tgs3[11/17/08 3:02 PM ]: Not exactly full in here

MockY[11/17/08 3:03 PM ]: correct

thebrat13n[11/17/08 3:04 PM ]: I totally forgot about voting today

thebrat13n[11/17/08 3:05 PM ]: I hope no-one is in a hurry!

MockY[11/17/08 3:05 PM ]: 2 rolled in just then

MockY[11/17/08 3:05 PM ]: lol

Ragee[11/17/08 3:05 PM ]: inte jag då iaf

MockY[11/17/08 3:05 PM ]: Absolutely not

MockY[11/17/08 3:05 PM ]: I might even have to grab some grub

MockY[11/17/08 3:06 PM ]: however, even though I have been listeing to these song all day today, as well as yesterday night, I'm still not sure how to vote

MockY[11/17/08 3:06 PM ]: damn hard round

tgs3[11/17/08 3:08 PM ]: yup, harder than usual round

tgs3[11/17/08 3:09 PM ]: Maybe Anders forgot about voting, too

thebrat13n[11/17/08 3:09 PM ]: not a single new band...

tgs3[11/17/08 3:09 PM ]: Hinder is "new"

tgs3[11/17/08 3:09 PM ]: nevermind

thebrat13n[11/17/08 3:10 PM ]: oh yeah, it never made it to voting

tgs3[11/17/08 3:10 PM ]: I thought Lips of an Angel was the first time they were used

tgs3[11/17/08 3:10 PM ]: haha. Nina!

tgs3[11/17/08 3:10 PM ]: You used Get Stoned

thebrat13n[11/17/08 3:10 PM ]: no it made

MockY[11/17/08 3:10 PM ]: sure, have some weed in your office?

tgs3[11/17/08 3:10 PM ]: The search feature in the database is handy

thebrat13n[11/17/08 3:10 PM ]: I new I had tried to atleast use it, but you confused me

tgs3[11/17/08 3:10 PM ]: Yes I did

MockY[11/17/08 3:10 PM ]: but it is behind 2 seasons now

MockY[11/17/08 3:11 PM ]: I am going to finish it all tonight

tgs3[11/17/08 3:11 PM ]: Yes, WTF with that?

thebrat13n[11/17/08 3:11 PM ]: I went and looked too, i wasn't sure if you were right or now=t'

thebrat13n[11/17/08 3:11 PM ]: not

tgs3[11/17/08 3:11 PM ]: if you took a few minutes to just figure out how to import, it would be extremely easy to keep it updated

MockY[11/17/08 3:12 PM ]: I know

tgs3[11/17/08 3:12 PM ]: Since it came in 6th, I'm guessing the 12 points on the album vote probably came from me

thebrat13n[11/17/08 3:12 PM ]: probably

tgs3[11/17/08 3:13 PM ]: Hmm, same round as the debut of that super awesome band Fair to Midland

tgs3[11/17/08 3:13 PM ]: It also didn't get any points

tgs3[11/17/08 3:13 PM ]:

MockY[11/17/08 3:15 PM ]:

tgs3[11/17/08 3:24 PM ]: Maybe its time to call Anders?

Ragee[11/17/08 3:26 PM ]: ya jag tar och rionger han

tgs3[11/17/08 3:26 PM ]: danke

Ragee[11/17/08 3:26 PM ]: upptaget

tgs3[11/17/08 3:28 PM ]: hmm

tgs3[11/17/08 3:28 PM ]: An important call, I guess

MockY[11/17/08 3:30 PM ]: must be, it's SOTD for crying out loud

Ragee[11/17/08 3:31 PM ]: mmm mena det

MockY[11/17/08 3:32 PM ]: Så hur mår Nicke då?'

Ragee[11/17/08 3:33 PM ]: finemang

Ragee[11/17/08 3:33 PM ]: för en gångs skull är jag inte måndagsbakis

MockY[11/17/08 3:33 PM ]: flickan?

Ragee[11/17/08 3:33 PM ]: går fin fint

MockY[11/17/08 3:33 PM ]: wonderbar

Ragee[11/17/08 3:33 PM ]: så innåt

MockY[11/17/08 3:34 PM ]:

tgs3[11/17/08 3:34 PM ]: NIklas has kidnapped a little girl?

