tgs3[08/22/12 11:55 AM ]: Hi Mocky

MockY[08/22/12 11:56 AM ]: Hi tgs3

ragee[08/22/12 11:59 AM ]: Brackataki brackatako brackatakej

MockY[08/22/12 11:59 AM ]: Jasså?

ragee[08/22/12 11:59 AM ]: Japp absolut

tgs3[08/22/12 12:00 PM ]: Looks only Miner 2049er is missing

ragee[08/22/12 12:10 PM ]: and there he is

tgs3[08/22/12 12:10 PM ]: Miner #1 is here indeed

ragee[08/22/12 12:12 PM ]: but very silent

MockY[08/22/12 12:12 PM ]: Speaking of miners... Charleze Theron is a fine specimen

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:12 PM ]: Miner #1 ?

tgs3[08/22/12 12:12 PM ]: So how was Michigan, Nina?

tgs3[08/22/12 12:12 PM ]: I thought you'd moved past her

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:12 PM ]: aha men jag har aldrig varit i en gruva

thebrat13n[08/22/12 12:13 PM ]: fine, hung out with family and drank

thebrat13n[08/22/12 12:13 PM ]: I don't think I'm cut out for redeye flights though

tgs3[08/22/12 12:13 PM ]: I never would have thought you were

thebrat13n[08/22/12 12:14 PM ]: The flight was split up, so they were too short to sleep on even if I could have

MockY[08/22/12 12:14 PM ]: Take the train next time

thebrat13n[08/22/12 12:14 PM ]: Yeah, I'll just go early next time

tgs3[08/22/12 12:14 PM ]: Isn't that where you're working now, Anders?

thebrat13n[08/22/12 12:14 PM ]: trains are slow

tgs3[08/22/12 12:15 PM ]: and boring

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:15 PM ]: vi borrar ovan jord

MockY[08/22/12 12:15 PM ]: Gives you time to sleep

tgs3[08/22/12 12:15 PM ]: Sure, but i still think you're called a miner in English. But maybe I'm wrong.

ragee[08/22/12 12:15 PM ]: bra lyxigt man får det om man skjuter folk i Norge

MockY[08/22/12 12:15 PM ]: He's a prospector, not a miner

tgs3[08/22/12 12:16 PM ]: Unlike you who prospects for minors...

MockY[08/22/12 12:16 PM ]: I prefer my oen house

MockY[08/22/12 12:16 PM ]: So I see no need in killing people

MockY[08/22/12 12:16 PM ]: own*

tgs3[08/22/12 12:16 PM ]: I prefer Norway's answer to terrorism when compared to the stupid politicians in the USA, but that's ridiculous. Just put a bullet in his head.

MockY[08/22/12 12:17 PM ]: In this case it's a no brainer

MockY[08/22/12 12:17 PM ]: he offed lots of youngsters

MockY[08/22/12 12:17 PM ]: they should have just offed him on the island

ragee[08/22/12 12:18 PM ]: Detta fängelse kommer säkert göra honom frisk och ok att släppa ut sen...inte så troligt

tgs3[08/22/12 12:18 PM ]: Oh well, its their oil money paying for it all, so I guess it doesn't really hurt their country much to house him, but yes, needless

tgs3[08/22/12 12:19 PM ]: I swear at the time I thought the graphics on this game weren't bad:

tgs3[08/22/12 12:19 PM ]:

tgs3[08/22/12 12:19 PM ]: Shows you what we can get used to...

ragee[08/22/12 12:19 PM ]: hahaha ögongodis

MockY[08/22/12 12:20 PM ]: Well my firend, you were wrong hahah

tgs3[08/22/12 12:21 PM ]: It probably helped to have an SD TV back then. Helped round out the corners a little bit

MockY[08/22/12 12:25 PM ]: WTF

MockY[08/22/12 12:25 PM ]:

