tgs3[12/15/08 3:14 PM ]: It is Monday today, right?

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:14 PM ]: I just refreshed thinking that maybe I got stuck on a frame

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:14 PM ]: but, I guess nothing really is going on...

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:15 PM ]: Niklas is online, but away on MSN

MockY[12/15/08 3:15 PM ]: I need an extra minute anyway

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:15 PM ]: I'll see if he replies

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:16 PM ]: I asked Niklas to call anders

tgs3[12/15/08 3:17 PM ]: ok

tgs3[12/15/08 3:17 PM ]: I'm in no hurry, but came back to the chatroom after 10 minutes expecting a little more

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:17 PM ]: hallå

MockY[12/15/08 3:18 PM ]: hola

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:18 PM ]: ursäkta att jag är sen

MockY[12/15/08 3:18 PM ]: ingen fara alls

MockY[12/15/08 3:18 PM ]: tror ingen har brottom

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:18 PM ]: no problem

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:18 PM ]: nope

tgs3[12/15/08 3:18 PM ]: same here

ragee[12/15/08 3:18 PM ]: jag kom nyss hem från jobbet så jag hade helt glömt bort

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:19 PM ]: det här med speed-sotd

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:20 PM ]: tror vi behöver diskutera lite

MockY[12/15/08 3:20 PM ]: Jag är snart klar med instruktioner hur du använder FXP

MockY[12/15/08 3:21 PM ]: om nu inte Theron redan talat om hur det används redan

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:21 PM ]: jag har inte fått några instruktioner alls

MockY[12/15/08 3:21 PM ]: Det skulle inte bara hjälpa i speed-sotd utan även normalt

MockY[12/15/08 3:21 PM ]: du får dom ikväll

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:21 PM ]: oki

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:22 PM ]: då kommer det att fungera

tgs3[12/15/08 3:22 PM ]: I was kinda waiting for Peter to respond to our conversation from this weekend, but he hasn't yet that I've seen

MockY[12/15/08 3:23 PM ]: no I have not

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:23 PM ]: ja men nu har jag fått svar

MockY[12/15/08 3:23 PM ]: I started but never finished

tgs3[12/15/08 3:23 PM ]: you have?

tgs3[12/15/08 3:23 PM ]: I guess I'm confused about how this is an answer

MockY[12/15/08 3:24 PM ]: I will (if needed) respond fully tonight while I create the instructions for Anders

tgs3[12/15/08 3:24 PM ]: How long does it take you to download 4 songs Anders?

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:24 PM ]: ja jag ska få instruktioner

MockY[12/15/08 3:24 PM ]: Eftersom streamern tankar hem låtarna så är inte det snabbare heller

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:24 PM ]: i och för sig det kan ta tid ibland det också

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:25 PM ]: So, are the instruction for uploading, listening and then voting 50 minutes later instead of uploading 48 hours ahead of time?

tgs3[12/15/08 3:25 PM ]: I thought that's what you were bringing up in your email, Anders.

tgs3[12/15/08 3:25 PM ]: We decided to get you an FTP account a long time ago.

MockY[12/15/08 3:25 PM ]: no, the instructions are just for how to use FlashFXP when transfereing between 2 servers

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:25 PM ]: How long does it take to download a song for you Anders?

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:26 PM ]: det är nog säkrare att ladda upp före

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:26 PM ]: the FTP takes care of the upload part, but not the download

tgs3[12/15/08 3:26 PM ]: Huh?

MockY[12/15/08 3:26 PM ]: exactly

tgs3[12/15/08 3:26 PM ]: How does that answer any question adked, Peter?

MockY[12/15/08 3:26 PM ]: he still needs to be able toi listen to the songs

MockY[12/15/08 3:26 PM ]: what question?

