ragee[11/02/09 4:00 PM ]: afton

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:01 PM ]: Hi

tgs3[11/02/09 4:03 PM ]: SOTD is back!!

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:03 PM ]: jaloba

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:04 PM ]: I don't know how to vote on these songs...

tgs3[11/02/09 4:04 PM ]: a whole number between 0 and 11

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:04 PM ]: jag kan hjälpa dej

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:05 PM ]: I'm pretty sure I know whick is your song Anders...

MockY[11/02/09 4:05 PM ]: Här trillar alla in på en gång

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:05 PM ]: bra sätt en tia på den

tgs3[11/02/09 4:05 PM ]: I have a guess, too

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:06 PM ]: I'm pretty sure I know which one belongs to who on all of them this time

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:06 PM ]: Which is unusual for me

tgs3[11/02/09 4:07 PM ]: If you're correct....

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:07 PM ]: får man uppa låtar innan det är tömt i mappen?

tgs3[11/02/09 4:07 PM ]: I've done it in the past

MockY[11/02/09 4:07 PM ]: uppa på du bara

tgs3[11/02/09 4:07 PM ]: I don't like to ask Peter, because that gives away that I'm the one waiting to upload right away

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:07 PM ]: jag ser att gruppen är upptagen nu

tgs3[11/02/09 4:08 PM ]: I guess someone got lucky and got it in before you

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:09 PM ]: jag det förklarar vem robert har pratat med

tgs3[11/02/09 4:10 PM ]: About Creed?

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:10 PM ]: ha ha ha ha ha

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:11 PM ]: jag vet vem som har ftm

tgs3[11/02/09 4:11 PM ]: I wish I was trying to be funny, but I'm just confused

ragee[11/02/09 4:11 PM ]: ser bara creed jag

tgs3[11/02/09 4:11 PM ]: Ah, OK, but what was it that "förklarar det"?

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:12 PM ]: det kan vi ta efter röstningen

tgs3[11/02/09 4:12 PM ]: Sounds like the right time for such a discussion

tgs3[11/02/09 4:13 PM ]: AFter I mean

tgs3[11/02/09 4:19 PM ]: I guess we're all busy figuring out a tough round?

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:21 PM ]: enkel röstning idag

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:21 PM ]: I think it's hard

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:22 PM ]: the songs are all different, so it's hard for me to compare them

ragee[11/02/09 4:23 PM ]: det är då det brukar vara enkelt för mig

MockY[11/02/09 4:24 PM ]: kom vilse i kod

tgs3[11/02/09 4:24 PM ]: Must be very exciting

MockY[11/02/09 4:25 PM ]: not particularly

tgs3[11/02/09 4:25 PM ]: that's too bad

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:27 PM ]: nä nu röstar vi

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:27 PM ]: 1

MockY[11/02/09 4:27 PM ]: 2

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:27 PM ]: 2

ragee[11/02/09 4:27 PM ]: 4233

tgs3[11/02/09 4:28 PM ]: 6

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:28 PM ]: smile emty soul 4p

MockY[11/02/09 4:28 PM ]: Breaking Benjamin 5p

ragee[11/02/09 4:28 PM ]: Above Only 5p

tgs3[11/02/09 4:28 PM ]: Black in the Mind 5p

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:28 PM ]: Fair to Midland 4p

MockY[11/02/09 4:28 PM ]: Intresant

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:28 PM ]: black in the mind 6p

MockY[11/02/09 4:29 PM ]: Fair To Midland 6p

ragee[11/02/09 4:29 PM ]: Breaking Benjamin 6p

tgs3[11/02/09 4:29 PM ]: Above Only 6p

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:29 PM ]: Breaking Benjamin 5p

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:29 PM ]: above only 7p

MockY[11/02/09 4:29 PM ]: Smile Empty Soul 7p

ragee[11/02/09 4:29 PM ]: Smile Empty Soul 7p

tgs3[11/02/09 4:30 PM ]: Smile Empty Soul 8p

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:30 PM ]: Above Only 7p

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:30 PM ]: fair to midland 9p

MockY[11/02/09 4:30 PM ]: Black In The Mind 8p

ragee[11/02/09 4:30 PM ]: Fair To Midland 8p

tgs3[11/02/09 4:30 PM ]: Breaking Benjamin 9p

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:30 PM ]: Black in the Mind 8p

ragee[11/02/09 4:31 PM ]: my gosh så blandade poäng

MockY[11/02/09 4:31 PM ]: lol

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:31 PM ]: it was very interesting voting

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:31 PM ]: kass röstning

MockY[11/02/09 4:31 PM ]: Vi fick alla en sistapoäng

MockY[11/02/09 4:32 PM ]: lägstapoäng*

tgs3[11/02/09 4:32 PM ]: I tried, Anders

tgs3[11/02/09 4:33 PM ]: Robert promised me 10's from Anders and Niklas. Looks like he's going to be upset with his brothers...

