tgs3[11/24/08 2:55 PM ]: U S motherfucking A

tgs3[11/24/08 2:55 PM ]: That was my Deb Morgan impersonation

MockY[11/24/08 2:57 PM ]: Dexter?\\

tgs3[11/24/08 2:59 PM ]: exactly

MockY[11/24/08 3:01 PM ]: Never seen a single episode since ep 5

MockY[11/24/08 3:01 PM ]: I'm kinda behind

tgs3[11/24/08 3:04 PM ]: Then you have definitelyt been filling your time with inferior activities

MockY[11/24/08 3:07 PM ]: hehe

tgs3[11/24/08 3:09 PM ]: Seriously. It's probably my favorite show. Not that you have to agree with that, of course.

tgs3[11/24/08 3:10 PM ]: A Swede in the house!

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:10 PM ]: det smakar tvål i min mun

MockY[11/24/08 3:10 PM ]: My intentions were to continue watching it. I just haven't downloaded the episodes yet

MockY[11/24/08 3:11 PM ]: I like the 6 episodes I watched

tgs3[11/24/08 3:11 PM ]: Have yo ubeen swearing, Anders?

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:12 PM ]: oskar har gjort en massa bus i huset

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:12 PM ]: jag tvål runt rumpan också, från toasittsen

MockY[11/24/08 3:13 PM ]: hmmm...

tgs3[11/24/08 3:14 PM ]: Sounds like its time to smack him around

MockY[11/24/08 3:15 PM ]: You offended him

MockY[11/24/08 3:15 PM ]: or he is smacking him around

tgs3[11/24/08 3:16 PM ]: Both maybe

tgs3[11/24/08 3:16 PM ]: At least Anders never has to worry about Oskar being able to beat him up one day

tgs3[11/24/08 3:16 PM ]: I feel fairly safe for the nest 25 years or so, too

MockY[11/24/08 3:17 PM ]: lol

tgs3[11/24/08 3:17 PM ]: Not that Adam couldn't get strong one day, but let's be serious, it's Adam...

tgs3[11/24/08 3:19 PM ]: Are your hands sore now?

MockY[11/24/08 3:21 PM ]: Sover Niklas måntro?

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:21 PM ]: tror jag ska ringa niklas

Ragee[11/24/08 3:21 PM ]: yoooooo

MockY[11/24/08 3:22 PM ]: yooo

tgs3[11/24/08 3:22 PM ]: yoo

Ragee[11/24/08 3:22 PM ]: ska göra iordning lite te

Ragee[11/24/08 3:22 PM ]: brb

MockY[11/24/08 3:22 PM ]: temarunda nästa....

MockY[11/24/08 3:22 PM ]:

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:23 PM ]: hoppla

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:24 PM ]: ugly kid joe, har inte alla hört den

tgs3[11/24/08 3:24 PM ]: Is that a song?

thebrat13n[11/24/08 3:24 PM ]: then text it, sometimes you guys haven't heard the weirdest things

MockY[11/24/08 3:25 PM ]: so this is a wierd thing?

thebrat13n[11/24/08 3:25 PM ]: Anders not having heard Journey is weird

MockY[11/24/08 3:25 PM ]: Va lessen Anders är idag då...

tgs3[11/24/08 3:25 PM ]: And all the rest of them, too

MockY[11/24/08 3:25 PM ]: Odd

MockY[11/24/08 3:26 PM ]: I have heard very little Journey before moving here

MockY[11/24/08 3:26 PM ]: 3 songs tops

tgs3[11/24/08 3:27 PM ]: We even had a Journey game for the Atari growing up

tgs3[11/24/08 3:27 PM ]: But I can blame Anders and Robert for not recognizing the beeping from that game

MockY[11/24/08 3:27 PM ]: hehe, that is what I think about as soon as I see the cover of that album of theird

MockY[11/24/08 3:27 PM ]: canät remember how the game was though

tgs3[11/24/08 3:28 PM ]: You had to "Escape" through a crowd of fans and get to your limo

MockY[11/24/08 3:29 PM ]: sounds like a game I don't want to remember how to play

tgs3[11/24/08 3:29 PM ]: Or any Atari game pretty much

tgs3[11/24/08 3:29 PM ]: Wouldn't mind Pitfall and Dragonfire. And breakout. That's about it

tgs3[11/24/08 3:30 PM ]: Hopefully we'll get a better version of the Ryan Star song for the album vote

tgs3[11/24/08 3:31 PM ]: You're right, Nina. It's kinda hard to enjoy at the moment

MockY[11/24/08 3:31 PM ]: . It was fun playing it on your HD tv upstairs

MockY[11/24/08 3:31 PM ]: if only we had that back in the day

tgs3[11/24/08 3:31 PM ]: yes

tgs3[11/24/08 3:31 PM ]: We would have gone outside even less

MockY[11/24/08 3:31 PM ]: that's very true

MockY[11/24/08 3:33 PM ]: Even if no one had heard the original version of Cat's In The Cradle, we all would have heard in on Rockstar Supernova. Remembering it though is aanother story

