MockY[06/04/12 12:03 PM ]: USA first

tgs3[06/04/12 12:04 PM ]: Shocking

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:04 PM ]: shocking, that never happens

tgs3[06/04/12 12:05 PM ]: I will say that it seems like they've been a little better lately

tgs3[06/04/12 12:05 PM ]: A little

MockY[06/04/12 12:05 PM ]: Anders even poked in first of all a few weeks ago

tgs3[06/04/12 12:06 PM ]: Do you guys know the PIN code for the Swedish phone?

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:06 PM ]: I need the time, so it doesn't bother me. I have no idea what to do with these songs...

MockY[06/04/12 12:06 PM ]: Did you find it?

tgs3[06/04/12 12:07 PM ]: Yup. It's here next to me.

MockY[06/04/12 12:07 PM ]: And is it the little Nokia I bought when I went there last time

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:07 PM ]: it used to be 2500?

tgs3[06/04/12 12:07 PM ]: I think I tried that. I'll try again

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:07 PM ]: was that the last numbers of Sonja's old phone number?

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:07 PM ]: if I had it it might be 5150

tgs3[06/04/12 12:07 PM ]: 2500

tgs3[06/04/12 12:08 PM ]: 2500 was wrong

tgs3[06/04/12 12:08 PM ]: I only have 1 try left now. Whatever that means

tgs3[06/04/12 12:08 PM ]: Peter?

tgs3[06/04/12 12:08 PM ]: It's a Samsung, not Nokia.

tgs3[06/04/12 12:08 PM ]: Little red phone

tgs3[06/04/12 12:08 PM ]: Maybe it's a different one

MockY[06/04/12 12:08 PM ]: hmm, then where is the one I bought?

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:08 PM ]: it's Bibbi's old phone

tgs3[06/04/12 12:08 PM ]: ah

tgs3[06/04/12 12:08 PM ]: So where is the Nokia?

MockY[06/04/12 12:08 PM ]: I bought a new phone while in Sweden, but I use my old SIM card

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:09 PM ]: but, I don't remember what the pin number was...

tgs3[06/04/12 12:09 PM ]: I'll look a little better tonight, but i'm starting to think I don't have it

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:09 PM ]: see if I emailed it to you

MockY[06/04/12 12:09 PM ]: And that one is somewhere... Maybe I should look again

ragee[06/04/12 12:09 PM ]: plupp plupp

tgs3[06/04/12 12:09 PM ]: Well Bibbi's phone is now locked

tgs3[06/04/12 12:10 PM ]: I'll bring it to family night tomorrow and Mommy can talk to Bibbi about it

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:10 PM ]: sounds like a plan

tgs3[06/04/12 12:12 PM ]: Hopefully one og me ot Peter has the Nokia

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:12 PM ]: the nokia died, that's why we had to get new phones

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:12 PM ]: or I did

MockY[06/04/12 12:12 PM ]: Not the new Nokia

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:13 PM ]: and when I tried to load up Peter's SIM card it said that it was inactive since it had been so long since someone had used it

MockY[06/04/12 12:13 PM ]: I just bought that one

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:13 PM ]: yes, you should have a phone somewhere

MockY[06/04/12 12:13 PM ]: When was this?

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:13 PM ]: the last time I was in Sweden

MockY[06/04/12 12:13 PM ]: That phone has my old number as well. And probably a bunch of minutes already loaded on it

MockY[06/04/12 12:14 PM ]: 0703760151 if I remember correctly

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:14 PM ]: I gave you the card back or old times sake

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:14 PM ]: I had to get a new card with a new number

MockY[06/04/12 12:14 PM ]: and I used it in the phone I bought. So that number should still be active

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:14 PM ]: beleive me I remember 'cause it did not go smoothly

MockY[06/04/12 12:15 PM ]: Either way, I'll look again to see if I have any phone at all

tgs3[06/04/12 12:15 PM ]: Yes, please

tgs3[06/04/12 12:15 PM ]: I'll do the same

tgs3[06/04/12 12:15 PM ]: I stopped looking when I found the Samsung because I thought that was it

tgs3[06/04/12 12:15 PM ]: But I didn't have anything else in my backpack, which is where I usually leave any Swedish phones I have

tgs3[06/04/12 12:16 PM ]: And the fact that I had the Samsung makes me think Nina had the other phone last since we split the last couple of says we were in Sweden

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:16 PM ]: I'm pretty sure that the red on is the latest one that I had that I got from Bibbi the last time

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:17 PM ]: red one

tgs3[06/04/12 12:17 PM ]: And then you gave it to me?

tgs3[06/04/12 12:18 PM ]: Very possible, but doens't make a lot of sense.