Ragee[11/17/08 3:34 PM ]: mm en Slovakiska hehe

MockY[11/17/08 3:34 PM ]: mjo, men han föder henne dåligt

tgs3[11/17/08 3:34 PM ]: Ah, that's legal for those kind...

MockY[11/17/08 3:34 PM ]: haha

Ragee[11/17/08 3:35 PM ]: nej fan jag bjöd ju på finmiddag i lördags

MockY[11/17/08 3:35 PM ]: they consent to anything over there

Ragee[11/17/08 3:37 PM ]: fortfarande upptagen

MockY[11/17/08 3:39 PM ]: Nina behöver tid dock

Ragee[11/17/08 3:39 PM ]: ok

Ragee[11/17/08 3:39 PM ]: fan de börjar whina här hemma om att vi ska börja rösta

tgs3[11/17/08 3:40 PM ]: NIna told me she's rrady

tgs3[11/17/08 3:40 PM ]: Did you try his cell phone?

MockY[11/17/08 3:41 PM ]: ovy

MockY[11/17/08 3:41 PM ]: hmm

Ragee[11/17/08 3:41 PM ]: yes det gjorde jag

MockY[11/17/08 3:41 PM ]: I might as well rplace-add some new emoticons while Iäm at it

MockY[11/17/08 3:41 PM ]: replace/add *

tgs3[11/17/08 3:43 PM ]: I can't remember the last time I talked to someone for a hour...

tgs3[11/17/08 3:43 PM ]: Of course, cell phones all have call waiting here, I think, so it wouldn't ring busy anyway

MockY[11/17/08 3:45 PM ]: on 60 minutes, they had a special on the dude that invented voice mail.

MockY[11/17/08 3:45 PM ]: He is pretty rich Iäd say and he is now flushing most of his money into Africa and itäs villages

tgs3[11/17/08 3:46 PM ]: "flushing" nice sublte way to be negative on his humanitarian efforts

MockY[11/17/08 3:46 PM ]: but allowing the villagers to decide how their infrastructure should be build

MockY[11/17/08 3:46 PM ]: I actually did not mean it in a negative way. I meant he is using a large amount of his money to do this

tgs3[11/17/08 3:47 PM ]: sure....

MockY[11/17/08 3:47 PM ]: So if they want a hospital, then he'll build it. He does not want to push any western ideas into this. It was quite an interesting episode

MockY[11/17/08 3:48 PM ]: he even learnt some of their language.

MockY[11/17/08 3:48 PM ]: I think he's cool anyways

Ragee[11/17/08 3:48 PM ]: när anders kommer in be han rinnga mig

Ragee[11/17/08 3:49 PM ]: för nu börjar de blir riktigt bittra här

MockY[11/17/08 3:49 PM ]: Om han kommer in vill säga

Ragee[11/17/08 3:49 PM ]: kommer in på en gång när han ringt

MockY[11/17/08 3:49 PM ]: de?

Ragee[11/17/08 3:49 PM ]: malin och johan

MockY[11/17/08 3:49 PM ]: du hade ju inte brottom sa du

Ragee[11/17/08 3:49 PM ]: inte jag men de har tydligen haha

tgs3[11/17/08 3:49 PM ]: They sound pretty lame

tgs3[11/17/08 3:50 PM ]: OK, we'll let you know

Ragee[11/17/08 3:50 PM ]: sweet

tgs3[11/17/08 3:50 PM ]: He sounds very cool to be giving his money away to people who need it. I don't know that I quite agree with letting them deicde, but its his money, so if that's what makes him happy, great

tgs3[11/17/08 3:51 PM ]: I'm really wondering if Anders forgot. Kinda weird to be having a super long conversation right now

MockY[11/17/08 3:52 PM ]: He does not want to force a different culture on them

MockY[11/17/08 3:52 PM ]: Like he put it "I don't want to tell them how to live their lifes, I want them to tell me"

MockY[11/17/08 3:52 PM ]: but without the typos

tgs3[11/17/08 3:54 PM ]: I agree with that in theory, but giving them a well when they ask for a massage parlor is hardly "forcing" a cultrue on them

tgs3[11/17/08 3:55 PM ]: I just don't think ignorant 3rd world villagers will probably know the ideal thing to ask for

MockY[11/17/08 3:56 PM ]: What they valöue is different from what you vallue. I would not want to love like they, but if their ignorance makes them happy, then they should be allowed to be, whether it is correct or not from our standards