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:26 PM ]: so, the best bet is still to do all the uploading 48 hours ahead of time

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:26 PM ]: ja men då står mitt mejl kvar

MockY[12/15/08 3:27 PM ]: Which is why I figured the streamer would be a fast option, but since the "streaming" part relies on downloading the song, it still would not be faster

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:27 PM ]: that'll take care of any text files and give people time to replace songs too

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:27 PM ]: jo det bästa är nog att ha 10 mappar att lägga var sin låt i i förväg

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:27 PM ]: ahhhh\\

MockY[12/15/08 3:28 PM ]: so we meet in the chat and upload for one round at the time then

tgs3[12/15/08 3:28 PM ]: With a thought to text files, uploading ahead of time makes sense to me

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:28 PM ]: no

MockY[12/15/08 3:28 PM ]: since Anders then have all his songs on the server, his transfers will be even faster than ours

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:28 PM ]: we're uploading 48 hours ahead of time

tgs3[12/15/08 3:28 PM ]: I've been confused by Peter's every single answer in the chat today

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:28 PM ]: för när min lina är seg kan det ta upp till 20 min för att få hem en song

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:28 PM ]: he still has to dowload

MockY[12/15/08 3:29 PM ]: I know. We still haven't solved the download part. Having them streamed in lower quality would maybe be an answer

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:29 PM ]: I guess that sitll gives him 25 minutes to listen

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:30 PM ]: 25 min för att ta hem dom tre andra låtarna

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:30 PM ]: vill helst inte ha låg kvalla på låtarna

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:31 PM ]: då sjunker poängen

tgs3[12/15/08 3:31 PM ]: Peter, do you have something against uploading ahead of time

tgs3[12/15/08 3:31 PM ]: ?

tgs3[12/15/08 3:31 PM ]: This is kinda why response form you would have been nice, so we'd know where you stand

tgs3[12/15/08 3:31 PM ]: From Niklas, too, but I didn't expect one there....

MockY[12/15/08 3:31 PM ]: When did I say thatI have been promoting it ever since we all started discussing it

MockY[12/15/08 3:32 PM ]: Uploading in advance is the only answer, so I don't know where you git that I was against it

MockY[12/15/08 3:32 PM ]: We all meet prior to the speed season. Before that, Anders have uploaded most of his songs that he intend to use (this includes songs for future seasons as well). Then we start uploading one round at a time and deal with the text files. We then upload for round 2 like 10 minutes later and do the same thing. the only problem would be Anders textfiling

tgs3[12/15/08 3:32 PM ]: I don't know where you get that I think you're agianst it.

MockY[12/15/08 3:32 PM ]: so doing them all at once and wait a couple of days before text filing is probably the best course of action

ragee[12/15/08 3:33 PM ]: jag tycker man ska få ladda upp alla tio låtar innan

tgs3[12/15/08 3:33 PM ]: Yup. Still totally confused by the system that you seem to be advocating

MockY[12/15/08 3:33 PM ]: why?

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:33 PM ]: håller med niklas

MockY[12/15/08 3:33 PM ]: I guess I have to go to your office then

tgs3[12/15/08 3:34 PM ]: Apparently. I have a feeling the rest of all agree on more or less what needs to be done

MockY[12/15/08 3:34 PM ]: Since it is getting closer, I need to finish the instructions today

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:34 PM ]: kan vara kul att få sätta alla låtar utan att ändra sig för en gång skull

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:34 PM ]: yes, we don't need to be chatting while we're uploading, not that I'm against it, but that just seems to complicate matters

tgs3[12/15/08 3:34 PM ]: Maybe we should get some real dates set and this conversation would confuse me less.

tgs3[12/15/08 3:35 PM ]: Album vote on Jan 3/4?

tgs3[12/15/08 3:35 PM ]: Speed SOTD a week later?

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:35 PM ]: låter bra för mej

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:35 PM ]: I'm good with that

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:36 PM ]: måste kolla om anette jobbar

ragee[12/15/08 3:36 PM ]: speed sotd lär bli efter 21jan

tgs3[12/15/08 3:36 PM ]: Why?

