mocky[11/06/12 12:58 PM ]: Hejsan

ragee[11/06/12 12:59 PM ]: yo yo

ragee[11/06/12 1:02 PM ]: här var det tyst

mocky[11/06/12 1:02 PM ]: Som i graven

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:02 PM ]: Hi!

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:03 PM ]: Theron might be a little late

mocky[11/06/12 1:03 PM ]: He's our biking?

mocky[11/06/12 1:03 PM ]: out*

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:04 PM ]: No, they ran out to get lunch, but they said they'd hurry

mocky[11/06/12 1:05 PM ]: That means that either the biking will be very late (as in, I will bike as well) or the biking is cnacelled for today

mocky[11/06/12 1:05 PM ]: ehh either way. I'm having a beer

ragee[11/06/12 1:05 PM ]: hej

ragee[11/06/12 1:06 PM ]: oj jag är nicke, jag måste logga ut

mocky[11/06/12 1:07 PM ]: ?

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:07 PM ]: oj nu blev det bättre

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:07 PM ]: Anders is at Bibbi's

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:07 PM ]: probably auto log on

mocky[11/06/12 1:08 PM ]: However, Theron is logged in. SHoudl we wait for a word form him before uploading or consider this a full roster and upload even without his physical presence

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:09 PM ]: I was wondering that myself, but the rule is everyone in the chat, not physically present, so I say uplaod away

mocky[11/06/12 1:09 PM ]: alrighty then

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:10 PM ]: I'm having a very hard time chosing my upload song, I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and chose

MockY[11/06/12 1:11 PM ]: Ahh, bättre

tgs3[11/06/12 1:12 PM ]: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MockY[11/06/12 1:12 PM ]: Vad händer!

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:12 PM ]: tjena

MockY[11/06/12 1:13 PM ]: Jävla trevlig runda

tgs3[11/06/12 1:14 PM ]: I agree YOu guys should have uploaded. I should have logged out if I really cared

ragee[11/06/12 1:14 PM ]: mmm rätt s¨å go va han

tgs3[11/06/12 1:14 PM ]: And yes, Peter, we're biking when you get here.

tgs3[11/06/12 1:14 PM ]: We also had beer for lunch.

MockY[11/06/12 1:14 PM ]: I better keep it to one beer with lunch then

tgs3[11/06/12 1:18 PM ]:

MockY[11/06/12 1:19 PM ]:

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:22 PM ]: vilket program använder vi på bibbis dator

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:22 PM ]: när vi uppar

MockY[11/06/12 1:22 PM ]: Explorer skulle jag gissa

tgs3[11/06/12 1:22 PM ]: I think Flashfxp is on there

MockY[11/06/12 1:23 PM ]: såvida ingen har installerad FileZilla eller FlashFXP på datorn hennes

tgs3[11/06/12 1:23 PM ]: You'll need change the port #

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:24 PM ]: antar nicke var här senast eller

MockY[11/06/12 1:24 PM ]: Skulle gissa det

tgs3[11/06/12 1:25 PM ]: Like I said, I think I installed it, but I could be wrong

tgs3[11/06/12 1:25 PM ]: That would have been a couple of years ago

tgs3[11/06/12 1:25 PM ]: Maybe I uninstalled it since Bibbi complains about stuff on her computer

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:26 PM ]: niklas har installerat windows 7

MockY[11/06/12 1:26 PM ]:

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:26 PM ]: hittar inga ftp-program

MockY[11/06/12 1:26 PM ]: Anv'nd den l'nken i antingen Internet Exploirer eller Windws Explorer

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:27 PM ]: you need to tell him exactly where to go

MockY[11/06/12 1:27 PM ]: Underbar stavning

ragee[11/06/12 1:27 PM ]: peter leker kunstjänst

tgs3[11/06/12 1:28 PM ]: Doing that in Internet Explorere won't do any good

tgs3[11/06/12 1:28 PM ]: It needs to be explorer

MockY[11/06/12 1:28 PM ]: Drag 'n Drop?