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:33 PM ]: ha ha ha ha

MockY[11/02/09 4:34 PM ]: Or you upset with Robert

tgs3[11/02/09 4:34 PM ]: Nah. I wasn't put my full faith in him

ragee[11/02/09 4:34 PM ]: jag är då inte det

ragee[11/02/09 4:34 PM ]: kul att lyssna på bra låtar oxå

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:35 PM ]: det var ganska tydligt vem som hade uppat ftm när inte creed dök upp

tgs3[11/02/09 4:35 PM ]: really?

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:35 PM ]: hade tänkt att ta creed direkt idag men då var inte mappen tom så jag väntade

tgs3[11/02/09 4:36 PM ]: I had 100% planned on using Creed, but then Robert came on MSN and asked me if I wanted a "great" new FTM song. I couldn't resist.

MockY[11/02/09 4:36 PM ]: Jag funderade på detsamma, men förra rundan. Men hitta inget på plattan som smakade speciellt bra

tgs3[11/02/09 4:36 PM ]: I guess someone benefitted from Peter being slow on cleaning out the folder

tgs3[11/02/09 4:37 PM ]: Or maybe they didn't benefit if Peter's opinion is shared by others

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:37 PM ]: men med tanke på vilket miss jag tydligen gjorde med bb i första så hade jag nog misslyckats med creed också

MockY[11/02/09 4:37 PM ]: Inte så svårt i detta fallet

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:38 PM ]: jag gillar powerballader

MockY[11/02/09 4:38 PM ]: Resultat Anders?

tgs3[11/02/09 4:38 PM ]: I haven't listened to the Breaking Benjamin album enough to really say Anders, but I thought Anthem of the Angels was a good choice.

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:39 PM ]: men inte dom andra

tgs3[11/02/09 4:39 PM ]: very true

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:39 PM ]: tror vi hoppar över resultatet idag

MockY[11/02/09 4:39 PM ]: Jag tyckte hela plattan va lika kass som låten du använde

MockY[11/02/09 4:39 PM ]: riktigt besviken

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:39 PM ]: 1. fair to midland 27p grattis robert

tgs3[11/02/09 4:40 PM ]: haha

ragee[11/02/09 4:40 PM ]: hahaha

ragee[11/02/09 4:40 PM ]: lol

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:40 PM ]: 2. black in the mind 27p

ragee[11/02/09 4:40 PM ]: jaaaaa

ragee[11/02/09 4:40 PM ]: tihi så nära

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:40 PM ]: 3. smile empty soul 26p

tgs3[11/02/09 4:40 PM ]: Good thing I flip flopped Black in the Mind and Above Only just a few minutes before the vote

thebrat13n[11/02/09 4:41 PM ]: fracking anders

ragee[11/02/09 4:41 PM ]: damn

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:41 PM ]: 4. breaking benjamin 25p

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:41 PM ]: 5. above only 25p

tgs3[11/02/09 4:41 PM ]: Damn, 2 points from first to last

tgs3[11/02/09 4:41 PM ]: Anders and Peter combing for 1p is a nice little season start for Theron

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:42 PM ]: jag ska hålla mej i botten-skiktet denna säsong

tgs3[11/02/09 4:42 PM ]: cool

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:42 PM ]: kommer nolla i nästa

tgs3[11/02/09 4:43 PM ]: It's kinda of a strange round from what I've heard so far

tgs3[11/02/09 4:43 PM ]: Has an indie feel to it

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:44 PM ]: peter jag är också besviken på breaking benjamins nya platta men det finns några bra på den

tgs3[11/02/09 4:44 PM ]: Not necesailry a good thing to my ears

tgs3[11/02/09 4:45 PM ]: I'm dissapointed in new albums 95% of the time. It's just the nature of expectations

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:45 PM ]: indie är väl hemskt för theron

MockY[11/02/09 4:45 PM ]: Jag får trösta mig med att jag är tvåa i utgivna poäng

tgs3[11/02/09 4:45 PM ]: The Breaking Benjamin album is no different. Blue October also fell into this for me. Both good albums, but I hoped for better

MockY[11/02/09 4:47 PM ]: I hope 10 Years wont do the same

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:47 PM ]: lika med creed, men med några extra varv så kommer flera låtar på creeds nya

MockY[11/02/09 4:47 PM ]: bonus spåren är bättre än låtarna på själva plattan

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:47 PM ]: det vet man aldrig

MockY[11/02/09 4:47 PM ]: helgalet ju

tgs3[11/02/09 4:48 PM ]: Creed is one of the few that lived up to my expectations.

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:48 PM ]: på vilken?

tgs3[11/02/09 4:48 PM ]: I expected less with them, so that could certainly be part of it

MockY[11/02/09 4:48 PM ]: Creed-plattan

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:48 PM ]: du har valt fel låt theron

tgs3[11/02/09 4:49 PM ]: I've only heard Secret Teacher. I thought it should have made the album over some over songs, but only the 6th or so best song in my opinion

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:49 PM ]: har bara 12 låtar på den jag ladda hem

tgs3[11/02/09 4:49 PM ]: Really, Anders? I thought Vultures was easily the best song on the album.

