Hebbe[10/23/11 9:15 PM ]: hej var är alla

MockY[10/23/11 9:15 PM ]: mest troligt gl;mt

MockY[10/23/11 9:15 PM ]: jag gjorde då det

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:15 PM ]: sista chatten är inte med

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:16 PM ]: och så står det 7 på hemsan

MockY[10/23/11 9:16 PM ]: 8

MockY[10/23/11 9:16 PM ]: men 9:an finns

MockY[10/23/11 9:16 PM ]: http://www.sotd.se/chatlogs/season44_09.html

tgs3[10/23/11 9:19 PM ]: Anyone hear from Niklas recently?

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:19 PM ]: nope

MockY[10/23/11 9:20 PM ]: Nope

tgs3[10/23/11 9:20 PM ]: thebrat13n[10/20/11 10:38 PM ]: So, weekend of Nov 5th for album voting, or the 12th?

tgs3[10/23/11 9:20 PM ]: Looks like Peter and Anders ignored Nina here

MockY[10/23/11 9:20 PM ]: 12th

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:20 PM ]: I vote the 5th

MockY[10/23/11 9:20 PM ]: Since we have dinner at Bergst5rrands with mother that day

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:20 PM ]: but I'm not that attached to it

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:20 PM ]: ni får bestämma

tgs3[10/23/11 9:21 PM ]: She's here the 12th, too

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:21 PM ]: don't we vote Friday Night/Saturday morning?

MockY[10/23/11 9:21 PM ]: Ifso, then I'm fine with that

tgs3[10/23/11 9:21 PM ]: We seem to swtich between Fri/Sat and Sat/Sun a lot

MockY[10/23/11 9:22 PM ]: I can do 4th

MockY[10/23/11 9:22 PM ]: if Sweden do 5th

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:22 PM ]: jag vet inte vilken dag som gäller längre, förvirrande

tgs3[10/23/11 9:23 PM ]: Can you do Saturday morning, the 5th, Anders?

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:23 PM ]: antar det, kl 6

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:23 PM ]: skönt med samma tider, så man blir inkörd

tgs3[10/23/11 9:24 PM ]: Sure, that works better for us

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:24 PM ]: yeah, I didn't remember that it was early today at all

tgs3[10/23/11 9:24 PM ]: Me anyway

tgs3[10/23/11 9:24 PM ]: Me neither

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:24 PM ]: Earlier is better for me

MockY[10/23/11 9:24 PM ]: I forgot as well

tgs3[10/23/11 9:24 PM ]: Took me a moment to realize what Peter was talking about since he didn't mention SOTD in his text

MockY[10/23/11 9:25 PM ]: But I usually log in earlier than the vote anyways

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:25 PM ]: står i chatten

MockY[10/23/11 9:25 PM ]: noticed Anders was online already

tgs3[10/23/11 9:25 PM ]: Good for it

tgs3[10/23/11 9:26 PM ]: Shouldn't the American voting time be in English and with English time standards?

tgs3[10/23/11 9:26 PM ]: Er, American time standards I guess

tgs3[10/23/11 9:26 PM ]: Not sure what they do in England to tell the truth

MockY[10/23/11 9:26 PM ]: It's a swedish site, so no

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:27 PM ]: you mean the time stamp?

MockY[10/23/11 9:27 PM ]: Though we are more Americans in SOTD now

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:27 PM ]: 'cause it's not American time or Swedish time, which I have always thought is weird

MockY[10/23/11 9:27 PM ]: fucking brothers, dropping like flies

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:27 PM ]: Mine is American time, but I think I had to chose it

MockY[10/23/11 9:28 PM ]: Or are you referring to the chat stamp

tgs3[10/23/11 9:28 PM ]: Now that you mention it, why is it a Swedish site?

tgs3[10/23/11 9:29 PM ]: Your desperate hope than Anders and Robert would use it more?

tgs3[10/23/11 9:29 PM ]: Nina was referring to chat time stamp. I was talking about the SOTD homepage

MockY[10/23/11 9:29 PM ]: Then I thought correctly

MockY[10/23/11 9:30 PM ]: Well, I guess the sire could be in English instead, but that would alienate Anders

MockY[10/23/11 9:30 PM ]: Don't want to see him drop as well

MockY[10/23/11 9:30 PM ]:

MockY[10/23/11 9:30 PM ]: Well, it simply made sense first since I was Swedish at the time of the creation of the site

MockY[10/23/11 9:31 PM ]: Also, most visitors are Swedish

tgs3[10/23/11 9:31 PM ]: Were you?

tgs3[10/23/11 9:31 PM ]: Didn't you make this in the US?