MockY[11/06/12 1:28 PM ]: Firefox and Chrome works like so anyways

tgs3[11/06/12 1:28 PM ]: Open any folder, Anders, and put in the address bar

tgs3[11/06/12 1:28 PM ]: Enter your username and password

tgs3[11/06/12 1:29 PM ]: After that, you should be able to drag and drop

MockY[11/06/12 1:29 PM ]: We should have a specific SOTD account on her computer that we can use whenever we are there and need to vote

MockY[11/06/12 1:29 PM ]: with FTP programs and such

tgs3[11/06/12 1:30 PM ]: You can upload in Firefox that way? I don't think so.

MockY[11/06/12 1:30 PM ]: Chrome does...maybe I'm wrong about FF

MockY[11/06/12 1:30 PM ]: Either way, like you sugested, Windows Explorer is the way to go

MockY[11/06/12 1:31 PM ]: My beer is empty

tgs3[11/06/12 1:31 PM ]: Just tried it in Chrome, doesn't work as far as I can tell

MockY[11/06/12 1:32 PM ]: Hmm, I appear to be drunk

tgs3[11/06/12 1:32 PM ]: Lucky...

MockY[11/06/12 1:32 PM ]: As it did not work in Chrome either now

tgs3[11/06/12 1:32 PM ]: Judging by the songs this round, it looks like Anders figured it out a while ago

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:32 PM ]: that's the conclusion I came to as well

MockY[11/06/12 1:33 PM ]: Maybe Bibbi showed him how to do it

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:33 PM ]: verkar som om jag redan har uppat

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:34 PM ]: men jag vet inte hur jag gjorde

MockY[11/06/12 1:34 PM ]: Det verkar som så, eller så fortsätter djungels lag att verka

MockY[11/06/12 1:34 PM ]: Magiskt'

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:34 PM ]: hur uppar jag då

MockY[11/06/12 1:35 PM ]: dr filen till förnstret som öppnas efter det att du följt Therons råd

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:35 PM ]: where's your song? you can just drag it in there

MockY[11/06/12 1:35 PM ]: dra*

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:36 PM ]: då började den spelas

tgs3[11/06/12 1:36 PM ]: Anders, we all know you're a smart guy. You should really know how this works by now.

tgs3[11/06/12 1:36 PM ]: Use Explorer, not a browser. Peter's a dumb ass

tgs3[11/06/12 1:37 PM ]: Open a folder. Replace the address in the folder with the the sotd ftp address

tgs3[11/06/12 1:37 PM ]: Look at my instructions from earlier

tgs3[11/06/12 1:37 PM ]: Or download Flashfxp and install it

tgs3[11/06/12 1:37 PM ]: google flashfxp and it will be the first link. There's a 30 day free trial

tgs3[11/06/12 1:39 PM ]: Hello!!! Is this thing on?

tgs3[11/06/12 1:39 PM ]: Damn, my music is much better after a big beer. You guys suck for not giving me 8's and 9's every round

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:39 PM ]: how's it going Anders?

MockY[11/06/12 1:40 PM ]: Anders shoudl really have a USB stick with a portable version and never ever take it off his keychain

MockY[11/06/12 1:40 PM ]: Plenty of blue bands

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:40 PM ]: now you have Xmas present to send to Anders. How nice for you...

ragee[11/06/12 1:40 PM ]: Veternaernas säsong detta

tgs3[11/06/12 1:41 PM ]: indeed

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:41 PM ]: we should all have one of those, it'll be our SOTD thing ... like a hat or a t-shirst, but we'll have USB sticks

tgs3[11/06/12 1:41 PM ]: With the SOTD logo on them. Make it happen, Peter!

