tgs3[05/30/12 12:04 PM ]: Almost a full house

ragee[05/30/12 12:05 PM ]: Tjjabbalabba

MockY[05/30/12 12:05 PM ]: 3 jacks and a queen

MockY[05/30/12 12:05 PM ]: There is the second queen

tgs3[05/30/12 12:05 PM ]: Full House!!

tgs3[05/30/12 12:05 PM ]: We win

ragee[05/30/12 12:06 PM ]: Sitter och pular med intro kursen just nu

MockY[05/30/12 12:06 PM ]: Vilket innebär?

tgs3[05/30/12 12:06 PM ]: Intro to what?

ragee[05/30/12 12:06 PM ]: så skojsigt att göra spel

ragee[05/30/12 12:06 PM ]: ....än så länge

MockY[05/30/12 12:06 PM ]: menar mer, sparkar du igång med ing?

ragee[05/30/12 12:07 PM ]: innebär att först¨å mer om hur spel byggs upp

ragee[05/30/12 12:07 PM ]: så sitter och gör små spel i färdig grafikmotor

Hebbe[05/30/12 12:07 PM ]: nice

MockY[05/30/12 12:08 PM ]: LEka leka

ragee[05/30/12 12:08 PM ]: inte mycket med kodning att göra men upplägget är liknande så jag förstår varför detta är nödvändigt

tgs3[05/30/12 12:09 PM ]: So are these online courses you take? Or do you go somewhere in Cambridge?

MockY[05/30/12 12:09 PM ]: Basen måset ju naturligtvis vara där för att över huvud taget tillverka det...oavsett vad för verktyg du använder (C, C++, C#...osv)

ragee[05/30/12 12:09 PM ]: get books I follow and then almost all exams are online

tgs3[05/30/12 12:10 PM ]: ah'

ragee[05/30/12 12:10 PM ]: was hoping to be done with the intro until the main course starts

ragee[05/30/12 12:11 PM ]: will hopefully start with that around the 8th of june7

ragee[05/30/12 12:11 PM ]: minus the seven there hehe

ragee[05/30/12 12:12 PM ]: first 70pages of this book I have now went pretty fast maybe 6-7 hours but now it is slowing down as the games I make are getting more advanced

tgs3[05/30/12 12:12 PM ]: Sounds pretty cool.

MockY[05/30/12 12:12 PM ]: So you will be credited once Diablo 4 gets released right?

ragee[05/30/12 12:13 PM ]: hahaha probably

tgs3[05/30/12 12:13 PM ]: Takes motivation to go through everything without any kind of structure pushing you forward, like classes and quizes.

ragee[05/30/12 12:13 PM ]: the time limit is three years so should hopefully be done before that

MockY[05/30/12 12:14 PM ]: You have nothing better to do

MockY[05/30/12 12:14 PM ]: Building games and SOTD

ragee[05/30/12 12:14 PM ]: will also depend alot on how much time I will spend on my eventual..vad tusan är praktik på engelska

ragee[05/30/12 12:15 PM ]: internship?

tgs3[05/30/12 12:15 PM ]: Sounds right

tgs3[05/30/12 12:16 PM ]: There's no formal internship programs in the US, don't know about the rest of the world

tgs3[05/30/12 12:16 PM ]: Here its basically a way for companies to not pay people

ragee[05/30/12 12:16 PM ]: finishing this also depends on how much time I will spend on my internship. Heard one student spent as much as half a year last year

ragee[05/30/12 12:17 PM ]: well isnt the plan there also to get into the industry?

MockY[05/30/12 12:18 PM ]: Well, you have to start somehwre, but since you are actually creating something, I doubt ingternship is very useful

tgs3[05/30/12 12:19 PM ]: For the person not getting paid? Sure, that's why they do it.

ragee[05/30/12 12:19 PM ]: jag ju kanske lägga upp på ftp sen de spel jag gjort på denna introkurs

MockY[05/30/12 12:19 PM ]: I mean, you can simply show what you have done. Both the frontend (the actual game) and then the code snippets

MockY[05/30/12 12:19 PM ]: Or the entire thing if you don't care about them getting the source

