tgs3[12/01/11 12:02 PM ]: Peter ignored my IM

tgs3[12/01/11 12:02 PM ]: damn him

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:02 PM ]: I IM'd him too

tgs3[12/01/11 12:05 PM ]: No fucking idea what song to use today

tgs3[12/01/11 12:05 PM ]: Should just pull a Niklas and use whatever shit I like

ragee[12/01/11 12:06 PM ]: do it

MockY[12/01/11 12:06 PM ]: You have nothing to lose... fniss

tgs3[12/01/11 12:06 PM ]: 2nd place is still very attainable

MockY[12/01/11 12:07 PM ]: just kidding my friend

tgs3[12/01/11 12:08 PM ]:

tgs3[12/01/11 12:10 PM ]: Anders is late. How shocking

tgs3[12/01/11 12:11 PM ]: Barely got that in

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:11 PM ]: hej ursäkta att jag är sen

tgs3[12/01/11 12:11 PM ]: Or maybe I didn't...

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:11 PM ]: somna framför tv:n

ragee[12/01/11 12:11 PM ]: inga problem alls

tgs3[12/01/11 12:11 PM ]: You can aplogize by getting 0p today

tgs3[12/01/11 12:12 PM ]: 15p is very rude

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:12 PM ]: ha ha ha ha ha ha, vi får se

MockY[12/01/11 12:13 PM ]: Har en frätande kännsla att det inte kommer att ske

tgs3[12/01/11 12:14 PM ]: me, too

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:15 PM ]: då får vi hoppas att jag slipper nollan då

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:15 PM ]: brb, I need to pee

tgs3[12/01/11 12:17 PM ]: I expect Nina to get that honor today

tgs3[12/01/11 12:17 PM ]: zero that is, not peeing

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:19 PM ]: I suspect I will get it too

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:19 PM ]: har ni slutat äta socker?

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:19 PM ]: hell no

tgs3[12/01/11 12:19 PM ]: Nope. My blood work always comes back positive

tgs3[12/01/11 12:20 PM ]: cholesterol and triglycerides in good shape in my veins

MockY[12/01/11 12:20 PM ]: I'm drinking sugar as we speak

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:20 PM ]: ha ha, trodde ni följde Bibbis råd direkt

tgs3[12/01/11 12:20 PM ]: I like candy as much as the next guy, but rarely buy it, and don't drink soda very often

tgs3[12/01/11 12:21 PM ]: I follow in the steps of the person that is the oldest in the family

tgs3[12/01/11 12:21 PM ]: Time to drink more and start smoking...

tgs3[12/01/11 12:22 PM ]: And porn

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:22 PM ]: men det är länge sen han slutade röka

tgs3[12/01/11 12:22 PM ]: He still did it for 50 years

tgs3[12/01/11 12:22 PM ]: So I better get started

tgs3[12/01/11 12:22 PM ]: I can smoke until I'm 92 since I'm starting so late

MockY[12/01/11 12:23 PM ]: YEah, the more porn the better

MockY[12/01/11 12:23 PM ]: Can you guys hold off for about 10 minutes

MockY[12/01/11 12:23 PM ]: Mia has an uncanny timing

MockY[12/01/11 12:23 PM ]: She just woke up from a long 2 hour "nap" and now she wants food

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:23 PM ]: ok

ragee[12/01/11 12:23 PM ]: jag har då gott om tid så ingen fara för mig

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:24 PM ]: I'm fine

ragee[12/01/11 12:24 PM ]: inte för att vi kommer varra här inne så länge men jag behöver ändå vara uppe sent så jag vänder på dygnet då jag ska börja jobba natt imorgon

tgs3[12/01/11 12:24 PM ]: Oh Kay Bi Mee

tgs3[12/01/11 12:24 PM ]: Doing what, Niklas?

tgs3[12/01/11 12:25 PM ]: I mean, what's the job?

ragee[12/01/11 12:25 PM ]: Night Porter

tgs3[12/01/11 12:25 PM ]: Do you want different voting times?

