MockY[09/07/09 4:05 PM ]: Kinda empty in here

ragee[09/07/09 4:06 PM ]: tjp

thebrat13n[09/07/09 4:06 PM ]: Theron's gonna be a late

MockY[09/07/09 4:06 PM ]: how late?

ragee[09/07/09 4:06 PM ]: ahh okey det är lugnt för mig

ragee[09/07/09 4:07 PM ]: tänkte ändå precis fråga om nån hade brottom

thebrat13n[09/07/09 4:07 PM ]: Up to 30 minutes

MockY[09/07/09 4:07 PM ]: Just wondering if I have time grabbing some food

ragee[09/07/09 4:14 PM ]: ska jag ringa anders eller hehe

thebrat13n[09/07/09 4:17 PM ]: that would probably be a good idea

ragee[09/07/09 4:20 PM ]: han ä'r på G

tgs3[09/07/09 4:22 PM ]: Sorry about the delay

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:22 PM ]: Jag somna lite

tgs3[09/07/09 4:22 PM ]: As usual

MockY[09/07/09 4:23 PM ]: Jag har ingen brådis

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:23 PM ]: kanske det

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:25 PM ]: det var idag vi skulle uppa fåordiga låtar

tgs3[09/07/09 4:25 PM ]: yup

tgs3[09/07/09 4:25 PM ]: I see one is up already

tgs3[09/07/09 4:30 PM ]: Everyone too hungover to talk today?

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:31 PM ]: verkar så

tgs3[09/07/09 4:32 PM ]: Anders, how is Casper spelled? Like that? Or with a K? Kasper?

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:33 PM ]: right, with a C

tgs3[09/07/09 4:35 PM ]: Cool. Then I did it right in Geni

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:36 PM ]: perfect

tgs3[09/07/09 4:38 PM ]: Up to 4 songs

tgs3[09/07/09 4:38 PM ]: People are still alive anyway

tgs3[09/07/09 4:38 PM ]: Starting to wonder

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:38 PM ]: alive and busy

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:39 PM ]: verkar det som

tgs3[09/07/09 4:39 PM ]: We have today off from work, so I don't know what they're so busy with

tgs3[09/07/09 4:39 PM ]: Finding new songs maybe

MockY[09/07/09 4:40 PM ]: Iäm poking in things around the house

tgs3[09/07/09 4:40 PM ]: Personally I was at the California State Fair earlier today

thebrat13n[09/07/09 4:40 PM ]: Actually, I decided to go into work for a little while

MockY[09/07/09 4:40 PM ]: How sis that go?

MockY[09/07/09 4:40 PM ]: did*

tgs3[09/07/09 4:40 PM ]: Stop being such a perv, Peter

thebrat13n[09/07/09 4:40 PM ]: Did you find a hot tub

thebrat13n[09/07/09 4:40 PM ]: ?

MockY[09/07/09 4:40 PM ]: Can't help it....

tgs3[09/07/09 4:40 PM ]: Went fine. We didn;t totally want anything they had there, so we'll have a new one in 3-4 weeks

tgs3[09/07/09 4:41 PM ]: I'd show you a picture, but I couldn't find a good one at the website

MockY[09/07/09 4:41 PM ]: So you ordered one from them?

MockY[09/07/09 4:41 PM ]: ahh

MockY[09/07/09 4:41 PM ]: Did you go with the People Boiler 5000

tgs3[09/07/09 4:42 PM ]: yup

tgs3[09/07/09 4:43 PM ]: Grand Bahama was the real name

tgs3[09/07/09 4:43 PM ]: Not terribly different from what we have in terms of seating

MockY[09/07/09 4:43 PM ]: Same size?

tgs3[09/07/09 4:43 PM ]: But has things like better lighting, waterfalls and sound system

MockY[09/07/09 4:43 PM ]: So that you can use your cover...

MockY[09/07/09 4:43 PM ]: cool

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:43 PM ]: har den gamla gått sönder igen

tgs3[09/07/09 4:44 PM ]: Basically. One inch bigger each direction

tgs3[09/07/09 4:44 PM ]: It needs fixing a lot, so we're giving it to Amy's friend, Mary

tgs3[09/07/09 4:45 PM ]: It came with a new cover, so that cover purchase was kinda wasted, but that's life

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:45 PM ]: ni har haft för mycke party

tgs3[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: If only that was the reason

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: saker håller inte när man dricker mycke bärs

tgs3[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: There was one yesterday, though

MockY[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: Ska vi rösta kanske?

tgs3[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: Sure

MockY[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: Min dator håller på att falla ihop

