ragee[11/30/09 3:57 PM ]: yo yo yo

MockY[11/30/09 3:58 PM ]: Yo yo

ragee[11/30/09 3:58 PM ]: WHATS UP!!

MockY[11/30/09 3:58 PM ]: nuttn'

MockY[11/30/09 3:58 PM ]: What's down?

Hebbe[11/30/09 3:58 PM ]: ny var det någon som var snabb

ragee[11/30/09 3:59 PM ]: nothin

Hebbe[11/30/09 3:59 PM ]: nu

tgs3[11/30/09 4:01 PM ]: yo

MockY[11/30/09 4:01 PM ]: Hur äre på andra sidan?

ragee[11/30/09 4:01 PM ]: inget nytt tror jag, är jäkligt trött som vanligt på måndagar

tgs3[11/30/09 4:02 PM ]: That's too bad

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:02 PM ]: som vanligt pappaledig

tgs3[11/30/09 4:03 PM ]: Shall we talk about the "At Least 5 New Bands Per Season" rule?

tgs3[11/30/09 4:03 PM ]: Is anyone against this idea?

ragee[11/30/09 4:03 PM ]: nej jag tycker det är en helt okey ide

MockY[11/30/09 4:03 PM ]: I'm all for it

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:04 PM ]: jag tycker det skulle va kul att prova ett par säsonger

MockY[11/30/09 4:04 PM ]: But how do we enforce it since we don't know who uses what song

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:04 PM ]: man kan köra minst 4 nya band om man vill det istället

MockY[11/30/09 4:04 PM ]: Not talking deliberatly, but if someone used 6 used bands without thinking about it

tgs3[11/30/09 4:05 PM ]: We kick a person's ass if we find out afterwards they broke the rule

MockY[11/30/09 4:05 PM ]: ahh

tgs3[11/30/09 4:05 PM ]: Then they only get to use 4 the next season. Seems like a fair solution.

ragee[11/30/09 4:05 PM ]: yupp

MockY[11/30/09 4:06 PM ]: Alrighty then

tgs3[11/30/09 4:06 PM ]: I don't really know that there's anything to "prova". We know what will happen, there will be slightly more new bands than there has been the past few seasons

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:06 PM ]: theron kollar nog upp statistiken

tgs3[11/30/09 4:06 PM ]: If after a couple of seasons, people are against the rule, we can vote again

tgs3[11/30/09 4:06 PM ]: I already have , Anders.

MockY[11/30/09 4:06 PM ]: But this will be my last season...I didn't tell?'

MockY[11/30/09 4:06 PM ]:

tgs3[11/30/09 4:07 PM ]: Over the last 10 seaons, this is the number of times this rule has been broker: Anders 6, Theron 5, Peter 3, Nina 2 and Niklas 0.

thebrat13n[11/30/09 4:07 PM ]: It doesn't reallyaffect me very much

MockY[11/30/09 4:07 PM ]: It obviously bites Anders' ass the most

tgs3[11/30/09 4:07 PM ]: Even Anders would just need to change like 7 or 8 songs over the course of 10 seaons.

thebrat13n[11/30/09 4:08 PM ]: I'm for it.

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:08 PM ]: det är det jag kände, jag pressar inte mej själv på nya band längre

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:08 PM ]: det var min idé så jag är på

ragee[11/30/09 4:08 PM ]: fan va jag äger er haha

tgs3[11/30/09 4:08 PM ]: Almost all my ine came in the last 5 seasons, and I think it would have gotten worse, so this rule probably affects me for the future, but I'm not too worried about it

MockY[11/30/09 4:09 PM ]: Bar att äga på någe

MockY[11/30/09 4:09 PM ]: bra*

ragee[11/30/09 4:09 PM ]: kanske blir litejmnare nu när inte vetaraneranerna mjölkar

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:10 PM ]: niklas, du måste nog höja dej ett snäpp ändå

tgs3[11/30/09 4:10 PM ]: It will be nice with a little more new blood eash season, but I don't think this rule is going to be felt all that much

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:11 PM ]: men man kanske provar band som man inte tordes testa