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:18 PM ]: I can't imagine we both had a red phone. I think I remember using my regular phone for the last part of my trip

tgs3[06/04/12 12:18 PM ]: Ah

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:18 PM ]: I'm really not sure

tgs3[06/04/12 12:18 PM ]: Me neither

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:18 PM ]: you know my memory sucks

MockY[06/04/12 12:18 PM ]: I remmeber you used yours when we both were there

MockY[06/04/12 12:18 PM ]: But that is the trip I bought a new one, though using the old SIM

tgs3[06/04/12 12:19 PM ]: That's 4 years ago

MockY[06/04/12 12:19 PM ]: no

MockY[06/04/12 12:19 PM ]: Diana went on that triup

MockY[06/04/12 12:20 PM ]: sp 3 yesrd

MockY[06/04/12 12:20 PM ]: years

tgs3[06/04/12 12:20 PM ]: Not sure what Diana has to do with anything, but you're right, it was 2009, not 2008

MockY[06/04/12 12:21 PM ]: I went to Sweden before and efter she was on one

tgs3[06/04/12 12:23 PM ]: Before was forever ago, so yes, obviously not that trip

tgs3[06/04/12 12:23 PM ]: Well, hopefully we'll figure all this out by tomorrow night

tgs3[06/04/12 12:24 PM ]: by finding some phones

MockY[06/04/12 12:24 PM ]: I think I have Patrik's old phone, but it does not have a sim card

MockY[06/04/12 12:24 PM ]: but yes, let's revisit this tomorrow

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:25 PM ]: hade i för mej att ni hade två telefoner som fungerade

tgs3[06/04/12 12:26 PM ]: Hopefully you're right, Anders

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:28 PM ]: jag vet att det har varit 2 telefoner samtidigt

tgs3[06/04/12 12:28 PM ]: And what have you done with them?

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:28 PM ]: men är inte säker på hur länge sen det var

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:29 PM ]: var det nina och peter som var här samtidigt eller var det senare, men ingen har lämnat nån telefon til mej

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:29 PM ]: dom brukar ni ta med er

tgs3[06/04/12 12:30 PM ]: Until you stole them

tgs3[06/04/12 12:30 PM ]: fucker

tgs3[06/04/12 12:32 PM ]: Sounds like we might have as many as 3, so I assume something can be worked out

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:33 PM ]: I'll look at home and see if I can find some paperwork

tgs3[06/04/12 12:35 PM ]: So what's going on in Europe? Weather gotten any better?

ragee[06/04/12 12:36 PM ]: here it got bad again

ragee[06/04/12 12:36 PM ]: but wasnt raining today atleast¨

ragee[06/04/12 12:36 PM ]: but was very hot here a week ago

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:36 PM ]: it feels like I suddenly flew to Sweden here

ragee[06/04/12 12:36 PM ]: guessing sweden is a little bit more stable

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:37 PM ]: normally it's pretty stable here

ragee[06/04/12 12:37 PM ]: oh btw looks like me and Silvi will be popping over to the states on the 24th of september

tgs3[06/04/12 12:37 PM ]: Yes, our temperature fell by 15 celcius or so all of a sudden

ragee[06/04/12 12:37 PM ]: is that ok with you guys?

tgs3[06/04/12 12:37 PM ]: Rain in June is rare here. Does feel like Sweden though

tgs3[06/04/12 12:38 PM ]: How long are you planning to stay, Niklas

tgs3[06/04/12 12:38 PM ]: ?