MockY[05/30/12 12:20 PM ]: Bäst att göra så de funkar på Unix burkar också då

MockY[05/30/12 12:20 PM ]: If you base them on Java, I will be ablöe to play them as well

ragee[05/30/12 12:21 PM ]: yes of course but also I think it helps alot if you get an understanding how the company you might work is and also of course so that they know you personoly and not only how skilled you are

ragee[05/30/12 12:21 PM ]: I will check that out if it is possible to convert cos I dont think they way it is now will be alright

ragee[05/30/12 12:22 PM ]: thats why there is three versions of this engine, windows, linux and OSX

ragee[05/30/12 12:22 PM ]: but will look into it

MockY[05/30/12 12:22 PM ]: Then the port shouldn't be to hard to do

ragee[05/30/12 12:23 PM ]: fan va tyst Anders blev då haha

tgs3[05/30/12 12:24 PM ]: You guys are losing me, too

MockY[05/30/12 12:24 PM ]: If you stay with engines like Unreal or Quake, then you'll be fine

MockY[05/30/12 12:24 PM ]: but they are all written in C, which is quite hard core

ragee[05/30/12 12:26 PM ]: I have a feeling it will be alot of Unreal since Epic is working alot with this school

ragee[05/30/12 12:26 PM ]: plus most games now days are made in unreal

MockY[05/30/12 12:26 PM ]: It is the most used engine in the world, so that would make sense

ragee[05/30/12 12:27 PM ]: but if I understand right so is uses unreal alot of their on language

tgs3[05/30/12 12:27 PM ]:

MockY[05/30/12 12:27 PM ]: And if Theron ventures beyond bonds, maybe he will distribute and manufacture games...and therefore hire you

ragee[05/30/12 12:27 PM ]: Long live the nerds

tgs3[05/30/12 12:27 PM ]: That's a very big "maybe"

MockY[05/30/12 12:27 PM ]: Well, the engine itself is written in C. What is required to make games based on it is unknown to me

Hebbe[05/30/12 12:28 PM ]: robert ringde

Hebbe[05/30/12 12:28 PM ]: men nu är jag tillbaka

ragee[05/30/12 12:28 PM ]: buttload of money in the industry so he can fund me all the way and do a 50/50 split on the profits

tgs3[05/30/12 12:28 PM ]: sure....

tgs3[05/30/12 12:29 PM ]: I seem to recall gaming companies going out of business all the time

MockY[05/30/12 12:29 PM ]: "would you like a complimentary PC game with that bond?"

MockY[05/30/12 12:29 PM ]: haha

ragee[05/30/12 12:29 PM ]: hahahaha

MockY[05/30/12 12:29 PM ]: While others gain more and more

ragee[05/30/12 12:30 PM ]: well those companies take too big risks

MockY[05/30/12 12:30 PM ]: Activision just released the most profitable game ever mad...and that by lots

MockY[05/30/12 12:30 PM ]: Call Of Duty 3

MockY[05/30/12 12:31 PM ]: Gamm Stekarn!!

stekarn[05/30/12 12:31 PM ]: Fair to midland 10p

tgs3[05/30/12 12:31 PM ]: whoa!

ragee[05/30/12 12:31 PM ]: hej hej Mr Steksor

tgs3[05/30/12 12:31 PM ]: There is an old stekarn band in this round...

ragee[05/30/12 12:31 PM ]: gissa vem som har börjat studera

stekarn[05/30/12 12:32 PM ]: Säsong 50 är schlagersäsong

tgs3[05/30/12 12:32 PM ]: So just 2 more seasons then

stekarn[05/30/12 12:32 PM ]: Hörde det av morsan nicke

tgs3[05/30/12 12:32 PM ]: Now if I only knew what that meant...

stekarn[05/30/12 12:32 PM ]: fråga anders

MockY[05/30/12 12:33 PM ]: Det enda Aftonbladet skriver om

MockY[05/30/12 12:33 PM ]: verkar väldigt konstigt

MockY[05/30/12 12:33 PM ]: Trodde att den "tävlingen" skulle dö av

MockY[05/30/12 12:33 PM ]: Men Svennarna är lika galna i dcet som de är i Kungen

MockY[05/30/12 12:33 PM ]: 2 helt meningslösa saker svenskar spenderar energi på

stekarn[05/30/12 12:33 PM ]: Tänkte höra med dig theron om hur många dagar som du kan tänka dig i dalarna

stekarn[05/30/12 12:34 PM ]: eller om du tänkt hälsa på dom på hemvägen också

tgs3[05/30/12 12:34 PM ]: This is what Google Images gave me:

MockY[05/30/12 12:35 PM ]: When looking for what?