MockY[11/30/09 4:11 PM ]: När man är tvingad i så fall

tgs3[11/30/09 4:12 PM ]: Sure, a few times we'll have to use a song we wouldn't if this rule wasn't in place

tgs3[11/30/09 4:12 PM ]: So we strart with this right away next season, right?

ragee[11/30/09 4:12 PM ]: yes på engång

thebrat13n[11/30/09 4:12 PM ]: cool

MockY[11/30/09 4:12 PM ]: Får lägga till en statsruta för använda band per säsong, så alla kan enkelt se hur många alla har kvar

tgs3[11/30/09 4:13 PM ]: Sounds like a good idea

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:13 PM ]: ja vi kör direkt

tgs3[11/30/09 4:13 PM ]: I see there's only one new band this round so far.

tgs3[11/30/09 4:13 PM ]: People using the old bands while they can

MockY[11/30/09 4:14 PM ]: hehe

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:14 PM ]: jo jag spara mina

tgs3[11/30/09 4:17 PM ]: smart man

MockY[11/30/09 4:17 PM ]: stavas lika på svenska

thebrat13n[11/30/09 4:18 PM ]: Are people ready to vote?

ragee[11/30/09 4:18 PM ]: hehe så jävla coolt

ragee[11/30/09 4:18 PM ]: 5min

ragee[11/30/09 4:18 PM ]: har lite probs med en placering

ragee[11/30/09 4:19 PM ]: nej jag är done =

tgs3[11/30/09 4:19 PM ]: whenever

ragee[11/30/09 4:19 PM ]: 242342

tgs3[11/30/09 4:19 PM ]: 2

MockY[11/30/09 4:19 PM ]: 3

thebrat13n[11/30/09 4:19 PM ]: 3

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:20 PM ]: 2

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:20 PM ]: popevil 5p

MockY[11/30/09 4:20 PM ]: Pop Evil 4p

ragee[11/30/09 4:20 PM ]: pop evil 5p

tgs3[11/30/09 4:20 PM ]: Pop Evil 5p

thebrat13n[11/30/09 4:20 PM ]: Engel 5p

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:20 PM ]: engel 7p

MockY[11/30/09 4:21 PM ]: Ages Apart 6p

ragee[11/30/09 4:21 PM ]: juke kartel 6p

ragee[11/30/09 4:22 PM ]: theron?

tgs3[11/30/09 4:22 PM ]: Juke Kartel 6p

thebrat13n[11/30/09 4:22 PM ]: Breed 77 6p

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:22 PM ]: ages apart 8p

MockY[11/30/09 4:22 PM ]: Juke Kartel 7p

ragee[11/30/09 4:23 PM ]: Breed 77 7p

tgs3[11/30/09 4:23 PM ]: Breed 77 8p

thebrat13n[11/30/09 4:23 PM ]: Juke Kartel 7p

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:23 PM ]: breed 77 9p

MockY[11/30/09 4:23 PM ]: Engel 9p

ragee[11/30/09 4:23 PM ]: Ages Apart 8p

tgs3[11/30/09 4:23 PM ]: Engel 9p

thebrat13n[11/30/09 4:23 PM ]: Ages Apart 8p

ragee[11/30/09 4:23 PM ]: nice poäng jag fick fdär då

MockY[11/30/09 4:24 PM ]: Mer än normalt

ragee[11/30/09 4:24 PM ]: mmm äntlish

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:24 PM ]: jämn topp här igen

MockY[11/30/09 4:24 PM ]: Grattis Theron till säsongen...officiellt

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:25 PM ]: 1. engel 30p grattis nicke

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:25 PM ]: 2. breed 77 30p

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:25 PM ]: 3. ages apart 30p


Hebbe[11/30/09 4:25 PM ]: 4. juke kartel 26p

ragee[11/30/09 4:26 PM ]: FAN VA SKÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖNT

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:26 PM ]: 5. pop evil 19p

MockY[11/30/09 4:26 PM ]: shit..vilka poäng

tgs3[11/30/09 4:26 PM ]: Congrats, NIklas

tgs3[11/30/09 4:26 PM ]: Damn, very even

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:26 PM ]: hårt och jämt där

thebrat13n[11/30/09 4:27 PM ]: Congrats Niklas,

ragee[11/30/09 4:27 PM ]: rolog runda detta

ragee[11/30/09 4:27 PM ]: tack tack

thebrat13n[11/30/09 4:27 PM ]: I have to go, see you all Thrusday

ragee[11/30/09 4:27 PM ]: cyaa

tgs3[11/30/09 4:28 PM ]: 2p seals the deal on the season, but it hurts to be so close to 4p...

