Hebbe[01/16/12 12:31 PM ]: hej var är alla

Hebbe[01/16/12 12:31 PM ]: nä just det det skulle ju vara tisdag hahahahahaha

MockY[01/17/12 11:59 AM ]: USA IN DA HOUSE!

thebrat13n[01/17/12 11:59 AM ]: shocking

ragee[01/17/12 12:05 PM ]: Tjabbalabba

ragee[01/17/12 12:06 PM ]: Super runda detta var då

ragee[01/17/12 12:06 PM ]: yo yo yo

ragee[01/17/12 12:06 PM ]: fett välkommen broder

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:07 PM ]: tack

ragee[01/17/12 12:07 PM ]: väldigt tyst här idag

tgs3[01/17/12 12:08 PM ]: hmm. Everyone's here.

tgs3[01/17/12 12:08 PM ]: Haven't actullay looked at this windows since I logged in

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:08 PM ]: we get distracted by stuff when we waity

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:08 PM ]: wait

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:08 PM ]: we talk to eachother all the time

MockY[01/17/12 12:08 PM ]: Just like Niklas always get

ragee[01/17/12 12:08 PM ]: tss näääver

MockY[01/17/12 12:08 PM ]: distracted that is

tgs3[01/17/12 12:09 PM ]: Well, we're here now

tgs3[01/17/12 12:09 PM ]: On this exciting Tuesday vote

ragee[01/17/12 12:09 PM ]: åter igen vilken mumsig runda var

tgs3[01/17/12 12:09 PM ]: I guess I need to pick a song for next round now

MockY[01/17/12 12:09 PM ]: är du mätt nu då?

ragee[01/17/12 12:09 PM ]: ännu mer hungrig

MockY[01/17/12 12:10 PM ]: Vackert

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:12 PM ]: tror jag vet vad jag ska köra

tgs3[01/17/12 12:12 PM ]: haha. Just decided on the song to use, and that band just got uploaded by someone else. Damnit

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:13 PM ]: samma låt?

tgs3[01/17/12 12:13 PM ]: nope

MockY[01/17/12 12:16 PM ]: Läget i Europa? Här är det kallt som satiken gämfört med normalt. -3 i morse

MockY[01/17/12 12:16 PM ]: brr

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:17 PM ]: -8

ragee[01/17/12 12:17 PM ]: kallt här oxå

ragee[01/17/12 12:17 PM ]: vet ej exact

MockY[01/17/12 12:18 PM ]: Istiden är nära

ragee[01/17/12 12:18 PM ]: men nån minus är det iaf

ragee[01/17/12 12:18 PM ]: yes 2012 the end is near

tgs3[01/17/12 12:18 PM ]: We still get up to 15 during the day, even in this cold phase

MockY[01/17/12 12:18 PM ]: 7 at the moment

tgs3[01/17/12 12:19 PM ]: It was 18 on Saturday...

MockY[01/17/12 12:19 PM ]: Saturday was flippin awesome

MockY[01/17/12 12:19 PM ]: no wind, sun up all day long, and it was warm

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:21 PM ]: it was nice where I was on Saturday too, and the it was cold on Sunday

tgs3[01/17/12 12:21 PM ]: Changing the subject a bit, what do you do at work, Anders?

tgs3[01/17/12 12:22 PM ]: Actually teach? Or just babysit the kids?

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:22 PM ]: båda delarna

MockY[01/17/12 12:22 PM ]: I found a pipe leaking in the front yard. I dug with my bare hands for at least an hour in a puddle of water. My lord that got to me. I guess I left my "pimpel"-hands in Sweden

ragee[01/17/12 12:23 PM ]: varför inte använda spade?

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:23 PM ]: stängde du vattnet först

tgs3[01/17/12 12:24 PM ]: Cool. Just wondering about the new job.