thebrat13n[05/30/12 12:35 PM ]: ok

MockY[05/30/12 12:35 PM ]: Swedish lesbos?

tgs3[05/30/12 12:35 PM ]: schlagersäsong

tgs3[05/30/12 12:35 PM ]: Robert, I'm cool with whatever you guys want

stekarn[05/30/12 12:35 PM ]: Ha ha ser ju ut som entrevlig säsong

tgs3[05/30/12 12:36 PM ]: I was thinking 2-3 days, but I can always give them another visit at the end if you just want to stop by for a little bit

MockY[05/30/12 12:36 PM ]: Man kanske skulle ta och titta på schlager trots allt

tgs3[05/30/12 12:36 PM ]: We're very flexible

stekarn[05/30/12 12:36 PM ]: Perfekt theron precis som jag tänkte

tgs3[05/30/12 12:36 PM ]: Cool

stekarn[05/30/12 12:36 PM ]: Då tar vi två nätter i Nyköping Anders

stekarn[05/30/12 12:37 PM ]: Goran Ramevik är också på.

tgs3[05/30/12 12:37 PM ]: Erica will be happy with as many new and different things as possible

tgs3[05/30/12 12:37 PM ]: And Adam will be happy doing whatever

Hebbe[05/30/12 12:38 PM ]: oki, då blir det tidig uppstigning på onsdag morgon

tgs3[05/30/12 12:38 PM ]: Like me, cards and beer are always appreciated by him

stekarn[05/30/12 12:38 PM ]: Ja du får sluta dricka kl 20.00

Hebbe[05/30/12 12:39 PM ]: jag kommer nog inte dricka så mycket, har haft min backsmälla för i år

tgs3[05/30/12 12:39 PM ]: sounds interesting

stekarn[05/30/12 12:40 PM ]: Vad bra för Erica att Goran är med då. Han är väll ny.

tgs3[05/30/12 12:40 PM ]: haha

stekarn[05/30/12 12:40 PM ]: Ha ha HA hA

Hebbe[05/30/12 12:40 PM ]: ha ha ha ha ha

MockY[05/30/12 12:40 PM ]: lol

tgs3[05/30/12 12:40 PM ]: They were at your wedding, but I doubt they spoke to each other...

stekarn[05/30/12 12:41 PM ]: Vem vet domj är kanske kompisar på facebook

tgs3[05/30/12 12:41 PM ]: Since she doesn't even include any of us, that would be very surprising

MockY[05/30/12 12:42 PM ]: They can talk about beer can collecting

tgs3[05/30/12 12:42 PM ]: Now Johannes needs to sign in so I can with him a happy 17th birthday

tgs3[05/30/12 12:42 PM ]: Just signed in to Facebook and saw his pic

MockY[05/30/12 12:42 PM ]: He's passed out somewhere

tgs3[05/30/12 12:43 PM ]:

thebrat13n[05/30/12 12:43 PM ]: choking on water is the worst thing ever

thebrat13n[05/30/12 12:44 PM ]: I feel like I'm drowning sitting at my desk

tgs3[05/30/12 12:44 PM ]: Ah. Went down the wrong pipe?

thebrat13n[05/30/12 12:44 PM ]: yes

MockY[05/30/12 12:44 PM ]: I was about to ask what the heck is going on over there

tgs3[05/30/12 12:44 PM ]: Yeah. It feels like you're dieing when that happens

MockY[05/30/12 12:45 PM ]: Man, he's old

tgs3[05/30/12 12:45 PM ]: Did it on my own spit the other day. Thought Erica was going to find my corpse in my recliner the next day

stekarn[05/30/12 12:45 PM ]: Går det bra Nina?

thebrat13n[05/30/12 12:45 PM ]: I'm fine

tgs3[05/30/12 12:45 PM ]: He looks better now that he's lost the hockey haircut

stekarn[05/30/12 12:46 PM ]: Vi får hoppas att han inte tappar spelförmågan.

tgs3[05/30/12 12:46 PM ]: true

MockY[05/30/12 12:46 PM ]: On your, you are getting old

tgs3[05/30/12 12:46 PM ]: truth

MockY[05/30/12 12:47 PM ]: You better watch out for rug edges

tgs3[05/30/12 12:48 PM ]: O'm not alone:

tgs3[05/30/12 12:48 PM ]: Nina's still not caught up on Breaking Bad. Better not say more, Peter

MockY[05/30/12 12:48 PM ]: Nice alter ego there Theron

MockY[05/30/12 12:49 PM ]: WineKitty...haha

tgs3[05/30/12 12:49 PM ]: One of your bands sings about it, Peter.

