50 AM ]:

tgs3[02/06/13 11:50 AM ]: Its not until October

MockY[02/06/13 11:50 AM ]: He as an owner can be whoever he wants. However, the employees that follows probably have to be americans unless there is special skill necessary. Problem is, USA is full of competent game s

tgs3[02/06/13 11:51 AM ]: Right

MockY[02/06/13 11:51 AM ]:

tgs3[02/06/13 11:52 AM ]: I'm not totally sure how much he's allowed to work and get paid as an employee.

MockY[02/06/13 11:52 AM ]: Neither am I, but it will grant him a visa

MockY[02/06/13 11:52 AM ]: Will, you're the angel investor, so wouldn't that be up to you?

tgs3[02/06/13 11:53 AM ]: Like I said, not sure of the rules. The money is really supposed to be coming from the foriegner, not me

Hebbe[02/06/13 11:53 AM ]: nä nu röstar vi

MockY[02/06/13 11:53 AM ]: Like I said

MockY[02/06/13 11:53 AM ]:

Ragee[02/06/13 11:53 AM ]: well you will see investing me would make Theron even more rich

tgs3[02/06/13 11:53 AM ]: We could probably get around that

tgs3[02/06/13 11:53 AM ]: Anders is getting bored

MockY[02/06/13 11:53 AM ]: It can come our mother

tgs3[02/06/13 11:53 AM ]: I guess your internet worked, Anders

MockY[02/06/13 11:54 AM ]: Just shove money to her account as a "gift" hehe

MockY[02/06/13 11:54 AM ]: from*

Hebbe[02/06/13 11:54 AM ]: det blev fixat isag

tgs3[02/06/13 11:54 AM ]: just in time

MockY[02/06/13 11:54 AM ]: grattis

Hebbe[02/06/13 11:54 AM ]: idag

MockY[02/06/13 11:54 AM ]: Fet lina eller?

tgs3[02/06/13 11:54 AM ]: I'm ready

Hebbe[02/06/13 11:54 AM ]: nä trodde det skulle gå snabbare

MockY[02/06/13 11:55 AM ]: so am I

MockY[02/06/13 11:55 AM ]: Snabbare än hemma i alla fall?

Hebbe[02/06/13 11:55 AM ]: jo då

tgs3[02/06/13 11:55 AM ]: Hmm. 2 famous bands and 2 bands I've definitely never heard of so far this next round