MockY[10/23/11 9:31 PM ]: The entire family has SOTD emails and last time I checked, all of them check their emails at least once a week

MockY[10/23/11 9:31 PM ]: Now when Robert has an Android powered phone, he is checking emails many timeas throughout each day

MockY[10/23/11 9:32 PM ]: If only that was the case 5 years ago

tgs3[10/23/11 9:32 PM ]: Let's be serious, the person that uses the site by far the most is probably me. But I'm cool with it being in Swedish

MockY[10/23/11 9:32 PM ]: I did, but I was more Swedish than American then

tgs3[10/23/11 9:32 PM ]: Congratulations on your transformation

MockY[10/23/11 9:33 PM ]: Hard ass round

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:34 PM ]: jag är klar för röstning

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:34 PM ]: yeah, I think we should vote soon so I stop moving things around

MockY[10/23/11 9:34 PM ]: jag har 3 låtar på samma poäng....

tgs3[10/23/11 9:34 PM ]: I thought this one was quite a bit easier than the last few

tgs3[10/23/11 9:34 PM ]: I'm fine whenever

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:34 PM ]: idag var det enkelt

MockY[10/23/11 9:35 PM ]: ja, vi har röstat otroligt olika denna säsong, så det är ju kanske inte så ovanligt att vu tycker svårighetsgraden är olika

tgs3[10/23/11 9:37 PM ]: Most times we are only 1p different in songs this season

MockY[10/23/11 9:37 PM ]: What do you mean?

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:38 PM ]: slut poäng?

tgs3[10/23/11 9:38 PM ]: 11 out of the 18 songs we both voted on we were only 1 point different

tgs3[10/23/11 9:38 PM ]: You and me that is.

tgs3[10/23/11 9:38 PM ]: Didn't look at everyone

MockY[10/23/11 9:38 PM ]: So we have agreed on others' songs but not eachothers?

MockY[10/23/11 9:39 PM ]: Cause I know I thought you were Nina a few times

tgs3[10/23/11 9:40 PM ]: Shit. I was looking the wrong way. That might be the case Peter, but ignore the stat I just said. I was looking across instead of down in the results page

MockY[10/23/11 9:40 PM ]: ahh

tgs3[10/23/11 9:40 PM ]: stupid Theron. But yes, we generally haven't been thrilled with each others songs

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:41 PM ]: jag blev lite fundersam

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:41 PM ]: ska vi rösta

tgs3[10/23/11 9:41 PM ]: 1

MockY[10/23/11 9:41 PM ]: 2

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:41 PM ]: 3

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:41 PM ]: 3

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:42 PM ]: a day to remember 4p

MockY[10/23/11 9:42 PM ]: Soulidium 5p

tgs3[10/23/11 9:42 PM ]: A Day To Remember 5p

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:42 PM ]: Heart-Set Self-Destruct 6p

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:42 PM ]: soulidium 5p

MockY[10/23/11 9:43 PM ]: Heart-Set Self-Destruct 6p

tgs3[10/23/11 9:43 PM ]: Soulidium 7p

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:43 PM ]: A Day to Remember 7p

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:44 PM ]: Heart-Set Self-Destruct 8p

MockY[10/23/11 9:44 PM ]: Egypt Central 8p

tgs3[10/23/11 9:44 PM ]: Egypt Central 8p

tgs3[10/23/11 9:44 PM ]: oops

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:44 PM ]: Egypt Central 8p

tgs3[10/23/11 9:44 PM ]: Congrats on the season Anders

MockY[10/23/11 9:44 PM ]: Grattis Anders till Säsongen!

