Hebbe[10/06/11 9:57 PM ]: Jalopa

MockY[10/06/11 9:57 PM ]: Hoj hoj

tgs3[10/06/11 9:57 PM ]: hiya

tgs3[10/06/11 9:58 PM ]: How's was the 18th time seeing Queensryche?

MockY[10/06/11 9:58 PM ]: The worse consert ever

MockY[10/06/11 9:58 PM ]: Not the consert it self, but that fuicking garage close at 10PM on Sundays

MockY[10/06/11 9:59 PM ]: so I only saw 3 songs

MockY[10/06/11 9:59 PM ]: then I had to leave

tgs3[10/06/11 9:59 PM ]: Why would you park in the garage then?

MockY[10/06/11 9:59 PM ]: They were not supposed to have an opening act, and the one they had was later than fuck

MockY[10/06/11 9:59 PM ]: without it, it would be fine

MockY[10/06/11 9:59 PM ]: I have no idea where else to park

Hebbe[10/06/11 9:59 PM ]: ha ha ha

MockY[10/06/11 9:59 PM ]: And I thought it was 11PM on sundays

tgs3[10/06/11 9:59 PM ]: Why didn't you just move the car and come back?

MockY[10/06/11 10:00 PM ]: That is the last time I park there, that's for sure

tgs3[10/06/11 10:00 PM ]: On the street

MockY[10/06/11 10:00 PM ]: move where?

MockY[10/06/11 10:00 PM ]: nothing on the street

MockY[10/06/11 10:00 PM ]: I looked

tgs3[10/06/11 10:00 PM ]: IN all of San Francisco?

tgs3[10/06/11 10:00 PM ]: Or some other parking garage that's open later

MockY[10/06/11 10:00 PM ]: not walking 5 blocks for parking that may or may not be there

MockY[10/06/11 10:01 PM ]: there is no other aropund there unfortunately

MockY[10/06/11 10:01 PM ]: We were lucky with Cranberries. That was on a Saturday

MockY[10/06/11 10:01 PM ]: They close at 11 and the shoe ended right before that

MockY[10/06/11 10:01 PM ]: Then on the way back, there was the worst traffic ever

tgs3[10/06/11 10:02 PM ]: According to Google, there are like 10 parking garages around the Warfield

tgs3[10/06/11 10:02 PM ]: Or was it somewhere else?

MockY[10/06/11 10:02 PM ]: Some fool decided to take the cops for a runs with a shoot out as a result. Dead bodies on the road, and only one lane open

tgs3[10/06/11 10:02 PM ]: Well that all sucks

MockY[10/06/11 10:02 PM ]: fucking aweful decicion to go down that day

MockY[10/06/11 10:02 PM ]: It was somewhere else

tgs3[10/06/11 10:02 PM ]: That's almost always true of a trip to SF

MockY[10/06/11 10:02 PM ]: not saying where since it's evil

tgs3[10/06/11 10:03 PM ]: OK

tgs3[10/06/11 10:03 PM ]: Where was it?

MockY[10/06/11 10:03 PM ]: my mind is escaping me at the moment

MockY[10/06/11 10:03 PM ]: Regancy Ballroom

tgs3[10/06/11 10:04 PM ]: They are there again next week it looks lke

MockY[10/06/11 10:05 PM ]: That would be a negative

MockY[10/06/11 10:05 PM ]: And even if they had a show planned there again, I seriously think they would cancel it

MockY[10/06/11 10:05 PM ]: The attendance was in the class of the show with Blue October

MockY[10/06/11 10:05 PM ]: Flipping pathertic

MockY[10/06/11 10:05 PM ]: pathetic

tgs3[10/06/11 10:06 PM ]: Wll ABC Parking is 2 blocks away and open until 2am. Now you know for next time

MockY[10/06/11 10:06 PM ]: Good to know

MockY[10/06/11 10:07 PM ]: What parking house closes at 10? fucking retards

tgs3[10/06/11 10:07 PM ]: no comment

MockY[10/06/11 10:07 PM ]: yet it was

MockY[10/06/11 10:09 PM ]: Man, the others really talkative

tgs3[10/06/11 10:09 PM ]: Also looks like there' street parking about 2 blocks away, but it could have all been taken