MockY[05/30/12 12:50 PM ]: ohh my. The world is suffering from this it turns out

stekarn[05/30/12 12:50 PM ]: Theron du måste världens snabbaste internetanvändare

tgs3[05/30/12 12:52 PM ]: Google is my friend

MockY[05/30/12 12:52 PM ]: Though I prefer links of the kind you sent earlier

MockY[05/30/12 12:53 PM ]: Robban: När du lix är här. Vad är din address (så man slipper gå till Gula Sidorna)

MockY[05/30/12 12:54 PM ]: Tagit mig 2 veckor att komma ihåg en uttags converter, men idag skickas servern

tgs3[05/30/12 12:55 PM ]: Glimmervägen 33 Lycksele 92137

tgs3[05/30/12 12:55 PM ]: I win

ragee[05/30/12 12:55 PM ]: snabb-robert

MockY[05/30/12 12:55 PM ]: Ja, det hade varit snabbare med Gula Sidorna trots allt haha

MockY[05/30/12 12:55 PM ]:

stekarn[05/30/12 12:56 PM ]: ha ha tack theron

tgs3[05/30/12 12:56 PM ]: I guess for Niklas I should just use Bibbi's address?

tgs3[05/30/12 12:56 PM ]: Assuming you don't plan on staying where you are now for that much longer Niklas?

tgs3[05/30/12 12:56 PM ]: Not that I planon sending anything, just looking thru my address book

ragee[05/30/12 12:56 PM ]: 287 Milton Road, CB4 1XQ Cambridge

tgs3[05/30/12 12:57 PM ]: And how much longer do you think you'll be there?

ragee[05/30/12 12:57 PM ]: true true might be moving to an apartment during this summer

MockY[05/30/12 12:57 PM ]: just as odd address as the canadians

stekarn[05/30/12 12:57 PM ]: Anders och theron är ni intresserade av att betala extra för att få hela vandrarhemmet för oss själva?

ragee[05/30/12 12:57 PM ]: might be just a couple more months

tgs3[05/30/12 12:58 PM ]: England, Great Briton, United Kingdon? What does the mail there prefer?

ragee[05/30/12 12:58 PM ]: England I think

Hebbe[05/30/12 12:58 PM ]: vad talar vi om för pengar

tgs3[05/30/12 12:58 PM ]: Robert: Yes. I would just charge the extra to Theron and not tell him

ragee[05/30/12 12:58 PM ]: but probably would work with UK

tgs3[05/30/12 12:58 PM ]: ok

ragee[05/30/12 12:59 PM ]: not sure what how they have it together with Ireland, Scotland and Wales

tgs3[05/30/12 12:59 PM ]: Yeah, I never really understood what was what over there

ragee[05/30/12 12:59 PM ]: but since they kinda share everything I would think that the postcode CB4 1XQ does all the work

stekarn[05/30/12 12:59 PM ]: Hela vandrarhemmet kostar 6500kr per natt

stekarn[05/30/12 1:00 PM ]:

ragee[05/30/12 1:01 PM ]: Bur yeah to be specifik then England is where I live

stekarn[05/30/12 1:01 PM ]: Får error på logi nu

tgs3[05/30/12 1:01 PM ]: Have you stayed here before, Robert?

stekarn[05/30/12 1:02 PM ]: Japp

stekarn[05/30/12 1:02 PM ]: Skitfint

stekarn[05/30/12 1:02 PM ]: Kanonkök att laga mat för halva släckten

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:02 PM ]: skulle vara kul och veta vad man ska betala för 2 nätter

tgs3[05/30/12 1:02 PM ]: Ok, so this is probably the place Sofi showed me pictures from

ragee[05/30/12 1:02 PM ]: ska vi rösta?

