ragee[10/08/09 4:02 PM ]: yo yo yo yo

MockY[10/08/09 4:03 PM ]: Yo yo

thebrat13n[10/08/09 4:03 PM ]: hi

tgs3[10/08/09 4:04 PM ]: yo

MockY[10/08/09 4:04 PM ]: What a freakin round

MockY[10/08/09 4:05 PM ]: Impossible to vote on

MockY[10/08/09 4:05 PM ]: Hebbster

MockY[10/08/09 4:05 PM ]: !

tgs3[10/08/09 4:06 PM ]: Harder than usual, I agree

Hebbe[10/08/09 4:06 PM ]: jaloba

thebrat13n[10/08/09 4:06 PM ]: I didn't think it was very hard

MockY[10/08/09 4:07 PM ]: I could finally participate with Iron Maiden. Been waiting for that day

ragee[10/08/09 4:08 PM ]: synd bara att den gruppen suger getpung

tgs3[10/08/09 4:08 PM ]: hmm, someone with worst taste than even Peter

Hebbe[10/08/09 4:09 PM ]: jag måste på dass

ragee[10/08/09 4:09 PM ]: hahahaha

ragee[10/08/09 4:09 PM ]: men vafan har de gjort något bra?

MockY[10/08/09 4:09 PM ]: Ok grabbs and flicks..

MockY[10/08/09 4:09 PM ]: nu har jag smackat upp mer stats

MockY[10/08/09 4:09 PM ]: http://www.sotd.se/totals.php

MockY[10/08/09 4:09 PM ]: Och som alltid, ifall ni kommer p[ n[ mer, hojta till

MockY[10/08/09 4:10 PM ]: oj..dumma prickar

MockY[10/08/09 4:10 PM ]: åäö

MockY[10/08/09 4:10 PM ]: ahh nu så

ragee[10/08/09 4:10 PM ]: liger fortfarande efter robert och han sluta för snart två år sen haha

tgs3[10/08/09 4:10 PM ]: I think the lowest vote section would be better if you didn't include theme rounds

tgs3[10/08/09 4:11 PM ]: And I'll second my request to be able to pick a range of seasons to look at...

tgs3[10/08/09 4:12 PM ]: And I would only show the top 26 bands since there's really like 30 more bands that have been used 4 times besides those 4 that you show. Maybe a little harder to program though since it will change on how many to show

MockY[10/08/09 4:14 PM ]: So I should exclude the theme round..hmm

MockY[10/08/09 4:14 PM ]: sure

MockY[10/08/09 4:14 PM ]: Additional fatures will come Theron...

tgs3[10/08/09 4:15 PM ]: Just suggestions...

MockY[10/08/09 4:15 PM ]: Only show 26, I donät understand really

tgs3[10/08/09 4:15 PM ]: Looks like I need 76 more points the next 3 rounds to break my record of most points in a season. HA. Something Anders doesn't own!

tgs3[10/08/09 4:15 PM ]: Did you read the whole sentence?

MockY[10/08/09 4:16 PM ]: yes, and I still donät get it

tgs3[10/08/09 4:16 PM ]: You're leaving out a bunch of "4 times" bands

MockY[10/08/09 4:16 PM ]: I mean, the numbers always change along with we using the bands

tgs3[10/08/09 4:16 PM ]: Make the cutoff 5 times

MockY[10/08/09 4:16 PM ]: ahh I see

MockY[10/08/09 4:16 PM ]: then the number will always change though

MockY[10/08/09 4:17 PM ]: So the header canät state a specific number

tgs3[10/08/09 4:17 PM ]: Then have it show any above 5, until that gets to be too many, and then change the cutoff to 6?

MockY[10/08/09 4:17 PM ]: And no, it's very easy to program such change

MockY[10/08/09 4:17 PM ]: ok, I could do that

MockY[10/08/09 4:17 PM ]: but what should the header be named then?

tgs3[10/08/09 4:17 PM ]: Don't call it "Top 30", just "More" or something

MockY[10/08/09 4:17 PM ]: just Top Used Band?