ragee[06/04/12 12:38 PM ]: two weeks

ragee[06/04/12 12:38 PM ]: till the 8th of oct

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:38 PM ]: it smells like here, warm wet concrete is not a smell I associate with Sweden

tgs3[06/04/12 12:38 PM ]: Sholdn't be a problem

ragee[06/04/12 12:39 PM ]: wet forests is more sweden

tgs3[06/04/12 12:39 PM ]: I've smelled wet asphault in Sweden plenty of times

MockY[06/04/12 12:39 PM ]: There are plenty of houses to live in, so I doubt that will be any issues

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:39 PM ]: I have, but it reminds me more of here

tgs3[06/04/12 12:39 PM ]: You guys make it sound like everyone in Sweden lives miles away from any paved road

MockY[06/04/12 12:40 PM ]: they don't?

ragee[06/04/12 12:40 PM ]: ¨great, will book the tickets in july in hope the dollar goes down. Damn tickets went up 100pounds per person cos of the dollar

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:40 PM ]: warm wet asphalt has a different smell

MockY[06/04/12 12:40 PM ]: So about 50 kilos

MockY[06/04/12 12:40 PM ]: they must be much heavier now, yes

ragee[06/04/12 12:41 PM ]: haha funny guy

tgs3[06/04/12 12:41 PM ]: Thank goodness its e-tickets now so you don't have to carry all that weight

ragee[06/04/12 12:41 PM ]: £100 then if that makes you happy

MockY[06/04/12 12:41 PM ]: it does not make me happy one bit actually

MockY[06/04/12 12:42 PM ]: Don't see how it would

MockY[06/04/12 12:42 PM ]: I guess if I received it, then I would be a bit happier

tgs3[06/04/12 12:42 PM ]: Because you got your brother to correct himself

ragee[06/04/12 12:42 PM ]: knew you would say that haha

MockY[06/04/12 12:43 PM ]: 7,17 sek per dollar now. The dollar seems to be indeed get more expensive

tgs3[06/04/12 12:43 PM ]: Having a very hard time figuring out what to upload

MockY[06/04/12 12:43 PM ]: perfect timing for Theron's trip

tgs3[06/04/12 12:44 PM ]: Everything is an 8 to me, so that means I can only count on 6's from the rest of you...

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:45 PM ]: I had that some problem for 3 of the songs

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:45 PM ]: oh, I read wrong, never mind

MockY[06/04/12 12:46 PM ]: IK wish I hyou were counting on 8's?

tgs3[06/04/12 12:46 PM ]: I listened to this round a bunch when I printed renewals on Saturday, so the round was easy eventually

MockY[06/04/12 12:46 PM ]: what the fuck is wrong with my keyboard today

tgs3[06/04/12 12:46 PM ]: the user?

MockY[06/04/12 12:46 PM ]: Could be. I better change batteries first to make sure

MockY[06/04/12 12:47 PM ]: I had tickets to one of the band in the next round, but they were so damn late I ended going home before they went on

tgs3[06/04/12 12:47 PM ]: My mouse was not working right earlier, but a bit of canned air fixed the problem

MockY[06/04/12 12:47 PM ]: tgs3 knows what band I'm talking about

tgs3[06/04/12 12:48 PM ]: The next round? With all those new bands?

tgs3[06/04/12 12:48 PM ]: hmmm...

MockY[06/04/12 12:48 PM ]: Adam blessed me with his precense

tgs3[06/04/12 12:48 PM ]: I have no idea what band you're talking about actually. I usually remember this kind of stuff, but not this time

tgs3[06/04/12 12:49 PM ]: Nevermind. Remembered it now

MockY[06/04/12 12:49 PM ]: They were the main act, playing after 3 Inces of Blood