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:25 PM ]: det lät intressant

tgs3[12/01/11 12:25 PM ]: Speak Swedish. Don't know what a night porter is.

ragee[12/01/11 12:25 PM ]: was suppose to be Night Superviser but aparently they havent opened that position yet even though thats what they first said they wanted me for

tgs3[12/01/11 12:26 PM ]:

ragee[12/01/11 12:26 PM ]: but who knows in the future maybe. But I will be doing the same thing anyway since its almost nothing to do in the night hehe

tgs3[12/01/11 12:26 PM ]: No I see what you'll dress up in

tgs3[12/01/11 12:26 PM ]: now, I mean

ragee[12/01/11 12:26 PM ]: receptionist typ

ragee[12/01/11 12:26 PM ]: fast på natten

tgs3[12/01/11 12:26 PM ]: At a hotel?

ragee[12/01/11 12:27 PM ]: yes yes

ragee[12/01/11 12:27 PM ]: its quite small but its one of the nicest one in this town

tgs3[12/01/11 12:27 PM ]: Ok. We'd call that a Hotel Receptionist in the US, I think

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:27 PM ]: Concierge

ragee[12/01/11 12:27 PM ]: thats during the day haha

tgs3[12/01/11 12:27 PM ]: Or hotel front desk

tgs3[12/01/11 12:28 PM ]: I think a concierge implies a bit more

ragee[12/01/11 12:28 PM ]: not the best pay

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:28 PM ]: snygg klädsel

ragee[12/01/11 12:28 PM ]: but being paid for doing little is fine by me

tgs3[12/01/11 12:28 PM ]: But you'll have time to look for music when its slow...

tgs3[12/01/11 12:29 PM ]: Just like Peter...

ragee[12/01/11 12:29 PM ]: ja man kan väl hoppas

tgs3[12/01/11 12:29 PM ]: Damn. He's not here to be insulted right now

ragee[12/01/11 12:29 PM ]: och kanske plugga lite

ragee[12/01/11 12:29 PM ]: hahahaha

ragee[12/01/11 12:30 PM ]: Silvia börjar jobba imorgon oxå

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:31 PM ]: kommer hon ha lika dan klädsel

ragee[12/01/11 12:31 PM ]: så nu är det dags att spara ihop pengar igen istället för att slösa

ragee[12/01/11 12:31 PM ]: nje tyvär

tgs3[12/01/11 12:31 PM ]: Yes, pictures please, when Silvia works

ragee[12/01/11 12:31 PM ]: får ta och skaffa det till sängkammaren

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:32 PM ]: ja håll det för dig själv

ragee[12/01/11 12:33 PM ]: one thing I am worried about and that is valet parking

ragee[12/01/11 12:33 PM ]: never driven in this country before but should be to hard but still

ragee[12/01/11 12:34 PM ]: parking someones porsche can be very scary

ragee[12/01/11 12:34 PM ]: specially since the garage is so freaking tiny

ragee[12/01/11 12:35 PM ]: but they said though that the night porters might get the chance to park ones per months

tgs3[12/01/11 12:35 PM ]: Operating a stick shift on the "wrong" side would be hard I think

ragee[12/01/11 12:35 PM ]: so I guess I can live with that

tgs3[12/01/11 12:35 PM ]: Just driving on the correct side seems like it would be less of a problem as long as you pay attention

ragee[12/01/11 12:35 PM ]: lets just hope its goes great

tgs3[12/01/11 12:35 PM ]: You can just push the car into the right spot

ragee[12/01/11 12:36 PM ]: yeah I guess I will have to haha

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:36 PM ]: it's not that bad, just be extra careful to look in the right direction when you pull out of driveways and side streets

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:36 PM ]: just look back and forth many times

ragee[12/01/11 12:37 PM ]: I sure will

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:37 PM ]: ja korkade engelsmän, åka på fel sida vägen

MockY[12/01/11 12:38 PM ]: back. I put Dana to the task of the feeder

tgs3[12/01/11 12:38 PM ]: Like Sweden until 1968(?)

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:38 PM ]: it wasn't that long ago Swedes did too

MockY[12/01/11 12:38 PM ]: Seems like you guys have been chatty

MockY[12/01/11 12:39 PM ]: *reading*

MockY[12/01/11 12:39 PM ]: on moms 18th birthday

tgs3[12/01/11 12:39 PM ]: So what year would that be, Peter?

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:39 PM ]: ha ha

MockY[12/01/11 12:39 PM ]: have no idea

MockY[12/01/11 12:40 PM ]: Just remember she keeps saying it happened then

tgs3[12/01/11 12:40 PM ]: No idea? You'r eunsure what century she was born in?

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:40 PM ]: trodde morsan var född 1948

MockY[12/01/11 12:40 PM ]: Must be after Van Gough cut off his ear anyways

MockY[12/01/11 12:41 PM ]: var det hennes 20 ärs dag kanske då

ragee[12/01/11 12:41 PM ]: du minns ju inte alls

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:41 PM ]: Theron's not sure about the '68, which is why there's a question mark

tgs3[12/01/11 12:41 PM ]: Yes she was

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:41 PM ]: '66 sounds fine too

tgs3[12/01/11 12:41 PM ]: Yes there was

MockY[12/01/11 12:43 PM ]: jaha, men grattis då Niklas

ragee[12/01/11 12:43 PM ]: tack tack

MockY[12/01/11 12:43 PM ]: Då kanske man slipper se ditt tryna om några månader

MockY[12/01/11 12:43 PM ]:

MockY[12/01/11 12:43 PM ]: tryne*

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:43 PM ]: ska vi rösta

tgs3[12/01/11 12:44 PM ]: So is this still the time you want to vote, Niklas?

