MockY[03/06/08 2:54 PM ]:

tgs3[03/06/08 2:56 PM ]:

Ragee[03/06/08 2:56 PM ]: Shoooooo

thebrat13n[03/06/08 2:57 PM ]:

tgs3[03/06/08 2:57 PM ]: I guess I better figure out what to upload today

MockY[03/06/08 2:58 PM ]:

MockY[03/06/08 3:04 PM ]:

MockY[03/06/08 3:06 PM ]: Var är Hebbe-mannen då?

Ragee[03/06/08 3:07 PM ]: no clue

Ragee[03/06/08 3:07 PM ]: kanske jobbar sent igen

MockY[03/06/08 3:07 PM ]: stackarn

MockY[03/06/08 3:08 PM ]: Jag vill då inte lyssna mer på dessa låtar än vad jag behöver

tgs3[03/06/08 3:08 PM ]: You didn't like them?

tgs3[03/06/08 3:08 PM ]: I had to listen a little more than usual, so yeah, I'm ready to move on, too.

MockY[03/06/08 3:09 PM ]: Betydligt böttre än vad jag hoppats på, men jag vill endå ha nya låtar att lyssna på

Ragee[03/06/08 3:09 PM ]: lite för långa för min smak

tgs3[03/06/08 3:09 PM ]: gotcha

MockY[03/06/08 3:09 PM ]: mjo, typ 3 minuter

Ragee[03/06/08 3:09 PM ]: blev rätt snabbt tradigt

MockY[03/06/08 3:09 PM ]: nästa runda kommer innehålla låtar under 2.50 minuter

MockY[03/06/08 3:10 PM ]: punkfest

tgs3[03/06/08 3:11 PM ]: So are you still planning to go with the same theme again, next season Peter?

MockY[03/06/08 3:11 PM ]: No

MockY[03/06/08 3:11 PM ]: I want to come up with something new, but it's getting harder every season

MockY[03/06/08 3:12 PM ]: songs under 2.5 minutes

tgs3[03/06/08 3:13 PM ]: Nah, there's still lots of options

MockY[03/06/08 3:13 PM ]: Just have to be clever and find a good one

MockY[03/06/08 3:16 PM ]: I feel safe at home. When I went to the Van today, a batallion of 3 squad cars greeted me and around 5 police men with drawn guns

tgs3[03/06/08 3:16 PM ]: So you should have felt very safe

MockY[03/06/08 3:16 PM ]: "feels safe" as in I want to get the fuck out of the rat hole I live in

tgs3[03/06/08 3:16 PM ]: 5 guys ready to protect. How can it get better than that?

tgs3[03/06/08 3:17 PM ]: Maybe its time NIklas gave Anders a call

tgs3[03/06/08 3:17 PM ]: Not that I'm in a hurry or anything

MockY[03/06/08 3:17 PM ]: There were 3 roadwrokers taking cover behind the Van while they were watching the police doing their job (I think it was hostage situation)

MockY[03/06/08 3:17 PM ]: they were'nt to happy with me leaving haha

tgs3[03/06/08 3:18 PM ]: haha

MockY[03/06/08 3:18 PM ]: so now they had to repark their own truck so they still can be safe and still watch

MockY[03/06/08 3:18 PM ]: idiots

MockY[03/06/08 3:18 PM ]: It was like walking straight into Cops Live

MockY[03/06/08 3:19 PM ]: The sad part is that I was not surprised at all, but it still makes you uncomfortable when you see you own damn building surrounded by cops with drawn guns

MockY[03/06/08 3:19 PM ]: If it wasnät for D, I would be in Elk Grove since long time ago

tgs3[03/06/08 3:20 PM ]: Happened to me in Alameda once, but it was a very unusual occurance

Ragee[03/06/08 3:20 PM ]: hebbster kommer nu

Ragee[03/06/08 3:20 PM ]: han hade glömt

MockY[03/06/08 3:20 PM ]: well, you peronally was told to go insdide again right?

MockY[03/06/08 3:21 PM ]: They couldn't care less about my safety

tgs3[03/06/08 3:21 PM ]: A lady a couple of doors down was threatening to kill herslef, and maybe her kids, too, I'm not too sure. There were over 20 cops outside our house all of the sudden

MockY[03/06/08 3:21 PM ]: they just waived at me so I would walk faster to my car

MockY[03/06/08 3:21 PM ]: but that's it

tgs3[03/06/08 3:21 PM ]: I walked out the front door and a cop with a gun in his hand told me I better get back inside. I said "OK" very quickly.