MockY[11/17/08 3:56 PM ]: reagardless of method, he is doinga good thing

MockY[11/17/08 3:57 PM ]: however, I think that he sees a business opurtunity here. He is not only out to be good to everyone

MockY[11/17/08 3:57 PM ]: He consentrates on villages around or in the biggest national park in Africa

MockY[11/17/08 3:58 PM ]: so his goal is to attract tourists again and make money flow that way

MockY[11/17/08 3:58 PM ]: and at the same time maybe make some of his own money along the way

MockY[11/17/08 3:58 PM ]: but yeah, his main goal is to clean this mess up before all animals are gone

MockY[11/17/08 3:59 PM ]: can't remember the name of it now though

tgs3[11/17/08 4:00 PM ]: hmm

ragee[11/17/08 4:01 PM ]: anders är påväg

tgs3[11/17/08 4:01 PM ]: that's nice

MockY[11/17/08 4:01 PM ]: Hebbe mannen!

hebbe[11/17/08 4:01 PM ]: oooojjjj jag somna

MockY[11/17/08 4:01 PM ]: lol

tgs3[11/17/08 4:01 PM ]: damn you!

hebbe[11/17/08 4:01 PM ]: ooojjjj vad skönt det var

MockY[11/17/08 4:02 PM ]: nu kommer du ju inte kunna somna om

MockY[11/17/08 4:02 PM ]: så du kan ju leta musik hela natten lång

tgs3[11/17/08 4:02 PM ]: You must really be excited for this vote

hebbe[11/17/08 4:03 PM ]: ha ha ha

hebbe[11/17/08 4:03 PM ]: jag vinner inte idag

ragee[11/17/08 4:03 PM ]: ska vi rösta

tgs3[11/17/08 4:03 PM ]: Sure.

tgs3[11/17/08 4:03 PM ]: Nna, are you paying attention?

thebrat13n[11/17/08 4:04 PM ]: 1

MockY[11/17/08 4:04 PM ]: 2

tgs3[11/17/08 4:04 PM ]: 3

ragee[11/17/08 4:05 PM ]: 765765

hebbe[11/17/08 4:05 PM ]: måste skriva upp låtarna först 2min

MockY[11/17/08 4:05 PM ]: går så du

hebbe[11/17/08 4:06 PM ]: nu

hebbe[11/17/08 4:06 PM ]: 1

tgs3[11/17/08 4:07 PM ]: 2

tgs3[11/17/08 4:07 PM ]: you might want to fix this, Peter:

MockY[11/17/08 4:07 PM ]: 3

MockY[11/17/08 4:07 PM ]: ohh my

MockY[11/17/08 4:07 PM ]: yes I do

thebrat13n[11/17/08 4:07 PM ]: 4

tgs3[11/17/08 4:09 PM ]: This chat needs a Nudge button

ragee[11/17/08 4:09 PM ]: 76'

hebbe[11/17/08 4:09 PM ]: my chemical romance 5p

MockY[11/17/08 4:09 PM ]: Art Of Dying 4p

ragee[11/17/08 4:09 PM ]: Nickelback 5p

tgs3[11/17/08 4:10 PM ]: My Chemical Romance 4p

thebrat13n[11/17/08 4:10 PM ]: Hinder 5p

hebbe[11/17/08 4:10 PM ]: art of dying 7p

MockY[11/17/08 4:10 PM ]: My Chemical Romance 6p

ragee[11/17/08 4:10 PM ]: my chemical romance 6p

tgs3[11/17/08 4:10 PM ]: Nickelback 6p

thebrat13n[11/17/08 4:10 PM ]: Finger Eleven 6p

hebbe[11/17/08 4:11 PM ]: hinder 8p

MockY[11/17/08 4:11 PM ]: Nickelback 7p

ragee[11/17/08 4:11 PM ]: hinder 7p

tgs3[11/17/08 4:11 PM ]: Art of Dying 7p

thebrat13n[11/17/08 4:11 PM ]: Art of Dying 8p

hebbe[11/17/08 4:12 PM ]: f11 9p

MockY[11/17/08 4:12 PM ]: Hinder 8p

ragee[11/17/08 4:12 PM ]: fingereleven 8p

tgs3[11/17/08 4:12 PM ]: Finger Eleven 9p

thebrat13n[11/17/08 4:12 PM ]: Nickleback 9p

MockY[11/17/08 4:12 PM ]: yes, alltid trevligt att börja med 4p

tgs3[11/17/08 4:12 PM ]: Nina, did you accidentily do your votes backwards?

hebbe[11/17/08 4:13 PM ]: jag har tappat kollen

thebrat13n[11/17/08 4:13 PM ]: Nope

MockY[11/17/08 4:13 PM ]: har du det?

tgs3[11/17/08 4:13 PM ]: You dropped your colon?