MockY[11/30/09 4:29 PM ]: you can really smell it

MockY[11/30/09 4:30 PM ]: hmm if I win next and Theron ends last, we have a tie

MockY[11/30/09 4:30 PM ]: very likey

ragee[11/30/09 4:30 PM ]: ohh

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:31 PM ]: jo chansen finns, berätta bara vilken som är therons så ska han få en etta av mej

MockY[11/30/09 4:31 PM ]: hehe

MockY[11/30/09 4:31 PM ]: Den där låten äre *pekar åt höger*

tgs3[11/30/09 4:31 PM ]: Ah, I was thinking you were Juke Kartel, not Breed

tgs3[11/30/09 4:32 PM ]: Mostly because you said the season was over

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:32 PM ]: ha ha h aha

MockY[11/30/09 4:32 PM ]: well, it is

MockY[11/30/09 4:32 PM ]: kinda

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:32 PM ]: höger ok

MockY[11/30/09 4:32 PM ]: it would be very bizarre if I win and you came last

MockY[11/30/09 4:32 PM ]: I was not expecting getting 3 points either

tgs3[11/30/09 4:33 PM ]: Unlikely is probably right, but that's what happened in round 6

MockY[11/30/09 4:33 PM ]: Though you had me beat with 1p

MockY[11/30/09 4:33 PM ]: can we redo round 6

MockY[11/30/09 4:33 PM ]: a new rule for round 10

tgs3[11/30/09 4:35 PM ]: Don't forget about Anders behind you. Only 3 points separate that one

tgs3[11/30/09 4:36 PM ]: It's a very spread out in for the last round. At least 3p separates everyone

MockY[11/30/09 4:36 PM ]: yeah, that outcome is more likely to happen

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:36 PM ]: nä jag har ingen chans med min låt, jag har bara fastnat för den

MockY[11/30/09 4:37 PM ]: Anders is the only one who did not end last in any round

MockY[11/30/09 4:37 PM ]: And Iäm planning on you doing such next round, so he wont end up last at all this season

MockY[11/30/09 4:37 PM ]:

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:37 PM ]: den enda som har 4 fjärdeplatser så det klingar inte så bra det heller

tgs3[11/30/09 4:38 PM ]: I'd be pretty surprised if I came in last

tgs3[11/30/09 4:38 PM ]: Not guarateeing a win or anything, but last would be a shock

MockY[11/30/09 4:38 PM ]: well then, that's all you need. Congrats for a second season win

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:38 PM ]: jag tror att theron har gjort en riktig safe-are

tgs3[11/30/09 4:39 PM ]: maybe...

ragee[11/30/09 4:39 PM ]: nej nu ska jag krypa tills kojs

ragee[11/30/09 4:39 PM ]: ses på torsdag

MockY[11/30/09 4:39 PM ]: mest troligt

MockY[11/30/09 4:40 PM ]: puss

tgs3[11/30/09 4:40 PM ]: cya

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:40 PM ]: hej då

tgs3[11/30/09 4:44 PM ]: Seems like a decent round to end the season on

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:44 PM ]: jo det tycker jag

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:44 PM ]: inte som förra rundan men inte alls illa

tgs3[11/30/09 4:45 PM ]: I pretty much agree with that

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:46 PM ]: men du kan känna dej lugn jag är ganska säker på vilken låt som tar sistaplaceringen om inte jag gör det

MockY[11/30/09 4:48 PM ]: Anders: Det sista jag inhandlade var senaste Five Finger Death Punch, och inte Breed 77 så som du verkade tro

tgs3[11/30/09 4:48 PM ]: I have a guess on the last place song, too

tgs3[11/30/09 4:49 PM ]: But it probably won't be the song I personally have lowest

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:49 PM ]: då hade jag fel, man jag fick inte tag på den nya platta

