tgs3[09/22/11 10:07 PM ]: Cool, I beat Niklas

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:07 PM ]: grattis

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:08 PM ]: och nina med tydligen

tgs3[09/22/11 10:09 PM ]: yes!

tgs3[09/22/11 10:11 PM ]: She's having computer problems

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:12 PM ]: tror hon håller på att somna

tgs3[09/22/11 10:12 PM ]: could be. I guess you know how it is to be in this position

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:14 PM ]: det bästa är om man har sovit 15 min innnan

tgs3[09/22/11 10:14 PM ]: Peter's being very silent, too, today

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:15 PM ]: ok, I moved. I'm here

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:15 PM ]: has he said anything?

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:15 PM ]: nope

MockY[09/22/11 10:16 PM ]: doing CSIA stuff, sorry

tgs3[09/22/11 10:16 PM ]: I talked to him recently

MockY[09/22/11 10:16 PM ]: well I'm here now I guess

MockY[09/22/11 10:16 PM ]: sup sup peps

tgs3[09/22/11 10:16 PM ]: You're shorting 3p on Soil last round, Peter

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:18 PM ]: du får va nöjd med 17p

tgs3[09/22/11 10:18 PM ]: damn!

tgs3[09/22/11 10:18 PM ]: SOTD version 5 sucks

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:18 PM ]: nä, jag leder ju

MockY[09/22/11 10:19 PM ]: Does not matter anyway

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:19 PM ]: I have a point!

tgs3[09/22/11 10:19 PM ]: That's not a nice thing to say about SOTD

tgs3[09/22/11 10:22 PM ]: Shall we vote? People seem to be mostly silent today

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:23 PM ]: someone just pissed me off

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:23 PM ]: should have used the band this time instead of waiting

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:23 PM ]: hardly ever happens to me

MockY[09/22/11 10:23 PM ]: give me a second. Need to get rid of some windows here. Getting a heart attack. Going all crazy with so much desk space all of a sudden

tgs3[09/22/11 10:24 PM ]: I guess you'll need to wait until next season, unless they hit the right song, too

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:25 PM ]: actually, I didn't use them because I hadn't decided on what song to use

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:25 PM ]: kan inte vara jag, jag har haft min låt i ett halvår minst

tgs3[09/22/11 10:25 PM ]: same here

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:26 PM ]: hopefully my song beats it, then I'll feel better

tgs3[09/22/11 10:26 PM ]: fuckin' Peter...

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:26 PM ]: fuckin' Peter!

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:27 PM ]: över ett år, juni 2010

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:28 PM ]: snacka om att använda bottenskrap

tgs3[09/22/11 10:28 PM ]: and you'll probably win

MockY[09/22/11 10:28 PM ]: Men Anders då

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:28 PM ]: ha ha ha ha

MockY[09/22/11 10:29 PM ]: ok, nu har jag skrivit ner var dessa band kommer ifrån och vilka år det handlar om. Nu kan vi rösta

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:29 PM ]: ja är det jag så får hon skylla sig själv för att vara långsam

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:29 PM ]: 1

MockY[09/22/11 10:29 PM ]: 2

tgs3[09/22/11 10:29 PM ]: 2

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:29 PM ]: 2

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:29 PM ]: ha ha

tgs3[09/22/11 10:29 PM ]: i win

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:29 PM ]: not on my screen

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:29 PM ]: kids in the way 4p

MockY[09/22/11 10:30 PM ]: Stereolith 4p

tgs3[09/22/11 10:30 PM ]: Bush 4p

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:30 PM ]: Bush 7p

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:30 PM ]: stereolith 6p

MockY[09/22/11 10:30 PM ]: Kids In The Way 6p

tgs3[09/22/11 10:31 PM ]: Birds of Toyko 5p

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:31 PM ]: Stereolith 8p

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:31 PM ]: bush 7p

MockY[09/22/11 10:31 PM ]: Birds Of Tokyo 8p

tgs3[09/22/11 10:31 PM ]: Kids in the Way 8p

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:31 PM ]: Birds of Tokyo 9p

MockY[09/22/11 10:31 PM ]: I actually won the number war. Check the log

MockY[09/22/11 10:32 PM ]: Looks like Anders is collecting number 1 placements

tgs3[09/22/11 10:32 PM ]: that's very important

MockY[09/22/11 10:32 PM ]: I take what ever win I can get man lol

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:32 PM ]: ser bra ut

tgs3[09/22/11 10:32 PM ]: and I'm collecting 3's

tgs3[09/22/11 10:33 PM ]: i think

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:33 PM ]: don't listen to Peter