MockY[12/15/08 3:36 PM ]: jasså?

tgs3[12/15/08 3:37 PM ]: Kinda kills the whole idea of a speed round if we have to wait a month for it...

ragee[12/15/08 3:37 PM ]: vill ha så mycket möjlighet som möjligt att få vara med Sivlia innan hon åker hem

ragee[12/15/08 3:37 PM ]: hon åker hem den 21 jan

tgs3[12/15/08 3:37 PM ]: Thanks for waiting so fucking long to tell us that

tgs3[12/15/08 3:38 PM ]: So Speed SOTD for season 28 instead?

ragee[12/15/08 3:38 PM ]: jag hade för mig att jag berätta det tidgare

MockY[12/15/08 3:38 PM ]: hmm...

ragee[12/15/08 3:38 PM ]: men innebär det stort problem för er så visst

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:38 PM ]: jag tror niklas har nämnt det

tgs3[12/15/08 3:38 PM ]: or do 4 regular rounds and then a 6 round Speed SOTD?

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:39 PM ]: det är också möjligt

ragee[12/15/08 3:39 PM ]: eller flytta fram albumrösningen en eller två veckor

tgs3[12/15/08 3:39 PM ]: I'm fine with whatever. It would just be nice to have a little cleared communication sometimes

tgs3[12/15/08 3:40 PM ]: I think that would translate into "back" in English...

tgs3[12/15/08 3:40 PM ]: Kinda has the same effect either way I would think

tgs3[12/15/08 3:40 PM ]: I'm fine with whatever, but I'd vote against doing that

MockY[12/15/08 3:41 PM ]: well...

tgs3[12/15/08 3:41 PM ]: Kinda wish we could hammer this out in Ventrillo

tgs3[12/15/08 3:41 PM ]: But now's not the time to set that up, I know

MockY[12/15/08 3:42 PM ]: we have last round for the season on Thursday, which is the 18th

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:42 PM ]: tror vi ska rösta det blinkar i lamporna hemma, vi hade strömavbrott i lördags mellan 7 och 17

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:42 PM ]: I'm fine with whatever

MockY[12/15/08 3:42 PM ]: so when are we having the album vote if everyone could when ever?

tgs3[12/15/08 3:42 PM ]: You've seen my suggestion

tgs3[12/15/08 3:42 PM ]: Normal 2 week rule would be Jan 3/4

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:42 PM ]: jan 3/4

MockY[12/15/08 3:42 PM ]: so jav 3/4

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:43 PM ]: går bra

MockY[12/15/08 3:43 PM ]: which is a good time frame

ragee[12/15/08 3:43 PM ]: jag skulle vilja ha veckan efter det

tgs3[12/15/08 3:43 PM ]: Why?

MockY[12/15/08 3:43 PM ]: but since Niklas can't give up 2 half days due to some pussy drooling activities, we have to puch it to after the 21st?

ragee[12/15/08 3:43 PM ]: fast iofs

MockY[12/15/08 3:43 PM ]: hmm

ragee[12/15/08 3:43 PM ]: det är nog bättre att ta det den hlegen

tgs3[12/15/08 3:44 PM ]: Why?

ragee[12/15/08 3:44 PM ]: tänkte jag skulle ta och fara ner till örebro då

ragee[12/15/08 3:44 PM ]: men det kan jag skjuta upp

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:44 PM ]: då hinner du ju nyktra till efter nyårs-helgen

tgs3[12/15/08 3:45 PM ]: Cool, so than Jan 3/4 it is....

MockY[12/15/08 3:45 PM ]: like always, I am pretty much available when ever.

MockY[12/15/08 3:45 PM ]: and then start speed asotd after the 21st?

tgs3[12/15/08 3:45 PM ]: And then I guess business as usual the next Mon/Thur after that

MockY[12/15/08 3:45 PM ]: no speed?

ragee[12/15/08 3:45 PM ]: det hade vart jätte snällt om vi kunde skjuta upp speed sotd till efter 21jan

tgs3[12/15/08 3:46 PM ]: WOudl people rather do like half a round of Speed SOTD, or push it back to another season?

MockY[12/15/08 3:46 PM ]: neither

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:46 PM ]: vi kan köra en valig säsong till

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:46 PM ]: push it back a season

ragee[12/15/08 3:46 PM ]: ja då kör vi en till vanliug först

MockY[12/15/08 3:46 PM ]: vote album the 3/4 and then start speed the 24th?