MockY[01/17/12 12:26 PM ]: Spade är på tok för stort. Måste känna mig för. Och även fast jag stängde av vattnet fylldes pölen med vatten som har dränkt allt runt omkring sig. Men jag hittade läckan till sist. Sitter i en fog lite över en halvmeter ner i jorden. Blir till att ringa rörkrökarn

tgs3[01/17/12 12:28 PM ]: You probably saved money doign that yourself, but lazy Theron would have called him and made the plumber find it

MockY[01/17/12 12:32 PM ]: I just found the leak in order to know what to tell the dude. I will still call the plumber

tgs3[01/17/12 12:33 PM ]: You don't have a sprinkler's right?

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:33 PM ]: I agree with Theron...I might have turned off the water, but then I would have just told them my yards flooding, help

MockY[01/17/12 12:33 PM ]: Every other song is new

tgs3[01/17/12 12:33 PM ]: If its a sprinkler pipe, you probably want to call a landscaper, not a plumber

tgs3[01/17/12 12:34 PM ]: I think all the songs are new

MockY[01/17/12 12:34 PM ]: No, itäs a pipe coming from the main line. It is a pipe you use for attaching hoses to

MockY[01/17/12 12:35 PM ]: I thought it was an unused sprinkler line that burst first because all the water came out of one of the corners of the lawn

MockY[01/17/12 12:35 PM ]: But it was just a drain pipe

MockY[01/17/12 12:35 PM ]: that is being fed by the pipe by the guest house

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:35 PM ]: we're supposed to have a hard frost. You might want to bring any plants you can into your garage

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:35 PM ]: or they might die

MockY[01/17/12 12:35 PM ]: haha, they are all dead already

tgs3[01/17/12 12:35 PM ]: Sounds like Peter might have a bit of an ice pond tomorrow...

MockY[01/17/12 12:36 PM ]: at least the plants that does not tollerate frost

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:36 PM ]: some will lose foilage, but not actually die until it under 28

MockY[01/17/12 12:36 PM ]: My garage is almost just as cold as it is outside though

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:37 PM ]: finns inte en chans att du får frost i garaget

tgs3[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]: yeah, Peter

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]: ok, I need to vote

MockY[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]: Det är minusgrader i garaget i alla fall

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]: 1

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]: 2

tgs3[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]: 3

MockY[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]: Whether to put the plants in the garage or not_

ragee[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]: 7465456476476437434635467

MockY[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]:

MockY[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]: 4

tgs3[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]: my garage is about 10-15 degrees warmer than outside, but its more insulated due to the upstairs

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:38 PM ]: deuce 4p

MockY[01/17/12 12:39 PM ]: Deuce 4p

ragee[01/17/12 12:39 PM ]: For Every Day 6p

tgs3[01/17/12 12:39 PM ]: For Every Day 5p

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:39 PM ]: Spiritual Plague 3p

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:39 PM ]: spiritual plague 6p

MockY[01/17/12 12:39 PM ]: Of Monsters And Men 5p

ragee[01/17/12 12:39 PM ]: Theory Of A Deadman 7p

tgs3[01/17/12 12:40 PM ]: Of Monsters and Men 6p

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:40 PM ]: Duece 5p

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:41 PM ]: of monster and men 7p

MockY[01/17/12 12:42 PM ]: Spiritual Plague 7p

ragee[01/17/12 12:42 PM ]: Of Monsters and Men 8p

tgs3[01/17/12 12:42 PM ]: Deuce 7p

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:42 PM ]: For Every Day 6p

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:42 PM ]: for every day 8p

MockY[01/17/12 12:43 PM ]: Theory Of A Deadman 8p

ragee[01/17/12 12:43 PM ]: Spiritual Plague 9p

tgs3[01/17/12 12:43 PM ]: Theory of a Deadman 8p

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:44 PM ]: Theory of a Deadman 7p

tgs3[01/17/12 12:44 PM ]: Fucking Nina...

ragee[01/17/12 12:44 PM ]: Nina nya hater?

