tgs3[10/16/11 10:10 PM ]: Suddenly, the gang's all here

MockY[10/16/11 10:10 PM ]: I was just about to break the silence

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:10 PM ]: jupp

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:11 PM ]: ser 2 älgar från fönstret nu

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:12 PM ]: nu är det 3 st

MockY[10/16/11 10:12 PM ]: Du skulle ha varit f;nsterg'gare. Had ehaft fulla frysen

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:12 PM ]: behöver bara en kalv per år

MockY[10/16/11 10:13 PM ]: Du verkar ha älgar i trägårn' var och varannan dag

tgs3[10/16/11 10:14 PM ]: Full grown ones? Or a mom with her kids?

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:16 PM ]: nu röstar vi jag ska jobba, börjar kl 8

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:16 PM ]: 1

MockY[10/16/11 10:16 PM ]: ok

MockY[10/16/11 10:16 PM ]: 2

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:16 PM ]: ko med dubbelkalv

tgs3[10/16/11 10:17 PM ]: 2

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:18 PM ]: nina?

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:18 PM ]: sorry I need 5 minutes

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:19 PM ]: då äter jag frukost nu

tgs3[10/16/11 10:19 PM ]: Good plan

tgs3[10/16/11 10:19 PM ]: If I eat breakfast, its usually in front on my computer, but I guess not everyone does that

MockY[10/16/11 10:21 PM ]: I ate breakfast by the computer all the time when I did not have a woman or child

tgs3[10/16/11 10:21 PM ]: My family never ate breakfast together

MockY[10/16/11 10:21 PM ]: And now itäs just to far to walk with milk and cereal. Or toast and tea

tgs3[10/16/11 10:22 PM ]: That is very far

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:23 PM ]: tillbaka

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:23 PM ]: 1

MockY[10/16/11 10:24 PM ]: Det va en snabbfrukost

MockY[10/16/11 10:24 PM ]: säkert du tgaggde ordentligt?

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:24 PM ]: inte hungrig

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:24 PM ]: blev lite yogurt

MockY[10/16/11 10:24 PM ]: Tvångståt du?

MockY[10/16/11 10:24 PM ]: ahh

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:24 PM ]: är du klar nina

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:24 PM ]: I'

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:24 PM ]: m ready

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:24 PM ]: 1

tgs3[10/16/11 10:25 PM ]: 2

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:25 PM ]: the way it breaks 4p

MockY[10/16/11 10:25 PM ]: The Way It Breaks 2p

tgs3[10/16/11 10:25 PM ]: Cavo 4p

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:25 PM ]: Floods 6p

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:26 PM ]: the siren tower 7p

MockY[10/16/11 10:26 PM ]: Plan Three 4p

tgs3[10/16/11 10:26 PM ]: The Way It Breaks 5p

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:26 PM ]: Cavo 7p

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:26 PM ]: cavo 8p

MockY[10/16/11 10:26 PM ]: The Siren Tower 8p

tgs3[10/16/11 10:27 PM ]: Plan Three 8p

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:27 PM ]: Plan Three 8p

MockY[10/16/11 10:27 PM ]: Shit va snabbt det är min tur igen. Blir ju helt snurrig.

tgs3[10/16/11 10:27 PM ]: That's what happens when there are only 3 songs to vote on

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:27 PM ]: 1. siren tower 21p

tgs3[10/16/11 10:27 PM ]: and 4 people voting

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:28 PM ]: 2. plan three 20p

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:28 PM ]: cavo 19p

tgs3[10/16/11 10:28 PM ]: Wow. Did not expect that at all. I should thank Peter, I guess

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:28 PM ]: way it breaks 11p

Hebbe[10/16/11 10:28 PM ]: jävla peter

MockY[10/16/11 10:28 PM ]: Astrist låt

MockY[10/16/11 10:28 PM ]: sorry

MockY[10/16/11 10:29 PM ]: Överaskad över de andras röster

tgs3[10/16/11 10:29 PM ]: I flip flopped Cavo and the Way it Breaks not very logn ago, but it looks like it wouldn't have made a difference in the final standings

tgs3[10/16/11 10:30 PM ]: Looks like Anders clings to his lead by 1p now

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:30 PM ]: Anders, is it still OK to vote in the morning for you if you're going to be working?

tgs3[10/16/11 10:31 PM ]: Yeah, should we change?

tgs3[10/16/11 10:31 PM ]: Or vote earlier?

MockY[10/16/11 10:34 PM ]: I'm fine with earlier but that might be somewhat hard on a 3 kid parent

tgs3[10/16/11 10:36 PM ]: Why?

MockY[10/16/11 10:36 PM ]: Less sleep at that point

tgs3[10/16/11 10:36 PM ]: I mean, I'm fine with whatever Anders wants to do, but I would htink earlier would work better for him

tgs3[10/16/11 10:37 PM ]: I thought Anders got up early every day

MockY[10/16/11 10:37 PM ]: I thought he said this is when he gets up

tgs3[10/16/11 10:37 PM ]: Not sure what having less sleep by getting up early has to do with kids either. Isn't that true of anyone?

MockY[10/16/11 10:37 PM ]: so earlier would cut in to his actual sleep. But only he would be able to answer obviously

tgs3[10/16/11 10:38 PM ]: Appartenly he left his computer on and took off for work

tgs3[10/16/11 10:38 PM ]: Too pissed about your good voting today

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:38 PM ]: we're also missing a song

MockY[10/16/11 10:38 PM ]: well, kids have a tendancy to break a solid sleep when ever they feel like it. But maybe his childern are angels...

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:39 PM ]: yeah, that's what it seems like when atleast once or twice a week he apparently is walk the floor with one of them at 3 am

tgs3[10/16/11 10:40 PM ]: Sure, having kids means less sleep in general, but getting up early is getting up early, regardless of having kids or not

MockY[10/16/11 10:40 PM ]: at that point, I would value sleep a bit more than normal

tgs3[10/16/11 10:40 PM ]: Its not like Peter could get up early 3 months ago

tgs3[10/16/11 10:41 PM ]: I remember Peter at the gym, and I had 2 kids at that point...

tgs3[10/16/11 10:41 PM ]: At this point, aren't we really just talking about Casper?

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:41 PM ]: well, I left people in the middle of watching a movie since it was not in my brain at all that we were voting today. Still not used to this night voting...

tgs3[10/16/11 10:41 PM ]: Do we think Oskar is keeping him up at night?>

thebrat13n[10/16/11 10:42 PM ]: No

tgs3[10/16/11 10:42 PM ]: Seeya later

MockY[10/16/11 10:42 PM ]: Since Anders is dead, I shall go back to my cave as well

tgs3[10/16/11 10:42 PM ]: Seeya later

tgs3[10/16/11 10:42 PM ]: too

tgs3[10/16/11 10:43 PM ]: Too bad about Anders dieing and all