MockY[10/23/11 9:44 PM ]: w00000t

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:44 PM ]: mången tack

MockY[10/23/11 9:44 PM ]: Du som sa att du inte skulle vinna

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:45 PM ]: congrats

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:45 PM ]: kolla chatten

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:45 PM ]: jag sa att jag skulle vinna omg 10

MockY[10/23/11 9:45 PM ]: jasså, har jag fel

MockY[10/23/11 9:45 PM ]: jag menade säsongen

tgs3[10/23/11 9:45 PM ]: Hebbe[10/20/11 10:40 PM ]: jag vinner omgång 10

tgs3[10/23/11 9:46 PM ]: which obvioulsy means he'll win the season

MockY[10/23/11 9:46 PM ]: ahh true

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:46 PM ]: om jag vinner omg 10 så vinner jag säsongen

MockY[10/23/11 9:46 PM ]: But I meant what he stated in the end of last season

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:46 PM ]:

MockY[10/23/11 9:46 PM ]: or maybe even in the beginning of the season

tgs3[10/23/11 9:46 PM ]: Once again, most of you missed the boat with my song. A common occurance

MockY[10/23/11 9:46 PM ]: not last round

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:46 PM ]: 1. egypt central 24p

MockY[10/23/11 9:47 PM ]: Mine was best, but I was not expecting it do do well

tgs3[10/23/11 9:47 PM ]: You mean the same shit he says at the end and beginning of every season?

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:47 PM ]: they were all pretty much 7s for me

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:47 PM ]: 2. Heart-Set Self-Destruct 20p

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:47 PM ]: 3. soulidium 17p

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:48 PM ]: 4. a day to remember 16p

tgs3[10/23/11 9:48 PM ]: If you had reversed your votes we would have tied for the round and season

tgs3[10/23/11 9:48 PM ]: Damn. Should have waited a little longer before we voted

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:48 PM ]: hade varit nått

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:49 PM ]: therons låt växer

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:50 PM ]: nu klev casper upp

tgs3[10/23/11 9:51 PM ]: Hi Casper!

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:51 PM ]: han har redan hittat ett fiskespö

thebrat13n[10/23/11 9:51 PM ]: I'm gonna go take a bath before I go to bed. I guess I'll talk to all of you again on the 4th/5th

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:52 PM ]: ok

MockY[10/23/11 9:52 PM ]: Casper

MockY[10/23/11 9:52 PM ]: tjenixen

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:53 PM ]: han är mest tyst

MockY[10/23/11 9:54 PM ]: Kan man få se en nytagen bild på kreken kanske?

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:55 PM ]: kanske går att ordna

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:55 PM ]: men inte just nu

MockY[10/23/11 9:56 PM ]:

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:56 PM ]: peter kan du änrda chatklipp

MockY[10/23/11 9:56 PM ]: ??

tgs3[10/23/11 9:56 PM ]: http://www.vk.se/uploaded/image/2009/9/24/230909_bb_bar_rim.jpg

tgs3[10/23/11 9:56 PM ]: Best I could do

MockY[10/23/11 9:56 PM ]: haha, nee, varför det

MockY[10/23/11 9:57 PM ]: That does not look recent

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:57 PM ]: tänk om nån jag jobbar med läser det

tgs3[10/23/11 9:58 PM ]: haha

MockY[10/23/11 9:58 PM ]: står ju inge udda där ju

MockY[10/23/11 9:58 PM ]: Bara missförstånd

MockY[10/23/11 9:58 PM ]: lol

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:58 PM ]: inte

tgs3[10/23/11 9:58 PM ]: I like the part where it looks like Nina is saying she's also in jail for the same thing

Hebbe[10/23/11 9:59 PM ]: ha ha

MockY[10/23/11 9:59 PM ]: lol

MockY[10/23/11 10:00 PM ]: did not think abut that until now'

MockY[10/23/11 10:00 PM ]: So I will never remove it

Hebbe[10/23/11 10:00 PM ]: jag försökte i alla fall

Hebbe[10/23/11 10:00 PM ]: får ta risken

MockY[10/23/11 10:00 PM ]: Bättre?