MockY[03/06/08 3:21 PM ]: that's a bit exessive

tgs3[03/06/08 3:22 PM ]: It was the only "action" those Alameda cops would see all year.

MockY[03/06/08 3:22 PM ]: I wanted to go back inside to grab my camera, but the cops didn't like that idea

MockY[03/06/08 3:22 PM ]: haha

MockY[03/06/08 3:22 PM ]: and you too for that matter

tgs3[03/06/08 3:22 PM ]: Yeah, that would be pushing it

tgs3[03/06/08 3:22 PM ]: you had a phone...

MockY[03/06/08 3:22 PM ]: But I though Alameda was a bad part

tgs3[03/06/08 3:23 PM ]: ??

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:23 PM ]: ??

MockY[03/06/08 3:23 PM ]: I know, but it's not I think straight when I have the strong arm of the law instructing me to get the fuck out of there

MockY[03/06/08 3:23 PM ]: "ohh wait officer, could you rais your gun a bit so I can get a great shot"

MockY[03/06/08 3:23 PM ]: haha

MockY[03/06/08 3:24 PM ]: Well those questionmarks proved me wrong

MockY[03/06/08 3:24 PM ]: never mind then

MockY[03/06/08 3:24 PM ]: I just though I heard horror stories all the time about the bad parts of alameda

MockY[03/06/08 3:24 PM ]: or was that just where work was

tgs3[03/06/08 3:24 PM ]: From who?

MockY[03/06/08 3:24 PM ]: you guys I guess

tgs3[03/06/08 3:25 PM ]: Mixing up Alameda and Oakland is like mixing up Lycksele and Kosovo

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:25 PM ]: The west side isn't that great, but that's not where we were

MockY[03/06/08 3:25 PM ]: haha

MockY[03/06/08 3:25 PM ]: both bad places

MockY[03/06/08 3:25 PM ]: look the same, but one you will die in, and the other you will just rot in

tgs3[03/06/08 3:25 PM ]: I also don't really remember saying work was THAT bad. Nothing ever happened to us. Heck, the only thing I've ever really been a part of was in Boet

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:25 PM ]: tjoohoooo

tgs3[03/06/08 3:25 PM ]: I like Lycksele

tgs3[03/06/08 3:26 PM ]: Howdy

Ragee[03/06/08 3:26 PM ]: tjoo

MockY[03/06/08 3:26 PM ]: I meant Öravan

MockY[03/06/08 3:26 PM ]: my bad

tgs3[03/06/08 3:26 PM ]: Just finished downloadin the songs from last time?

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:26 PM ]: Our house did get broken into once, and Daddy was held up in the west side

tgs3[03/06/08 3:26 PM ]: True

MockY[03/06/08 3:26 PM ]: scary shit

tgs3[03/06/08 3:27 PM ]: Just kids that broke in. I guess the west side could get bad. I was never there at night, and was never worried there during the day

MockY[03/06/08 3:27 PM ]: Atleast I know that the cops arrive quickly to our place since things happen there all the time

tgs3[03/06/08 3:27 PM ]: True

MockY[03/06/08 3:27 PM ]: But I don't know if that should make me feel safe

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:27 PM ]: det var värre i boet, mord och grejjer

MockY[03/06/08 3:27 PM ]: I prefer no cops and no criminal activities

MockY[03/06/08 3:28 PM ]: The Boet murders....a very common thing in rural Ödeshög

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:28 PM ]: but, my house got broken into in Elk Grove more times

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:28 PM ]: ska du flytta, peter

MockY[03/06/08 3:28 PM ]: Så fort jag kan

tgs3[03/06/08 3:28 PM ]: liar

MockY[03/06/08 3:28 PM ]: mättes av 5 polismän med dragna vapen i morse då jag skulle till jobbet

tgs3[03/06/08 3:28 PM ]: You could move tonight if you wanted to

MockY[03/06/08 3:29 PM ]: man kan bli lätt orolig då

MockY[03/06/08 3:29 PM ]: If I do, I have to redo all papers with the immigration

MockY[03/06/08 3:29 PM ]: and start from scratch

MockY[03/06/08 3:29 PM ]: so sure, there is a possibility, but I donät want to spend all that money again, and wait another 6 months to get my papers back

MockY[03/06/08 3:30 PM ]: So I prefer to stay put til the actual Green Card arrives

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:30 PM ]: det kan jag förstå

tgs3[03/06/08 3:30 PM ]: Or just don't tell them and pay the new tenents $50 bucks to get you your mail

tgs3[03/06/08 3:31 PM ]: I'm not saying these are good options...