MockY[02/06/13 11:55 AM ]: Ja då har du ju något att göra då du dödar tid

thebrat13n[02/06/13 11:56 AM ]: I'm ready

MockY[02/06/13 11:56 AM ]: tanka musik. Shit, nu kommer Anders bli dödlig igen

Hebbe[02/06/13 11:56 AM ]: jag har ju fransson att hälsa på

Hebbe[02/06/13 11:57 AM ]: odödlig menar du väl

MockY[02/06/13 11:57 AM ]: jo, missade ett O där

MockY[02/06/13 11:57 AM ]: 1

tgs3[02/06/13 11:57 AM ]: Anders is in first place

thebrat13n[02/06/13 11:57 AM ]: 2

tgs3[02/06/13 11:57 AM ]: 2

Hebbe[02/06/13 11:57 AM ]: 4

Ragee[02/06/13 11:57 AM ]: 6436536543653

Hebbe[02/06/13 11:58 AM ]: scarlet white 3p

MockY[02/06/13 11:58 AM ]: The Thieves 4p

Ragee[02/06/13 11:58 AM ]: Admiral grey 5p

tgs3[02/06/13 11:58 AM ]: The Thieves 5p

thebrat13n[02/06/13 11:59 AM ]: Scarlet White 4p

Hebbe[02/06/13 11:59 AM ]: the thieves 4p

MockY[02/06/13 11:59 AM ]: Aria 5p

Ragee[02/06/13 11:59 AM ]: the thieves 6p

tgs3[02/06/13 11:59 AM ]: Parabelle 6p

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:00 PM ]: Aria 5p

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:00 PM ]: aria 6p

MockY[02/06/13 12:00 PM ]: Scarlet White 7p

Ragee[02/06/13 12:00 PM ]: aria 7p

tgs3[02/06/13 12:00 PM ]: Scarlet White 7p

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:00 PM ]: Parabelle 7p

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:01 PM ]: admiral grey 9p

MockY[02/06/13 12:01 PM ]: Parabelle 8p

Ragee[02/06/13 12:01 PM ]: parabelle 8p

tgs3[02/06/13 12:01 PM ]: Admiral Grey 8p

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:01 PM ]: Admiral Grey 9p

MockY[02/06/13 12:01 PM ]: Niklas lägsta låt var alla andras högsta låt

MockY[02/06/13 12:01 PM ]: Ser lovade ut dock

Ragee[02/06/13 12:01 PM ]: oh no not again hehe

tgs3[02/06/13 12:02 PM ]: Not the first time that's happened, I don't think

MockY[02/06/13 12:02 PM ]: Du kommer ju aldrig få nå visa

MockY[02/06/13 12:02 PM ]: Tvärt om Amerikaner ju

Ragee[02/06/13 12:02 PM ]: happen at least twice last season hehe

MockY[02/06/13 12:02 PM ]: fniss

Ragee[02/06/13 12:02 PM ]: tsss fniss

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:02 PM ]: there was a note to his voice that I thought would bother more people, so I'm not suprised if someone didn't like it

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:03 PM ]: I don't think this one is that strange

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:03 PM ]: others have been odder

MockY[02/06/13 12:03 PM ]: The power metal pitch?

Ragee[02/06/13 12:03 PM ]: kändes gubbmetal för mig och jop en liten släng power

Ragee[02/06/13 12:03 PM ]: var inte så sugen på det nu

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:04 PM ]: 1. admiral gray 31p grattis peter

MockY[02/06/13 12:04 PM ]: tackar!!

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:04 PM ]: no, it was actually somewhat unfinished and I thought it would be you not liking it

MockY[02/06/13 12:04 PM ]: Trodde inte jag skulle vinna över Parabelle

tgs3[02/06/13 12:04 PM ]: congrats, but Anders and Peter are getting a bit away from me now...

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:04 PM ]: You probably wouldn't have if it hadn't been your song and you'd been all critical on it

Ragee[02/06/13 12:04 PM ]: inte alls en dålig låt men ingen låt förtjänade 9p enligt mig

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:04 PM ]: 2. parabelle 29p

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:04 PM ]: 3. aria 23p

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:04 PM ]: 4. scarlet white 21p

MockY[02/06/13 12:05 PM ]: I don't think so. I like the tune and his voice is what actually sold me on it

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:05 PM ]: 5. the thieves 19p

MockY[02/06/13 12:05 PM ]: Normally I would probably agree

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:05 PM ]: du tog inte bästa låten peter

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:06 PM ]: uh oh, thems fighing words

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:06 PM ]: fighting

MockY[02/06/13 12:06 PM ]: Oj då

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:06 PM ]: Now Anders has to use them next season

MockY[02/06/13 12:06 PM ]: Kanske dags att lyssna igenom EPn igen

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:06 PM ]: men det är nog den som funkar bäst i sotd

tgs3[02/06/13 12:07 PM ]: For some reason the Parabelle song just bored me after a while

MockY[02/06/13 12:07 PM ]: It was at 9 for a while, but it sunk a bit after a while for me as well

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:07 PM ]: that's how I felt about the Aria song

tgs3[02/06/13 12:07 PM ]: I was thinking of using another Parabelle song this next round. I guess that'll be season 52. Or never.

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:09 PM ]: du är så sen

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:10 PM ]: det fanns en till bra låt

MockY[02/06/13 12:11 PM ]: Hmm

MockY[02/06/13 12:11 PM ]: litet gap mellan jag och Anders, men jämnt i båda grupper

tgs3[02/06/13 12:12 PM ]: ?

tgs3[02/06/13 12:12 PM ]: How is that a gap?

MockY[02/06/13 12:12 PM ]: between Nina and

tgs3[02/06/13 12:13 PM ]: But you said between you and Anders

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:13 PM ]: jag gruppen och anders gruppen

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:13 PM ]: 1p

MockY[02/06/13 12:14 PM ]: I did not

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:14 PM ]: It should have said between me and Anders and the rest

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:14 PM ]: not between me and Anders

MockY[02/06/13 12:14 PM ]: ehh I did

MockY[02/06/13 12:14 PM ]: missing a word

MockY[02/06/13 12:14 PM ]: ehh ohh well

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:14 PM ]: hahahaha

MockY[02/06/13 12:14 PM ]: Actually not

tgs3[02/06/13 12:14 PM ]: Its pretty easy to see what you wrote

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:15 PM ]: peter vill du se en bra svensk film?