MockY[10/06/11 10:09 PM ]: I would even try that

tgs3[10/06/11 10:09 PM ]: We have 4 songs, so they were awake at one point

MockY[10/06/11 10:10 PM ]: Could be really hit or miss

MockY[10/06/11 10:10 PM ]: All I know is that I will never park there ever again

tgs3[10/06/11 10:10 PM ]: There was parking available when Google Maps drove by

MockY[10/06/11 10:10 PM ]: And this is the last time I will see the guys as well. 30th aneveracy tour, and I think I have had enough of the ryche now

MockY[10/06/11 10:11 PM ]: The parking house klilled it

tgs3[10/06/11 10:11 PM ]: Me, too

tgs3[10/06/11 10:11 PM ]: http://maps.google.com/maps?q=regency+ballroom&hl=en&ll=37.789387,-122.422328&spn=0.010683,0.018947&sll=37.783924,-122.409161&sspn=0.010616,0.018947&geocode=CQFte8BWTDOWFcODQAIdtyu0-CFCp4hdZ9eBvg&vpsrc=6&gl=us&hq=regency+ballroom&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=37.789342,-122.422711&panoid=74G_j7eFeE1FH2bVRKmK3Q&cbp=12,165.63,,0,17.43

tgs3[10/06/11 10:11 PM ]: Here you go

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:11 PM ]: the last time I went into San Francisco I had a plan, and it still didn't go right

tgs3[10/06/11 10:11 PM ]: SF sucks

MockY[10/06/11 10:11 PM ]: And the fool that ran around asking everyone if they wanted to smoke with him. He lasted about 4 minutes before he got tossed out. And that was pretty much the only sound the "crowd" mad that night

MockY[10/06/11 10:11 PM ]: haha

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:11 PM ]: I did look up parking, and it's really bad round golden gate park

MockY[10/06/11 10:12 PM ]: yeah, that town really does suck

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:12 PM ]: and the traffic was horrible

tgs3[10/06/11 10:12 PM ]: Yeah, that one I've experienced before, too

tgs3[10/06/11 10:12 PM ]: Yeah, you must have expected it for that

tgs3[10/06/11 10:12 PM ]: The Blues show, I mean

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:12 PM ]: I did to an extent, but it took us like 30 minutes to just get off the freeway

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:13 PM ]: that was twenty more than I planned for, and 28 more than it should have taken

tgs3[10/06/11 10:13 PM ]: And it feels like 10 hours when you're in the middle of it

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:14 PM ]: next time I'm giving us four hours to get there instead of the 2:30 that I did, then maybe we'll get there 30 minutes early

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:14 PM ]: better to be early than late

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:14 PM ]: skönt att slippa köer

MockY[10/06/11 10:14 PM ]: Can't say I'm to fond of that town.

MockY[10/06/11 10:15 PM ]: the thing is, you would be VERY early or LAT. There is nothing in between. Though IU hit the doors right on the money. Don't think I have done that before

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:15 PM ]: I've never been that excited about going to SF, the most I ever wanted to do was go to Fisherman's Warf, and then you can just take a ferry off of Bay Farm and you're there in thirty minutes

tgs3[10/06/11 10:16 PM ]: Luckily you can avoid traffic in Sac most of the time

MockY[10/06/11 10:16 PM ]: Must say Slims rocks

tgs3[10/06/11 10:16 PM ]: At least those of us that can come and go to work when we want can do that

MockY[10/06/11 10:16 PM ]: it's a bit off the middle of shit, and the parking house is open til 4AM

MockY[10/06/11 10:16 PM ]: flat rate

MockY[10/06/11 10:16 PM ]: $10

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:16 PM ]: it cost us $20 to park in the garage for 4 hours

MockY[10/06/11 10:16 PM ]: Though the food aropund that block is among the worset there is

MockY[10/06/11 10:17 PM ]: geez

MockY[10/06/11 10:17 PM ]: You should have gone to a Slims show instead

tgs3[10/06/11 10:17 PM ]: Doesn't slims have the automated parking that's open all night? Or am I thinking of a different place?

