thebrat13n[01/05/09 3:57 PM ]: I sent Peter a msn msg to remind him

tgs3[01/05/09 3:58 PM ]: haha

tgs3[01/05/09 3:58 PM ]: me, too

tgs3[01/05/09 3:58 PM ]: He needed it

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:04 PM ]: there's nothing going on here right, not just my computer?

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:04 PM ]: hallå

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:05 PM ]: hi

MockY[01/05/09 4:05 PM ]: halloj

tgs3[01/05/09 4:06 PM ]: howdy, partner

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:06 PM ]: hur gick det peter

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:06 PM ]: hitta du några dräpar-låtar

tgs3[01/05/09 4:07 PM ]: I will guess he only found sickness

MockY[01/05/09 4:07 PM ]: kommer inte göra det förrän runda 6

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:07 PM ]: jasså varför det då

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:07 PM ]: är du sjuk

MockY[01/05/09 4:08 PM ]: dålig tur antar jag

MockY[01/05/09 4:08 PM ]: mjo nu ja, men det har lite med mitt letande att göra. iofs så letar jag inte nu...önskar mer att jag hade morfin så jag kunde sova någon gång

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:08 PM ]: nä nu snackar vi skicklighet

tgs3[01/05/09 4:09 PM ]: So now you have more awake hours to find music

tgs3[01/05/09 4:09 PM ]: Yeah, OK, I guess not what you want

MockY[01/05/09 4:09 PM ]: mm, lovely hours to be awake

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:09 PM ]: tur att du har Dee in sickness and in health

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:09 PM ]: have you tried NyQuil

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:09 PM ]: ?

tgs3[01/05/09 4:09 PM ]: Or tylenol PM?

MockY[01/05/09 4:09 PM ]: mjo, men just nu har jag ingen som ger mig te. Måste göta det själv

tgs3[01/05/09 4:09 PM ]: Or a nice cocktail of both

MockY[01/05/09 4:10 PM ]: haha. I donät have Tylenol PM but I did use NyQuil.

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:10 PM ]: arsenik får en att sluta känna över huvud taget

tgs3[01/05/09 4:10 PM ]: My only question is why would you want tea?

MockY[01/05/09 4:10 PM ]: But I can't breath out of my nose, so I have a hard time stying a sleep

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:11 PM ]: get one of those vic's inhalers, Jesse loves them

MockY[01/05/09 4:11 PM ]: Cause it feels good to my throat

tgs3[01/05/09 4:11 PM ]: Just a little arsenik might just put you in a relaxing coma for a few days

MockY[01/05/09 4:11 PM ]: besides, all the flowers in the tea is supposed to help with something

tgs3[01/05/09 4:11 PM ]: sure...

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:11 PM ]: har du feber

tgs3[01/05/09 4:11 PM ]: I thought it was locally produced honey in the tea that was supposed to help...

MockY[01/05/09 4:11 PM ]: Those are worthless right now. I keep smearing a Vics paste under my nose

MockY[01/05/09 4:12 PM ]: but it mostly stings on my lip

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:12 PM ]: local honey helps allergies

tgs3[01/05/09 4:12 PM ]: Time to go old school and break out the Jack Daniels

MockY[01/05/09 4:12 PM ]: I use that too, though I ran out of thet honey yesterday. D will pick some more up on her way home

MockY[01/05/09 4:12 PM ]: I have been toying with that thought to. Too bad I find Whiskey nasty

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:12 PM ]: vitlök

MockY[01/05/09 4:13 PM ]: mjo, har inte ötit det än...konstigt nog.

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:13 PM ]: but any honey has natural antibiotics, and so does garlic

MockY[01/05/09 4:13 PM ]: ätit*

MockY[01/05/09 4:13 PM ]: teah, I'll grab some garlic as soon as we are done here

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:13 PM ]: vitamin C?

MockY[01/05/09 4:14 PM ]: have plenty of that

MockY[01/05/09 4:14 PM ]: I even mixed a packet of Emergen+C into Pomegranit juice

MockY[01/05/09 4:14 PM ]: did not taste good

MockY[01/05/09 4:14 PM ]: but I bet it's not bad

MockY[01/05/09 4:14 PM ]: Regardless it will pass in time.