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:33 PM ]: 2. stereolith och kids in the way 18p

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:33 PM ]: we're talking about numbers

tgs3[09/22/11 10:33 PM ]: I rarely do

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:33 PM ]: 4. bush 18p

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:33 PM ]: I'm fine tying for second

tgs3[09/22/11 10:33 PM ]: cool, a point more than I expected

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:34 PM ]: jämt i dag

MockY[09/22/11 10:34 PM ]: Anders gav sig inga poäng

tgs3[09/22/11 10:34 PM ]: Yup. Both rounds so far have been

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:34 PM ]: men nu är det kört, nu ska jag använda en ny artist

tgs3[09/22/11 10:35 PM ]: I need to start doing that more, too. I used too many last season

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:35 PM ]: haha 1. bird of tokyo 22p

tgs3[09/22/11 10:35 PM ]: Finally we get the answer

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:36 PM ]: har inte vaknat riktigt

tgs3[09/22/11 10:37 PM ]: Is this early for you?

tgs3[09/22/11 10:37 PM ]: I thought you always woke up early?

MockY[09/22/11 10:38 PM ]: Olika länder idag

MockY[09/22/11 10:38 PM ]: gär lite ont att hamna sist på samma poäng

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:38 PM ]: fick lägga mej hos gisela kl 3

tgs3[09/22/11 10:38 PM ]: ah

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:39 PM ]: och casper kom 1.30

tgs3[09/22/11 10:40 PM ]: You're really making me with I had young kids

tgs3[09/22/11 10:40 PM ]: wish

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:40 PM ]: well, I haven't eaten yet, and Jesse just finished cooking dinner. Wasn't hungry until like 10 minutes before voting. So, I'm going to go eat dinner and watch some TV with Jesse

thebrat13n[09/22/11 10:41 PM ]: Talk to you all Sunday Night/Monday morning

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:42 PM ]: hej då nina

tgs3[09/22/11 10:42 PM ]: hej då nina

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:42 PM ]: äntligen kom needtobreath med i sotd

tgs3[09/22/11 10:42 PM ]: You're been waiting for them?

MockY[09/22/11 10:43 PM ]: Ska hitta ett band som heter needtowin

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:43 PM ]: har haft en gammal låt i listan hur länge som helst

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:43 PM ]: har inte lyssnat igenom det nya albumet

tgs3[09/22/11 10:43 PM ]: I think I might, too, actually

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:44 PM ]: kan det stämma med 21 låtar på album 43?

MockY[09/22/11 10:44 PM ]: Jag dubbelkolla inte. Jag tog vad Theron hade

MockY[09/22/11 10:44 PM ]: Kan bränna en skiva för att vara säke dock

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:45 PM ]: tror det var 19 låtar på 80 min

tgs3[09/22/11 10:45 PM ]: WHat I had?

tgs3[09/22/11 10:45 PM ]: I never said 21

tgs3[09/22/11 10:45 PM ]: Seriously doubt there is even 20

MockY[09/22/11 10:46 PM ]: They were bolded all the way to 21

MockY[09/22/11 10:46 PM ]: in the file that is

MockY[09/22/11 10:46 PM ]: då ska det vara 19 låtar

tgs3[09/22/11 10:47 PM ]: It automacitally bolds the first 21. Doesn't mean anything. Just a rough guess

MockY[09/22/11 10:47 PM ]: ahh

tgs3[09/22/11 10:47 PM ]: poor Anders, just lost an album song

MockY[09/22/11 10:47 PM ]: Well, Anders and Niklas has now one less song on the album

MockY[09/22/11 10:47 PM ]: buhu

tgs3[09/22/11 10:48 PM ]: I assume you always checked these things

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:48 PM ]: då kan det finnas mer att kapa

MockY[09/22/11 10:48 PM ]: I have not for 10 seasons

tgs3[09/22/11 10:48 PM ]: You can usually fit more onto a CD than I can

MockY[09/22/11 10:48 PM ]: maybe time to do so

MockY[09/22/11 10:48 PM ]: you can ususally fit around 3 more minutes

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:48 PM ]: 21 låtar sen album 38

tgs3[09/22/11 10:49 PM ]: Cool, now I know to always cutoff the album at a song of mine when I give you my resutls spreadsheet