MockY[02/06/13 12:15 PM ]: Id does not mean the same in writing as it would by saying it

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:15 PM ]: då ska du se gränsen

tgs3[02/06/13 12:15 PM ]: So it looks like we're on for voting Mondays and Wednesdays the rest of the season now

MockY[02/06/13 12:15 PM ]: Uppa

tgs3[02/06/13 12:16 PM ]: No more driving days on the upcoming vote days

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:16 PM ]: nog hittar du den på nätet

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:16 PM ]: då kommer det att funka

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:16 PM ]: peter när kommer du till sverige?

tgs3[02/06/13 12:16 PM ]: "bra svensk film" - They exist?

tgs3[02/06/13 12:17 PM ]: And why is only Peter allowed to watch it?

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:17 PM ]: massor

MockY[02/06/13 12:17 PM ]: haha

tgs3[02/06/13 12:17 PM ]: Are me, Nina and Niklas too dumb to understand it?

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:17 PM ]: trodde inte du var intresserad

tgs3[02/06/13 12:17 PM ]: Or you just know Peter has bad taste?

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:17 PM ]: inte nina heller

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:18 PM ]: men niklas kanske är intresserad

MockY[02/06/13 12:18 PM ]: Han har inte tid

MockY[02/06/13 12:18 PM ]: han ska bli så in i helevet bra på ing så han tar sig hit

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:19 PM ]: nästa omg låter lovande

Ragee[02/06/13 12:19 PM ]: just det fullt upp Ö)

MockY[02/06/13 12:19 PM ]: Ska bli intressant nästa runda

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:19 PM ]: it came up when I looked it up in IMdB, I was suprised

MockY[02/06/13 12:20 PM ]: Why? IMDG has even the smalles and oddest of japanese movies listedc

Ragee[02/06/13 12:20 PM ]: Går ju till och med att hitt Charlottas dotter på imdb

MockY[02/06/13 12:20 PM ]: IMDB*

MockY[02/06/13 12:20 PM ]: Precis

MockY[02/06/13 12:20 PM ]: Är hon fortfarande aktiv föresten?

tgs3[02/06/13 12:20 PM ]: I don't really like André Sjöberg

MockY[02/06/13 12:21 PM ]: Och har du hört något nytt om farsan?

MockY[02/06/13 12:21 PM ]: He's gay

Ragee[02/06/13 12:21 PM ]: just ja fick mail update idag om farsan

Ragee[02/06/13 12:21 PM ]: vill du att jag vidare befordrar till dig

tgs3[02/06/13 12:21 PM ]: "Makes Swedes appear as complete and utter morons., 10 October 2011"

MockY[02/06/13 12:21 PM ]: från?

tgs3[02/06/13 12:21 PM ]: sounds like a great review

Ragee[02/06/13 12:22 PM ]: från Lena

MockY[02/06/13 12:22 PM ]: Nje, jag bara frågar om en uppdatering får att få ett Ja eller Nej

MockY[02/06/13 12:22 PM ]: Det är väl fan klart jag vill veta saker om det finns något att veta

MockY[02/06/13 12:22 PM ]: knasboll

Ragee[02/06/13 12:22 PM ]: ok jag skickar vidare till dig

MockY[02/06/13 12:23 PM ]: Hon har tydligen fått för sig att sluta maila uppdateringar

Ragee[02/06/13 12:23 PM ]: done

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:23 PM ]: ni får ta med spriten i busjön i år

MockY[02/06/13 12:23 PM ]: Hon kanske blev elak då jag erbjöd att hjälpa till ifall jag kan

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:23 PM ]: hajhaj har slutat supa

Ragee[02/06/13 12:23 PM ]: skulle ha skickat mig sen i mars förra året så hon verkar lite upptagen eller väldigt dålig på att maila

MockY[02/06/13 12:24 PM ]: Hon stavar dit namn med ck hahaha

MockY[02/06/13 12:24 PM ]: ditt*

Ragee[02/06/13 12:24 PM ]: haha jo stör mig som fan på det haha

MockY[02/06/13 12:24 PM ]: Jo, email verkar inte vara hennes favvosyssla

MockY[02/06/13 12:24 PM ]: Hon är som Robert

tgs3[02/06/13 12:24 PM ]: Anders, we got Bibbi's email, too

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:24 PM ]: yup

tgs3[02/06/13 12:24 PM ]: Hopefully Mor Mor will be OK

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:24 PM ]: we know

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:25 PM ]: jo men det stod inte att ni skulla ta spriten till busjön

MockY[02/06/13 12:25 PM ]: jaha, då va han döende..hmm

MockY[02/06/13 12:26 PM ]: Tragiskt att han fortfarande bor i lägenheten

tgs3[02/06/13 12:26 PM ]: haha. Since when do you want any?