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:03 PM ]: 1

ragee[05/30/12 1:03 PM ]: glömt tiden helt

stekarn[05/30/12 1:03 PM ]: ja hon sa det men det var ett tag sedan

tgs3[05/30/12 1:03 PM ]: 2

MockY[05/30/12 1:03 PM ]: 2

ragee[05/30/12 1:03 PM ]: 2342243

stekarn[05/30/12 1:03 PM ]: ska jag måsta vara med på en röstning?

tgs3[05/30/12 1:03 PM ]: apparently

MockY[05/30/12 1:03 PM ]: Va hemskt

thebrat13n[05/30/12 1:03 PM ]: 5

stekarn[05/30/12 1:03 PM ]: har tyvärr inte hört låtarna

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:04 PM ]: poltern kinder 4p

MockY[05/30/12 1:04 PM ]: Du har ju redan gett FTM 10p

stekarn[05/30/12 1:04 PM ]: blir spännande det här

MockY[05/30/12 1:04 PM ]: Taproot 5p

ragee[05/30/12 1:04 PM ]: Taproot 5p

tgs3[05/30/12 1:04 PM ]: Keane 5p

thebrat13n[05/30/12 1:04 PM ]: Engel 3p

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:04 PM ]: duece 6p

MockY[05/30/12 1:04 PM ]: Poltern Kinder 6p

stekarn[05/30/12 1:04 PM ]: höga poäng idag

ragee[05/30/12 1:05 PM ]: Keane 6p

tgs3[05/30/12 1:05 PM ]: Engel 6p

thebrat13n[05/30/12 1:05 PM ]: Deuce 5p

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:05 PM ]: keane 7p

MockY[05/30/12 1:05 PM ]: Deuce 7p

ragee[05/30/12 1:05 PM ]: Poltern Kinder 7p

tgs3[05/30/12 1:05 PM ]: Poltern Kinder 8p

thebrat13n[05/30/12 1:05 PM ]: Taproot 6p

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:06 PM ]: taproot 8p

MockY[05/30/12 1:06 PM ]: Engel 8p

ragee[05/30/12 1:06 PM ]: Engel 8p

tgs3[05/30/12 1:06 PM ]: Deuce 9p

thebrat13n[05/30/12 1:06 PM ]: Keane 7p

MockY[05/30/12 1:06 PM ]: Hmm

ragee[05/30/12 1:06 PM ]: Tackar tackar Theron

tgs3[05/30/12 1:06 PM ]: damn. tough round

ragee[05/30/12 1:07 PM ]: Anders din tjyyyyv

MockY[05/30/12 1:07 PM ]: Tror Robban hade diggat min låt (Keane)

tgs3[05/30/12 1:07 PM ]: He warned you a couple of rounds ago

ragee[05/30/12 1:07 PM ]: I know haha

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:08 PM ]: jag frågade dej ju niklas men du hade ju dömt ut redan

ragee[05/30/12 1:08 PM ]: ja singeln ja

MockY[05/30/12 1:08 PM ]: Niklas har för ont i lederna för att hitta sina egna band

ragee[05/30/12 1:08 PM ]: men du gjorde helt rätt

ragee[05/30/12 1:09 PM ]: du har gett my heads up så många gånger förut så nu fick jag banne mig skylla mig själv

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:09 PM ]: och sen väntade jag och dom dök inte upp, så då tänkte jag att du struntade i dom

ragee[05/30/12 1:09 PM ]: dags för mig att dra

ragee[05/30/12 1:09 PM ]: hade göttans så ses vi väl på måndag

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:10 PM ]: det finns en låt till att köra

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:10 PM ]: kommer säkert att funka bättre

tgs3[05/30/12 1:10 PM ]: bye NIklas

ragee[05/30/12 1:10 PM ]: då dyker den upp på första rundan nästa säsong

ragee[05/30/12 1:10 PM ]: bye bye

MockY[05/30/12 1:10 PM ]: puss

stekarn[05/30/12 1:10 PM ]: Keane brukar vara halvbra

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:10 PM ]: oki

MockY[05/30/12 1:11 PM ]: Dom har många trevliga bitar

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:11 PM ]: 1. duece 27p grattis nicke

MockY[05/30/12 1:11 PM ]: men inget som har varit SOTD vänligt....tydligen inte nu heller

stekarn[05/30/12 1:11 PM ]: Har dom utvecklats?

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:11 PM ]: 2. engel 25p

MockY[05/30/12 1:11 PM ]: Denna platta är betydligt mindre monoton än tidigare alster

stekarn[05/30/12 1:11 PM ]: Kul att se Nicke i form.