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:49 PM ]: ska vi rösta

tgs3[06/04/12 12:49 PM ]: Sure

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:50 PM ]: ok

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:50 PM ]: 1

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:50 PM ]: 2

tgs3[06/04/12 12:50 PM ]: 7

ragee[06/04/12 12:50 PM ]: visst

MockY[06/04/12 12:51 PM ]: 9

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:51 PM ]: frowser 3p

MockY[06/04/12 12:51 PM ]: The Thick Of It 4p

ragee[06/04/12 12:52 PM ]: frowser 4p

tgs3[06/04/12 12:52 PM ]: Frowser 4p

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:52 PM ]: P O D 5p

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:52 PM ]: p.o.d 5p

MockY[06/04/12 12:53 PM ]: Frowser 5p

ragee[06/04/12 12:53 PM ]: the thick of it 5p

tgs3[06/04/12 12:53 PM ]: P.O.D. 5p

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:53 PM ]: Nine Lashes 7p

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:53 PM ]: the thick of it 6p

MockY[06/04/12 12:54 PM ]: Von Benzo 7p

ragee[06/04/12 12:54 PM ]: P.O.D 6p

tgs3[06/04/12 12:54 PM ]: Nine Lashes 7p

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:54 PM ]: Von Benzo 8p

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:54 PM ]: nine lashes 9p

MockY[06/04/12 12:55 PM ]: Nine Lashes 8p

ragee[06/04/12 12:55 PM ]: Von Benzo 7p

tgs3[06/04/12 12:55 PM ]: Von Benzo 8p

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:55 PM ]: The Thick of It 9p

MockY[06/04/12 12:55 PM ]: I believe Ninas voting list was upside down....

MockY[06/04/12 12:55 PM ]:

ragee[06/04/12 12:56 PM ]: tog ett tag innan idolvinnaren dök upp

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:56 PM ]: THAT'S the the song you chose to use for POD. I actually like them...

MockY[06/04/12 12:56 PM ]: Apparently not enough

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:56 PM ]: Not that song

tgs3[06/04/12 12:56 PM ]: With me and Peter blowing it at the end here, its about to get very even for this season

MockY[06/04/12 12:56 PM ]: I saw that

thebrat13n[06/04/12 12:56 PM ]: it would have been a six, but I needed a space

MockY[06/04/12 12:56 PM ]: Neither did the others lol

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:57 PM ]: 1. nine lashes 31p grattis nicke

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:57 PM ]: 2. von benzo 30p

tgs3[06/04/12 12:57 PM ]: Congrats Niklas

ragee[06/04/12 12:57 PM ]: nu jäklar händer det grejjer

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:57 PM ]: 3. the thick of it 24p

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:57 PM ]: 4. p.o.d 21p

Hebbe[06/04/12 12:58 PM ]: 5. frowser 16p

tgs3[06/04/12 12:58 PM ]: I averaged 6p today, just what I would have guessed

ragee[06/04/12 12:58 PM ]: vilken jämn säsong detta är helt otroligt

tgs3[06/04/12 12:58 PM ]: Hoped for more, of course

tgs3[06/04/12 1:01 PM ]: Don't have a great feeling about the end of it for me. Maybe Niklas will win another?

thebrat13n[06/04/12 1:01 PM ]: I have crap, weird ones coming up for me

thebrat13n[06/04/12 1:02 PM ]: that never goes well

MockY[06/04/12 1:02 PM ]: You still have 3 points lead

MockY[06/04/12 1:02 PM ]: I don't think anyone will take your position

MockY[06/04/12 1:02 PM ]: Though Niklas has 2 straight wins now...

tgs3[06/04/12 1:03 PM ]: Just takes one more stumpble by me. Hopefully you're right

ragee[06/04/12 1:03 PM ]: lets hope for more

tgs3[06/04/12 1:04 PM ]: There's some definite variation this round so far. At this moment, I couldn't begin to guess how it will go

tgs3[06/04/12 1:09 PM ]: And then there was silence...

ragee[06/04/12 1:09 PM ]: well I gotta go

ragee[06/04/12 1:09 PM ]: so cya all on onsdag dårå

MockY[06/04/12 1:10 PM ]: jahapp

tgs3[06/04/12 1:10 PM ]: bye

tgs3[06/04/12 1:10 PM ]: See you then

tgs3[06/04/12 1:10 PM ]: I should probably work, too. See everyone in 2 days