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:42 PM ]: what is the SOTD logo?

tgs3[11/06/12 1:42 PM ]: Of course, "logo" is stretching it a bit...

ragee[11/06/12 1:42 PM ]: DO IT NOW

tgs3[11/06/12 1:42 PM ]:

ragee[11/06/12 1:42 PM ]: should have been done years ago

tgs3[11/06/12 1:42 PM ]: I use the old one for my internal stuff

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:43 PM ]: where's the old one?

MockY[11/06/12 1:43 PM ]: It wont help Anders now either way

MockY[11/06/12 1:43 PM ]: The sun?

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:43 PM ]: that's true...

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:43 PM ]: yes, I was going to say compass, but that makes sense too

tgs3[11/06/12 1:44 PM ]: I don't think it exists online anywhere

tgs3[11/06/12 1:44 PM ]: Yes, the sun one

MockY[11/06/12 1:45 PM ]: nope, it's not online anymore

MockY[11/06/12 1:45 PM ]: Call Emma, she might have a copy of her original creation

tgs3[11/06/12 1:46 PM ]:

tgs3[11/06/12 1:46 PM ]: fuck you, IT guy

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:46 PM ]: aja fattar inte så det kommer en låt på onsdag nästa vecka

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:46 PM ]: nu röstar vi

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:46 PM ]: 1

tgs3[11/06/12 1:46 PM ]: poor Anders...

tgs3[11/06/12 1:46 PM ]: 2

ragee[11/06/12 1:46 PM ]: 452534523453534

MockY[11/06/12 1:47 PM ]: måste vara jobbigt...

MockY[11/06/12 1:47 PM ]: 5

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:47 PM ]: 3

ragee[11/06/12 1:47 PM ]: jag gillar gammla loggan

ragee[11/06/12 1:47 PM ]: tillbaka med den

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:47 PM ]: florence 4p

MockY[11/06/12 1:48 PM ]: Hurt 5p

ragee[11/06/12 1:48 PM ]: florence 5p

tgs3[11/06/12 1:48 PM ]: Florence + The Machine 5p

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:48 PM ]: Hurt 4p

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:49 PM ]: papa roach 6p

MockY[11/06/12 1:49 PM ]: Cage9 6p

ragee[11/06/12 1:49 PM ]: Hurt 6p

tgs3[11/06/12 1:49 PM ]: Papa Roach 6p

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:49 PM ]: Papa Roach 6p

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:49 PM ]: cage9 7p

MockY[11/06/12 1:50 PM ]: Florence 7p

ragee[11/06/12 1:50 PM ]: Oceans Divide 7p

tgs3[11/06/12 1:50 PM ]: Hurt 7p

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:50 PM ]: Cage9 7p

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:50 PM ]: oceans divide 9p

MockY[11/06/12 1:50 PM ]: Papa Roach 8p

ragee[11/06/12 1:50 PM ]: Cage9 8p

tgs3[11/06/12 1:50 PM ]: Oceans Divide 9p

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:51 PM ]: Oceans Divide 9p

tgs3[11/06/12 1:51 PM ]: Big win for Peter

ragee[11/06/12 1:51 PM ]: Ops missa nåt tror jag haha

MockY[11/06/12 1:51 PM ]: w000t

MockY[11/06/12 1:51 PM ]: tror jag med

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:52 PM ]: 1. oceans divide 34p grattis peter

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:53 PM ]: this free for all with the banks is kind of fun

MockY[11/06/12 1:53 PM ]: tackar

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:53 PM ]: 2. cage9 28p

ragee[11/06/12 1:53 PM ]: gräätz

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:53 PM ]: It's much harder to tell who is who

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:53 PM ]: congrats Peter

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:53 PM ]: 3. papa roach 26p

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:53 PM ]: bands, not banks

tgs3[11/06/12 1:54 PM ]: I guessed right, but wasn't very sure about Niklas and Anders

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:54 PM ]: 4. hurt 22p fan vad ni SUGER!!!!!