MockY[11/17/08 4:13 PM ]: hahaä

tgs3[11/17/08 4:15 PM ]: Anders, do you need some help

tgs3[11/17/08 4:15 PM ]: Are you awake?

MockY[11/17/08 4:15 PM ]: Han somnade igen

MockY[11/17/08 4:15 PM ]: kommer snart in och säger "Oojjjjj va skönt"

tgs3[11/17/08 4:15 PM ]: Congrats on starting the season well, Peter

hebbe[11/17/08 4:16 PM ]: 1. Finger Eleven 32p grattis peter (hur kan jag missa en sån här låt)

MockY[11/17/08 4:16 PM ]: eller "Hallå"

hebbe[11/17/08 4:16 PM ]: 2. hinder 28p

MockY[11/17/08 4:16 PM ]: Outtake till senaste plattan. Dom valde att ta bort den

hebbe[11/17/08 4:16 PM ]: 3. nickelback 27p

MockY[11/17/08 4:16 PM ]: knasbollar

hebbe[11/17/08 4:16 PM ]: 4. art of dying 26p

ragee[11/17/08 4:17 PM ]: jag vill ju ha mer poäng

hebbe[11/17/08 4:17 PM ]: 5. my chemical romance 21p

MockY[11/17/08 4:17 PM ]: Mycket vill ha mer.....

tgs3[11/17/08 4:17 PM ]: It's nice to win the close race for second anyway

ragee[11/17/08 4:18 PM ]: dags att återgå ill sällskapet

ragee[11/17/08 4:18 PM ]: ses på torsdag igen

hebbe[11/17/08 4:19 PM ]: bye

MockY[11/17/08 4:19 PM ]: danke..referring to previous statement from Theron and Anders

hebbe[11/17/08 4:19 PM ]: ganska besviken på nickelbacks senaste platta

MockY[11/17/08 4:19 PM ]: hare och kanin

hebbe[11/17/08 4:20 PM ]: tror dom har tappat gnistan

MockY[11/17/08 4:20 PM ]: dom har kanske gått och blivit lata

tgs3[11/17/08 4:21 PM ]: Yeah, its pretty boring

MockY[11/17/08 4:21 PM ]: Varför spendera extra 5 minuter på en låt då den kommer sälja som smör i alla fall

MockY[11/17/08 4:21 PM ]: det är uppenbarligen deras filosofi

tgs3[11/17/08 4:21 PM ]: I stopped expecting anything good from any acts. I just hope to be proven wrong every time

tgs3[11/17/08 4:21 PM ]: They told you that, Peter?

thebrat13n[11/17/08 4:21 PM ]: that's your life motto

hebbe[11/17/08 4:21 PM ]: antagligen, men det kommer dom att märka, hoppas jag

tgs3[11/17/08 4:24 PM ]: Mediocre albums happen to all bands. Making good music is really, really, really, really hard

thebrat13n[11/17/08 4:24 PM ]: Well, I'm going to go get something to eat.

thebrat13n[11/17/08 4:24 PM ]: see you next time

hebbe[11/17/08 4:24 PM ]: hade tänkt köra lite udda låtar den här säsongen

hebbe[11/17/08 4:24 PM ]: bye

tgs3[11/17/08 4:24 PM ]: People like to come up with all kinds of explanations for it, but in the end, I don't put a whole lot of credence to what anyone but the band members say

MockY[11/17/08 4:24 PM ]: I will do the same

MockY[11/17/08 4:24 PM ]: What are you having?

tgs3[11/17/08 4:24 PM ]: bye

MockY[11/17/08 4:24 PM ]: Happy Palace *hint hint*

thebrat13n[11/17/08 4:24 PM ]: mr pickles

MockY[11/17/08 4:25 PM ]:

hebbe[11/17/08 4:25 PM ]: men det brukar inte funka

tgs3[11/17/08 4:25 PM ]: Usually not. Striaght down the middle of the road alternative rock is the only thing guaranteed to do well.