MockY[01/05/09 4:14 PM ]: So enough of are you guys

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:15 PM ]: tror jag måste ring nicke

tgs3[01/05/09 4:15 PM ]: It doesn't help you now, but taking some vitamins BEFORE you get sick probably helps more than any of this

MockY[01/05/09 4:16 PM ]: I did that. I took ALOT of C vitamins, Kan+Jang, Fish oil, 1-a-day pills and so forth as soon as I got the feeloing of getting sick

MockY[01/05/09 4:16 PM ]: it actually helped last time, so I thought it would this time as well

tgs3[01/05/09 4:16 PM ]: I said BEFORE

tgs3[01/05/09 4:16 PM ]: even shouted it

MockY[01/05/09 4:17 PM ]: I will not waste Kan-Jang if there is no real reason

tgs3[01/05/09 4:17 PM ]: I didn't say Kan Jang

MockY[01/05/09 4:17 PM ]: I do take Emergen-C every day, as well as my 1-a-day pills

tgs3[01/05/09 4:17 PM ]: And if it prevents you from getting sick, I don't see the "waste"

MockY[01/05/09 4:17 PM ]: and fish oil about 3 times a week.

MockY[01/05/09 4:17 PM ]: Don't know what else I can do

tgs3[01/05/09 4:17 PM ]: hmm. I wouldn't have guessed that

tgs3[01/05/09 4:18 PM ]: Then I think you need to inherit the Skyles sickness resistance

tgs3[01/05/09 4:18 PM ]: But I warn you, it also comes with the genes that make us be naturally crappy athletes...

MockY[01/05/09 4:18 PM ]: I think I do have it. I rarely get sick, and when I do it is mostly minor

MockY[01/05/09 4:18 PM ]: unless it goes to my stomach...

tgs3[01/05/09 4:19 PM ]: I'm going to slightly disagree, but you know better than me

MockY[01/05/09 4:19 PM ]: but that usually passes in a day

MockY[01/05/09 4:19 PM ]: but I think I inherited my dags stomach

MockY[01/05/09 4:19 PM ]: dads*

tgs3[01/05/09 4:19 PM ]: dogs

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:19 PM ]: får inte tag på niklas

MockY[01/05/09 4:19 PM ]: I wish

tgs3[01/05/09 4:19 PM ]: punk

MockY[01/05/09 4:19 PM ]: Han festar säkert

tgs3[01/05/09 4:20 PM ]: Or is asleep

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:21 PM ]: han tittar på film

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:21 PM ]: han kommer

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:21 PM ]: glömde

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:21 PM ]: the mondays after album voting always sneek up on me too

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:21 PM ]: härligt att få rösta 2 dar i rad

tgs3[01/05/09 4:21 PM ]: I wonder if he's listen to the songs for more than 30 seconds each

tgs3[01/05/09 4:22 PM ]: haha. I agree Anders

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:22 PM ]: vi får se

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:22 PM ]: har du hört låtarna niklas

ragee[01/05/09 4:22 PM ]: yooo

ragee[01/05/09 4:23 PM ]: har helt glömt bort

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:24 PM ]: peter var är skivarkibet

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:24 PM ]: arkivet

tgs3[01/05/09 4:24 PM ]: Yeah, I noticed we can't get there from SOTD any more

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:24 PM ]: ha, it wasn't just me...

tgs3[01/05/09 4:24 PM ]: kinda annoying

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:24 PM ]: yup

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:24 PM ]: schivarkivnet

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:25 PM ]: var det nån som sa

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:25 PM ]: varför inte

MockY[01/05/09 4:25 PM ]: mjo, jag var tvungen att flytta det på grund av utrymmesbrist.

MockY[01/05/09 4:25 PM ]: Kommer kasta in den igen då jag rett ut några saker

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:25 PM ]: it's still on the streamer the same, but to FTP you have to go to the mp3collection site

MockY[01/05/09 4:25 PM ]: men den kan kommas åt genom att använda mp3collection kontot

tgs3[01/05/09 4:26 PM ]: Can't you still do it so we can get to it from our SOTD login?

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:26 PM ]: uh oh

tgs3[01/05/09 4:26 PM ]: Peter pissed him off

MockY[01/05/09 4:26 PM ]: I can after rearranging some things. Will work on it tonight.

MockY[01/05/09 4:27 PM ]: I want to access it via my own login as well....

tgs3[01/05/09 4:27 PM ]: good boy

MockY[01/05/09 4:27 PM ]: but we have quite some data laying around so it is not a 2 seconds process.