MockY[11/24/08 3:34 PM ]: Dave Navarro was touched though

Ragee[11/24/08 3:34 PM ]: back

tgs3[11/24/08 3:34 PM ]: I don't think I saw it there

tgs3[11/24/08 3:34 PM ]: I only watched the Ryan Star performances the first half of the season

MockY[11/24/08 3:34 PM ]: Navarro always shed a tear...thinking back to his dad or something like that

tgs3[11/24/08 3:34 PM ]: And I've heard the original VERY many times

tgs3[11/24/08 3:35 PM ]: Hmm, maybe I do remember that

tgs3[11/24/08 3:35 PM ]: I remember Newsted shed a tear when Storm did Wish You Were Here. I think it was her last performance

MockY[11/24/08 3:36 PM ]: HE was sad how horrible she sounded and booted her out

tgs3[11/24/08 3:36 PM ]: And Ugly Kid Joe is NOT the original. Couldn't tell if you were implying that it was.

MockY[11/24/08 3:36 PM ]: Anywho, Ugly Kid Joe can now be found in the friendly box

tgs3[11/24/08 3:36 PM ]: because he wanted to do her

MockY[11/24/08 3:37 PM ]: ahh

MockY[11/24/08 3:37 PM ]: like 90% of all males

tgs3[11/24/08 3:37 PM ]: yes

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:37 PM ]: tror vi ska rösta medans det är möjligt

MockY[11/24/08 3:38 PM ]: har du problem med linan_

MockY[11/24/08 3:38 PM ]: Blåsigt i Busjön?

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:38 PM ]: tror det är vädret som spökar

thebrat13n[11/24/08 3:39 PM ]: crap

tgs3[11/24/08 3:39 PM ]: hmm

tgs3[11/24/08 3:39 PM ]: NOW!!

thebrat13n[11/24/08 3:39 PM ]: 1

MockY[11/24/08 3:39 PM ]: lol

MockY[11/24/08 3:39 PM ]: 2

tgs3[11/24/08 3:39 PM ]: 3

Ragee[11/24/08 3:40 PM ]: 78689

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:43 PM ]: 1

tgs3[11/24/08 3:43 PM ]: 2

MockY[11/24/08 3:43 PM ]: 3

Ragee[11/24/08 3:44 PM ]: 2342

thebrat13n[11/24/08 3:44 PM ]: 5

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:44 PM ]: m.s.d. 4p

MockY[11/24/08 3:44 PM ]: M.S.D. 3p

Ragee[11/24/08 3:44 PM ]: m.s.d 4p

tgs3[11/24/08 3:44 PM ]: M.S.D. 3p

thebrat13n[11/24/08 3:44 PM ]: Delores Oriordan 5p

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:45 PM ]: bleecker 6p

MockY[11/24/08 3:45 PM ]: Bleecker 5p

Ragee[11/24/08 3:45 PM ]: bleecker 5p

tgs3[11/24/08 3:45 PM ]: Dolores Oriordan 5p

thebrat13n[11/24/08 3:45 PM ]: Taproot 6p

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:47 PM ]: dolores 7p

MockY[11/24/08 3:47 PM ]: Dolores Oriordan 6p

Ragee[11/24/08 3:47 PM ]: taproot 6p

tgs3[11/24/08 3:47 PM ]: Ryan Star 7p

thebrat13n[11/24/08 3:47 PM ]: Ryan Star 7p

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:48 PM ]: taproot 8p

MockY[11/24/08 3:48 PM ]: Ryan Star 7p

Ragee[11/24/08 3:49 PM ]: ryan star 8p

tgs3[11/24/08 3:49 PM ]: Taproot 8p

thebrat13n[11/24/08 3:49 PM ]: Bleecker 8p

MockY[11/24/08 3:50 PM ]: Ryan Star won like always....but just with one point according to my math

MockY[11/24/08 3:50 PM ]: which ofcourse can go wild

tgs3[11/24/08 3:50 PM ]: Hmm. Didn't get at all like I thought. I thought Anders at least would like Bleecker quite a bit. And passed on Taproot because I didn't think the rest of you would really like it

tgs3[11/24/08 3:50 PM ]: oh well

Ragee[11/24/08 3:50 PM ]: dolores låt är ju ass bra och ni lägger dessa poäng

Ragee[11/24/08 3:51 PM ]: skämmes på er

MockY[11/24/08 3:51 PM ]: Jag har redan använt det bästa låten från den plattan Nicke....

MockY[11/24/08 3:51 PM ]: den*

tgs3[11/24/08 3:51 PM ]: She got boring and annoying as usual. You/she are lucky to get 5p from me

MockY[11/24/08 3:52 PM ]: Tror Nicke har gökat till den låten

Ragee[11/24/08 3:52 PM ]: faktist inte

tgs3[11/24/08 3:53 PM ]: Don't know that word, but I think I can figure it out

MockY[11/24/08 3:54 PM ]: coming from me, you can

tgs3[11/24/08 3:54 PM ]: Peter, I think its time to set up the Anders ftp account

tgs3[11/24/08 3:54 PM ]: Especially with an eye toward Speed SOTD. He's really going to need it then

MockY[11/24/08 3:55 PM ]: Will do

tgs3[11/24/08 3:55 PM ]: We can talk him through it on the phone, I think

MockY[11/24/08 3:55 PM ]: So we have to teach him how to FXP then

tgs3[11/24/08 3:55 PM ]: Doesn't he already use FXP?