tgs3[11/17/08 4:26 PM ]: I like some variation in SOTD for sure, but its certainly risky. Sometimes it can pay off, but usually not

MockY[11/17/08 4:26 PM ]: Robert va nog den som tog flest risker....

hebbe[11/17/08 4:26 PM ]: men peter gav birds of tokyo 20p

MockY[11/17/08 4:27 PM ]: ifall det va planerat av honom. Tror han använde vad han hade

MockY[11/17/08 4:27 PM ]: asbra låt juh

hebbe[11/17/08 4:27 PM ]: men udda

MockY[11/17/08 4:27 PM ]: gjort på ett väldigt bra sätt

MockY[11/17/08 4:28 PM ]: udda kan vara riktigt bra

hebbe[11/17/08 4:28 PM ]: det är det som gör det roligt att köra udda låtar

hebbe[11/17/08 4:28 PM ]: när man lyckas känns det dubbelt så bra

MockY[11/17/08 4:29 PM ]: jo, det gör ju det

tgs3[11/17/08 4:29 PM ]: Robert complained the most about all of us not using odd songs, but I don't know that he really used them any more than anyone else

tgs3[11/17/08 4:29 PM ]: Using FTM and Idlewild over and over again hardly qualifies

MockY[11/17/08 4:29 PM ]: maybe you're right.

MockY[11/17/08 4:29 PM ]: He just wanted us to use it lol

tgs3[11/17/08 4:30 PM ]:

tgs3[11/17/08 4:31 PM ]: I'll proably use more odd songs in Season 27 when it's Speed SOTD.

MockY[11/17/08 4:31 PM ]: we all will

tgs3[11/17/08 4:31 PM ]: There will be more unknown and less likely to get text filed songs used by me then

MockY[11/17/08 4:31 PM ]: I know I will be forced it looks now

MockY[11/17/08 4:31 PM ]: my list must grow much faster

hebbe[11/17/08 4:32 PM ]: jag ska prova ett par i alla fall, det brukar dyka upp nya bra låtar på vägen

tgs3[11/17/08 4:33 PM ]: Sure, you probably have a couple of months until you need to be ready

MockY[11/17/08 4:34 PM ]: I hope that is enough time

MockY[11/17/08 4:34 PM ]: I went through about 50 band yesterday and I got ONE B-list song

MockY[11/17/08 4:34 PM ]: pathetic

MockY[11/17/08 4:34 PM ]: this is like fishing without bait

tgs3[11/17/08 4:36 PM ]: I thought you said you found something yesterday in the chat

tgs3[11/17/08 4:36 PM ]: Just trying to scare us?

tgs3[11/17/08 4:37 PM ]: I was happy to find a couple of animal lyrics in my list yesterday

MockY[11/17/08 4:37 PM ]: Well, I did find it way back in the day. I just finally got it ripped

tgs3[11/17/08 4:37 PM ]: ah

MockY[11/17/08 4:38 PM ]: can finally remove that bookmark

MockY[11/17/08 4:38 PM ]: Anders, vill du resten av F11 outakes?

MockY[11/17/08 4:38 PM ]: finns 5 till outsläppta låtar

hebbe[11/17/08 4:39 PM ]: fan nu vet jag vart låten är med på för skiva, fick aldrig hem den och så glömde jag bort det (f11)

tgs3[11/17/08 4:39 PM ]: I guess the rest aren't as good?

MockY[11/17/08 4:40 PM ]: nope

hebbe[11/17/08 4:40 PM ]: glest med musik till omg 2

MockY[11/17/08 4:40 PM ]: still good, but nothing I will be using

hebbe[11/17/08 4:40 PM ]: minst 2p

MockY[11/17/08 4:40 PM ]: ?

tgs3[11/17/08 4:40 PM ]: I see now that I only found one song during the season last season, and that was Slipknot. I guess I better keep paying attention to new stuff...