MockY[12/01/11 12:44 PM ]: sure

tgs3[12/01/11 12:44 PM ]: 1

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:44 PM ]: 2

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:44 PM ]: 2

ragee[12/01/11 12:44 PM ]: ska försöka komma senare i år istället

ragee[12/01/11 12:44 PM ]: ja det var därför jag ville byta till nu så det ite blir så stressigt till jobbet

ragee[12/01/11 12:44 PM ]: 44234183746183646725463

MockY[12/01/11 12:44 PM ]: 4

tgs3[12/01/11 12:44 PM ]: Maybe be here the same time as Robert? If he comes...

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:45 PM ]: laura alina 4p

ragee[12/01/11 12:45 PM ]: when is that?

MockY[12/01/11 12:45 PM ]: Lauren Alaina 4p

ragee[12/01/11 12:45 PM ]: Lauren Alaina 3p

tgs3[12/01/11 12:45 PM ]: Lauren Alaina 4p

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:45 PM ]: Tonight Alive 5p

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:46 PM ]: matt kearny 5p

MockY[12/01/11 12:46 PM ]: 3 Doors Down 5p

ragee[12/01/11 12:46 PM ]: Hierosonic 6p

tgs3[12/01/11 12:46 PM ]: Mat Kearney 5p

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:46 PM ]: Mat Kearney 6p

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:46 PM ]: tonight alive 7p

MockY[12/01/11 12:47 PM ]: Mat Kearney 7p

ragee[12/01/11 12:47 PM ]: Tonight Alive 7p

tgs3[12/01/11 12:47 PM ]: Tonight Alive 6p

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:47 PM ]: Hierosonic 7p

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:47 PM ]: 3 doors down 9p

MockY[12/01/11 12:47 PM ]: Hiersonic 8p

ragee[12/01/11 12:48 PM ]: 3 doors down 8p

tgs3[12/01/11 12:48 PM ]: Hierosonic 7p

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:48 PM ]: 3 Doors Down 8p

MockY[12/01/11 12:48 PM ]: Ser ut som om jag skulle gjort samma sak som med Alter Bridge. Tråklåtar som röstas högt.

tgs3[12/01/11 12:48 PM ]: suck it, Peter

MockY[12/01/11 12:48 PM ]: 3 Doors Down alltså

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:49 PM ]: hade den på min lista

tgs3[12/01/11 12:49 PM ]: Good thing I used it when I did then

MockY[12/01/11 12:49 PM ]: Lyssnade igenom plattan och skakade på huvudet

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:50 PM ]: 1. 3 doors down 30p grattis theron

tgs3[12/01/11 12:50 PM ]: thank you

MockY[12/01/11 12:50 PM ]: grätz

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:50 PM ]: 2. hierosonic 28p

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:51 PM ]: 3. tonight alive 25p

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:51 PM ]: 4. mat kearny 23p

tgs3[12/01/11 12:51 PM ]: It wasn't on the "normal" album. Bonus track

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:51 PM ]: 5. laura alina 15p

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:51 PM ]: ja precis

tgs3[12/01/11 12:53 PM ]: No new bands next round. Looks likes it will be a battle

Hebbe[12/01/11 12:54 PM ]: grym omg som väntar

tgs3[12/01/11 12:55 PM ]: Only Otherwise hasn't finished in the top 10 in an album vote

tgs3[12/01/11 12:55 PM ]: I've been expecting A;llele to show up

tgs3[12/01/11 12:55 PM ]: was about to listen to the album

MockY[12/01/11 12:56 PM ]: Lauren has a great voice. Very powerful. To bad she involves herself with such horrid music. She would probably florish in Country

MockY[12/01/11 12:56 PM ]: Has she recovered by the way. She cancelled her entire tour due to throat issues

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:56 PM ]: She is a country singer

tgs3[12/01/11 12:56 PM ]: What are you talking about, Peter?

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:56 PM ]: I like that song, that's why I used it

MockY[12/01/11 12:56 PM ]: Does not surprise me, but that song was not country

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:57 PM ]: no, it was from one of the rounds of the show

tgs3[12/01/11 12:57 PM ]: Song annoyed me after a while. Liked it more on first listen

MockY[12/01/11 12:57 PM ]: I can definately hear that she would suit very well in Country. 17 years old only as well. Very impressive

tgs3[12/01/11 12:57 PM ]: How was that not a country song?