MockY[08/22/12 12:25 PM ]: I thought the same about Ptfall II

MockY[08/22/12 12:26 PM ]: ahh classic

MockY[08/22/12 12:26 PM ]:

ragee[08/22/12 12:26 PM ]: Liten rolig historia om Sabaton: För runt åtta år sedan så stod jag och en par killar i en rockpub i Falun och diskuterade allt möjligt om musik och efter tag så av någon anledning så kom vi in på Sabaton och jag börjar vröka ur mig hur jäkla värdeläs de är och vilken sämst sångare de har. Var på en av killarna vänder sig till mig och säger: Jag undrar om du inser att jag är gitarristen i bandet. Ja jag höll på att skämmas ihjäl

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:27 PM ]: ha ha ha ha ha ha

tgs3[08/22/12 12:27 PM ]: haha

tgs3[08/22/12 12:27 PM ]: That's how you get honest input from fans

MockY[08/22/12 12:27 PM ]: Låter som Niklas

ragee[08/22/12 12:27 PM ]: det var bara att ursäkta och dra fort som fan

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:27 PM ]: då vet man vad du röstar på dom

MockY[08/22/12 12:28 PM ]: Martin diggar Sabaton skarpt

tgs3[08/22/12 12:28 PM ]: For its time, Pitfall 2 was pretty awesome looking

tgs3[08/22/12 12:28 PM ]: Probably the best you could get out of an Atari 2600 cartridge

MockY[08/22/12 12:28 PM ]: Dock gav han inte mycket för Attero Dominatus

MockY[08/22/12 12:28 PM ]: från 2006

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:28 PM ]: pitfall 2 var ett riktigt bra spel

tgs3[08/22/12 12:29 PM ]: At least you were talking to the singer. I assume they haven't replaced him?

MockY[08/22/12 12:29 PM ]: They are all spålit up now

MockY[08/22/12 12:29 PM ]: Only the singer and the bass player remains

ragee[08/22/12 12:29 PM ]: ja jag får nog lov att erkänna att jag var influerad av att metal scenen i Falun just då så var det inne att vara emot dem. Inte för att jag diggar dem nu men jag tycker inte alls de är kassa längre

MockY[08/22/12 12:29 PM ]: Though playing under the same name

tgs3[08/22/12 12:29 PM ]: Because the guitarist couldn't stay in the band after Niklas' critism

ragee[08/22/12 12:29 PM ]: ja fan pitfall var bra jäkla härligt

MockY[08/22/12 12:30 PM ]: var? Det ÄR

MockY[08/22/12 12:30 PM ]: Yeha, it's Niklas' fault

ragee[08/22/12 12:30 PM ]: och är väldigt glad över att en uppföljare nu är planerad

MockY[08/22/12 12:31 PM ]: Dom har gjort en del redan har jag för mig

MockY[08/22/12 12:31 PM ]: eller det såg så ut efter bildsöket på Google

tgs3[08/22/12 12:31 PM ]: There might be more Pitfall coming?:

MockY[08/22/12 12:31 PM ]: Nästan lika kass grafik

MockY[08/22/12 12:32 PM ]: 501 backers so far

MockY[08/22/12 12:32 PM ]: Will you the the 502?

tgs3[08/22/12 12:33 PM ]: I can't get thru the few games I have now. I think I can just wait it out

MockY[08/22/12 12:33 PM ]: Ahh they are using Unity3D, meaning, it will run nativly on Linux

MockY[08/22/12 12:33 PM ]: Maybe I shall pledge

tgs3[08/22/12 12:33 PM ]: Still working on Portal 2 from my birthday last year

tgs3[08/22/12 12:33 PM ]: And have done about 10 minutes of Diablo 3

ragee[08/22/12 12:33 PM ]: precis den jag emna

ragee[08/22/12 12:33 PM ]: good job Theron

MockY[08/22/12 12:34 PM ]: That is far more than me

tgs3[08/22/12 12:35 PM ]: I guess we're just not s in our old age

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:36 PM ]: vi gjorde bort det där i riset

MockY[08/22/12 12:36 PM ]: To busy running our asses off

tgs3[08/22/12 12:37 PM ]: Yup, we got it out of our system in those summers

tgs3[08/22/12 12:37 PM ]: And now we're just awesome athletes instead...