MockY[12/15/08 3:47 PM ]: it is an aweful big gab though

MockY[12/15/08 3:47 PM ]: gap*

tgs3[12/15/08 3:47 PM ]: No, sounds like Speed will start in March...

MockY[12/15/08 3:47 PM ]: hmm

MockY[12/15/08 3:47 PM ]: And I was all ready to roll

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:48 PM ]: jag har säkert tillräckligt med låtar då med

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:48 PM ]: gotta pee, brb

tgs3[12/15/08 3:48 PM ]: If things were to fly along perfectly, Album 27 vote would be on Feb 21/22 and Speed SOTD would be on Feb 28/Mar 1

MockY[12/15/08 3:49 PM ]: this season has done such, so it is not impossible

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:49 PM ]: skulle funka bra tycker jag

ragee[12/15/08 3:49 PM ]: tycker det låter jätte bra

tgs3[12/15/08 3:49 PM ]: There's probably something that will come up and push things back for someone before then, but we could tentatively schedule for then...

ragee[12/15/08 3:49 PM ]: den som väntar på nåt gott

MockY[12/15/08 3:50 PM ]: sure

tgs3[12/15/08 3:51 PM ]: I guess we'll have to count on that

ragee[12/15/08 3:52 PM ]: tack iaf

tgs3[12/15/08 3:52 PM ]: Looks like we'll get in 55 rounds this year. We broke the old record of 49 rounds a couple of weeks ago

MockY[12/15/08 3:52 PM ]: weeks?

MockY[12/15/08 3:52 PM ]: damn thats fast

tgs3[12/15/08 3:52 PM ]: You changed your plans a little for Jan 3/4, so I guess its fair..

MockY[12/15/08 3:52 PM ]:

tgs3[12/15/08 3:52 PM ]: ?

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:53 PM ]: oki doki, i'll put it in my calendar

MockY[12/15/08 3:53 PM ]: ahh I see

MockY[12/15/08 3:53 PM ]: nevermind

MockY[12/15/08 3:53 PM ]: I interpreted it as 55 was the current record and we are about to pass it

MockY[12/15/08 3:53 PM ]: so I figured the weeks would be years

tgs3[12/15/08 3:53 PM ]: Nope. We're at 53 right now. Soon to be 54 I hope.

MockY[12/15/08 3:54 PM ]: yeah, so the record is already broken

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:54 PM ]: då röstar vi innan strömmen far

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:54 PM ]: 1

MockY[12/15/08 3:54 PM ]: 2

ragee[12/15/08 3:55 PM ]: yes yes

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:55 PM ]: 3

ragee[12/15/08 3:55 PM ]: 31123

tgs3[12/15/08 3:56 PM ]: 4

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:56 PM ]: the birthday massacre 3p

MockY[12/15/08 3:56 PM ]: Saliva 3p

ragee[12/15/08 3:56 PM ]: Kevin Rudolf 4p

tgs3[12/15/08 3:56 PM ]: Kevin Rudolf 4p

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:56 PM ]: The Birthday Massacre 3p

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:57 PM ]: nothing more 5p

MockY[12/15/08 3:57 PM ]: The Birthday Massacre 4p

ragee[12/15/08 3:57 PM ]: carmen grey 5p

tgs3[12/15/08 3:57 PM ]: The Birthdat Massacre 6p

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:57 PM ]: Nothing More 4p

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:57 PM ]: kevin rudolf 6p

MockY[12/15/08 3:57 PM ]: Kevin Rudolf 6p

ragee[12/15/08 3:57 PM ]: saliva 6p

tgs3[12/15/08 3:58 PM ]: Nothing More 8p

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:58 PM ]: Saliva 6p

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:58 PM ]: saliva 7p

MockY[12/15/08 3:58 PM ]: Carmen Gray 8p

ragee[12/15/08 3:58 PM ]: nothing more 7p

tgs3[12/15/08 3:58 PM ]: Carmen Gray 9p

thebrat13n[12/15/08 3:59 PM ]: Carmen Gray 7p

MockY[12/15/08 3:59 PM ]: hmm

Hebbe[12/15/08 3:59 PM ]: då behöver jag inte köra det hårdaste jag har

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:00 PM ]: 1. carmen gray 29p

tgs3[12/15/08 4:00 PM ]: Looks like Peter sealed the season win with his crappy voting

tgs3[12/15/08 4:00 PM ]: Congrats Anders. Nice song.