MockY[03/06/08 3:31 PM ]: you always have a solution to everything, some more convinient than others haha

tgs3[03/06/08 3:31 PM ]: Exactly. All lifes problems have a solution.

tgs3[03/06/08 3:31 PM ]: Just not always a good one.

MockY[03/06/08 3:31 PM ]: lol

MockY[03/06/08 3:32 PM ]: but thanks for playing the "take risks and possibly get deported"-game

tgs3[03/06/08 3:32 PM ]: Deported for moving? Yeah, sure.

MockY[03/06/08 3:34 PM ]: no, but move and don't report the move will make all papers invalid

MockY[03/06/08 3:34 PM ]: and off I go to Sweden

tgs3[03/06/08 3:34 PM ]: uh huh

MockY[03/06/08 3:34 PM ]: So I rather say hello to cops every morning

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:35 PM ]: ha ha

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:36 PM ]: det finns gott om plats i sverige

MockY[03/06/08 3:37 PM ]: mjo det gör ju det. Men de flesta platser erbjuder snö och is under merparten av året

MockY[03/06/08 3:37 PM ]: nej tack

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:37 PM ]: jag måste säga att det var ganska lättröstat idag

tgs3[03/06/08 3:37 PM ]: There's a lot more room in the good old US of A

MockY[03/06/08 3:37 PM ]: And hell of a lot warmer

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:38 PM ]: men vi har ju is och snö

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:38 PM ]: We do too, just not here

MockY[03/06/08 3:39 PM ]: Which is why California is great. If you want snow, you just have to go 2 hours north. If ytou want heat you just stay put

MockY[03/06/08 3:39 PM ]: Sweden does not have the Warm option at all

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:40 PM ]: finns inget bättre än vårsolen i mars

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:40 PM ]: I wouldn't say it's "warm" here in winter, just not freezing

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:40 PM ]: underbart

tgs3[03/06/08 3:40 PM ]: .Sure

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:41 PM ]: på en pimpel-is

MockY[03/06/08 3:42 PM ]: no, during winter itäs cold as well. Not just freezing. But here you have the Heat-mode, something Sweden will not have yet in 90 years

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:42 PM ]: ska rösta bort de här dyng-låtarna

MockY[03/06/08 3:42 PM ]: dynglå tar du väl endå i

tgs3[03/06/08 3:42 PM ]: Man, this round wasn't very popular.

Ragee[03/06/08 3:42 PM ]: hehe

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:42 PM ]: ha ha

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:43 PM ]: ganska ojämt

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:43 PM ]: 1

MockY[03/06/08 3:43 PM ]: Ska bli spännande att se vad ni röstar på dock

MockY[03/06/08 3:43 PM ]: 2

tgs3[03/06/08 3:43 PM ]: 2

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:43 PM ]: 4

Ragee[03/06/08 3:43 PM ]: 4234

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:43 PM ]: machine head 1p

MockY[03/06/08 3:44 PM ]: Dream Theater 3p

Ragee[03/06/08 3:44 PM ]: Dream Theater 3p

tgs3[03/06/08 3:44 PM ]: Machine Head 2p

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:44 PM ]: Pearl Jam 4p

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:44 PM ]: dream theater 3p

MockY[03/06/08 3:44 PM ]: Machine Head 4p

Ragee[03/06/08 3:44 PM ]: Pearl Jam 4p

tgs3[03/06/08 3:45 PM ]: Pearl Jam 4p

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:45 PM ]: Machine Head 6p

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:45 PM ]: pearl jam 5p

MockY[03/06/08 3:45 PM ]: Pedwell 5p

Ragee[03/06/08 3:45 PM ]: Primal Fear 5p

tgs3[03/06/08 3:45 PM ]: Dream Theater 6p

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:45 PM ]: Primal Fear 7p

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:46 PM ]: pedwell 7p

MockY[03/06/08 3:46 PM ]: Primal Fear 7p

Ragee[03/06/08 3:46 PM ]: Pedwell 6p

tgs3[03/06/08 3:46 PM ]: Primal Fear 7p

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:46 PM ]: Pedwell 9p

Ragee[03/06/08 3:46 PM ]: trodde fan jag skulle få rätt bra med poäng av peter

MockY[03/06/08 3:46 PM ]: feta poäng

Ragee[03/06/08 3:46 PM ]: fett besviken på dig

MockY[03/06/08 3:47 PM ]: 9p på Pedwell, nu tror jag väl endå att hon knaprar roliga svampar på sitt kontor

tgs3[03/06/08 3:47 PM ]: Thank you, Nina.