MockY[10/08/09 4:18 PM ]: Ok, I'll cut it off by 5

tgs3[10/08/09 4:18 PM ]: It's up to you. The top 5 is correct right now, but Ryan Star will push the Levellers off the list the next time Anders uses him

tgs3[10/08/09 4:19 PM ]: Along with most used band, I wouldn't mind seeing most times on an album and most times in the top 3

tgs3[10/08/09 4:20 PM ]: For bands that is

MockY[10/08/09 4:20 PM ]: Most time in top 3 is already there

MockY[10/08/09 4:20 PM ]: or do you mean by band?

tgs3[10/08/09 4:21 PM ]: yes

MockY[10/08/09 4:21 PM ]: ahh ok

MockY[10/08/09 4:21 PM ]: Then those numbers will be a bit small, unless we are talking Ryan Star

MockY[10/08/09 4:21 PM ]:

Hebbe[10/08/09 4:21 PM ]: nu känns det bättre

MockY[10/08/09 4:22 PM ]: I guess you meant By Band on both those last stats

tgs3[10/08/09 4:22 PM ]: I said "yes" already...

MockY[10/08/09 4:22 PM ]: only to one of them ..

MockY[10/08/09 4:23 PM ]: since I only asked for one

MockY[10/08/09 4:23 PM ]: noted

tgs3[10/08/09 4:23 PM ]: Ryan Star?

tgs3[10/08/09 4:24 PM ]: He'd only be tied for 5th with 3 other bands for most times on Top 3

tgs3[10/08/09 4:24 PM ]: Entwine is the king with 6 times

MockY[10/08/09 4:24 PM ]: Stage being one

MockY[10/08/09 4:24 PM ]: Queen

tgs3[10/08/09 4:24 PM ]: No, not Stage

tgs3[10/08/09 4:25 PM ]: Oh, tied with him, yes, sorry, Stage is one

MockY[10/08/09 4:25 PM ]: At least I'm first on one of the lists w00t'

thebrat13n[10/08/09 4:25 PM ]: So am I

thebrat13n[10/08/09 4:26 PM ]: but nothing to woot about

tgs3[10/08/09 4:26 PM ]: You're first somewhere?

MockY[10/08/09 4:26 PM ]: Which would that be?

thebrat13n[10/08/09 4:26 PM ]: in most 5th and 6th places

tgs3[10/08/09 4:26 PM ]: Ah

MockY[10/08/09 4:26 PM ]: I have yet to make a list of most last places

MockY[10/08/09 4:27 PM ]: Out of respect

tgs3[10/08/09 4:27 PM ]: Niklas is making a run for the 5th place title lately...

MockY[10/08/09 4:27 PM ]: Yeah, Anders stole my RED on second place

MockY[10/08/09 4:27 PM ]: bastard

ragee[10/08/09 4:27 PM ]: går så sjukt dåligt för mig att hitta nåt bra

tgs3[10/08/09 4:28 PM ]: Looks like I have the least 0p rounds with only 40

MockY[10/08/09 4:28 PM ]: only 3 till tie

ragee[10/08/09 4:28 PM ]: grymt irreterande

MockY[10/08/09 4:28 PM ]: Frustrerande om inte annat

tgs3[10/08/09 4:29 PM ]: I was about to say that Anders 1st place lead is the most secure, but really, Nina's 6th place lead is VERY secure unless we get a 6th person in SOTD again

MockY[10/08/09 4:29 PM ]: Donät see Robert jumping in any time soon

tgs3[10/08/09 4:30 PM ]: Johannes or Adam?

tgs3[10/08/09 4:31 PM ]: Jesse? Oskar? Elliot?

MockY[10/08/09 4:31 PM ]: I vote for Adam as the most likely candidate in that case

MockY[10/08/09 4:31 PM ]: unless Johannes developed a music interesst in the last year or so

tgs3[10/08/09 4:31 PM ]: He likes SOAD a lot. I don't know any more than that

tgs3[10/08/09 4:32 PM ]: Sadly, I think my vote for most likely might go to Elliot

MockY[10/08/09 4:32 PM ]: Good luck with them

Hebbe[10/08/09 4:32 PM ]: johannes har antingen träning eller match

tgs3[10/08/09 4:32 PM ]: In the little time I've seen him, he's seemed interested in videos anyway

MockY[10/08/09 4:32 PM ]: Competative blood

tgs3[10/08/09 4:32 PM ]: At night?