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: 1

thebrat13n[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: 2

tgs3[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: Stop sitting on it then

MockY[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: 2 av fläktarna slutade funka och en lever om.

tgs3[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: 3

MockY[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: Vii stänga av de

MockY[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: n

MockY[09/07/09 4:46 PM ]: 4

MockY[09/07/09 4:47 PM ]: Nicke e upptagen med annat som vanligt

ragee[09/07/09 4:47 PM ]: 654

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:47 PM ]: saosin 4p

MockY[09/07/09 4:48 PM ]: Saosin 5p

ragee[09/07/09 4:48 PM ]: Craving Lucy 5p

tgs3[09/07/09 4:48 PM ]: Saosin 4p

thebrat13n[09/07/09 4:48 PM ]: Saosin 4p

MockY[09/07/09 4:48 PM ]: aj

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:48 PM ]: craving lucy 5p

ragee[09/07/09 4:49 PM ]: förstod inte vad jag tänkte med när jag lka upp den låten

MockY[09/07/09 4:49 PM ]: Default 6p

ragee[09/07/09 4:49 PM ]: inte specielt bra

MockY[09/07/09 4:49 PM ]: dom har en ny platta ute...hint hint

ragee[09/07/09 4:49 PM ]: three days grace 6p

tgs3[09/07/09 4:49 PM ]: Craving Lucy 6p

thebrat13n[09/07/09 4:49 PM ]: Three Days Grace 6p

ragee[09/07/09 4:49 PM ]: tanka hem den men den sög getpung

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:50 PM ]: default 7p

MockY[09/07/09 4:50 PM ]: Craving Lucy 7p

ragee[09/07/09 4:50 PM ]: default 7p

tgs3[09/07/09 4:50 PM ]: Three Days Grace 8p

thebrat13n[09/07/09 4:50 PM ]: Daughtry 7p

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:51 PM ]: three days grace 8p

MockY[09/07/09 4:51 PM ]: Daughtry 9p

ragee[09/07/09 4:51 PM ]: daughtry 8p

tgs3[09/07/09 4:52 PM ]: Daughtry 9p

thebrat13n[09/07/09 4:52 PM ]: Defualt 8p

MockY[09/07/09 4:52 PM ]: promenadseger

ragee[09/07/09 4:52 PM ]: hihi så lätt hehe

tgs3[09/07/09 4:52 PM ]: Big win

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:53 PM ]: det ser ut så

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:53 PM ]: tur att det inte var omg 1

tgs3[09/07/09 4:53 PM ]: Default did better than I thought it would. I was worried I made a really bad choice.

tgs3[09/07/09 4:54 PM ]: I had to go with Default after Theron Jr. used Three Days Grace...

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:54 PM ]: den kom lite, har dom ingen bättre från nya

MockY[09/07/09 4:54 PM ]:

tgs3[09/07/09 4:54 PM ]: I haven't heard them all honestly.

tgs3[09/07/09 4:55 PM ]: I think in my opinion, this will be the best, but I could be wrong about that

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:55 PM ]: hittade den inte på torrent

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:55 PM ]: 1. daughtry 33p

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:56 PM ]: 2. three days grace 28p

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:56 PM ]: 3. default 28p

tgs3[09/07/09 4:56 PM ]: Welcome back to the top, Anders

tgs3[09/07/09 4:56 PM ]: So fucking close to 3p....

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:56 PM ]: 4. craving lucy 23p

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:57 PM ]: tack men jag tror att det bli jobbigt att hålla sig kvar

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:57 PM ]: 5. saosin 17p

tgs3[09/07/09 4:57 PM ]: I'm not expecting to win round 4 at all, so I'm very happy to sit at 10p after three rounds

Hebbe[09/07/09 4:58 PM ]: det vart ju riktigt jämt i nu

tgs3[09/07/09 4:59 PM ]: Yup

tgs3[09/07/09 5:00 PM ]: Looks like Peter is planning to come in 2nd every round. That would get you a sweet 30p total and a lot of good chances for the album

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:00 PM ]: det är kämpigt att hitta topplåtar nu tycker jag

tgs3[09/07/09 5:00 PM ]: Why?

tgs3[09/07/09 5:01 PM ]: You just need to find one more song before there's a 2 week break...

tgs3[09/07/09 5:01 PM ]: Of course, you might want to have at least a song or two for when you get back

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:01 PM ]: blir det 2 veckors paus

tgs3[09/07/09 5:02 PM ]: That's what NIklas said last chat

ragee[09/07/09 5:02 PM ]: yes tror det blir så

ragee[09/07/09 5:02 PM ]: inte så kul för johan om vi ska rösta hela tiden

MockY[09/07/09 5:02 PM ]: Hmm, undrar om 30 poäng räcker för vinst

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:02 PM ]: jaha den röstningen var lite kaosrelaterad från min sida, jag ber om ursäkt

ragee[09/07/09 5:03 PM ]: pluhs jag tror inte jag har material för 4 rundor hehe

tgs3[09/07/09 5:03 PM ]: Does he start to cry if you're not holding his hand?