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:49 PM ]: på torrent

MockY[11/30/09 4:50 PM ]: mjo då

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:50 PM ]: har du lagt in den på arkivet

MockY[11/30/09 4:50 PM ]: Lägger upp den i arkivet senare i veckan så du kan tanka därifrån

tgs3[11/30/09 4:50 PM ]: NO he hasn't

tgs3[11/30/09 4:50 PM ]: I just checked for you

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:51 PM ]: om du inte ska köra dom igen

MockY[11/30/09 4:51 PM ]: kanske kanske inte. Lägger upp dom endå. Tanka på du bara

tgs3[11/30/09 4:51 PM ]: I have it, but I haven't listened to it

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:52 PM ]: gött, det är inte säkert jag hinner lyssna på den ändå

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:52 PM ]: måste hitta flera goa nya band

MockY[11/30/09 4:52 PM ]: såg den på Mediafire. Du kan tanka därifrån ifall du inte vill vänta någon dag

MockY[11/30/09 4:52 PM ]: http://www.mediafire.com/?mnhumkktznn

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:53 PM ]: jag är bara på isohunt

tgs3[11/30/09 4:53 PM ]: You should probably expand a bit

tgs3[11/30/09 4:54 PM ]: Especially now that Isohunt doesn't have Mininova to get stuff from any more

tgs3[11/30/09 4:54 PM ]: I guess it's time to split my list into "New Bands" and "Old Bands"

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:54 PM ]: är mediafire bättre

MockY[11/30/09 4:54 PM ]: atleast try torrentz

MockY[11/30/09 4:54 PM ]: www.torrentz.com

tgs3[11/30/09 4:55 PM ]: Mediafire is not torrents. You just need to download the rar file if you go the link Peter sent you

tgs3[11/30/09 4:55 PM ]: It's like Rapidshar or Megaupload, if you've every used those

MockY[11/30/09 4:55 PM ]: Tror inte du kan söka så bra i Mediafire...och så snart dom fått vittringen om något olagligt så plockas det bort

Hebbe[11/30/09 4:55 PM ]: det har jag gjort för länge sen

MockY[11/30/09 4:56 PM ]: Rapidshare is annoying if you don't pay. I prefer mediafire. Simple and fast gui

tgs3[11/30/09 4:58 PM ]: I'm not sure how Mediafire makes any money. There doesn't seem to be any reasons to get a pay account there. I haven't looked into it much, so maybe I'm missing something

MockY[11/30/09 4:58 PM ]: that's what I love about it. No fuzz

MockY[11/30/09 4:59 PM ]: however, more and more ads are creeping in to the site

MockY[11/30/09 4:59 PM ]: bloating it down

MockY[11/30/09 4:59 PM ]: A year ago, there were no ads at all

tgs3[11/30/09 4:59 PM ]: Since I don;t see how they make money, I guess that's to be expected

MockY[11/30/09 4:59 PM ]: I assume that the speeds will be increased if you pay, just like Rapidshare

MockY[11/30/09 4:59 PM ]: Assume that is the model most of them go by

tgs3[11/30/09 5:01 PM ]: Yeah, I guess so, but it seems like Mediafire is pretty fast already. Maybe I just haven't used them enough to know

MockY[11/30/09 5:02 PM ]: I use them alot, but I still don't know. I just use them since they have no download limits and extremely annoying wait periods

MockY[11/30/09 5:04 PM ]: Nowadays, many people use http://www.multiupload.com/ so there are always options

tgs3[11/30/09 5:06 PM ]: Yeah, we'll see how long these companies last. They seem even easier to go after than torrent sites

MockY[11/30/09 5:07 PM ]: the downside is that the media is not there consistently. With torrents, you have it located always on one spot. With these sites, the file can be taken down at any time

tgs3[11/30/09 5:07 PM ]: Yup, but its very fast and eaay to get it when it is there

MockY[11/30/09 5:08 PM ]: heck yeah it is

tgs3[11/30/09 5:10 PM ]: Well, I should probably get to work. Seeya all for the conclusion to Season 33 on Thursday

Hebbe[11/30/09 5:14 PM ]: jaha då säger vi god natt Hebbe vi ses på torsdag