MockY[11/17/08 4:40 PM ]: mjo, här ska det tydligen röstas på 3 låtar

MockY[11/17/08 4:41 PM ]: då får man ju poäng

tgs3[11/17/08 4:41 PM ]: Yup, looks like there will be a couple of song emails sent out. Hopefully soon

tgs3[11/17/08 4:41 PM ]: If you're one of the three

MockY[11/17/08 4:41 PM ]: that is a big IF

hebbe[11/17/08 4:42 PM ]: ha ha

hebbe[11/17/08 4:42 PM ]: Ana har fått ihop det med finnarna

tgs3[11/17/08 4:42 PM ]: yuck

MockY[11/17/08 4:43 PM ]: Alla vägar leder till Finland

hebbe[11/17/08 4:43 PM ]: ha ha

hebbe[11/17/08 4:44 PM ]: finns f11 i skivarkivet?

hebbe[11/17/08 4:45 PM ]: Us Vs Then Vs Now

MockY[11/17/08 4:46 PM ]: nope

MockY[11/17/08 4:46 PM ]: men i vänliga lådan

hebbe[11/17/08 4:46 PM ]: ok

MockY[11/17/08 4:46 PM ]: snart

MockY[11/17/08 4:46 PM ]: uppar den just nu

tgs3[11/17/08 4:47 PM ]: Don't want cra like that in the sacred Streamer

tgs3[11/17/08 4:47 PM ]: crap

hebbe[11/17/08 4:47 PM ]: by heart låter som om robert var med igen

hebbe[11/17/08 4:47 PM ]: ha ha ha ha

hebbe[11/17/08 4:48 PM ]: finns säkert 100 gig som är sämre

tgs3[11/17/08 4:48 PM ]: It does have that half-boring Robert vibe to it

MockY[11/17/08 4:48 PM ]: nej

MockY[11/17/08 4:48 PM ]: 500 gig

tgs3[11/17/08 4:48 PM ]: Not that I'm saying I won't like it, just listened to 30 seconds of it

hebbe[11/17/08 4:48 PM ]: ha ha

hebbe[11/17/08 4:49 PM ]: eller halv-intressant robert vibe

MockY[11/17/08 4:49 PM ]: nej nu ska jag förskaffa mig mat

MockY[11/17/08 4:49 PM ]: hepp hepp

hebbe[11/17/08 4:49 PM ]: hörs torsdag

tgs3[11/17/08 4:49 PM ]: it wouldn't surprise me to find out that Robert was feeding Niklas with music sometimes

tgs3[11/17/08 4:50 PM ]: Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with that

hebbe[11/17/08 4:50 PM ]: han har redan fått ett par

tgs3[11/17/08 4:50 PM ]: I'd suggest things to people if I quit

hebbe[11/17/08 4:50 PM ]: men det var ett tag sen

tgs3[11/17/08 4:50 PM ]: I guess Robert doesn't plan on re-joining

hebbe[11/17/08 4:50 PM ]: men jag tror han har blivit för lat för det också

tgs3[11/17/08 4:51 PM ]: Even if he just spent a little time doing it, he could build up a huge list if he wanted by taking a year off like he has done

hebbe[11/17/08 4:51 PM ]: känns inte så

tgs3[11/17/08 4:51 PM ]: He probably doesn't hear very much new music with SOTD

hebbe[11/17/08 4:51 PM ]: men han orkar inte leta musik

tgs3[11/17/08 4:51 PM ]: I probably wouldn't if I wasn't trying to find new stuff all the time

hebbe[11/17/08 4:52 PM ]: jag brukar komma med lite ny sotd-material till honom men han sågar allt

hebbe[11/17/08 4:53 PM ]: jag har ett band som han gillar men dom har jag inte kört än

hebbe[11/17/08 4:53 PM ]: dom är lite udda för mej

hebbe[11/17/08 4:54 PM ]: har nog haft skivan över ett halvår nu

tgs3[11/17/08 4:55 PM ]: Robert and my tastes are defnitiely different, so I can see how you and him wouldn't always agree, either

hebbe[11/17/08 4:56 PM ]: ha ha, han lyssnar bara på ftm och lev

hebbe[11/17/08 4:58 PM ]: är det bara vi tre som har uppat så vet jag vem som är vems låt

tgs3[11/17/08 5:02 PM ]: Yeah, by my comments, its not too hard to figure out

tgs3[11/17/08 5:02 PM ]: It might be Niklas and not Peter that uploaded,thgouh

tgs3[11/17/08 5:05 PM ]: Well,I better go work. Cya Thursday

hebbe[11/17/08 5:06 PM ]: bye