MockY[01/05/09 4:27 PM ]: It will hopefully be back to normal tonight

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:28 PM ]: i have to go cover the phones up front for a little bit, I'm gonna try to log in there

tgs3[01/05/09 4:28 PM ]: ok

MockY[01/05/09 4:28 PM ]: can't you just use a blanket?

tgs3[01/05/09 4:28 PM ]: It's not good for the phones to get too warm

MockY[01/05/09 4:29 PM ]: true

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:31 PM ]: bra omg

ragee[01/05/09 4:31 PM ]: yes yes

MockY[01/05/09 4:31 PM ]: Theron, do you happen to sit on some Prison Break ep's

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:31 PM ]: tror att det är nån som kör om sina nya band

tgs3[01/05/09 4:32 PM ]: could be

tgs3[01/05/09 4:32 PM ]: to Anders

tgs3[01/05/09 4:32 PM ]: Peter, I have some on the Tivo, but that doesn't do you any good

tgs3[01/05/09 4:32 PM ]: Or I guess, they can be transferred, but I would think its easier to just download

MockY[01/05/09 4:32 PM ]: nope it does not, unless you open up port 22 in your router and tell me the ip number to that TiVo

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:33 PM ]: tror jag med

MockY[01/05/09 4:33 PM ]: and the password to the box as well

MockY[01/05/09 4:33 PM ]: as well as SSH activated

tgs3[01/05/09 4:34 PM ]: I meant I could download it to the computer and then upload it

MockY[01/05/09 4:34 PM ]: then I can grab it. However, I will have to decode it before watching yeah...I'll download the episodes that turned black on me

MockY[01/05/09 4:34 PM ]: nahh

tgs3[01/05/09 4:34 PM ]: But like I said, seems easier to download a torrent

MockY[01/05/09 4:34 PM ]: All I can find is slow ass torrents. Almost done with 4:4 though, and hope I don't have to downlöoad any more

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:35 PM ]: hur gick det för nina

tgs3[01/05/09 4:35 PM ]: I haven't heard fro mher, so I'm guessing not so well

MockY[01/05/09 4:36 PM ]: I snese frustration

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:36 PM ]: verkar misstänkt

MockY[01/05/09 4:36 PM ]: on her behalf

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:36 PM ]: bra låt

tgs3[01/05/09 4:38 PM ]: I think I missed something there...

MockY[01/05/09 4:38 PM ]: väldigt

MockY[01/05/09 4:38 PM ]: var tvungen att sparka igång skivan lol

MockY[01/05/09 4:38 PM ]: You don't like Saybia Theron....

tgs3[01/05/09 4:38 PM ]: This was a tough round for me, so this extra time worked fine

tgs3[01/05/09 4:39 PM ]: I've never met Saybia Theron

tgs3[01/05/09 4:39 PM ]: Is that Charlize's sister?

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:39 PM ]: haha

MockY[01/05/09 4:41 PM ]: she sounds "hella" good

tgs3[01/05/09 4:41 PM ]: Nina says she hopes to be in soon

tgs3[01/05/09 4:41 PM ]: We're flooded with phone calls right now...

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:42 PM ]: ok

MockY[01/05/09 4:43 PM ]: taht's a good thing

MockY[01/05/09 4:43 PM ]: if they lead anywhere

tgs3[01/05/09 4:44 PM ]: Unforutnately, it's not those kind of calls

tgs3[01/05/09 4:44 PM ]: We needed a bunch of our customers to sign some paperwork, so its mostly calls asking about that

tgs3[01/05/09 4:45 PM ]: But that was a good thought

ragee[01/05/09 4:47 PM ]: jag är klar iaf om detv är nån som vill rösta

MockY[01/05/09 4:47 PM ]:

MockY[01/05/09 4:47 PM ]: lyssna på du

MockY[01/05/09 4:48 PM ]: Nina är översvärmad

ragee[01/05/09 4:48 PM ]: ahaaa

tgs3[01/05/09 4:48 PM ]: Worst case is that the other receptionist will be back in 10 minutes and Nina can go back to her own desk

tgs3[01/05/09 4:49 PM ]: BTW, thanks everyone for agreeing to move the votes an hour. My health thanks you.