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:11 PM ]: 3. poltern kinder 25p

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:12 PM ]: 4. keane 25p

stekarn[05/30/12 1:12 PM ]: Då ska jag kanske kolla upp keans senaste

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:12 PM ]: 5. taproot 24p

MockY[05/30/12 1:12 PM ]: Tycker jag du ska

ragee[05/30/12 1:12 PM ]: bye bye

tgs3[05/30/12 1:12 PM ]: Well that hurts

stekarn[05/30/12 1:12 PM ]: Riktigt jämnt

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:13 PM ]: du vann nicke

MockY[05/30/12 1:13 PM ]: To bad I did so poorly

thebrat13n[05/30/12 1:13 PM ]: tough round

tgs3[05/30/12 1:13 PM ]: Looks like I need to change Poltern to a 7

tgs3[05/30/12 1:13 PM ]: congrats Niklas

MockY[05/30/12 1:13 PM ]: hamna 4a på samma poäng som 2:an...aj

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:14 PM ]: hårda pix

tgs3[05/30/12 1:14 PM ]: 5th with a 24 hurts

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:15 PM ]: om man kollar listan var det nog rätt ordning på den här omg.

MockY[05/30/12 1:16 PM ]: mjo

MockY[05/30/12 1:16 PM ]: nu är det betydligt jämnare i listan

MockY[05/30/12 1:16 PM ]: Theron har dock fortfarande en fet ledning

tgs3[05/30/12 1:17 PM ]: Gotta like that

MockY[05/30/12 1:17 PM ]: Theron is all or nothing this season it seems

tgs3[05/30/12 1:17 PM ]: I was about to say that

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:17 PM ]: theron gillar du inte nya plattan

tgs3[05/30/12 1:18 PM ]: Of Engel? I've only heard this song. It didn't do much for me.

tgs3[05/30/12 1:18 PM ]: Or do you mean Taproot? It was OK.

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:19 PM ]: nej ett av dina band har ny platta

MockY[05/30/12 1:20 PM ]: Nu är det dags för Anders gissningslek

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:20 PM ]: peter använde dom senast ser jag

MockY[05/30/12 1:20 PM ]: Sicken filur

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:20 PM ]: visst är det roligt

tgs3[05/30/12 1:20 PM ]: Hmm. Interesting

tgs3[05/30/12 1:20 PM ]: Don't know what you're talking about right now

MockY[05/30/12 1:21 PM ]: Anders thrives on that power

MockY[05/30/12 1:21 PM ]: I'm sure they will come up in the last round hehe

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:21 PM ]: har du missat

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:22 PM ]: nina har också varit och snott dom en gång

tgs3[05/30/12 1:22 PM ]: I guess

tgs3[05/30/12 1:22 PM ]: Havne't done as much looking around as usual lately

MockY[05/30/12 1:22 PM ]: Han ger dig med ledtrådar än till Niklas

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:22 PM ]: gissa tolv gånger

tgs3[05/30/12 1:23 PM ]: I shold really be able to figure it out. How many bands could the 3 of us all used?

stekarn[05/30/12 1:23 PM ]: Nu ska jag chilla lite framför tv´n. Det var roligt att hälsa på. Jag återkommer med mer info senare när jag pratat med vandrarhemmet.

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:24 PM ]: niklas gav jag 2 bokstäver, och slog man upp det på sotd fanns det bara ett band att gissa på

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:24 PM ]: vi hörs

tgs3[05/30/12 1:24 PM ]: Sounds good

tgs3[05/30/12 1:24 PM ]: I look forward to that

MockY[05/30/12 1:27 PM ]: Dags att jobba med andra ord

tgs3[05/30/12 1:27 PM ]: Looks like

tgs3[05/30/12 1:27 PM ]: See you all on Monday

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:28 PM ]: gick det bra theron

tgs3[05/30/12 1:29 PM ]: not yet

tgs3[05/30/12 1:29 PM ]: Ah. Ok. Nevermind

tgs3[05/30/12 1:29 PM ]: I haven't listened to it all yet. I meant to, but forgot

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:30 PM ]: dom har en andra plats som bäst

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:30 PM ]: ok

tgs3[05/30/12 1:30 PM ]: I heard most of the good songs were on the EP that came earlier, but I meant to see if that was really true

tgs3[05/30/12 1:30 PM ]: Only thought the EP was OK

tgs3[05/30/12 1:30 PM ]: Almost used a song last season, but make other dumb choices instead

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:30 PM ]: jag har inte lyssnat än men håller på att ladda hem

tgs3[05/30/12 1:31 PM ]: oh uh

tgs3[05/30/12 1:31 PM ]: I better hurry

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:31 PM ]: jag har inte så brottom

Hebbe[05/30/12 1:34 PM ]: god natt