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:49 PM ]: ha ha

MockY[09/22/11 10:51 PM ]: ja, då finns det många att fixa ser jag

MockY[09/22/11 10:51 PM ]: jag sonm trodde Sören hade dödskoll på allt

tgs3[09/22/11 10:53 PM ]: I used to send you that stats sheet that had the album count in it. It was right then. You told me seasons ago you didn't need that any more. Apparenlty you still do

MockY[09/22/11 10:54 PM ]: I just need the album songs to be highlighted

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:55 PM ]: hur länge sen är det

tgs3[09/22/11 10:55 PM ]: Cool, now I know to always cutoff the album at a song of mine when I give you my resutls spreadsheet

MockY[09/22/11 10:55 PM ]: Connected in and out from VPN...wonder if Iäm still visible

MockY[09/22/11 10:55 PM ]: to late

MockY[09/22/11 10:56 PM ]: Iäm checking from now on

MockY[09/22/11 10:56 PM ]: hehe

tgs3[09/22/11 10:56 PM ]: You're not. Please put on some clothes

MockY[09/22/11 10:56 PM ]: just have to go back a few seasons apparently

MockY[09/22/11 10:56 PM ]: wrong chat window Theron

MockY[09/22/11 10:56 PM ]: don't be dragging in your online whores into this chat

tgs3[09/22/11 10:57 PM ]: Why would I ask them to put on clothes?

MockY[09/22/11 10:57 PM ]: bad country maybe?

MockY[09/22/11 10:57 PM ]: Uganda tits are probably pretty bad looking

MockY[09/22/11 10:57 PM ]: but what the heck do I know

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:57 PM ]: sitter du naken i webkameran, ha ha ha

Hebbe[09/22/11 10:59 PM ]: nu har jag 2 låtar som är dina min lista, theron. bäst att kolla upp mina egna band så man har ryggen fri

tgs3[09/22/11 11:00 PM ]: Feel free to use them. I don't know what they can be.

tgs3[09/22/11 11:00 PM ]: I used Sterolith. Very old song, of course

Hebbe[09/22/11 11:00 PM ]: en av dom har jag redan använt

Hebbe[09/22/11 11:01 PM ]: 2009

MockY[09/22/11 11:04 PM ]: Nina sure did not like to chat today

tgs3[09/22/11 11:04 PM ]: still don't know

tgs3[09/22/11 11:05 PM ]: "today"?

MockY[09/22/11 11:05 PM ]: the night of this day

MockY[09/22/11 11:05 PM ]: better?

Hebbe[09/22/11 11:06 PM ]: needtobreathe är en gammal låt ser jag

MockY[09/22/11 11:06 PM ]: Did not notice her goodbye

tgs3[09/22/11 11:06 PM ]: no, not at all what I was talking about, Peter

MockY[09/22/11 11:06 PM ]: I read it now

tgs3[09/22/11 11:06 PM ]: She gave a longish explanation of why she was leaving

MockY[09/22/11 11:06 PM ]: I saw that now

MockY[09/22/11 11:06 PM ]: missed it the first time

MockY[09/22/11 11:07 PM ]: It's going to take about 1 hour to create the file you want Theron

MockY[09/22/11 11:08 PM ]: Just letting you know

tgs3[09/22/11 11:08 PM ]: Really?

MockY[09/22/11 11:08 PM ]: but that is just an estimation

tgs3[09/22/11 11:08 PM ]: Thought it would be a relatively quick and simple thing

MockY[09/22/11 11:08 PM ]: sure is going slow as hell

MockY[09/22/11 11:08 PM ]: simple, sure. Quick, no

tgs3[09/22/11 11:10 PM ]: Well, just let me know where it is in an email and I'll look at it in the mornign

MockY[09/22/11 11:11 PM ]: It's probably not going to be what you want either. I will send you a partial version of it to make sure it is what you want

tgs3[09/22/11 11:14 PM ]: Looks fine

MockY[09/22/11 11:14 PM ]: takes about 2 seconds per row

tgs3[09/22/11 11:15 PM ]: I'm not going to worry about it for now, but that does not bode well for the database