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:00 PM ]: 2. nothing more 24p där satt peters seger grattis

MockY[12/15/08 4:01 PM ]: The singer kinda reminded me of Axl Rose

MockY[12/15/08 4:01 PM ]: so I thought that was you Theron

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:01 PM ]: tack, heja finland

MockY[12/15/08 4:01 PM ]: w00t

MockY[12/15/08 4:01 PM ]: yeah baby!

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:01 PM ]: 3. saliva 22p

ragee[12/15/08 4:02 PM ]: jäklar va dpligt jag gjort ifrån mig denna säsong

MockY[12/15/08 4:02 PM ]: för mycklet pökande

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:02 PM ]: 4. kevin rudolf 20p

tgs3[12/15/08 4:02 PM ]: Looks like Nina and NIklas have a real match for 4th placed going

ragee[12/15/08 4:02 PM ]: grannen hälsar

MockY[12/15/08 4:02 PM ]: betyder det att jag pysslar mindre med sådant...

ragee[12/15/08 4:03 PM ]: spännande

ragee[12/15/08 4:03 PM ]: haha

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:03 PM ]: 5. the bithday 16p

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:03 PM ]: då borde jag alltid vara i topp

MockY[12/15/08 4:03 PM ]: viket du också är

tgs3[12/15/08 4:03 PM ]: haha

MockY[12/15/08 4:03 PM ]: för det mesta i alla fall

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:03 PM ]: ja hälsa grannen

MockY[12/15/08 4:03 PM ]: kolla på totala statistik

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:04 PM ]: inte nu

MockY[12/15/08 4:04 PM ]:

MockY[12/15/08 4:04 PM ]: först i allt

MockY[12/15/08 4:04 PM ]: snusk

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:04 PM ]: jag har 4 segrar den här säsongen

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:04 PM ]: mmmm

MockY[12/15/08 4:05 PM ]: Staid e ute

tgs3[12/15/08 4:05 PM ]: No, Nina is first in both 5th AND 6th place finishes...

MockY[12/15/08 4:05 PM ]: bra låt

MockY[12/15/08 4:05 PM ]: haha true

MockY[12/15/08 4:05 PM ]: lol

MockY[12/15/08 4:05 PM ]: mean

tgs3[12/15/08 4:05 PM ]: yes

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:05 PM ]: ända låten som va nått på senaste plattan

MockY[12/15/08 4:06 PM ]: mjo, den va bra mesig

MockY[12/15/08 4:06 PM ]: plattan alltså

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:06 PM ]: ja huga vilken platt fall

tgs3[12/15/08 4:06 PM ]: Just not that great. Don't know about mesig. It's not like Staind has ever been like Slayer

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:07 PM ]: tråkiga låtar

tgs3[12/15/08 4:07 PM ]: pretty much

MockY[12/15/08 4:07 PM ]: true, but they are pretty comfortable with slow songs

MockY[12/15/08 4:07 PM ]: they used to be rougher

tgs3[12/15/08 4:07 PM ]: I'm only so-so on Staind's better albums, too

MockY[12/15/08 4:08 PM ]: thank goodness they never been like Slayer

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:08 PM ]: ha ha

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:08 PM ]: jag tycker staind har flera kanon-låtar

tgs3[12/15/08 4:09 PM ]: They have some good songs. Sure.

ragee[12/15/08 4:09 PM ]: ses på torsdag

MockY[12/15/08 4:09 PM ]: puss

thebrat13n[12/15/08 4:09 PM ]: ok, bye

ragee[12/15/08 4:09 PM ]: pöös

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:09 PM ]: jajjamensan

MockY[12/15/08 4:10 PM ]: han kanske blir lite mer pratglad efter 21a Januari

tgs3[12/15/08 4:10 PM ]: doubt it

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:10 PM ]: jag tror han kommer att deppa

tgs3[12/15/08 4:10 PM ]: An occasional chatty day would be nice, though

MockY[12/15/08 4:11 PM ]: mjo kanske det kanske

MockY[12/15/08 4:11 PM ]: vilket leder till mer silence

thebrat13n[12/15/08 4:11 PM ]: I talk more than him, & that's saying something

tgs3[12/15/08 4:11 PM ]: So what's up with the girl? Is she moving back home. What's she doing in Sweden?