MockY[10/06/11 10:17 PM ]:

MockY[10/06/11 10:17 PM ]: meaybe it's 24/7

MockY[10/06/11 10:17 PM ]: yeah, you right...

MockY[10/06/11 10:17 PM ]: flat fee and 24/7

tgs3[10/06/11 10:18 PM ]: The only drawback is being there alone at 1am might be just a tad shady

tgs3[10/06/11 10:18 PM ]: I was never worried when we were several, so its probably fine alone, too

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:18 PM ]: ska vi parkera så vi kan rösta?

MockY[10/06/11 10:18 PM ]: beat that you fucking mother sucking ass hole fucker parking shit hole around the shit hole we call Regancy Ballroom

tgs3[10/06/11 10:18 PM ]: My votes are parked and ready to leave the station

MockY[10/06/11 10:18 PM ]: or the house next to it

tgs3[10/06/11 10:19 PM ]: 1

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:19 PM ]: 1

MockY[10/06/11 10:19 PM ]: Mine are not. They have been going up and down the entire day. Can't make sense of this and it's just flreaking 3 songs

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:19 PM ]: 2

tgs3[10/06/11 10:19 PM ]: I had problems early on, but with a whole week, I listend to these songs more than usual

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:19 PM ]: sätt min överst så kör vi

MockY[10/06/11 10:20 PM ]: ehh fuck it. They will continue to change

MockY[10/06/11 10:20 PM ]: 4

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:20 PM ]: dexter freebish 5p

MockY[10/06/11 10:20 PM ]: Dexter Freebish 5p

tgs3[10/06/11 10:20 PM ]: Colin Smith 5p

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:21 PM ]: Colin Smith 5p

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:21 PM ]: otherwise 7p

MockY[10/06/11 10:21 PM ]: 7eventh Time Down 6p

tgs3[10/06/11 10:21 PM ]: Dexter Freebish 6p

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:21 PM ]: Otherwise 6p

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:21 PM ]: 7eventh time down 8p

MockY[10/06/11 10:22 PM ]: Colin Smith 7p

tgs3[10/06/11 10:22 PM ]: Otherwise 8p

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:22 PM ]: 7eventh Time Down 7p

tgs3[10/06/11 10:22 PM ]: I was waiting for Niklas to vote...

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:22 PM ]: haha

tgs3[10/06/11 10:22 PM ]: hmm. Looks good. Was expecting Otherwise to win

tgs3[10/06/11 10:23 PM ]: and maybe it did

MockY[10/06/11 10:23 PM ]: I did so as well

MockY[10/06/11 10:23 PM ]:

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:23 PM ]: 1. otherwise och 7eventh time down 21p

MockY[10/06/11 10:23 PM ]: geez

tgs3[10/06/11 10:23 PM ]: yeah, that's what I noticed after a moment

tgs3[10/06/11 10:23 PM ]: tied

tgs3[10/06/11 10:23 PM ]: congrats, Peter

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:24 PM ]: 3. colin smith 17p

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:24 PM ]: 4. dexter 16p

tgs3[10/06/11 10:24 PM ]: Too bad NIna couldn't get by Anders

MockY[10/06/11 10:24 PM ]: gratz yourself

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:24 PM ]: yup

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:25 PM ]: fick en poäng mer än väntat

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:25 PM ]: grattis pöjkar

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:25 PM ]: antar jag går dåligt nästa omg med

tgs3[10/06/11 10:26 PM ]: cool. It will be ncie and even for the second half if that's true

tgs3[10/06/11 10:26 PM ]: Not counting on it, though.