MockY[11/02/09 4:50 PM ]: That is the tune I am referring to. Did not meant it in plural

tgs3[11/02/09 4:50 PM ]: It was a nice change of pace song, so it was stupid to not include it an leave in some more generic songs

MockY[11/02/09 4:51 PM ]: Could be a Stapp tune as well...hence itäs an extra track

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:51 PM ]: visst pratar vi om creed

MockY[11/02/09 4:52 PM ]: who knows

tgs3[11/02/09 4:52 PM ]: Oh, I thought you said I chose the wrong song?

tgs3[11/02/09 4:52 PM ]: Ah, you were still tallking about Creed

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:53 PM ]: ha ha ha h ah a

MockY[11/02/09 4:53 PM ]: When were we not?

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:53 PM ]: on vultures

tgs3[11/02/09 4:53 PM ]: You guys are confusing me

MockY[11/02/09 4:54 PM ]: On vultures? Dom har ju ingen sådan låt

MockY[11/02/09 4:54 PM ]: nu e jag konfundersam även jag

tgs3[11/02/09 4:55 PM ]: Who is "dom"

MockY[11/02/09 4:55 PM ]: Creed

tgs3[11/02/09 4:55 PM ]: Creed or Vaeda?

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:55 PM ]: ha ha h ah ah ha ha

tgs3[11/02/09 4:55 PM ]: Then, yes, as far as I know, Creed doesn't sing about vultures

MockY[11/02/09 4:55 PM ]: When did we ever talk about Vaeda?

tgs3[11/02/09 4:55 PM ]: They do have some video in the desert, I think. There might be some vultures flying around in it

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:55 PM ]: tgs3[9:49:56 PM]: Really, Anders? I thought Vultures was easily the best song on the album.

MockY[11/02/09 4:56 PM ]: you were talking about either BB or Creed before then

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:57 PM ]: jag var på BB den 11 augusti i år

MockY[11/02/09 4:57 PM ]: I'm extremely confused, so I shall pee

Hebbe[11/02/09 4:58 PM ]: det var en grym upplevelse igen

tgs3[11/02/09 4:58 PM ]: It was a quick visit, so that was nice for you

tgs3[11/02/09 5:00 PM ]: Yeah, Anders, I don't know about your song this round. Maybe it will grow on me

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:00 PM ]: den behöver några vändor

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:01 PM ]: hoppas du har tid

tgs3[11/02/09 5:02 PM ]: Yes, it does make this round a little longer to get thru

tgs3[11/02/09 5:02 PM ]: I generally like long songs, so it souldn't be a problem. Unless it annoys me.

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:02 PM ]: jag tyckte creed - on my sleeve var bästa låten

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:03 PM ]:

tgs3[11/02/09 5:03 PM ]: Me, too

MockY[11/02/09 5:03 PM ]: en av dom bättre, ja

tgs3[11/02/09 5:03 PM ]: Maybe the person that used Creed was stupid and thought A Thousand Faces wold go over better in SOTD

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:03 PM ]: hur många ggr har du lyssnat igenom plattan, peter?

MockY[11/02/09 5:03 PM ]: stupid person

MockY[11/02/09 5:04 PM ]: har haft den snurrandes i bilen en stund, så jag vet inte riktigt. 6 ggr kanske

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:05 PM ]: då borde ju dom bra låtarna kommit tillräkligt

MockY[11/02/09 5:05 PM ]: Overcome är dock den bästa låten på plattan

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:05 PM ]: aldrig

MockY[11/02/09 5:05 PM ]: som sagt, är mindre imponerad av Creeds cd

thebrat13n[11/02/09 5:05 PM ]: Is on my sleeve the first release on the radio?

MockY[11/02/09 5:05 PM ]: men är mer besviken på BB än vad jag är Creed

MockY[11/02/09 5:06 PM ]: No, Rain is

MockY[11/02/09 5:06 PM ]: atleast that is their second single

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:06 PM ]: jag trodde det var overcome och sen rain

MockY[11/02/09 5:06 PM ]: After Overcome

thebrat13n[11/02/09 5:06 PM ]: ok

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:07 PM ]: visst var det "en plats-tema" i omg. 4

ragee[11/02/09 5:07 PM ]: aja läggdags nu

ragee[11/02/09 5:07 PM ]: ses på torsdag

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:08 PM ]: god natt nicke

tgs3[11/02/09 5:08 PM ]: bye

MockY[11/02/09 5:08 PM ]: refresher

thebrat13n[11/02/09 5:08 PM ]: l8er

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:10 PM ]: I8er?

thebrat13n[11/02/09 5:10 PM ]: later

thebrat13n[11/02/09 5:11 PM ]: see you later

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:11 PM ]: ok

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:11 PM ]: nu känner jag mej som farfar

thebrat13n[11/02/09 5:13 PM ]: I don't think that you're expected to know english texting slang

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:13 PM ]: för mej såg det ut som en feltrykning

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:14 PM ]: hade jag läst det i engelska så hade jag fattat

tgs3[11/02/09 5:16 PM ]: I need to get to work. See everyone on Thursdayu

tgs3[11/02/09 5:16 PM ]: Bye-u

Hebbe[11/02/09 5:16 PM ]: ja god natt på er

thebrat13n[11/02/09 5:16 PM ]: g'nite