MockY[08/22/12 12:40 PM ]: I guess SOTD is the game, though some don't have time for that either

MockY[08/22/12 12:40 PM ]: sucks to get old and responsible

tgs3[08/22/12 12:40 PM ]: Another bunch of new bands I see

MockY[08/22/12 12:42 PM ]: How exciting

MockY[08/22/12 12:43 PM ]: I shall get coffee

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:46 PM ]: ska vi rösta bort den här skiten

tgs3[08/22/12 12:46 PM ]: Maybe its time to vote?

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:46 PM ]: 1

tgs3[08/22/12 12:46 PM ]: Anders not liking this round I see

tgs3[08/22/12 12:47 PM ]: 2

thebrat13n[08/22/12 12:47 PM ]: 2

ragee[08/22/12 12:47 PM ]: 254543543524532

MockY[08/22/12 12:48 PM ]: 5

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:48 PM ]: state youre cause 3p

MockY[08/22/12 12:48 PM ]: State Your Cause 4p

ragee[08/22/12 12:48 PM ]: Sabaton 5p

tgs3[08/22/12 12:48 PM ]: State Your Cause 5p

thebrat13n[08/22/12 12:48 PM ]: State Your Cause 4p

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:49 PM ]: the blackout 4p

MockY[08/22/12 12:49 PM ]: Three Days Grace 6p

ragee[08/22/12 12:49 PM ]: Three Days Grace 6p

tgs3[08/22/12 12:49 PM ]: Sabaton 6p

thebrat13n[08/22/12 12:49 PM ]: Sabaton 5p

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:49 PM ]: ryan star 6p

MockY[08/22/12 12:50 PM ]: Sabaton 7p

ragee[08/22/12 12:50 PM ]: Ryan Star 7p

tgs3[08/22/12 12:50 PM ]: The Blackout 7p

thebrat13n[08/22/12 12:50 PM ]: Ryan Star 6p

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:50 PM ]: three days grace 7p

MockY[08/22/12 12:50 PM ]: The Blackout 8p

ragee[08/22/12 12:50 PM ]: The Blackout 8p

tgs3[08/22/12 12:51 PM ]: Ryan Star 8p

thebrat13n[08/22/12 12:51 PM ]: Three Days Grace 8p

ragee[08/22/12 12:51 PM ]: ja detta gick ju uruselt hehe

MockY[08/22/12 12:51 PM ]: Close battle

tgs3[08/22/12 12:51 PM ]: looks like

MockY[08/22/12 12:52 PM ]: Anders var snabb i röstningarna med få poäng... less indeed

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:52 PM ]: 1. the blackout 27p grattis nina verkar som alla hade blackout idag

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:53 PM ]: 2. three days grace och ryan star 27p

thebrat13n[08/22/12 12:53 PM ]: cool, was not expected

MockY[08/22/12 12:53 PM ]: Stay Awhile är en radiodänga. Hör hört den lite var stans i några månader. Fick nog till sist och kastade in den i SOTD

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:53 PM ]: 4. sabaton 23p

MockY[08/22/12 12:53 PM ]: Ohh herre min skapare

MockY[08/22/12 12:53 PM ]: Här delas det på poäng minsann

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:53 PM ]: 5. state your cause 16p

tgs3[08/22/12 12:54 PM ]: Nina's on a roll.

tgs3[08/22/12 12:57 PM ]: Judging by band names alone, it looks like Mumford & Sons should roll over everyone next round

MockY[08/22/12 12:58 PM ]: In the middle nonetheless

tgs3[08/22/12 12:58 PM ]: After listening to 15 seconds of each song, it seems like a promising round

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:58 PM ]: vem har robert tryckt på den här gången då

tgs3[08/22/12 12:59 PM ]: I see Three Days Grace has moved to the USA...