tgs3[10/23/11 10:01 PM ]: Some weird language on my screen

MockY[10/23/11 10:01 PM ]: refresh

Hebbe[10/23/11 10:01 PM ]: jo lite konstiga bokstäver bara

tgs3[10/23/11 10:02 PM ]: I'm fresh enough

Hebbe[10/23/11 10:02 PM ]: bättre nu

tgs3[10/23/11 10:02 PM ]: Bibbi and Goran did a Robert

Hebbe[10/23/11 10:02 PM ]: jag hade inte haft nått emot att vara 15-20 år frächare

Hebbe[10/23/11 10:04 PM ]: jag har 2 nya artister till nästa säsong

tgs3[10/23/11 10:04 PM ]: Sounds like another win for Anders next season

MockY[10/23/11 10:04 PM ]: jag har ... hmm... låt mig kolla.... noll

MockY[10/23/11 10:04 PM ]:

tgs3[10/23/11 10:04 PM ]: I'm expecting a couple of your old artists, Anders

Hebbe[10/23/11 10:05 PM ]: jag har ett 20-tal

tgs3[10/23/11 10:06 PM ]: Well, there is one in particular I'm thinking will show up

Hebbe[10/23/11 10:06 PM ]: ok, bäst jag kollar

tgs3[10/23/11 10:06 PM ]: SOTD heavy weight

Hebbe[10/23/11 10:06 PM ]: du har en som kommer också har jag läst

tgs3[10/23/11 10:07 PM ]: hmmm. I thought I'd have one a few weeks ago, but the first song on the album was boring. To me anyway.

MockY[10/23/11 10:07 PM ]: Jaghoppades på att använda Metallicka och Lou Reed. Men dre enda in i helvete vilken dynga.

MockY[10/23/11 10:08 PM ]: fin stavning på det bandet

tgs3[10/23/11 10:08 PM ]: I guess you haven't heard Lou Reed before if you thought that

MockY[10/23/11 10:08 PM ]: Can't say I have

Hebbe[10/23/11 10:09 PM ]: dax för frukost

MockY[10/23/11 10:09 PM ]: But I figured Metallica had better ideas

Hebbe[10/23/11 10:09 PM ]: vi hörs

MockY[10/23/11 10:09 PM ]: but basing it on what they have done the last 10 years, I should have known better

MockY[10/23/11 10:10 PM ]: höres

tgs3[10/23/11 10:10 PM ]: bye, Anders

tgs3[10/23/11 10:10 PM ]: Sweet Jane and Walk on the Wild Side are OK, but not SOTD material

tgs3[10/23/11 10:10 PM ]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KaWSOlASWc

MockY[10/23/11 10:11 PM ]: It's stuff you listen to when you are all alone, stoned off of your ass with shrooms, and have had a very bad day

tgs3[10/23/11 10:11 PM ]: Never done that, but it sounds very possibly right

MockY[10/23/11 10:11 PM ]: Walk On The Wild Side has probably been sampled by thousands of bands

MockY[10/23/11 10:11 PM ]: but I don't think I have ever heard the original

tgs3[10/23/11 10:12 PM ]: ah. Yes, famous song

MockY[10/23/11 10:13 PM ]: Just as boring in fact. It just does not feature and double bass

MockY[10/23/11 10:13 PM ]: any*

tgs3[10/23/11 10:13 PM ]: Like I said, not SOTD material. I'm Ok with it

MockY[10/23/11 10:14 PM ]: It would probably do wrose than Depeche Mode - Wrong after deducting my 10 pointer

tgs3[10/23/11 10:15 PM ]: Nina might like it, too. It's an iconic song for us

tgs3[10/23/11 10:15 PM ]: So now is the time for you to use it with only one other Swede around

MockY[10/23/11 10:15 PM ]: talking about the Metallica colaboration

MockY[10/23/11 10:16 PM ]: I can be daring sometimes, but this is borderline suicide

tgs3[10/23/11 10:17 PM ]: Yeah, obvioulsy you can't use the old stuff. Yes, doubt the new Redalika stuff would get many points

MockY[10/23/11 10:17 PM ]: good name

tgs3[10/23/11 10:23 PM ]: Well kiss your daughter for me. Gonna get going. Talk to you tomorrow probably