MockY[12/01/11 12:58 PM ]: It was a popy boring song, but I gues country is traveling in that pool now as well

thebrat13n[12/01/11 12:58 PM ]: That version was actually less country than the original song, and I agree, it was very country

tgs3[12/01/11 12:58 PM ]: It went to #1 on the country charts

tgs3[12/01/11 12:59 PM ]: and Adult Contemporary

MockY[12/01/11 12:59 PM ]: I would still not consider it country

tgs3[12/01/11 12:59 PM ]: Only to 12 on the pop charts

tgs3[12/01/11 12:59 PM ]: Sounds totally like a country song to me

MockY[12/01/11 12:59 PM ]: The world sure is twisted

tgs3[12/01/11 1:00 PM ]: A twangy voice can sing In Flames and I would think it sounfs country...

MockY[12/01/11 1:00 PM ]: Not to me, but either way, very nice voice

tgs3[12/01/11 1:00 PM ]: eh

tgs3[12/01/11 1:00 PM ]: is my opinon on her voice

tgs3[12/01/11 1:01 PM ]: Only 200 times as good as mine. A really good singer is 800 times better than me

MockY[12/01/11 1:01 PM ]: yes, a country version of Come Clarity

MockY[12/01/11 1:01 PM ]: that would kick ass

tgs3[12/01/11 1:01 PM ]: Cash singing Come Clarity would be awesome

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:01 PM ]: var har du grävs upp den här krim-låten peter

tgs3[12/01/11 1:02 PM ]: Reanimating the dead would be the most impressive part, probably

MockY[12/01/11 1:02 PM ]: Ur min stjärt

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:02 PM ]: ha ha

tgs3[12/01/11 1:02 PM ]: If I remember right, its from the Faster Grace demos

MockY[12/01/11 1:02 PM ]: Sure is

MockY[12/01/11 1:03 PM ]: I hate the fact that they just vanished without a trace

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:03 PM ]: trodde du hade slarvat bort dom

MockY[12/01/11 1:03 PM ]: what a waste of such enormous talent

tgs3[12/01/11 1:03 PM ]: Time for Grissom to come out of retirement and figure out what happened

MockY[12/01/11 1:03 PM ]: mjo, det har jag. Men har [terf[tt 3 av dom

MockY[12/01/11 1:03 PM ]: saknar bara 2 nu

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:03 PM ]: man blir lessen när man tänker på det

MockY[12/01/11 1:03 PM ]: mjo, det är tragiskt

MockY[12/01/11 1:04 PM ]: åtminståne skapa nya band om dom inte trivs med varandra

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:04 PM ]: hittade nån av dom i ett värdelöst band som lät skit

MockY[12/01/11 1:06 PM ]: brukar bli så

tgs3[12/01/11 1:06 PM ]: You should have grabbed him and saved him from that

tgs3[12/01/11 1:09 PM ]: I need to get to work, unfortunately. Congrats on the job, Niklas. See you all on Monday

MockY[12/01/11 1:09 PM ]: I think we need Grissom to find out where the members of SOTD went as well

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:09 PM ]: ja då tappade man 1 poäng till

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:10 PM ]: grissom?

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:11 PM ]: I think we need Grissom to find out where the members of SOTD went as well? fattar inte

MockY[12/01/11 1:11 PM ]: tgs3: Time for Grissom to come out of retirement and figure out what happened

MockY[12/01/11 1:11 PM ]: Grissom var huvudklillen i CSIA

MockY[12/01/11 1:12 PM ]: CSI menar jag

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:12 PM ]: är det tv serien

MockY[12/01/11 1:12 PM ]: mjo

MockY[12/01/11 1:12 PM ]: du kollar inte TV längre hör jag

MockY[12/01/11 1:12 PM ]: Så går det med 3 barn

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:13 PM ]: inte den serien i alla fall

MockY[12/01/11 1:13 PM ]: ja då är det svårt att förstå

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:15 PM ]: antar det

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:16 PM ]: jag hittade telefonnummer till 2 av dom i KRIM men det känns pinit att ringa

MockY[12/01/11 1:16 PM ]: haha, vad ska du säga? "Va fan! Ta er i kragen och ge oss ny musik för helevet"

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:17 PM ]: nä men man kanske får tag på låtar som man inte har

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:21 PM ]: då hittade man ett nytt lovande band

Hebbe[12/01/11 1:23 PM ]: god natt

MockY[12/01/11 1:29 PM ]: Sicket sätt att lämna chatten på