MockY[08/22/12 12:59 PM ]: Oops

Hebbe[08/22/12 12:59 PM ]: är dom inte från canada

MockY[08/22/12 1:01 PM ]: Ehh,som Theron säger, det är bara en delstat

tgs3[08/22/12 1:01 PM ]:

tgs3[08/22/12 1:02 PM ]: Whenever we finally decide to just take over Mexico we should just grab Canada while we're at it

tgs3[08/22/12 1:02 PM ]: If we have to have wars, lets at least have them on our own continent

MockY[08/22/12 1:02 PM ]: It would be nothing but headache to control that part of earth. It would take them at least 50 years to even be able to deal somewhat with the corruption

MockY[08/22/12 1:06 PM ]: Interesting. in the same round, we have 2 Mumford type bands

MockY[08/22/12 1:06 PM ]: The round sure sound promising

tgs3[08/22/12 1:07 PM ]: Hopeful Anders likses it more

MockY[08/22/12 1:07 PM ]: Can't really dislike it much more than the last round

MockY[08/22/12 1:07 PM ]: or like it less

tgs3[08/22/12 1:08 PM ]: I remember some theme rounds where the votes were 1,2,3,4

MockY[08/22/12 1:08 PM ]: cause if you dislike something less, then you are indeed liking it more

MockY[08/22/12 1:08 PM ]: hmm...

tgs3[08/22/12 1:08 PM ]: 3,4,6,7 isn't even close to that

MockY[08/22/12 1:08 PM ]: One of many reasons why they were abolished

tgs3[08/22/12 1:09 PM ]: yup

tgs3[08/22/12 1:10 PM ]: Our laziness being the other main factor I'm guessing

tgs3[08/22/12 1:11 PM ]: Last upload of the season on Monday!

MockY[08/22/12 1:12 PM ]: Fast season I'd say

tgs3[08/22/12 1:13 PM ]: Really? It'll be almost two months by the time we're done

MockY[08/22/12 1:14 PM ]: Including the album...sure

MockY[08/22/12 1:14 PM ]: but the actual rounds

Hebbe[08/22/12 1:14 PM ]: tror jag kommer rösta lite högre på omg. 9

thebrat13n[08/22/12 1:14 PM ]: that's good to hear

Hebbe[08/22/12 1:15 PM ]: nä nu ska jag äta jordgubbar mmmm

Hebbe[08/22/12 1:15 PM ]: nån som vill ha

thebrat13n[08/22/12 1:15 PM ]: me

tgs3[08/22/12 1:15 PM ]: We'll finish in September and started in early July...

thebrat13n[08/22/12 1:15 PM ]: I'm hungry to start with

thebrat13n[08/22/12 1:16 PM ]: and that sounds yummy

tgs3[08/22/12 1:16 PM ]: Yes, please email me some, Anders

Hebbe[08/22/12 1:16 PM ]: de é bare o com jag har 10 liter direkt från eget land

tgs3[08/22/12 1:17 PM ]: This was the longest season since season 16 in 2006...

Hebbe[08/22/12 1:18 PM ]: vi hörs på måndag

tgs3[08/22/12 1:18 PM ]: Not a complaint. Just an observation.

tgs3[08/22/12 1:18 PM ]: Seeya Monday

MockY[08/22/12 1:20 PM ]: Hunger has now officially set in

MockY[08/22/12 1:20 PM ]: Gahhhh!

tgs3[08/22/12 1:21 PM ]: Only 220 minutes until Family Night

MockY[08/22/12 1:21 PM ]: I better eat light

tgs3[08/22/12 1:22 PM ]: Sounds painful

ragee[08/22/12 1:42 PM ]: ja detta gick ju uruselt hehe