MockY[09/22/11 11:15 PM ]: I soreted the bondexpiration date in descending order, but did not double check whether that was correct or not

tgs3[09/22/11 11:16 PM ]: That would mean any lookup will take that long

MockY[09/22/11 11:16 PM ]: correct

tgs3[09/22/11 11:16 PM ]: Looks fine

MockY[09/22/11 11:17 PM ]: 1,17 seconds to look something up just on the license table

MockY[09/22/11 11:17 PM ]: one record that is

MockY[09/22/11 11:17 PM ]: 800k rows

MockY[09/22/11 11:18 PM ]: That will go faster once moved to better hardware, but there are probably ways to optimize the database even further

tgs3[09/22/11 11:19 PM ]: good

MockY[09/22/11 11:20 PM ]: we are at row 857

MockY[09/22/11 11:21 PM ]: might take more than an hour

MockY[09/22/11 11:21 PM ]: hopefully it wont time out

MockY[09/22/11 11:21 PM ]: If so, I guess Iäll generate another, starting from when it stoped

tgs3[09/22/11 11:23 PM ]: I'll tell you to just wait until tomorrow, but I need it by tomorrow morning, unfortunately

MockY[09/22/11 11:25 PM ]: 19k rows, each takes 2 seconds...thatäs more than 8 hours

MockY[09/22/11 11:26 PM ]: hmm, I wish I could whip something up right now that would decrease that by far

tgs3[09/22/11 11:27 PM ]: Hmm. Maybe just give me the bond company, bond effective date and bond expiration date?

tgs3[09/22/11 11:27 PM ]: That'll be good enough for now, but this is something hat needs to be solved

MockY[09/22/11 11:30 PM ]: it's not about how much I pull from each row. The execution time is the same whether I pull 3 columns or 60

MockY[09/22/11 11:31 PM ]: if I pull the same data right after, the execution time is none existent

tgs3[09/22/11 11:32 PM ]: I don't know what I'm talking about, but something is seriously not working right. I can pull 35,000 from calcon in a few minutes

MockY[09/22/11 11:32 PM ]: It obviously needs to be optimized more

tgs3[09/22/11 11:32 PM ]: It's not working correctly at the moment. I guess I should have just bugged Keith about it last week. Figured I'd be able to scan easily or use the new database

tgs3[09/22/11 11:33 PM ]: Optimized more is quite the understatement

tgs3[09/22/11 11:34 PM ]: Well, I don;t know what to tell you. I'mn going to need this file by about 6am.

tgs3[09/22/11 11:34 PM ]: I guess I'll just have to take what's available then.

tgs3[09/22/11 11:35 PM ]: Don't know exactly how you'll work that out on your end. Not wantig to call you at 6am to get the file

MockY[09/22/11 11:35 PM ]: thing is, I can pull 17000 rows in 0.01 seconds, but that is if I leave out the LicenseNumber

MockY[09/22/11 11:35 PM ]: in this speed, the file might not even be done

tgs3[09/22/11 11:36 PM ]: It won't be. I'll just have to take whatever is ready then

tgs3[09/22/11 11:37 PM ]: Why would including the license file make such a big different?

MockY[09/22/11 11:37 PM ]: hmm, I need to take a copy of this database and fiddle with it locally

tgs3[09/22/11 11:37 PM ]: difference

MockY[09/22/11 11:37 PM ]: Some indexes are not working right. It's like it's looking through the entire database each time, which is far from efficient

MockY[09/22/11 11:37 PM ]: it's the WHERE clause in the myswl query that adds the time

MockY[09/22/11 11:38 PM ]: if I pull ALL infor from the license table without any rules, it pulls it all within 4 seconds

Hebbe[09/22/11 11:38 PM ]: ha det så kul vi hörs måndag morgon

MockY[09/22/11 11:38 PM ]: but if I tell it to use a licesnse number, the in takes 2 seconds per row all of a sudden. As if the internal indexing is not working correctly

tgs3[09/22/11 11:38 PM ]: bye, Anders

tgs3[09/22/11 11:39 PM ]: Sorry for the boring chat

MockY[09/22/11 11:39 PM ]: Like I said, I will make a copy of the database and play with it locally

MockY[09/22/11 11:39 PM ]: and if I figure it out tonight, I'll rerun the script to create the file

tgs3[09/22/11 11:39 PM ]: Well, I need to pack and do a few other things. Call me if there anything you want to talk about. Like I said, I need to start workign on the file around 6am

tgs3[09/22/11 11:40 PM ]: If its not done, I'll take whatever is