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:44 PM ]: maybe

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:44 PM ]: 1. theory of a deadman 30p

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:45 PM ]: 2. of monster and men 26p

tgs3[01/17/12 12:45 PM ]: Pretty sure its Anders on the Hater

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:45 PM ]: I would say sorry, but I listened to that song and I didn't like it, and if i'd voted you any higher, you would have beat me

tgs3[01/17/12 12:45 PM ]: But congrats to him

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:45 PM ]: 3. spiritual plague 25p

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:45 PM ]: tack

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:46 PM ]: 4. for every day 25p

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:46 PM ]: Theron was supposed to be Theory of a Deadman

tgs3[01/17/12 12:46 PM ]: Thanks to Niklas, I beat Peter on the tiebreaker

MockY[01/17/12 12:46 PM ]: grrr

ragee[01/17/12 12:46 PM ]: fniss fniss

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:46 PM ]: 5. deuce 20p

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:47 PM ]: blev det fel i röstningen nina

tgs3[01/17/12 12:47 PM ]: Anders continues to be Anders

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:47 PM ]: vill du göra om

MockY[01/17/12 12:47 PM ]: I think the one song that received the lowest individual score gets booted down

tgs3[01/17/12 12:47 PM ]: Unless it also gets the highest individual score...

MockY[01/17/12 12:48 PM ]: not thi stime

MockY[01/17/12 12:48 PM ]: ...

thebrat13n[01/17/12 12:49 PM ]: OK, I gotta go. Talk to you Thursday

tgs3[01/17/12 12:50 PM ]: seeya in 47 hours

ragee[01/17/12 12:50 PM ]: okidoki cyaaaa

MockY[01/17/12 12:50 PM ]: Br;derna Bergstrand i botten

tgs3[01/17/12 12:50 PM ]: Looks like I need to find music this weekend

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:50 PM ]: hej då nina

ragee[01/17/12 12:50 PM ]: not or long

tgs3[01/17/12 12:51 PM ]: I'm doing OK, but with Anders way ahead already, it doesn't feel that way

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:51 PM ]: det är ju bara 3 omgångar

MockY[01/17/12 12:52 PM ]: I vilket fall, så här kan inte det inte fortsätta

MockY[01/17/12 12:52 PM ]: Måste nog "jobba sent" några dagar här framöver

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:53 PM ]: blir nog bara fyra i nästa omg

tgs3[01/17/12 12:53 PM ]: No one believes you, Anders

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:53 PM ]:

tgs3[01/17/12 12:53 PM ]: Why is that in quotes? It makes it look like a lie you tell your boss

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:53 PM ]: säkert

MockY[01/17/12 12:54 PM ]: My boss Diana, yes

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:54 PM ]: betalar hon din lön?

MockY[01/17/12 12:54 PM ]: Uninterupted music browsing, in other words

MockY[01/17/12 12:55 PM ]: Hon har mina bollar dock

MockY[01/17/12 12:55 PM ]: Hon tar min lön

tgs3[01/17/12 12:55 PM ]: Ah. Got it

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:55 PM ]: jasså musikarbete

tgs3[01/17/12 12:56 PM ]: Nina used a Norwegian band AND came in 2nd. Weird round.

tgs3[01/17/12 12:56 PM ]: er, I mean Iceland

Hebbe[01/17/12 12:57 PM ]: trodde det var peters låt

tgs3[01/17/12 12:57 PM ]: Their flags are too similar for an American like me

tgs3[01/17/12 12:57 PM ]: I thought it was Niklas

MockY[01/17/12 12:58 PM ]: Good thing you can double check by hovering over the flag

tgs3[01/17/12 12:59 PM ]: That's what I did

tgs3[01/17/12 1:03 PM ]: Well, I guess I should get back to work, too. See you guys in a little bit

Hebbe[01/17/12 1:04 PM ]: hörs på torsdag

Hebbe[01/17/12 1:04 PM ]: god natt