MockY[10/08/09 4:33 PM ]: Facebook at night

tgs3[10/08/09 4:33 PM ]: I think we'll remain 5 (or less) for quie some time

MockY[10/08/09 4:33 PM ]: Agree

MockY[10/08/09 4:33 PM ]: Which I'm fine with

Hebbe[10/08/09 4:33 PM ]: är det nån som håller på att ge upp

MockY[10/08/09 4:34 PM ]: though I wouldn't mind a few more wins for Niklas and Nina to keep their spirits up

tgs3[10/08/09 4:34 PM ]: Not that I know of

Hebbe[10/08/09 4:34 PM ]: hoppas inte det

tgs3[10/08/09 4:34 PM ]: NIna thought about sitting out a season not too long ago when she was really busy

MockY[10/08/09 4:34 PM ]: Jo jag ska snart hoppa av

MockY[10/08/09 4:34 PM ]: Niklas får ta över servern

Hebbe[10/08/09 4:34 PM ]: ha ha ha h ah aha h ah ahah ha

tgs3[10/08/09 4:34 PM ]: I wonder about Niklas somttimes, but he says he's really into it, so that's cool.

ragee[10/08/09 4:35 PM ]: ja fan min största hobby är nog SOTD

ragee[10/08/09 4:35 PM ]: ja fan min största hobby är nog SOTD

ragee[10/08/09 4:35 PM ]: men det är rätt frustrerande nu dock hehe

ragee[10/08/09 4:35 PM ]: men det är rätt frustrerande nu dock hehe

ragee[10/08/09 4:35 PM ]: men som tur är så finns det andra med slyt så man får höra nåt bra iaf

ragee[10/08/09 4:35 PM ]: men som tur är så finns det andra med slyt så man får höra nåt bra iaf

MockY[10/08/09 4:35 PM ]: Benn there, done that

tgs3[10/08/09 4:35 PM ]: good to hear

MockY[10/08/09 4:35 PM ]: nice typo

tgs3[10/08/09 4:35 PM ]: Not the frustration part, but the hobby part

MockY[10/08/09 4:37 PM ]: It's been a part of most of us for 9 years now. It's impossible to go back to "normal" life

Hebbe[10/08/09 4:37 PM ]: ha ha ha

MockY[10/08/09 4:37 PM ]: It would probably take a couple of years before I even start talking about new bands to my cousins

MockY[10/08/09 4:38 PM ]: From one thing to another, I noticed that the Chat works best in Opera 10

ragee[10/08/09 4:38 PM ]: theron finns det nån guide till hur man går till väga med det där ljudprogrammet du skicka

Hebbe[10/08/09 4:38 PM ]: det största problemet är att man hinner inte lyssna tillräkligt mycket på dom riktigt bra plattorna

MockY[10/08/09 4:38 PM ]: Antar att du menar Audacity

MockY[10/08/09 4:38 PM ]: Det har jag bilen till

ragee[10/08/09 4:38 PM ]: yes

MockY[10/08/09 4:39 PM ]: bränner plattor jag vill lyssna på till bilen

thebrat13n[10/08/09 4:39 PM ]: I had trouble installing it

MockY[10/08/09 4:39 PM ]: Shouting...my ears

tgs3[10/08/09 4:39 PM ]: I can look around Niklas, but really, all you need to do is hit the record button and then play the song on Myspace.

ragee[10/08/09 4:39 PM ]: det är installerat och klart m,en jkag har inte en aning om hur jag recordar

tgs3[10/08/09 4:39 PM ]: You need to have no other sounds going on right then, or they will also be recorded

MockY[10/08/09 4:39 PM ]: It records whatever the soundcard is "streaming"

ragee[10/08/09 4:40 PM ]: ja men det blir inget allls recordat

ragee[10/08/09 4:40 PM ]: det är bara tyst

MockY[10/08/09 4:41 PM ]: Kolla inställningarna och se till att ljudkortet är The Source

MockY[10/08/09 4:41 PM ]: eller liknande

tgs3[10/08/09 4:41 PM ]: Hmm, you might need to change prefences to be the right recoding device maybe

tgs3[10/08/09 4:41 PM ]: what Peter said

tgs3[10/08/09 4:42 PM ]: I'm testing it out at work right now, and I'm getting the same thing

tgs3[10/08/09 4:42 PM ]: It worked for me fine at home

tgs3[10/08/09 4:46 PM ]: Ah, I see. Do you have the dropdown on "Stereo Mix"? Mine was on "Microphone" at first

ragee[10/08/09 4:48 PM ]: where do I find that

tgs3[10/08/09 4:48 PM ]: It's on the main screen

tgs3[10/08/09 4:48 PM ]: The only dropdown box

tgs3[10/08/09 4:48 PM ]: I might also have an old version installed at work

tgs3[10/08/09 4:48 PM ]: Let me install a new one

tgs3[10/08/09 4:50 PM ]: OK, it's moved a bit, but stil the only dropdown box

MockY[10/08/09 4:50 PM ]: I changed Top 5 used bands to your specifications. Is it correct now?

MockY[10/08/09 4:50 PM ]: http://www.sotd.se/totals.php

ragee[10/08/09 4:52 PM ]: börjar få en känsla av att jag inte vet vad en dropdown box är hehe

tgs3[10/08/09 4:52 PM ]: yup. makes more sense

MockY[10/08/09 4:52 PM ]: Du har en drop down högst upp i SOTD fönstret

tgs3[10/08/09 4:53 PM ]: There's a white box when you open Audacity

MockY[10/08/09 4:53 PM ]: Där det står Grupp

tgs3[10/08/09 4:53 PM ]: The only white box on it

MockY[10/08/09 4:53 PM ]: Rutan till vänster om Sök knappen är en Drop Down

tgs3[10/08/09 4:54 PM ]: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/breaking-news/sex-mad-men-search-for-lesbian-chako-paul-city/story-e6freuyi-1225784277098

tgs3[10/08/09 4:54 PM ]: Ok, where is that place?

MockY[10/08/09 4:54 PM ]: SFW?

tgs3[10/08/09 4:54 PM ]: Yes

tgs3[10/08/09 4:55 PM ]: Nws article

tgs3[10/08/09 4:55 PM ]: News

MockY[10/08/09 4:55 PM ]: Busjön

MockY[10/08/09 4:55 PM ]: AKA

MockY[10/08/09 4:55 PM ]: oN the other side of Anderss lake

tgs3[10/08/09 4:56 PM ]: 25,000 of them. Surprised I haven't seen or heard them

MockY[10/08/09 4:57 PM ]: They are silent

MockY[10/08/09 4:57 PM ]: You know how lesbians are...silent

Hebbe[10/08/09 4:58 PM ]: tar man båten så kan det hända att man får napp

MockY[10/08/09 4:58 PM ]: Nee, dom gillar ju flickor

Hebbe[10/08/09 4:58 PM ]: eller ett blåöga

MockY[10/08/09 4:58 PM ]: samt, polisen slår half ihäl dig enligt artikeln

ragee[10/08/09 4:59 PM ]: installerat om nu och den är fortfarande grå

ragee[10/08/09 4:59 PM ]: fan va trist

MockY[10/08/09 5:01 PM ]: Installerade du XP eller sitter du med Vista fortfarande?

MockY[10/08/09 5:02 PM ]: Borde dock funka på Vista också iofs

ragee[10/08/09 5:02 PM ]: jag kör XP

MockY[10/08/09 5:03 PM ]: Ja just ja, du e hemma vid desktopen

ragee[10/08/09 5:03 PM ]: yes

ragee[10/08/09 5:03 PM ]: aja skit samma får klura på detta i helgen

ragee[10/08/09 5:03 PM ]: ska vi rösta

tgs3[10/08/09 5:03 PM ]: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Mixer_Toolbar_Issues

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:04 PM ]: 1

tgs3[10/08/09 5:04 PM ]: Sounds like a Vista problem

tgs3[10/08/09 5:04 PM ]: 2

ragee[10/08/09 5:04 PM ]: 131233

thebrat13n[10/08/09 5:04 PM ]: 3

MockY[10/08/09 5:04 PM ]: 4

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:04 PM ]: offspring 4p

MockY[10/08/09 5:04 PM ]: Europe 4p

ragee[10/08/09 5:04 PM ]: Iron Maiden 4p

tgs3[10/08/09 5:05 PM ]: Krokus 4p

thebrat13n[10/08/09 5:05 PM ]: Helloween 3p

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:05 PM ]: helloween 5p

MockY[10/08/09 5:05 PM ]: lol

MockY[10/08/09 5:05 PM ]: Iron Maiden 5p

ragee[10/08/09 5:05 PM ]: Krokus 5p

tgs3[10/08/09 5:06 PM ]: Europe 5p

thebrat13n[10/08/09 5:06 PM ]: Europe 4p

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:06 PM ]: krokus 6p

MockY[10/08/09 5:06 PM ]: The Offspring 6p

ragee[10/08/09 5:06 PM ]: Europe 6p

tgs3[10/08/09 5:06 PM ]: Offspring 6p

thebrat13n[10/08/09 5:06 PM ]: Iron Maiden 6p

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:07 PM ]: iron maiden 7p

MockY[10/08/09 5:07 PM ]: Helloween 7p

ragee[10/08/09 5:07 PM ]: The Offspring 7p

tgs3[10/08/09 5:07 PM ]: Helloween 8p

thebrat13n[10/08/09 5:07 PM ]: Krokus 7p

MockY[10/08/09 5:07 PM ]: Ja jävlar, här sprutade poängen. Och jag som trodde jag skulle vinna lätt...men ni verkar inte ha lyssnat på låtarna

ragee[10/08/09 5:07 PM ]: jag är fett förvånad

MockY[10/08/09 5:08 PM ]: Heja Schweiz

tgs3[10/08/09 5:08 PM ]: VERY even. Don't know that all 5 songs have ever got a last place vote ever before

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:09 PM ]: 1. helloween 23p grattis niklas

MockY[10/08/09 5:09 PM ]: Don't think so either

MockY[10/08/09 5:09 PM ]: fun to see nonetheless

MockY[10/08/09 5:09 PM ]: W00t Nicke!!

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:09 PM ]: 2. offspring 23p


tgs3[10/08/09 5:09 PM ]: Upside down results this round

ragee[10/08/09 5:09 PM ]: Hur gick det där till hha

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:09 PM ]: 3. krokus och iron maiden 22p

MockY[10/08/09 5:09 PM ]: lol

tgs3[10/08/09 5:09 PM ]: Only Anders had much taste today unfortunately

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:10 PM ]: 5. europe 19p

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:10 PM ]: ja inte var det ni i alla fall

ragee[10/08/09 5:10 PM ]: fan va skönt med en vinnst

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:11 PM ]: skulle ha kört house of lords istället

tgs3[10/08/09 5:11 PM ]: Europe and Krokus both got kinda boring after a while

tgs3[10/08/09 5:12 PM ]: I originally had them above Offspring

thebrat13n[10/08/09 5:12 PM ]: Europe and Helloween annoyed the hell out of me

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:12 PM ]: det är bara jag som är ett fan av europe

ragee[10/08/09 5:12 PM ]: tydligen hehe

tgs3[10/08/09 5:13 PM ]: Final Countdown is a good song

ragee[10/08/09 5:13 PM ]: men förra låten du körde är ju iaf bra

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:13 PM ]: den här är bättre

tgs3[10/08/09 5:13 PM ]: Last Look at Eden was definitely better

ragee[10/08/09 5:13 PM ]: Rock the night eller vad den heter är ju oxå trevlig

ragee[10/08/09 5:13 PM ]: jag har ju t.o.m sett dem live

tgs3[10/08/09 5:14 PM ]: I have a very bad feeling about the next round. Peter, I think this is your chance to catch up

tgs3[10/08/09 5:14 PM ]: I regret my song choice

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:14 PM ]: men jag mena bättre än final countdown

tgs3[10/08/09 5:14 PM ]: Ah. Still wrong.

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:15 PM ]: ja det är bara att lägga europe åt sidan tills det dyker upp en låt som är lika bra som last look at eden

ragee[10/08/09 5:15 PM ]: aja ska väl krypa till kojs med ett leende nudå

ragee[10/08/09 5:16 PM ]: och se till att denna helg banne mig blir helgen jag får upp en buffert med bra låtar

ragee[10/08/09 5:16 PM ]: nu jävlar

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:16 PM ]: lycka till

tgs3[10/08/09 5:16 PM ]: Peter, it looks like the capital letters on MP3 on Plan Three causes you not to "see" it on the homepage

ragee[10/08/09 5:17 PM ]: natti natti gott folk

tgs3[10/08/09 5:17 PM ]: g'night

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:18 PM ]: konstig resultat lista

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:19 PM ]: europe platsa inte ens

MockY[10/08/09 5:19 PM ]: refresh

tgs3[10/08/09 5:19 PM ]: And even weirder, only 2p on Iron Maiden

MockY[10/08/09 5:19 PM ]: haha

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:20 PM ]: och helloween på 4:e plats

MockY[10/08/09 5:21 PM ]: Jag skrev att jag gav dom 5 poäng istället för 7

MockY[10/08/09 5:21 PM ]: Vilket gav dom 2 mindre poäng

MockY[10/08/09 5:21 PM ]: det sorteras efterpoäng

MockY[10/08/09 5:21 PM ]: nu är det rätt

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:22 PM ]: nä det här duger inte, ska ta sista 8 poängen som är kvar

tgs3[10/08/09 5:22 PM ]: 5 different countries is probably fairly rare as well

MockY[10/08/09 5:22 PM ]: Dom har jag redan paxat sörrö

tgs3[10/08/09 5:22 PM ]: I really think I'm going to limp in to the finish

MockY[10/08/09 5:22 PM ]: hha true that. This round was full of oddeties

MockY[10/08/09 5:23 PM ]: Fun, but boring tunes

tgs3[10/08/09 5:23 PM ]: more or less

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:23 PM ]: men den här gången hamna den svenska flaggan längst ner

tgs3[10/08/09 5:23 PM ]: The compittion to get on the album is now down to the other 9 rounds

MockY[10/08/09 5:24 PM ]: Ligger tvåa denna säsong totalt dock

MockY[10/08/09 5:24 PM ]: Sverige alltså

MockY[10/08/09 5:24 PM ]: You have a weak finish?

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:24 PM ]: otroligt jag vinner med corroded och kommer sist med europe, upp och ner vända världen

MockY[10/08/09 5:24 PM ]: Det e ju rätt det

MockY[10/08/09 5:25 PM ]: Tror knappast att någon låt kommer med på plattan från denna runda...så som Theron mest troligt menade innan

tgs3[10/08/09 5:25 PM ]: We'll see, I like what I have to choose from, but I just don't have a good feeling about any of it

MockY[10/08/09 5:25 PM ]: I have yet to decide what to use. I'm overall very weak for the last round

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:26 PM ]: ska köra ett usa-band i sista, om inget annat dyker upp

MockY[10/08/09 5:26 PM ]: I hope I stumple across something

MockY[10/08/09 5:26 PM ]: Maybe use WASp as I first planned for round 8

MockY[10/08/09 5:27 PM ]: Nu gick ju Niklas om Robert i vunna Temarundor

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:27 PM ]: jag lyssna lite på den plattan men blakie sjunger så djävla illa

MockY[10/08/09 5:27 PM ]: Han är farligt näre er gammnissar också

MockY[10/08/09 5:27 PM ]: Han gör ju det, men den låtan jag planerade använda var inte det så farligt, plus att musiken inte var så pass kass heller

MockY[10/08/09 5:28 PM ]: Tror dock jag hade slutat på samma placering

MockY[10/08/09 5:28 PM ]: så det spelar nog mindre roll

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:28 PM ]: men jag ska gå igenom plattan när jag hinner

tgs3[10/08/09 5:28 PM ]: That's not exactly a vital stat, but I can see why you chose to use it.

MockY[10/08/09 5:28 PM ]: hehe

tgs3[10/08/09 5:28 PM ]: Interesting, though. 20% of your wins have come in theme rounds. No one else is close to that

MockY[10/08/09 5:28 PM ]: besides the obvious, I really tried to fish for stats to use

MockY[10/08/09 5:28 PM ]: and that came up

MockY[10/08/09 5:29 PM ]: Almsot double yours

MockY[10/08/09 5:29 PM ]: not the percentage though

MockY[10/08/09 5:29 PM ]: but the total wins

MockY[10/08/09 5:29 PM ]: Why that is, I have no clue

Hebbe[10/08/09 5:31 PM ]: nä god natt

MockY[10/08/09 5:31 PM ]: godis

tgs3[10/08/09 5:32 PM ]: Who knows?

tgs3[10/08/09 5:32 PM ]: Non theme round wins since Robert left: 34-Anders, 22-Theron, 19-Niklas, 17-Peter, 6-Nina

tgs3[10/08/09 5:33 PM ]: A killing by Anders. No surprise there

MockY[10/08/09 5:33 PM ]: Damn, so close to gain a point on you

MockY[10/08/09 5:33 PM ]: grr

tgs3[10/08/09 5:34 PM ]: And so close to lose a point on me...

tgs3[10/08/09 5:34 PM ]: FFDP will most likely beat me this round

MockY[10/08/09 5:35 PM ]: Yes, equal close...lol. But the latter does not sound as pleasing

MockY[10/08/09 5:35 PM ]: Ahh well, let's hope you are right and that I am FFDP

MockY[10/08/09 5:35 PM ]:

tgs3[10/08/09 5:36 PM ]: We shall see

MockY[10/08/09 5:36 PM ]: Only the one who lives will do so

tgs3[10/08/09 5:36 PM ]: It's looking very American in here, so I'm leaving since you're getting so scary