MockY[12/15/08 4:11 PM ]: I think she is an exchange student

tgs3[12/15/08 4:11 PM ]: ah

MockY[12/15/08 4:11 PM ]: so it smells like they have to break up once school is over

tgs3[12/15/08 4:11 PM ]: 15 year old?

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:11 PM ]: dte är väl nått sånt

MockY[12/15/08 4:11 PM ]: unless he wants to moive to russie or where ever he dugg her up

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:12 PM ]: ha ha

MockY[12/15/08 4:12 PM ]: nice spelling

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:12 PM ]: tror hon ät från polen

MockY[12/15/08 4:12 PM ]: samma sak, annat namn

tgs3[12/15/08 4:12 PM ]: I thought it was something weirder, like Latvia

MockY[12/15/08 4:12 PM ]: Bärplockare allihopa

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:13 PM ]: jag är inte helt säker

thebrat13n[12/15/08 4:13 PM ]: I thought poland

thebrat13n[12/15/08 4:13 PM ]: I think it

tgs3[12/15/08 4:13 PM ]: Slovakia I see in the chat log

thebrat13n[12/15/08 4:13 PM ]: 's in one of the logs

tgs3[12/15/08 4:13 PM ]: I win

MockY[12/15/08 4:13 PM ]: Being she comes from a poor country and being able to go to school here, maybe she is rich

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:13 PM ]: jag skrev ju det, polen

tgs3[12/15/08 4:13 PM ]: haha

MockY[12/15/08 4:14 PM ]: and Niklas can retire and vote on SOTD all day long

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:14 PM ]: theron har nog rätt

MockY[12/15/08 4:15 PM ]: he has yet to send us pictyures of her

MockY[12/15/08 4:15 PM ]: normally he is eager as hell, but not this time

MockY[12/15/08 4:15 PM ]: maybe she is ugly beyond anything

MockY[12/15/08 4:15 PM ]: according to him that is

MockY[12/15/08 4:15 PM ]: or maybe just cautious

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:15 PM ]: idag har jag grymm lina

MockY[12/15/08 4:15 PM ]: bra

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:15 PM ]: 50k

MockY[12/15/08 4:16 PM ]: oj

MockY[12/15/08 4:16 PM ]: det e bra för att vara dig

MockY[12/15/08 4:16 PM ]: dags att köra speed sotd med andra ord

tgs3[12/15/08 4:16 PM ]: Yup, get Niklas back!!

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:17 PM ]: men nästa dag hoppar man ut och in hela tiden

tgs3[12/15/08 4:17 PM ]: According to wikipedia, Slovakia has one of the fastest growing econmies in the world right now

thebrat13n[12/15/08 4:17 PM ]: Ok, I gotta run to the Post Office. See ya all on Thrusday

MockY[12/15/08 4:17 PM ]: cool

tgs3[12/15/08 4:17 PM ]: Still down at #41 per person GDP, but that's not TOO bad...

MockY[12/15/08 4:17 PM ]: Iceland is not

tgs3[12/15/08 4:17 PM ]: bye, Nina

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:17 PM ]: bye, nina

MockY[12/15/08 4:17 PM ]: it cost 400 bux roundtrip now to Iceland. Poor bastards

MockY[12/15/08 4:18 PM ]: Maybe we should all meet in Iceland next year

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:18 PM ]: ja stackars islänningar

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:18 PM ]: jag skulle vilja se island

MockY[12/15/08 4:19 PM ]: fin natur har jag hört

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:20 PM ]: men inte många träd

MockY[12/15/08 4:21 PM ]: nej, men fin fina utomhus bubbelpooler

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:21 PM ]: en del är nog för varma också