ragee[11/06/12 1:54 PM ]: säsongen fortsätter jämn cool cool

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:54 PM ]: 5. florence 21p

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:54 PM ]: that was a kinda bad Hurt song

tgs3[11/06/12 1:54 PM ]: Anders, I've given you more points than Peter so far this season. Unfortunately for you, the others don't agree with me

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:55 PM ]: fanns bara en låt att välja på hela plattan och ni sågar helt jävla sjukt

MockY[11/06/12 1:56 PM ]: Då va det ingen höjdare till album med andra ord

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:56 PM ]: det skiter jag i, ska bli skönt med ett avslut för mej jag har inget här att göra längre

Hebbe[11/06/12 1:56 PM ]: god natt

tgs3[11/06/12 1:56 PM ]: damn

tgs3[11/06/12 1:56 PM ]: Cranky, old Anders...

MockY[11/06/12 1:57 PM ]: oj så elak man kan vara

tgs3[11/06/12 1:57 PM ]: haha

MockY[11/06/12 1:57 PM ]: I think the FTP thing got him started

tgs3[11/06/12 1:57 PM ]: Theivery doesn't pay

tgs3[11/06/12 1:57 PM ]: agreed

MockY[11/06/12 1:57 PM ]: Can't be easy being old and cranky

thebrat13n[11/06/12 1:58 PM ]: I was about to say the FTP probably didn't put him in a good mood to start with

tgs3[11/06/12 1:58 PM ]: I was serious about my comment. Anders is amoung the smarter guys in the family. His IT block is weird/annoying

tgs3[11/06/12 1:58 PM ]: Peter telling him to use a browser didn't help

MockY[11/06/12 1:58 PM ]: no slah... it should be an amperand

tgs3[11/06/12 1:58 PM ]: You really need to do it on your side first before you tell him stupid shit

MockY[11/06/12 1:58 PM ]: WTF is wrong with this keyboard

tgs3[11/06/12 1:59 PM ]: 80 year olds don't have a lot of patience with computers...

tgs3[11/06/12 1:59 PM ]: The real answer is that Anders should have figured this shit out last night,but maybe someone else was on the computer or something...

tgs3[11/06/12 2:00 PM ]: Having 20 kids probably doesn't help. I assume the whole family is with him...

tgs3[11/06/12 2:00 PM ]: but maybe not

tgs3[11/06/12 2:00 PM ]: I guess they should be in school

MockY[11/06/12 2:00 PM ]: Did he even arrive before today?

thebrat13n[11/06/12 2:00 PM ]: I had trouble using FTP for some reason when I first had Windows 7 I don't think it's as easy as we think, but I might have just been being stupid, I didn't try very long

tgs3[11/06/12 2:00 PM ]: Peter, time to go to work

ragee[11/06/12 2:00 PM ]: hur kommer det sig att ANders är i Dalarna?

tgs3[11/06/12 2:00 PM ]: Does Bibbi have windows 7?

MockY[11/06/12 2:00 PM ]: Eager to get biking?

ragee[11/06/12 2:00 PM ]: yupp

MockY[11/06/12 2:01 PM ]: Yes, niklas installed Win7 for her

tgs3[11/06/12 2:01 PM ]: Yes

thebrat13n[11/06/12 2:01 PM ]: Peter said earlier that Niklas had installed it

MockY[11/06/12 2:01 PM ]: Though she is looking to reinstall it, yet again, as it is slower than shit apparently

tgs3[11/06/12 2:02 PM ]: Just logged into my home computer. Works fine like I said in Wondows 7

ragee[11/06/12 2:02 PM ]: får ta och fixa det när jag far över i början på näösta år

tgs3[11/06/12 2:02 PM ]: good old Wondows...

ragee[11/06/12 2:04 PM ]: oh well dags att dra

ragee[11/06/12 2:04 PM ]: hade göttans

tgs3[11/06/12 2:05 PM ]: See you in 8 days

MockY[11/06/12 2:05 PM ]: puss

tgs3[11/06/12 2:05 PM ]: GTFO, Peter