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:49 PM ]: vi väntar på nina

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:49 PM ]: ja é också klar

MockY[01/05/09 4:49 PM ]: And ultimately your mom is thankful

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:50 PM ]: blir bra då kan man rösta när ungarna sover

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:51 PM ]: ja då kan man sortera lite musik till speed-sotd

tgs3[01/05/09 4:51 PM ]: Yeah, I though Niklas might be the only one against it

tgs3[01/05/09 4:51 PM ]: That old man

tgs3[01/05/09 4:52 PM ]: Peter, you can add your mom to that list as well

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:55 PM ]: Peter har du ont i halsen

MockY[01/05/09 4:55 PM ]: well we all are on that list

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:55 PM ]: har du skickat ett virus över internet börjar få ont i halsen

MockY[01/05/09 4:56 PM ]: Inte farligt alls. Det är febern, snoret, och trycket i ansiktet som är lite otrevligare

MockY[01/05/09 4:56 PM ]: ont i halsen hade jag igår.

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:56 PM ]: då är det nog från gisela

MockY[01/05/09 4:57 PM ]: Dumma Gisela

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:57 PM ]: jaha skicka du det igår

MockY[01/05/09 4:57 PM ]: ?

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:57 PM ]: viruset

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:57 PM ]: ok, I'm gonna try to do this now

tgs3[01/05/09 4:58 PM ]: cool

tgs3[01/05/09 4:58 PM ]: Befroe Peter gets us all sick

MockY[01/05/09 4:58 PM ]: lol

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:58 PM ]: 1

MockY[01/05/09 4:58 PM ]: 2

tgs3[01/05/09 4:58 PM ]: 2

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:58 PM ]: 2

ragee[01/05/09 4:58 PM ]: 85

tgs3[01/05/09 4:58 PM ]: i win

Hebbe[01/05/09 4:59 PM ]: streetside symphony 6p

MockY[01/05/09 4:59 PM ]: Daughters Of Mara 6p

ragee[01/05/09 4:59 PM ]: daughters of mara 6p

tgs3[01/05/09 4:59 PM ]: Streetside Symphony 4p

thebrat13n[01/05/09 4:59 PM ]: Streetside Symphony 4p

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:00 PM ]: Brooke Barrettsmith 7p

MockY[01/05/09 5:00 PM ]: Streetside Symphony 7p

ragee[01/05/09 5:01 PM ]: Ra 7p

tgs3[01/05/09 5:01 PM ]: Brooke Barrettsmith 5p

thebrat13n[01/05/09 5:01 PM ]: Daughters of Mars 5p

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:01 PM ]: ra 8p

MockY[01/05/09 5:01 PM ]: Brooke Barretsmith 8p

ragee[01/05/09 5:02 PM ]: dommin 8p

tgs3[01/05/09 5:02 PM ]: Daughters of Mara 6p

thebrat13n[01/05/09 5:02 PM ]: Ra 7p

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:02 PM ]: dommin 9p

MockY[01/05/09 5:02 PM ]: Dommin 10p (jävla dumma turné datum)

ragee[01/05/09 5:02 PM ]: brooke barretsmith 9p

tgs3[01/05/09 5:03 PM ]: Ra 7p

thebrat13n[01/05/09 5:03 PM ]: Dommin 8p

tgs3[01/05/09 5:03 PM ]: Awesome way to start the season I must say

ragee[01/05/09 5:03 PM ]: yes yes indeed

MockY[01/05/09 5:03 PM ]: Well that was a given. You are using Dommin. Can't be any other outcome or something is really fucked up

tgs3[01/05/09 5:04 PM ]: haha

MockY[01/05/09 5:04 PM ]: Fantastic dude I must say

tgs3[01/05/09 5:04 PM ]: I did wonder what song you would have picked next for them

tgs3[01/05/09 5:04 PM ]: Thought about I Still Lost

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:04 PM ]: grymma poäng

MockY[01/05/09 5:04 PM ]: Hate the fact that I'll miss the Sacramento show. But I think I'll stay with Disturbed

tgs3[01/05/09 5:05 PM ]: See, ytou should have waited until the Music as a Weapon tour

tgs3[01/05/09 5:05 PM ]: Of course, you wanted Sevendust

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:05 PM ]: 1. dommin 35p grattis theron

tgs3[01/05/09 5:05 PM ]: thanks

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:05 PM ]: 2. Brooke Barrettsmith 29p

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:05 PM ]: 3. ra 29p

MockY[01/05/09 5:05 PM ]: I Still Lost is by far the best on the yeah..bad choice on your behalf