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:22 PM ]: gejsrar

MockY[12/15/08 4:22 PM ]: Björk måste ju ha en massa stålar

MockY[12/15/08 4:22 PM ]: hon kan ju investera nu

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:23 PM ]: får hoppas att hon dom i en utlänsk valuta

MockY[12/15/08 4:23 PM ]:

MockY[12/15/08 4:23 PM ]: kronan stiger nu dock

MockY[12/15/08 4:24 PM ]: deras alltså

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:24 PM ]: men dollarn är på 8.02

MockY[12/15/08 4:24 PM ]: högsta på väldigt länge

MockY[12/15/08 4:24 PM ]: den har dock stått stilla ett tag nu

MockY[12/15/08 4:24 PM ]: antar att den kommer ligga stadigt på 8kr ett tag framöver

MockY[12/15/08 4:25 PM ]: men vad vet jag. Det e bara en gissning

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:25 PM ]: den var roligare att handla på internet när den var under 6

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:26 PM ]: låter som alla sparar si för nästa säsong

tgs3[12/15/08 4:26 PM ]: I don't see any reason to expect it to stay at 8. Seems to me everything is very un stable right now

tgs3[12/15/08 4:26 PM ]: I don't know where it will go, but staying still seems unlikely

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:27 PM ]: euro är upp över 11kr

tgs3[12/15/08 4:27 PM ]: Iceland will be fine in the long run. There's still like the 5th richest country per person or whatever, they just have a bit of a credit problem that blew up on them

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:28 PM ]: det tror jag med

MockY[12/15/08 4:28 PM ]: but for a country to declare bankrupsy...that takes som force

MockY[12/15/08 4:28 PM ]: I would believe

tgs3[12/15/08 4:29 PM ]: They haven't actually done that, you know

MockY[12/15/08 4:31 PM ]: that's what I heard they did last thursday

MockY[12/15/08 4:31 PM ]:

MockY[12/15/08 4:32 PM ]: Did not read it from that one though

MockY[12/15/08 4:32 PM ]: but that statement is everywhere

MockY[12/15/08 4:32 PM ]: if they are wrong, the great for Iceland

MockY[12/15/08 4:32 PM ]: then*

MockY[12/15/08 4:33 PM ]: but there is also the oposite

MockY[12/15/08 4:33 PM ]:

tgs3[12/15/08 4:33 PM ]: They're in trouble, but Iceland itself hasn't declared bankruptcy I thought, but I could be wrong

MockY[12/15/08 4:33 PM ]: regardless, suck to be them

MockY[12/15/08 4:33 PM ]: s

MockY[12/15/08 4:34 PM ]: So I don't know what paper to believe

MockY[12/15/08 4:34 PM ]: does not matter either way for me. Tickets are dirt cheap

MockY[12/15/08 4:35 PM ]: While a round trip ticket cost 400 to Iceland, it cost 1300 to Sweden

MockY[12/15/08 4:35 PM ]: there is no justice

MockY[12/15/08 4:35 PM ]: maybe I can take a boat from Iceland

tgs3[12/15/08 4:35 PM ]: Sure, they shouod give away tickets to Iceland, and then just take the visitor's money when they come

MockY[12/15/08 4:35 PM ]: mug them

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:35 PM ]: simma

tgs3[12/15/08 4:36 PM ]: Just hold on to them until their relatives pay the ransom

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:36 PM ]: ha ha

MockY[12/15/08 4:36 PM ]: haha

MockY[12/15/08 4:36 PM ]: beautiful plan

MockY[12/15/08 4:36 PM ]: lets turn it into the Phillipines

tgs3[12/15/08 4:38 PM ]: I imagine Icelandic kidnappers would be much better hosts

MockY[12/15/08 4:38 PM ]: haha

MockY[12/15/08 4:39 PM ]: yeah, they might even have morals

MockY[12/15/08 4:39 PM ]: and ethics

tgs3[12/15/08 4:42 PM ]: Well, looks to be time to get back to work. Seeya in round 10...

Hebbe[12/15/08 4:43 PM ]: hej då