MockY[02/06/13 12:26 PM ]: Anders har gått och blivit alkis på äldre dar

tgs3[02/06/13 12:26 PM ]: Its about time

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:27 PM ]: tror det är lättare att komma i form med sprit

MockY[02/06/13 12:27 PM ]: går lite snabbare om inte annat

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:27 PM ]: dricker jag öl så blir jag bara stinn

tgs3[02/06/13 12:27 PM ]: If "i form" means vomit and pass out, then yes, I agree

MockY[02/06/13 12:27 PM ]: gammgubbe

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:28 PM ]: då har man druckit för mycket

tgs3[02/06/13 12:29 PM ]: If a little is good, then more is better is the only logic that Drunk Theron understands

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:29 PM ]: ha ha

MockY[02/06/13 12:29 PM ]: a Drunk Peter does not have any logic at all

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:29 PM ]: får se om jag begriper bättre

Ragee[02/06/13 12:31 PM ]: jag har då tjatat på Farsan idag att han ska skriva på papprena

Ragee[02/06/13 12:31 PM ]: lockade han med att han kommer få träffa många trevliga damer på hemmet

tgs3[02/06/13 12:32 PM ]: cool

tgs3[02/06/13 12:32 PM ]: really gross, but cool

Ragee[02/06/13 12:32 PM ]: han sa då att han ska skriva på

tgs3[02/06/13 12:32 PM ]: I really don't think I'll find old women attractive even when I'm 80

Ragee[02/06/13 12:32 PM ]: så får väl se hur det går nästa gång Lena är förbi med farsan på kommunen

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:33 PM ]: ha ha, man kollar nog på dom damerna som jobbar där istället

tgs3[02/06/13 12:33 PM ]: That makes more sense

MockY[02/06/13 12:34 PM ]: Han har mest troligt glömt bort det han lovat

MockY[02/06/13 12:34 PM ]: och vi är tillbaka till square one

MockY[02/06/13 12:34 PM ]: Får påminna honom just innan han skriver under

MockY[02/06/13 12:35 PM ]: Ska ta och skicka han nå kort och grejor i veckan. Kanske han blir lite han nu minns vilka det är han tittar på

tgs3[02/06/13 12:35 PM ]: Just tell him he's signing to accept his lottery winnings if you think he's that bad

tgs3[02/06/13 12:36 PM ]: You should probably include only pictures that you are also in. Seriously.

Ragee[02/06/13 12:36 PM ]: ja han nästan varje gång jag ringer så tror han att det är jag och Silvia som är gifta och har barn hehe

Ragee[02/06/13 12:36 PM ]: jo det är nog en väldigt bra ide

tgs3[02/06/13 12:36 PM ]: well, at least he knows someone does.

tgs3[02/06/13 12:36 PM ]: Its about time the two Bergstrand boys just merge into one person anyway

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:37 PM ]: jävlar vilken omg vi har franför oss

MockY[02/06/13 12:38 PM ]: If he can even see, that is

MockY[02/06/13 12:38 PM ]: He is legally blind after all

tgs3[02/06/13 12:38 PM ]: Yeah, I should have used a crappier song. Its no fun to come in last with 25p

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:38 PM ]: I don't look forward to getting old

tgs3[02/06/13 12:38 PM ]: "getting"?

MockY[02/06/13 12:38 PM ]: neither do I

MockY[02/06/13 12:38 PM ]: hahaha

tgs3[02/06/13 12:38 PM ]: "getting"?

MockY[02/06/13 12:38 PM ]: denial

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:38 PM ]: funny

tgs3[02/06/13 12:39 PM ]: Niklas is the only young one left

MockY[02/06/13 12:39 PM ]: tragic

tgs3[02/06/13 12:39 PM ]: And he gets around the worst of all of us, unfortunately

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:39 PM ]: fine, I don't look forward to getting really old

MockY[02/06/13 12:39 PM ]: He's already like a 70 year old

tgs3[02/06/13 12:39 PM ]: yes

Ragee[02/06/13 12:39 PM ]: yuppp I will always be young compared to you guys

tgs3[02/06/13 12:39 PM ]: We need that nanobot technology to really start happening before we all get too old to use it

MockY[02/06/13 12:39 PM ]: We are all going to die sad is that

MockY[02/06/13 12:40 PM ]: No more pepparkakor, weed, beer, fucking, or rock n roll

tgs3[02/06/13 12:40 PM ]: We'll be dead for many more years than we ever lived

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:40 PM ]: I don't care about the dying, it's the suffering before we actually die

