tgs3[05/26/11 12:42 PM ]: Any reason you can't have the album vote on July 9th?

MockY[05/26/11 12:48 PM ]: I wont sit down and make the list until June 14

MockY[05/26/11 12:48 PM ]: so I wont be even remotely ready at that point

MockY[05/26/11 12:49 PM ]: Sure, I can listen to the songs, but I don't see when I would reliably create the list

MockY[05/26/11 12:49 PM ]: Ahh you said July

MockY[05/26/11 12:50 PM ]: Nope, I don't see any reason why I would not be ready by then

MockY[05/26/11 12:50 PM ]: Unless the baby pos out that very day, I'm sure I will be able to vote that day

tgs3[05/26/11 12:50 PM ]: ok

MockY[05/26/11 12:50 PM ]: pops*

tgs3[05/26/11 12:51 PM ]: Then I shall suggest that day when everyone is here

MockY[05/26/11 12:52 PM ]: you do that

ragee[05/26/11 1:03 PM ]: afton/dagens

thebrat13n[05/26/11 1:04 PM ]: hello

tgs3[05/26/11 1:05 PM ]: yes

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:05 PM ]: no

ragee[05/26/11 1:07 PM ]: hej hebbster

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:07 PM ]: hej ragster

ragee[05/26/11 1:07 PM ]: hihihihihihihih fniss fniss 

tgs3[05/26/11 1:08 PM ]: We should probably try to figure out when to do the album vote. Peter can't do June 11/12 because he's busy making love to Martin. Niklas can't do June 18/19 becuase he's at some festival. June 25/26 is midsummer, so that seems unlikely to be able to have anything there. I'm in Dalarna July 2/3. I can probably do something late at night after the old ones give up on cards, but it would probably be best to wait one more week.

tgs3[05/26/11 1:08 PM ]: So album vote July 9/10 weekend? The 10th is Erica's birthday. I don't know what I'll be doing, but I'd like to avoid being busy in the middle of the day, so Sunday night in Sweden would not be good for me. 

ragee[05/26/11 1:09 PM ]: för mig borde det passa

ragee[05/26/11 1:09 PM ]: dock är jag osäker på hur det kommer se ut men det ska nog gå bra för mig

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:10 PM ]: jag jobbar den helgen

tgs3[05/26/11 1:10 PM ]: So night won't work either, Anders?

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:11 PM ]: jo jag kan på kvällen

tgs3[05/26/11 1:11 PM ]: What weekend can you vote?

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:11 PM ]: men inte på morgonen

tgs3[05/26/11 1:11 PM ]: What would you rather do? Maybe you don't want to do it at night?

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:12 PM ]: jag kan rösta på kvällen

ragee[05/26/11 1:13 PM ]: då kör vi då tycker jag 

tgs3[05/26/11 1:14 PM ]: So what time would be best, Anders?

tgs3[05/26/11 1:14 PM ]: We can always change it, but let's come up with something now

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:14 PM ]: 22.00

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:15 PM ]: eller 21.00

tgs3[05/26/11 1:15 PM ]: What's better?

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:15 PM ]: det är ok bara man kommer i säng före 0.00

tgs3[05/26/11 1:16 PM ]: So July 9th, 21.00 in Sweden, noon in California.

ragee[05/26/11 1:16 PM ]: helt lugnt för mig har ju semester hela July 

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:16 PM ]: ok

tgs3[05/26/11 1:16 PM ]: Let's plan on that. If something comes up for someone, we can always change it

tgs3[05/26/11 1:16 PM ]: So a 6 week SOTD break

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:16 PM ]: lägg in det på hemsidan Peter

tgs3[05/26/11 1:17 PM ]: Then we'll all come back charged up and hungry on July 11th!!!

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:17 PM ]: man kan ju hoppas

MockY[05/26/11 1:17 PM ]: skall bli

thebrat13n[05/26/11 1:17 PM ]: ok

MockY[05/26/11 1:18 PM ]: Det blir till att ge n[gra l[tar mer po'ng 'n vad de @f;rtj'nar@ idag

MockY[05/26/11 1:18 PM ]: k'nner mig gener;s igen.

tgs3[05/26/11 1:18 PM ]: Talking Latin again?

MockY[05/26/11 1:19 PM ]: wow

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:19 PM ]: konstiga krumelurer du har peter

MockY[05/26/11 1:19 PM ]: Det blir till att ge några låtar mer poäng än vad de "förtjänar" idag

MockY[05/26/11 1:20 PM ]: Sists dagen på jobbet inann semestern och solen skiner trots att den inte skulle göra det

MockY[05/26/11 1:20 PM ]: ska tydligen vara mulet hela veckan men risk för regn idag

MockY[05/26/11 1:21 PM ]: Ser dock ut att bli varmare varje dag

MockY[05/26/11 1:21 PM ]: inte mycket men lite

thebrat13n[05/26/11 1:21 PM ]: I'm having a hard time figuring out what points go give out

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:21 PM ]: det är jämt idag

MockY[05/26/11 1:21 PM ]: I agree that this round was semihard

tgs3[05/26/11 1:21 PM ]: It took me a little while this time, too

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:21 PM ]: ge min mest så funkar det

MockY[05/26/11 1:22 PM ]: And I found out that my song was a little better than I expected. Not much, but I guess a couple of days changes my perspective. Like I said, must be the sun

tgs3[05/26/11 1:22 PM ]: Yes, you see it so seldom here in Sacramento

MockY[05/26/11 1:22 PM ]:

MockY[05/26/11 1:22 PM ]: de uppkommande dagarna kunde faktiskt ha varit betydligt sämre

MockY[05/26/11 1:23 PM ]: Så jag ska absolut inte klaga

thebrat13n[05/26/11 1:23 PM ]: ok, I think I'm done now

MockY[05/26/11 1:23 PM ]: much below average still, but as long as the rain stays away, I'm happy

ragee[05/26/11 1:24 PM ]: fan va jag längtar 

tgs3[05/26/11 1:24 PM ]: The average in the chart at the top doesn't match the calendar at the bottom of the page

MockY[05/26/11 1:24 PM ]: Ska du på båda dagar?

tgs3[05/26/11 1:24 PM ]: Or maybe I just don't quite understand the chart

MockY[05/26/11 1:25 PM ]: no, you are correct

MockY[05/26/11 1:25 PM ]: thatäs flippin odd

tgs3[05/26/11 1:25 PM ]: Some good bands, but man, with all that shit earlier in the day, I'd be totally drunk by the time the good stuff happens

tgs3[05/26/11 1:26 PM ]: The calendar numbers look more correct to me

MockY[05/26/11 1:26 PM ]: yeah, I sure as hell would join tokers during Cradle Of Filth instead of watching that

tgs3[05/26/11 1:27 PM ]: Highs should be in the 80's by the middle of March. This year has thankfully been colder than average

ragee[05/26/11 1:27 PM ]: klar jag ska båda dagarna

MockY[05/26/11 1:27 PM ]: first week of this month was hoter than averag

ragee[05/26/11 1:27 PM ]: fan tre eller fyra år sen sist jag gjorde det

MockY[05/26/11 1:27 PM ]: this wather is all screwed up

ragee[05/26/11 1:27 PM ]: och då var det i belgein

MockY[05/26/11 1:28 PM ]: loosing letters I see

ragee[05/26/11 1:28 PM ]: cradle of filth är ju en av huvud attraktionerna

ragee[05/26/11 1:28 PM ]: har redan sätt dom en gång men fy fan va bra de är 

tgs3[05/26/11 1:28 PM ]: Sometimes its above average and sometimes its below. You act like you've never paid attention to the weather before in your life

MockY[05/26/11 1:29 PM ]: Trummisen är dock en ex The Haunted, så mellan smuttarna kanske jag skulle sneglat på dom

tgs3[05/26/11 1:29 PM ]: Didn't they open up for The Haunted when we saw them?

MockY[05/26/11 1:29 PM ]: Actually, I really haven't. Or like I said before, I simply never remember

MockY[05/26/11 1:29 PM ]: Which time?

MockY[05/26/11 1:29 PM ]: Slims?

tgs3[05/26/11 1:30 PM ]: Yes

tgs3[05/26/11 1:30 PM ]: Only time I've seen them

MockY[05/26/11 1:30 PM ]: no, I don't think so

MockY[05/26/11 1:30 PM ]: It was some other Swedish bands

MockY[05/26/11 1:30 PM ]: -s

MockY[05/26/11 1:30 PM ]: But my memory is failing

tgs3[05/26/11 1:30 PM ]: Yeah, I'm probably mixing them up with another Swedish band

tgs3[05/26/11 1:30 PM ]: Dark Tranquility maybe?

MockY[05/26/11 1:31 PM ]: yes

MockY[05/26/11 1:31 PM ]: that is correct

MockY[05/26/11 1:31 PM ]: that was the band

tgs3[05/26/11 1:31 PM ]: Mystery solved then 

MockY[05/26/11 1:31 PM ]: I almost said Soilwork, but they were just featured on many of the T-shirts

ragee[05/26/11 1:31 PM ]: dark tranq är ju oxå sjukt mumsigt band

tgs3[05/26/11 1:31 PM ]: haha

ragee[05/26/11 1:32 PM ]: inte allt för impad på dem live dock men det är nog bara för att sångaren sringer runt med en Uber röd kalufs

MockY[05/26/11 1:32 PM ]: blir man sjuk om man mumsar på dom?

MockY[05/26/11 1:32 PM ]: har du något emot rödhåriga metal heads?

MockY[05/26/11 1:32 PM ]: Har du inte sett bilder på Anders back in the day

MockY[05/26/11 1:32 PM ]: Mer Metal än så kan man ju inte bli

MockY[05/26/11 1:32 PM ]: 

tgs3[05/26/11 1:33 PM ]: I wish there was an online picture of him in his blond glory

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:33 PM ]: rött headbeangar

ragee[05/26/11 1:33 PM ]: haha jo kanske det men ite så death över det hehe med pudel

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:33 PM ]: 

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:33 PM ]: 

MockY[05/26/11 1:34 PM ]: hahah, fan va vacker du va då

MockY[05/26/11 1:34 PM ]: så fiiin så

MockY[05/26/11 1:36 PM ]: oj, nu halkade alla låtar ner ett snäpp

tgs3[05/26/11 1:37 PM ]: oh oh

tgs3[05/26/11 1:37 PM ]: Maybe we should vote before they fall farther

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:37 PM ]: och så åkte min upp

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:37 PM ]: 1

tgs3[05/26/11 1:37 PM ]: 2

ragee[05/26/11 1:37 PM ]: 112322442

MockY[05/26/11 1:38 PM ]: 9+1=10

thebrat13n[05/26/11 1:38 PM ]: 5

tgs3[05/26/11 1:38 PM ]: Hey, that's correct!

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:38 PM ]: the avett brothers 4p

MockY[05/26/11 1:39 PM ]: Disturbed 5p

ragee[05/26/11 1:39 PM ]: avett brothers 5p

tgs3[05/26/11 1:39 PM ]: The Avett Brothers 4p

thebrat13n[05/26/11 1:39 PM ]: Disturbed 5p

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:39 PM ]: bad axis 7p

MockY[05/26/11 1:40 PM ]: Fair To Midland 6p

ragee[05/26/11 1:40 PM ]: disturbed 6p

tgs3[05/26/11 1:40 PM ]: Bad Axis 6p

thebrat13n[05/26/11 1:40 PM ]: Bad Axis 6p

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:41 PM ]: disturbed 8p

MockY[05/26/11 1:41 PM ]: The Avett Brothers 7p

ragee[05/26/11 1:41 PM ]: Honor by august 7p

tgs3[05/26/11 1:41 PM ]: Fair to Midland 7p

thebrat13n[05/26/11 1:41 PM ]: Fair to Midland 8p

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:41 PM ]: fair to midland 9p

MockY[05/26/11 1:42 PM ]: Honor By August 8p

ragee[05/26/11 1:42 PM ]: Bad Axis 8p

tgs3[05/26/11 1:42 PM ]: Honor by August 8p

thebrat13n[05/26/11 1:42 PM ]: Honor by August 9p

tgs3[05/26/11 1:43 PM ]: hmm. I think Anders just won the season

MockY[05/26/11 1:43 PM ]: What a comeback

ragee[05/26/11 1:43 PM ]: vilken jaevel

tgs3[05/26/11 1:43 PM ]: I should have stuck with my first thought and not used that Disturbed song

tgs3[05/26/11 1:43 PM ]: stupid Theron

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:43 PM ]: skojar ni med mej eller

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:44 PM ]: jag tycker det var en bra låt

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:45 PM ]: 1. honor by august 32p 

MockY[05/26/11 1:45 PM ]: Bara amerikanska band i sista rundan

tgs3[05/26/11 1:45 PM ]: Yeah, me, too, but others didn't 

tgs3[05/26/11 1:45 PM ]: congrats

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:46 PM ]: 2. fair to midland 30p

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:46 PM ]: tack

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:46 PM ]: 3. bad axis 27p

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:46 PM ]: 4. disturbed 24p

ragee[05/26/11 1:47 PM ]: tack tack robert för iaf tre poäng 

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:47 PM ]: 5. the avett brothers 20p

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:48 PM ]: skön låt, låter som levellers i början

tgs3[05/26/11 1:48 PM ]: I guess I have 6 weeks to load for season 43

tgs3[05/26/11 1:48 PM ]: Hopefully I actually do that

ragee[05/26/11 1:48 PM ]: jag märå fast åt mig då 

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:48 PM ]: jag tror inte jag kommer att ha mycke datatid

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:49 PM ]: jag hade inte ens bästa låten

MockY[05/26/11 1:50 PM ]: ja du, Anders vann med en poäng efter att gett upp efter runda 5

MockY[05/26/11 1:50 PM ]: 

tgs3[05/26/11 1:51 PM ]: He was in last place after 7 rounds

MockY[05/26/11 1:51 PM ]: that is an impressive comeback or simply a total fail from us 

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:51 PM ]: jag har haft den där låten sen mars 2009

tgs3[05/26/11 1:52 PM ]: A little of both I think

tgs3[05/26/11 1:53 PM ]: I think I chose very poorly the last 3 rounds

MockY[05/26/11 1:53 PM ]: Men att Anders fick Musc Hater Award denna gång

MockY[05/26/11 1:53 PM ]: det har väl aldrig hänt

MockY[05/26/11 1:53 PM ]: Niklas gav ut

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:54 PM ]: det var därför jag vann, nu är det bevisat

ragee[05/26/11 1:54 PM ]: bara för att jag är såå snäll :=)

MockY[05/26/11 1:55 PM ]: Jag och Nina kom lika sist. Vi fick minst mottagna poäng

MockY[05/26/11 1:55 PM ]: gahh vilket sug

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:55 PM ]: så nu kommer det att gå åt skogen på albumröstningen

MockY[05/26/11 1:55 PM ]: ganska långt efter Niklas

MockY[05/26/11 1:55 PM ]: detta var en underlig säsong

tgs3[05/26/11 1:56 PM ]: Yeah, the numbers are kinda weird this season

tgs3[05/26/11 1:56 PM ]: Usually the round points totals follow the points gotten pretty well, but it's all messed up this season

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:56 PM ]: så här jämt ska det alltid vara

tgs3[05/26/11 1:56 PM ]: Probably because its so even, I guess

MockY[05/26/11 1:57 PM ]: Håller med Hebbe

tgs3[05/26/11 1:58 PM ]: Peter screwed my season over. Nina and Niklas gave me the most points, Anders gave Niklas just a little more than me, but Peter gave me the least by a good margin

MockY[05/26/11 1:58 PM ]: sorry 

tgs3[05/26/11 1:58 PM ]: Even seasons or big wins for Theron. Both work for me

Hebbe[05/26/11 1:59 PM ]:  seger

MockY[05/26/11 2:00 PM ]: Jo du Anders, mycket skål för dig. Stort grattis.

MockY[05/26/11 2:00 PM ]: Det är du värt

MockY[05/26/11 2:01 PM ]: Mycket stark slutspurt

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:01 PM ]: visst låg jag sist efter omg 7

ragee[05/26/11 2:01 PM ]: Grattis som FAAAN

tgs3[05/26/11 2:01 PM ]: yup

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:01 PM ]: tack

tgs3[05/26/11 2:01 PM ]: Very nice finish

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:02 PM ]: bara tur

MockY[05/26/11 2:03 PM ]: Tss, inte tid att vara givmild nu

MockY[05/26/11 2:04 PM ]: Bask in the glory, almighty brother

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:05 PM ]: peter kan du köpa jiggkrokar åt mej, jag har slut

MockY[05/26/11 2:05 PM ]: sure

MockY[05/26/11 2:05 PM ]: bara jag vet vilka du vill ha

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:06 PM ]: mustad 32756 size 2 800st

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:06 PM ]: mustad 32756 size 4 200st

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:07 PM ]: det är 100st i varje

MockY[05/26/11 2:07 PM ]: ok

tgs3[05/26/11 2:07 PM ]: And could you pick me up some guaranteed winning songs for SOTD? Thanks. 

MockY[05/26/11 2:07 PM ]: I think they stop selling those there

MockY[05/26/11 2:07 PM ]: Sorry

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:08 PM ]: ha ha ha ha

tgs3[05/26/11 2:08 PM ]: damn

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:08 PM ]: tack på förhand

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:09 PM ]: kommer dom med Nina, Theron eller posten?

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:10 PM ]: skicka dom med Nina, hon kommer först

thebrat13n[05/26/11 2:11 PM ]: ok

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:13 PM ]: bra, tack för ikväll

Hebbe[05/26/11 2:13 PM ]: god natt

tgs3[05/26/11 2:13 PM ]: g'night

ragee[05/26/11 2:13 PM ]: naati natti

tgs3[05/26/11 2:15 PM ]: SWEDEN SUCKS!!!!

tgs3[05/26/11 2:15 PM ]: Ok, it doesn't. I lied. 

tgs3[05/26/11 2:15 PM ]: bye