MockY[09/07/09 5:03 PM ]: 2:a plats är ju tydligen det enda jag verkar få

ragee[09/07/09 5:03 PM ]: har fortfarande torka men jag känner att jag kommer nog komma ur det snart

tgs3[09/07/09 5:03 PM ]: that would be nice

ragee[09/07/09 5:03 PM ]: nej men utråkad av musiken

MockY[09/07/09 5:03 PM ]: Det får vi hoppas

ragee[09/07/09 5:03 PM ]: han tycker det är mest trök i SOTD

ragee[09/07/09 5:04 PM ]: 2 av 10 typ som han gillar

ragee[09/07/09 5:04 PM ]: av album materialet

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:04 PM ]: jag var tvungen att ha honom hängande över armen i torsdags

ragee[09/07/09 5:04 PM ]: han spelar dock ASP minst en gång dagligen

ragee[09/07/09 5:04 PM ]: han kan inte för nsitt liv förstå hur ni kan såga en sån überlåt

thebrat13n[09/07/09 5:04 PM ]: So, is Thursday our last vote for a while?

thebrat13n[09/07/09 5:05 PM ]: or does the break start now?

tgs3[09/07/09 5:05 PM ]: Sounds that way

tgs3[09/07/09 5:05 PM ]: So Casper is doing a bit better today?

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:05 PM ]: han sover coh resten av familjen med

tgs3[09/07/09 5:06 PM ]:

tgs3[09/07/09 5:06 PM ]: Niklas, are you and Johan doing that with us?

ragee[09/07/09 5:06 PM ]: nej vi kan rösta på torsdag för mig

tgs3[09/07/09 5:06 PM ]: I was going to reserve the tickets, but I wanted to make sure the two of you were joining us

thebrat13n[09/07/09 5:06 PM ]: ok

ragee[09/07/09 5:06 PM ]: but ofcourse

tgs3[09/07/09 5:07 PM ]: OK, just wanted to make sure one of you didn't have a problem with heights or something

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:07 PM ]: galenpannor

ragee[09/07/09 5:07 PM ]: ser dock inte så farligt ut

ragee[09/07/09 5:08 PM ]: hoppas det är värre än det ser ut

tgs3[09/07/09 5:08 PM ]: I agree, but Johannes got scared riding the bus when he was here, so I thought I'd better check

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:08 PM ]: måste väl finnas bättre saker än att ha nära döden upplevelser

tgs3[09/07/09 5:09 PM ]: I wouldn't think you'd feel that way, Anders

tgs3[09/07/09 5:09 PM ]: YOu always climbed way higher in trees than I did when we were kids

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:10 PM ]: men jag hoppade aldrig ner

ragee[09/07/09 5:11 PM ]: kom du ens ner

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:11 PM ]: det var bara robert som hade underliga vägar ner

tgs3[09/07/09 5:11 PM ]: haha

tgs3[09/07/09 5:12 PM ]: Yes, down is just as important as up. If not more important

thebrat13n[09/07/09 5:13 PM ]: I think it looks awesome

MockY[09/07/09 5:13 PM ]: agree

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:13 PM ]: jag tror att det är roligare att gå en dag på amoeba

tgs3[09/07/09 5:14 PM ]: hahaha

tgs3[09/07/09 5:14 PM ]: A morning of fishing and then an afternoon in Amoeba must be your heaven

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:15 PM ]: låter grymt, måste komma över igen

tgs3[09/07/09 5:16 PM ]: YES

MockY[09/07/09 5:16 PM ]: Well, I'm out

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:16 PM ]: och luncha på barney´s

MockY[09/07/09 5:16 PM ]: puss och kram på er

tgs3[09/07/09 5:16 PM ]: PERFECT

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:17 PM ]: hej då peter

tgs3[09/07/09 5:17 PM ]: bye, Pete

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:18 PM ]: det där med topp-låtar

tgs3[09/07/09 5:18 PM ]: Hmm. Peter is much more willing to give up his time to us when he's at work.

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:19 PM ]: jag tycker jag har tagit hem massor med album men det finns inga 10-poängare längre

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:20 PM ]: det är någon annan som bossar hemma

tgs3[09/07/09 5:21 PM ]: Yup, that's what I was getting at

tgs3[09/07/09 5:21 PM ]: Top songs can come in bunches sometimes

tgs3[09/07/09 5:21 PM ]: I can go a long time without finding a new one, but then I might find 3-4 in a week

tgs3[09/07/09 5:22 PM ]: I hear lots of songs I would give 7p and 8p to, but finding even 9p songs can take some patience

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:22 PM ]: jag har en 10-poängare men kommer att få va glad om jag får över 6p ab nån av er, så den låten har jag ingen brådis med

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:24 PM ]: jag trodde inte att ni skulle gilla daughtry-låten så mycket som mej, blev lite överraskad där

tgs3[09/07/09 5:24 PM ]: Ah, yes, there's always songs like that. Chemical Reaction from The Turn last season was like that for me. I found a weak round to use it in, but it still didn't reach you all enough. And i wasn't expecting it to

tgs3[09/07/09 5:24 PM ]: Those are fun surprises

tgs3[09/07/09 5:24 PM ]: I was just about to check out the album.

tgs3[09/07/09 5:25 PM ]: I was thinking it had been out for a while and there just wasn't anything good enough from it, but I figured I'd better check since I like Daughtry's last album a lot

tgs3[09/07/09 5:25 PM ]: I expected something sooner to be used from the album

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:25 PM ]: men den växte lite, jag gav den album-poäng t o m

tgs3[09/07/09 5:26 PM ]: Yes, you did. Nina too. So it wasn't a total failure.

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:27 PM ]: tur att jag inte körde den i omg 10 på förra då

tgs3[09/07/09 5:27 PM ]: yup

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:27 PM ]: räkte nog med 7 låtar på albumet

tgs3[09/07/09 5:28 PM ]: Yeah, save yourself a bit for other seasons

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:28 PM ]: men det hade varit kul med 8 låtar

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:29 PM ]: jag tycker förra albumet var mycket bättre

tgs3[09/07/09 5:30 PM ]: The songs this season have been better, but sure the resutls were better for you last season

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:31 PM ]: jag menade daughtry

tgs3[09/07/09 5:32 PM ]: Ah. Gotcha

tgs3[09/07/09 5:33 PM ]: That album had A LOT of hits here in the US. I think he released like 7 singles from that album, which is pretty crazy.

tgs3[09/07/09 5:33 PM ]: So it's no surprise that this album isn't as good

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:33 PM ]: no surprise, är ju från nya

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:34 PM ]: 7 singles det är mycket, hur många hade nickelback från förra albumet

tgs3[09/07/09 5:34 PM ]:

tgs3[09/07/09 5:36 PM ]: Looks like 7, too

tgs3[09/07/09 5:36 PM ]: And already 6 from the new album, which is even more surprising

tgs3[09/07/09 5:36 PM ]: I thought Dark Horse was a weak effort from them

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:37 PM ]: en riktig besvikelse, har bara hört en låt på radion här hittils

tgs3[09/07/09 5:38 PM ]: American radio s Nickleback

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:38 PM ]: dom spelar fortfarande rockstar på radion som var deras sämsta singel på förra

tgs3[09/07/09 5:40 PM ]: Yeah, that song got way overplayed here, too

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:40 PM ]: ja svensk radio är hemsk

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:42 PM ]: till skillnad från usa är det ändå bland det bästa man får höra på radion

tgs3[09/07/09 5:44 PM ]: Yeah, I complain about ours, but at least here I can pick a station that will at least only play rock all the time. It might be older, bigger hits than I want to here, but it's usually fine to listen to for a while

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:47 PM ]: tur att man kan välja musik sjölv

tgs3[09/07/09 5:49 PM ]: Yes, its nice to be in 2009 when that is so easy

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:51 PM ]: tänk om det hade varit så här enkelt på 80-talet

tgs3[09/07/09 5:52 PM ]: I think the internet in general would have overwhelmed us

tgs3[09/07/09 5:52 PM ]: Just think of all the games we could have downloaded, too

tgs3[09/07/09 5:52 PM ]: We never would have gone outside

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:54 PM ]: antagligen

Hebbe[09/07/09 5:54 PM ]: så det var nog lika bra

tgs3[09/07/09 5:58 PM ]: yup

tgs3[09/07/09 5:59 PM ]: I have a few thiings I need to get done, so I better get going. Seeya on Thursday

Hebbe[09/07/09 6:00 PM ]: nä det är nog dax att sova för mej, jag har valt låt för omg 5 så det känns tryggt

Hebbe[09/07/09 6:00 PM ]: god natt

tgs3[09/07/09 6:01 PM ]: g;night