MockY[02/06/13 12:40 PM ]: That's what drugs are for

MockY[02/06/13 12:41 PM ]: the only thing to look forward to once you hit that stage

Ragee[02/06/13 12:41 PM ]: and at that time the drugs will be even more amazing

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:41 PM ]: I was watching Jon Stewart, and that's the group they are trying to bring around to voting for legalization, the old people

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:41 PM ]: it was pretty convincing if you ask me

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:41 PM ]: It was a few months ago

MockY[02/06/13 12:42 PM ]: They need to change their ways or just simply die already

MockY[02/06/13 12:42 PM ]: Hopefully he succeeds with that

tgs3[02/06/13 12:43 PM ]: Too bad most old people don't know what's good for them

MockY[02/06/13 12:43 PM ]: Sad part is, Swedes donät have to be old to have these views on drugs. They are brain washed from birth. Sad country when you think about it

MockY[02/06/13 12:43 PM ]: To damn cold and dark. Mor ethe reason to smoke a doobie

tgs3[02/06/13 12:44 PM ]: While I think all drugs should be legal, its really only marijuana that they're really wrong about. A lot of drugs are pretty fucking bad for you and terribly adicting

MockY[02/06/13 12:44 PM ]: Must be a generational thing. To be so stuck in their ways that rhyme and reason does not apply

tgs3[02/06/13 12:45 PM ]: I find that I get dumber, the older I get, so old people are by extension just a bunch of dumb people

MockY[02/06/13 12:45 PM ]: Absolutely agree. But ffs, if you are looking at weed in this way, you might as well stop drinbking as well. Logic that wont work in the northern hemisphere

MockY[02/06/13 12:46 PM ]: hahaha, that is the oposite of showing respect to your elders

MockY[02/06/13 12:46 PM ]: Shame on you

Hebbe[02/06/13 12:46 PM ]: god natt med er dax att sova

tgs3[02/06/13 12:46 PM ]: Well, there's not a single country in the world that treats weed the same level as alcohol. Maybe Netherlands. Not sure.

tgs3[02/06/13 12:47 PM ]: You can still resp[ect them, just realize they're dumbasses

tgs3[02/06/13 12:47 PM ]: g'night hard worker. Find us some gold

MockY[02/06/13 12:47 PM ]: North Korea

MockY[02/06/13 12:47 PM ]: fully legal there

tgs3[02/06/13 12:48 PM ]: seriously?

tgs3[02/06/13 12:48 PM ]: That must be great place to live then

MockY[02/06/13 12:48 PM ]: haha

MockY[02/06/13 12:48 PM ]: I would not move there for the weed part Ö=

MockY[02/06/13 12:48 PM ]:

MockY[02/06/13 12:49 PM ]: I'm content where I'm at

tgs3[02/06/13 12:49 PM ]:

tgs3[02/06/13 12:49 PM ]: found that as I searched

MockY[02/06/13 12:49 PM ]: Speaking of North Korea. Have you watched the propaganda video that just cam out from them?

tgs3[02/06/13 12:50 PM ]: nope

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:50 PM ]: it's actually not legal at all in the Neatherlands, they have just as a country decided not to prosecute

MockY[02/06/13 12:50 PM ]: hahaha

MockY[02/06/13 12:50 PM ]: It's considered more legal in switzerland than Holland

tgs3[02/06/13 12:50 PM ]: Yeah, that's what I thought about countries like the Netherlands and Portugal

tgs3[02/06/13 12:51 PM ]: Looks like only America in here, so time to sign out

Ragee[02/06/13 12:51 PM ]: it is legal to smoke in Belgium but not sell

tgs3[02/06/13 12:51 PM ]: speak of the

MockY[02/06/13 12:51 PM ]: As of January 1, 2012, the cantons Vaud, Neuchatel, Geneva and Fribourg have allowed the growing and cultivation of up to 4 cannabis plants per person, in an attempt to curb illegal street trafficking

tgs3[02/06/13 12:51 PM ]: Yeah, a lot of countries have this half legal measures like Belgium

MockY[02/06/13 12:51 PM ]: Go Switzerland

Ragee[02/06/13 12:51 PM ]: well I got to go

Ragee[02/06/13 12:52 PM ]: cya all on Monday

MockY[02/06/13 12:52 PM ]: Have good one

tgs3[02/06/13 12:52 PM ]: bye

MockY[02/06/13 12:52 PM ]: Pizza just arrived

MockY[02/06/13 12:52 PM ]: so I shall eat

thebrat13n[02/06/13 12:52 PM ]: bye

tgs3[02/06/13 12:52 PM ]: yes