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:05 PM ]: 4. Daughters of mara 23p

ragee[01/05/09 5:05 PM ]: hmm inte en bra start för mig

MockY[01/05/09 5:06 PM ]: yeah, I wanted to see those fools

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:06 PM ]: 5. streetside 21p

tgs3[01/05/09 5:06 PM ]: Peter, haha. Yeah, I "only" got 10 for this song from you

tgs3[01/05/09 5:07 PM ]: 35p is probably my record with 5 people voting

MockY[01/05/09 5:08 PM ]: Patrik might even like Dommin due to the doo woop like voice

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:08 PM ]: det är inte så många band som fått så mycke

tgs3[01/05/09 5:08 PM ]: Maybe, Peter, he seems to kinda like a lot of things. Some times I wonder what he really likes

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:09 PM ]: han brukar lyssna 5 sek av varje låt

ragee[01/05/09 5:09 PM ]: nu ska jag tillbaka till Lord of the rings maratonet

ragee[01/05/09 5:09 PM ]: ses på torsdag boys and flick

tgs3[01/05/09 5:09 PM ]: Good start by Nina. Maybe a return to her glory days of seasons 22 and 23 when she didn't come in last?

MockY[01/05/09 5:09 PM ]: glory days

MockY[01/05/09 5:09 PM ]: haha

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:09 PM ]: bye niklas

tgs3[01/05/09 5:10 PM ]: bye, nik

MockY[01/05/09 5:12 PM ]:

MockY[01/05/09 5:12 PM ]: I guess I shall go back to the comfort of my bed and put on some Prison Break

tgs3[01/05/09 5:12 PM ]: yes

tgs3[01/05/09 5:12 PM ]: enjoy

MockY[01/05/09 5:12 PM ]: After I listen to some more Dommin

MockY[01/05/09 5:12 PM ]: awesome find Theron

tgs3[01/05/09 5:12 PM ]:

tgs3[01/05/09 5:13 PM ]: thanks

MockY[01/05/09 5:13 PM ]: Too bad most of his shit is not worth more than a 6...

tgs3[01/05/09 5:13 PM ]: I wish I knew where I found it now

MockY[01/05/09 5:13 PM ]: but damn those chocolates that are sweet, are really damn sweet

tgs3[01/05/09 5:13 PM ]: I should try and track it down

MockY[01/05/09 5:13 PM ]: that did not make much sense

MockY[01/05/09 5:13 PM ]: The fever is getting to me

MockY[01/05/09 5:13 PM ]: bye now

MockY[01/05/09 5:13 PM ]:

tgs3[01/05/09 5:13 PM ]: I think I like the whole album maybe more than you do, but maybe not the very best as much as you

tgs3[01/05/09 5:14 PM ]: bye

MockY[01/05/09 5:14 PM ]: I would like to see how I Still Lost would have done though

MockY[01/05/09 5:15 PM ]: still a 10 from me so no chenge there, but maybe some more points from others and most likely a guarenteed album win...

MockY[01/05/09 5:15 PM ]: ohh well

MockY[01/05/09 5:15 PM ]: bye

tgs3[01/05/09 5:15 PM ]: oh well

tgs3[01/05/09 5:16 PM ]: maybe I'll try and squeeze in one more Dommin

tgs3[01/05/09 5:16 PM ]: I have no problem being cheap

MockY[01/05/09 5:16 PM ]: Tuurning in to Robert

MockY[01/05/09 5:16 PM ]: I have nothing against that. More Dommin to the people

tgs3[01/05/09 5:16 PM ]: Better than a Nina

tgs3[01/05/09 5:16 PM ]: Or a Season 23 Peter

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:26 PM ]: då är det dax att beställa en cd

tgs3[01/05/09 5:28 PM ]: uh oh

tgs3[01/05/09 5:28 PM ]: there goes my plan

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:32 PM ]: verkar inte sälja nått

tgs3[01/05/09 5:33 PM ]: There's supposed to be a new CD soon, I think

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:33 PM ]: roadrunner

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:34 PM ]: kör du demos

tgs3[01/05/09 5:34 PM ]: Sorta. I think its a self produced album from 3 years ago

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:37 PM ]: ok

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:38 PM ]: var köpte du den

tgs3[01/05/09 5:39 PM ]: I'm a bad, illegal downloader

tgs3[01/05/09 5:40 PM ]: I don't think Peter bought it either. I saw a burned copy in the van a week ago

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:41 PM ]: verkar inte finnas att köpa ändå

tgs3[01/05/09 5:41 PM ]: Yeah, I just looked

tgs3[01/05/09 5:41 PM ]: I didn't see anything except links saying it wasn't available any longer

Hebbe[01/05/09 5:43 PM ]: jaha god natt