MockY[10/06/11 10:27 PM ]: I like my song anyways

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:27 PM ]: har inga nya artister som ni gillar, bara jag

MockY[10/06/11 10:27 PM ]: I liked my contribution this round as well

MockY[10/06/11 10:28 PM ]: Nian has given out 100 points even\\

MockY[10/06/11 10:28 PM ]: Nina

tgs3[10/06/11 10:28 PM ]: Peter's in his usual place, I see

MockY[10/06/11 10:29 PM ]: Have no Niklas than can shield me

MockY[10/06/11 10:29 PM ]: besides, I haven't had that spot in a while

tgs3[10/06/11 10:30 PM ]: I know it was NIna last season. Assumed you were good for it for most of them before that

MockY[10/06/11 10:30 PM ]: you are mistaken

tgs3[10/06/11 10:31 PM ]: It looks like you even tied for it last season from what I can see

MockY[10/06/11 10:31 PM ]: I had it 41 though

MockY[10/06/11 10:31 PM ]: 37 before that

tgs3[10/06/11 10:31 PM ]: so 2 or the last 3?

MockY[10/06/11 10:32 PM ]: But I have 31, 32, 33, 34

MockY[10/06/11 10:32 PM ]:

MockY[10/06/11 10:32 PM ]: and 35

tgs3[10/06/11 10:32 PM ]: cheating mother fucker

MockY[10/06/11 10:32 PM ]: haha

tgs3[10/06/11 10:32 PM ]: and 37

tgs3[10/06/11 10:33 PM ]: someone is using a new artist that I was probably going to use in a round or two. fucker

MockY[10/06/11 10:34 PM ]: That must sting

tgs3[10/06/11 10:34 PM ]: My song is better, but probably less SOTD friendly

tgs3[10/06/11 10:35 PM ]: Oh well. There's always season 45. Of course, it has a smaller chance not that it falls into the "old" band category

tgs3[10/06/11 10:35 PM ]: Smaller chance to be used, I mean

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:35 PM ]: är då inte jag i alla fall

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:35 PM ]: ok, I'm going to bed. I've been sleeping like crap lately, and I'm falling asleep in front of this computer

thebrat13n[10/06/11 10:35 PM ]: "See" you all on Sunday/Monday

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:35 PM ]: god natt nina

tgs3[10/06/11 10:35 PM ]: g'night, young one

MockY[10/06/11 10:36 PM ]: I haven't slept at all. Closed my eyes for an hour last night

MockY[10/06/11 10:36 PM ]: coffee really did a number on me thank godness

tgs3[10/06/11 10:36 PM ]: You should sleep more

MockY[10/06/11 10:36 PM ]: I had absolutely no time

tgs3[10/06/11 10:37 PM ]: No one owns time

MockY[10/06/11 10:37 PM ]: Work owns mine anyways

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:38 PM ]: man funkar inte normalt när man är för trött, så man vinner ingen tid i alla fall

tgs3[10/06/11 10:38 PM ]: Very zen

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:38 PM ]: allt går bara långsammare

tgs3[10/06/11 10:38 PM ]: Everything zen!

MockY[10/06/11 10:38 PM ]: Funka ganska bra faktiskt]

MockY[10/06/11 10:39 PM ]: men jag ska fan i mig sova minst 3 timmar inatt har jag t'nkt mig

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:39 PM ]: tror du bara

tgs3[10/06/11 10:39 PM ]: That's what you think

MockY[10/06/11 10:40 PM ]: mjo då. Har inte tänkt jobba. Diana får ta hand om ungen

Hebbe[10/06/11 10:40 PM ]: dax för lite frukost vi hörs vid nästa sågning

MockY[10/06/11 10:40 PM ]: Lill rumpan sover 8 timmar i sträck nu för tiden

MockY[10/06/11 10:40 PM ]: fan värre än Niklas

tgs3[10/06/11 10:40 PM ]: then what's your probelm

tgs3[10/06/11 10:40 PM ]: Enjoy your breakfast, Anders

tgs3[10/06/11 10:41 PM ]: I have to get up in about 5 hours, so I guess I'll sign off, too. Get some sleep, sir.

MockY[10/06/11 10:41 PM ]: Work has been a bit hectic lately. I rteally havenät had any time what so ever to sleep. But now when most of the crutial stuff is done, I will try to enjoy this night

tgs3[10/06/11 10:42 PM ]: good

MockY[10/06/11 10:42 PM ]:

tgs3[10/06/11 10:42 PM ]:

tgs3[10/06/11 10:43 PM ]: