MockY[03/04/10 4:00 PM ]: Hejsan

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:01 PM ]: jalopa

MockY[03/04/10 4:01 PM ]: Tjaluupa

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:02 PM ]: chattaluupa

MockY[03/04/10 4:02 PM ]: i ditt ansikte

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:03 PM ]: i din röv

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:03 PM ]: vill inte jag vara

MockY[03/04/10 4:03 PM ]: jag vill inte ha ditt ansikte i min röv

MockY[03/04/10 4:03 PM ]: då är vi båda överens

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:03 PM ]: bara som du säger

MockY[03/04/10 4:03 PM ]: och din pappa

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:04 PM ]: för att få kompisar

ragee[03/04/10 4:04 PM ]: yo yo yo

MockY[03/04/10 4:04 PM ]: lol

MockY[03/04/10 4:04 PM ]: hallå hallå

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:04 PM ]: hej nicke

MockY[03/04/10 4:04 PM ]: pick

MockY[03/04/10 4:05 PM ]: päronpung

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:05 PM ]: e

MockY[03/04/10 4:05 PM ]: picke*

MockY[03/04/10 4:05 PM ]: Jag hitta en jävla massa pianolåtar tillsist

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:05 PM ]: det är hög nivå idag på chatten

MockY[03/04/10 4:05 PM ]: så jag kan bli textad flera gånger

MockY[03/04/10 4:06 PM ]: SÖREN!!!

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:06 PM ]: bra peter då kommer du köra pianolåtar resten av säsongen

MockY[03/04/10 4:06 PM ]: haha

ragee[03/04/10 4:06 PM ]: coool

MockY[03/04/10 4:06 PM ]: nej det tänker jag inte göra

ragee[03/04/10 4:06 PM ]: ja men fan piano är gulligt

MockY[03/04/10 4:06 PM ]: det är pulligt

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:06 PM ]: den var snabb

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:07 PM ]: I like piano songs

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:07 PM ]: då tar vi en annan

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:07 PM ]: but, I don't think that I pick good songs for others to like

MockY[03/04/10 4:07 PM ]: snackar du om?

tgs3[03/04/10 4:07 PM ]: Piano songs are fine. They can be good or bad like any other song. A piano in the song doesn't make a song better or worse, it just needs to fit the mood of the song

MockY[03/04/10 4:07 PM ]: I have a couple of piano tunes that I found that I like a lot, but just like Nna said, I don't think I will score so high with them

tgs3[03/04/10 4:08 PM ]: I already had a few before Anders brought this up

MockY[03/04/10 4:08 PM ]: I did not, but I gained some tunes that I will put on a mix tape anyway

MockY[03/04/10 4:10 PM ]: I was almost hoping that my first 2 choices would be text filed so that I am forced to use them

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:10 PM ]: jag tycker att piano ofta höjer en låt

tgs3[03/04/10 4:11 PM ]: I just found a group last night with piano in their songs, but I didn't have time to listent to them enough to figure out if I could use them today

ragee[03/04/10 4:11 PM ]: ¨samma här

ragee[03/04/10 4:11 PM ]: piano och stråkar är fin fint

MockY[03/04/10 4:11 PM ]: Finns mycke piano i metal

MockY[03/04/10 4:11 PM ]: dock inte hela låten

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:11 PM ]: det äger

MockY[03/04/10 4:11 PM ]: normalt

MockY[03/04/10 4:11 PM ]: Ta Nightwish och grupper som dom

tgs3[03/04/10 4:11 PM ]: Yeah, piano is very often in the intro to metal songs, but then it disappears usually

tgs3[03/04/10 4:12 PM ]: You take them

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:13 PM ]: det är 11 grader och sol idag i elk grove

tgs3[03/04/10 4:13 PM ]: Theme rounds usually bring out new bands, but not this one so far

tgs3[03/04/10 4:14 PM ]: Yeah, it's a bit cold today

ragee[03/04/10 4:14 PM ]: fan sög ju nästa att vara tebax i falun igen

ragee[03/04/10 4:15 PM ]: har ju vart borta i en månad så jag har blivit van med varmt väder och ingen snö

ragee[03/04/10 4:15 PM ]: eller ja varmt och varmt runt nollan men ändå

MockY[03/04/10 4:15 PM ]: Suger det inte konstant att vara i Falun, oavsett väder?

MockY[03/04/10 4:15 PM ]:

ragee[03/04/10 4:16 PM ]: HA HA skit kul

tgs3[03/04/10 4:16 PM ]: They almost had the Olympics

MockY[03/04/10 4:16 PM ]: what a disaster that would have been

ragee[03/04/10 4:17 PM ]: haha

MockY[03/04/10 4:17 PM ]: increase the city by double in order to fit all people

MockY[03/04/10 4:17 PM ]: Östersund tried for 2014. That town is even smaller

MockY[03/04/10 4:18 PM ]: or was it 2018...can't remember

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:18 PM ]: tror östersund har provat ett par ggr

tgs3[03/04/10 4:20 PM ]: I'm not sure city size matters as much for the winter Olympics

tgs3[03/04/10 4:20 PM ]: I mean Tahoe had it in 1960

tgs3[03/04/10 4:21 PM ]: Lake Placid is like 2,000 people, and they had it in 1980

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:21 PM ]: Tahoe is not that big

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:21 PM ]: where do they house everyone? Do they build sites?

MockY[03/04/10 4:21 PM ]: Squaw Valley baby!

tgs3[03/04/10 4:22 PM ]: Even Lillihammer is smaller than Falun

MockY[03/04/10 4:22 PM ]: They build a village usually

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:22 PM ]: os-byn

tgs3[03/04/10 4:22 PM ]: Usually

MockY[03/04/10 4:22 PM ]: Can't remember which city it was, but it had some Olympics back in the day, and the village is now housing for the poor in that area

tgs3[03/04/10 4:22 PM ]: The winter games get a lot less people than the summer games

MockY[03/04/10 4:23 PM ]: I thought that was a good recycling

tgs3[03/04/10 4:23 PM ]: I think I've heard of that, too. Might even be Atlanta

MockY[03/04/10 4:23 PM ]: sure, but they still build a village

MockY[03/04/10 4:23 PM ]: maybe

MockY[03/04/10 4:25 PM ]: Seems like Dommin is deemed to get tossed out. Third times the charm?

tgs3[03/04/10 4:26 PM ]: Maybe

ragee[03/04/10 4:26 PM ]: har lyssnat grymt mycket på deras skiva så det kommer komma text frpn mig iaf

tgs3[03/04/10 4:26 PM ]: Nice to hear that people enjoy them

MockY[03/04/10 4:26 PM ]: Det va ju synd för Mr. Dommin

MockY[03/04/10 4:26 PM ]: eller kanske inte

tgs3[03/04/10 4:27 PM ]: He's had a lot of SOTD success already. I think he can handle it

MockY[03/04/10 4:27 PM ]: Du tyckte ju inte om Dommin tidigare ju

MockY[03/04/10 4:27 PM ]: rösta lågt hela tiden i rundorna

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:27 PM ]: men jag gillar dom

MockY[03/04/10 4:27 PM ]: Det finns väl ingen frisk människa som inte gillar honom

ragee[03/04/10 4:27 PM ]: jag har inte alltid röstat lågt på han

tgs3[03/04/10 4:28 PM ]: Niklas has gvien Dommin 8p three different times

ragee[03/04/10 4:28 PM ]: och det är grupper som jag giller först och sen långt senare hittar den röda tråden och då faller jag sjukt hårt

ragee[03/04/10 4:28 PM ]: som Fair To Midland eller 10 Years

tgs3[03/04/10 4:28 PM ]: It was just Awake he didn't like at first

MockY[03/04/10 4:28 PM ]: It's disqualifying Olympics today

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:28 PM ]: Five for Fighting is out

MockY[03/04/10 4:28 PM ]: ass for not liking that

ragee[03/04/10 4:29 PM ]: bäst grupper är de som är halvdan första gången man hör och sedan efeter många repitiotion växer

MockY[03/04/10 4:29 PM ]: alá Queensryche

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:31 PM ]: Are people ready to vote?

tgs3[03/04/10 4:31 PM ]: I am

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:31 PM ]: jag é klar

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:31 PM ]: 1

ragee[03/04/10 4:31 PM ]: jag mä

MockY[03/04/10 4:31 PM ]: inte jag

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:34 PM ]: how much time do you need?

MockY[03/04/10 4:34 PM ]: done

MockY[03/04/10 4:34 PM ]: none

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:34 PM ]: hollywood undead 5p

MockY[03/04/10 4:34 PM ]: 5

MockY[03/04/10 4:34 PM ]: Lifehouse 4p

ragee[03/04/10 4:34 PM ]: Barcelona 5p

tgs3[03/04/10 4:35 PM ]: Barcelona 4p

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:35 PM ]: Eye Empire 4p

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:35 PM ]: lifehouse 7p

MockY[03/04/10 4:35 PM ]: Pressive 5p

ragee[03/04/10 4:35 PM ]: Lifehouse 6p

tgs3[03/04/10 4:35 PM ]: Pressive 6p

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:35 PM ]: Lifehouse 6p

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:36 PM ]: eye empire 8p

MockY[03/04/10 4:36 PM ]: Hollywood Undead 6p

ragee[03/04/10 4:36 PM ]: Pressive 7p

tgs3[03/04/10 4:36 PM ]: Eye Empire 7p

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:36 PM ]: Barcelona 8p

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:37 PM ]: pressive 9p

MockY[03/04/10 4:37 PM ]: Barcelona 8p

ragee[03/04/10 4:37 PM ]: Eye Empire 8p

tgs3[03/04/10 4:37 PM ]: Hollywood Undead 8p

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:37 PM ]: Hollywood Undead 9p

MockY[03/04/10 4:37 PM ]: sicken blandad röstning

MockY[03/04/10 4:37 PM ]: sådana e roliga

ragee[03/04/10 4:37 PM ]: haha

ragee[03/04/10 4:37 PM ]: mmm vad som hellst kan hända

tgs3[03/04/10 4:38 PM ]: I think you guys might not have listened to the Lifehouse song..

ragee[03/04/10 4:38 PM ]: jodå ville ge tre låtar 8p

ragee[03/04/10 4:38 PM ]: men det går ju inte

MockY[03/04/10 4:38 PM ]: du kan ju prova

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:39 PM ]: om man vill ge tre låtar 8p så hamnar dom på 7, 8, 9p

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:39 PM ]:

ragee[03/04/10 4:39 PM ]: hmm nä 6 7 8

MockY[03/04/10 4:39 PM ]: Inte om man heter Bergstrand

MockY[03/04/10 4:39 PM ]:

ragee[03/04/10 4:39 PM ]: tyckte ingen var 9 så hehe

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:39 PM ]: så gjorde jag

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:39 PM ]: unless you really don't think the top one is a 9, then it goes down

ragee[03/04/10 4:39 PM ]: men lite snålt tänkt kanske

MockY[03/04/10 4:39 PM ]: agree

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:40 PM ]: 1. hollywood undead 28p grattis nicke

tgs3[03/04/10 4:40 PM ]: I agree with Anders, but this isn't the first time we've discussed this and seen the Bergstrand give low

MockY[03/04/10 4:40 PM ]: Ja jävlar annamma

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:40 PM ]: The Lifehouse song was boring, good background music though, 'cause it wasn't annoying boring

MockY[03/04/10 4:40 PM ]: där kom vinsten

tgs3[03/04/10 4:40 PM ]: Congrats Niklas

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:41 PM ]: 2. pressive 27p

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:41 PM ]: cool


Hebbe[03/04/10 4:41 PM ]: tror jag ska ha låtar som vi tror peter tycker är bra som mitt nästa tema

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:41 PM ]: 3. eye empire 27p

tgs3[03/04/10 4:42 PM ]: Not super original, sure, but not boring for that Lifehouse song. Pretty much the best song they've ever done

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:42 PM ]: 4. barcelona 25p

tgs3[03/04/10 4:42 PM ]: Wow, Nina in first place....

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:42 PM ]: cool

tgs3[03/04/10 4:42 PM ]: Words fail me

ragee[03/04/10 4:42 PM ]: fan va skönt att nåt gött händer nu

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:42 PM ]: 5. lifehouse 23p

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:43 PM ]: they were all pretty close points wise this time

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:43 PM ]: bra omg

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:43 PM ]: I don't think that I'll hold onto it after the next round

tgs3[03/04/10 4:43 PM ]: No weak songs anyway

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:43 PM ]: blev som jag trodde peter och nina gillade min låt och ingen annan

ragee[03/04/10 4:44 PM ]: nästa runda låter fin fiont den mä

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:44 PM ]: I chose a song that I really like, but I don't think will do very well

ragee[03/04/10 4:44 PM ]: så kanske ska testa Anders sätt att rösta då

MockY[03/04/10 4:44 PM ]: Ninas vote on mine was far from all the others....grrrr

tgs3[03/04/10 4:44 PM ]: Yout might hold on if Anders wins, but yes, there are three people right behind you

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:44 PM ]: sorry, I didn't like it

tgs3[03/04/10 4:45 PM ]: I really only went as high as it did for the singing. The music was generic and kinda boring

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:45 PM ]: ha ha ha

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:45 PM ]: it was annoying background music for me

tgs3[03/04/10 4:46 PM ]: Eye Empire's Donald Carpenter joins Lukas Rossi in the "Been in SOTD with 3 Different Bands" club

tgs3[03/04/10 4:46 PM ]: There might be more, but those are the only 2 I can think of

thebrat13n[03/04/10 4:46 PM ]: OK, I gotta go. See y'all later

MockY[03/04/10 4:46 PM ]: Lukas has no chance in terms or vocal capabilities

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:46 PM ]: vilka då

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:46 PM ]: hej då nina

ragee[03/04/10 4:47 PM ]: cyaaa

tgs3[03/04/10 4:47 PM ]: I think this current round will need some listening. Nothing too great at first listen, but there are several songs that sound like they might grow on me

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:49 PM ]: ja det finns en par låtar som kommer att växa tror jag

ragee[03/04/10 4:49 PM ]: tycker den verkar riktigt mysig

ragee[03/04/10 4:50 PM ]: bara en låt jag inte gillar som konstat gick på radion förra året

tgs3[03/04/10 4:51 PM ]: Is Nicki Five the bass player for Five A.M.?

MockY[03/04/10 4:52 PM ]:

ragee[03/04/10 4:52 PM ]: hahahaha funny

MockY[03/04/10 4:52 PM ]: you're funny

MockY[03/04/10 4:53 PM ]: redigt jämn säsong hittils

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:53 PM ]: jag skrattade när jag såg det

tgs3[03/04/10 4:53 PM ]: thank you

MockY[03/04/10 4:55 PM ]: Undrar om Norge eller Mexico kommer att ge USA en fight för vinsten

tgs3[03/04/10 4:55 PM ]: Yeah, this season is probably about an even a start as we've ever had

tgs3[03/04/10 4:55 PM ]: Anders being last means it will soon get more even when he starts to kick ass

MockY[03/04/10 4:56 PM ]: Nina on top is a great change

MockY[03/04/10 4:56 PM ]: Niklas really needed that win badly

tgs3[03/04/10 4:57 PM ]: yup

Hebbe[03/04/10 4:57 PM ]: det beror på vilken taktik jag har, kanske kör dom låtar som jag tycker bäst om, men jag har några nya modern rockers

ragee[03/04/10 4:58 PM ]: ja fan ja den vinsten var grymt viktig

MockY[03/04/10 4:58 PM ]: för nu är du med i spelet igen

ragee[03/04/10 4:58 PM ]: ska nöta musikletande i helgen så jag får en samling med goooda låtar

ragee[03/04/10 4:59 PM ]: yes yes för en gångs skull

MockY[03/04/10 4:59 PM ]: Jag tror jag har jag hört det där fö jag kommer inte riktigt ihåg var jag hörde det

MockY[03/04/10 4:59 PM ]:

ragee[03/04/10 4:59 PM ]: hahaha

ragee[03/04/10 4:59 PM ]: men vafan har oflyt varje gång

Hebbe[03/04/10 5:00 PM ]: heja nicke

Hebbe[03/04/10 5:00 PM ]: tyvärr hade du sämsta låten

tgs3[03/04/10 5:01 PM ]: I have good stuff to use the rest of the season, but none of it is guaranteed to be liked by you guys

ragee[03/04/10 5:01 PM ]: hehe kanske det kanske men det g´hör inte hit

MockY[03/04/10 5:02 PM ]: KSka svara på Anders fråga. Banden är Submersed, Creed, och Eye Empire

MockY[03/04/10 5:03 PM ]: tror jag

MockY[03/04/10 5:03 PM ]: Eller var det Alter Bridge

tgs3[03/04/10 5:03 PM ]: Creed?

MockY[03/04/10 5:03 PM ]: eftersom han e sångare

tgs3[03/04/10 5:03 PM ]: I guess I missed the question

tgs3[03/04/10 5:04 PM ]: If the question was about Carpenter, the third band is MIllion Man Army

tgs3[03/04/10 5:04 PM ]: I think Peter must be drunk

tgs3[03/04/10 5:04 PM ]: Submersed and Eye Empire being the others

MockY[03/04/10 5:04 PM ]: Just guessing from wikipedias associative acts

MockY[03/04/10 5:04 PM ]:

MockY[03/04/10 5:04 PM ]: I was right there anyway

tgs3[03/04/10 5:05 PM ]: So you thought Donald Carpenter was the singer for Creed?

MockY[03/04/10 5:05 PM ]: didn't he do the first 2 albums

MockY[03/04/10 5:05 PM ]: I just entered what the article had listed first without thinking

MockY[03/04/10 5:05 PM ]: which is why I changed it quickly

Hebbe[03/04/10 5:06 PM ]: ok

Hebbe[03/04/10 5:06 PM ]: till alter bridge

MockY[03/04/10 5:06 PM ]: vilket även det va fel

tgs3[03/04/10 5:07 PM ]: Very

Hebbe[03/04/10 5:07 PM ]: då hade jag nog varit uppdaterad

tgs3[03/04/10 5:11 PM ]: It looks like its about that time

tgs3[03/04/10 5:11 PM ]: To work for Theron. Seeya all on Monday

ragee[03/04/10 5:12 PM ]: cyaaa

ragee[03/04/10 5:12 PM ]: ska dra mig till kojs ja

ragee[03/04/10 5:12 PM ]: hade gött

MockY[03/04/10 5:13 PM ]: puss i ljumsken dårå

Hebbe[03/04/10 5:15 PM ]: ja god natt då

MockY[03/04/10 5:15 PM ]: jupp jupp