MockY[11/24/08 3:55 PM ]: which is not hard as long as you know how to connect to 2 sessions at once

MockY[11/24/08 3:56 PM ]: yeah, sure he does. But I was talking about the actual motion of FXP, not the software

tgs3[11/24/08 3:56 PM ]: He just needs to learn to switch between local and ftp on a panel. It's really just a toggle button. I think he can do it.

MockY[11/24/08 3:56 PM ]: Me too. I have faith in him

Hebbe[11/24/08 3:57 PM ]: taproot 8p

tgs3[11/24/08 3:57 PM ]: Click on the folder icon, and it turns into the world icon. Clickon the world icon, and it turns into a folder icon

tgs3[11/24/08 3:57 PM ]: haha

tgs3[11/24/08 3:57 PM ]: Shall I do the points today since Anders is having problems

tgs3[11/24/08 3:57 PM ]: ?

thebrat13n[11/24/08 3:57 PM ]: that's funny

MockY[11/24/08 3:57 PM ]: ask him....

tgs3[11/24/08 3:58 PM ]: I think I will.

MockY[11/24/08 3:58 PM ]: so taproot got an extra 8p...awesome

tgs3[11/24/08 3:58 PM ]: Taproot 29p. Congrats, Anders

tgs3[11/24/08 3:58 PM ]: haha. Ryan Star I mean

tgs3[11/24/08 3:58 PM ]: I suck

tgs3[11/24/08 3:58 PM ]: Ryan Star 29p

tgs3[11/24/08 3:58 PM ]: Taproot 28p

MockY[11/24/08 3:58 PM ]: I got excited there for a sec

tgs3[11/24/08 3:58 PM ]: Bleecker 24p

tgs3[11/24/08 3:58 PM ]: Dolores Oriordan 23p

tgs3[11/24/08 3:59 PM ]: M.S.D. 14p

Ragee[11/24/08 4:00 PM ]: yey en poäng igen hahaha

Ragee[11/24/08 4:00 PM ]: bilken jäkla piss säsong

tgs3[11/24/08 4:00 PM ]: Yup, you're on a streak, NIklas

MockY[11/24/08 4:01 PM ]: trodde jag hade en chans att få 2 mer poäng än Theron...

Ragee[11/24/08 4:01 PM ]: aha dags att se 24 sen sova

tgs3[11/24/08 4:01 PM ]: I was worried about that, too

Ragee[11/24/08 4:01 PM ]: ses på torsdag

tgs3[11/24/08 4:01 PM ]: I thought I was looking at the 1p spot at first

tgs3[11/24/08 4:01 PM ]: Seeya Thursday

MockY[11/24/08 4:01 PM ]: darn it

tgs3[11/24/08 4:03 PM ]: I really thought I had a good chance this round. Back to the drawing board, I guess

MockY[11/24/08 4:03 PM ]: I have restructured my tactics. I am NOT using anything that I think that you guys will not like

MockY[11/24/08 4:03 PM ]: round 2 was a mistake

MockY[11/24/08 4:03 PM ]: should have kept it for myself...

tgs3[11/24/08 4:04 PM ]: I decided that several seasons ago. I break the rule every now and then, but not very often

tgs3[11/24/08 4:04 PM ]: Faith No More was a big break from the rule, and it had the predicted resutls

MockY[11/24/08 4:04 PM ]: hehe

MockY[11/24/08 4:04 PM ]: atleast you were ready for it

tgs3[11/24/08 4:05 PM ]: Yup

MockY[11/24/08 4:05 PM ]: Though I gave it a fair amount for being from Peter

tgs3[11/24/08 4:05 PM ]: Yup, I can't really complain too much at what happened to it

MockY[11/24/08 4:06 PM ]: Andersä account is ready to roll

tgs3[11/24/08 4:06 PM ]: Figuring out what other people like is still VERY hard, however

tgs3[11/24/08 4:06 PM ]: cool

thebrat13n[11/24/08 4:06 PM ]: very hard

tgs3[11/24/08 4:06 PM ]: Now is probably not a good tme to go over it with him

MockY[11/24/08 4:06 PM ]: Would you like to do the honor and telling him about it?

MockY[11/24/08 4:07 PM ]: or do you want me to?

tgs3[11/24/08 4:07 PM ]: It should probably be a phone conversation, which is your area

tgs3[11/24/08 4:08 PM ]: I'd ask if you should call him right now if he was in the chat...

MockY[11/24/08 4:12 PM ]: He did not want me to call him now

tgs3[11/24/08 4:12 PM ]: Well, I guess we're done here. Enjoy my song, people. As usual, its far better than any other song this round

MockY[11/24/08 4:13 PM ]: tss