MockY[03/06/08 3:47 PM ]: Machine Head har betydligt bättre tunes än denna

tgs3[03/06/08 3:47 PM ]: That's a 10p song, you're correct, Peter

MockY[03/06/08 3:47 PM ]: Theron vann igen

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:47 PM ]: You're welcome

MockY[03/06/08 3:47 PM ]: himmel vilken säsong

MockY[03/06/08 3:47 PM ]: 10p song...hahah

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:48 PM ]: 1. pedwell 27p grattis theron

tgs3[03/06/08 3:48 PM ]: That's what I was listening to in MSN when I said I just found a great band and then noticed they had a long song

tgs3[03/06/08 3:49 PM ]: thanks

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:49 PM ]: 2. primal fear 26p

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:49 PM ]: 3. pearl jam 17p

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:49 PM ]: 4. dream theater 15p

MockY[03/06/08 3:49 PM ]: ahh 2 poäng. Inte illa pinkat

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:49 PM ]: 5. machine head 13p

Ragee[03/06/08 3:50 PM ]: tjohooo 0p igen haha

MockY[03/06/08 3:50 PM ]: men jävlar sp jämt

MockY[03/06/08 3:50 PM ]: lol

Ragee[03/06/08 3:50 PM ]: fan va ni suger

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:50 PM ]: nu är du nere på 3:e plats peter, nästa omg är du på 4:e

tgs3[03/06/08 3:50 PM ]: The round points are kinda spread out, too

thebrat13n[03/06/08 3:50 PM ]: Hey, I gave it 6p

tgs3[03/06/08 3:50 PM ]: 18p between the top and bottom

MockY[03/06/08 3:51 PM ]: Nicke: Burning Red albumet har ju 2 låtar över 6 minuter

Ragee[03/06/08 3:51 PM ]: jag menar allmänt denna säsong

MockY[03/06/08 3:51 PM ]: och du valde denna...haha

MockY[03/06/08 3:51 PM ]: Anders: Nu tycker jag du va elak

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:51 PM ]: var tydligen inte bara jag som inte gillade den här omgången

tgs3[03/06/08 3:52 PM ]: I guess you know the results of your experiment, Niklas. If you use shit music all season, you won't do well.

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:52 PM ]: ha ha

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:52 PM ]: peter: du vinner i alla fall

tgs3[03/06/08 3:53 PM ]: I haven't given up yet!

Ragee[03/06/08 3:53 PM ]: iofs så har det nästan gått bättre än jag trodde med de låtar jag änvänt

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:53 PM ]: niklas ta och ring robert han kanske har någe bra musik åt dej

tgs3[03/06/08 3:53 PM ]: Down to three points now. Too bad I don't have any more Canadians to use. That's all I've won with this seaason

Ragee[03/06/08 3:53 PM ]: väldigt roligt expriment detta även fast jag får dålig poäng

MockY[03/06/08 3:53 PM ]: 3 god damn points...hmm

MockY[03/06/08 3:53 PM ]: I better make sure I win the last 2 rounds

Ragee[03/06/08 3:54 PM ]: jag har bra låtar men jag tänker inte använda de fören nästa säsong

MockY[03/06/08 3:54 PM ]: det är ju en bra taktik.....not

tgs3[03/06/08 3:54 PM ]: I'm not very confident a the moment. Hopefully I'll stumble upon something this weekend

Ragee[03/06/08 3:54 PM ]: har jag sagt att jag skall använda tungmusik resten av säsong så tänker jag h¨lla det

MockY[03/06/08 3:54 PM ]: men nu spelar det ju mindre roll iofs

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:54 PM ]: ha ha, skyll dej själv. jag laddar för nya ettor

tgs3[03/06/08 3:54 PM ]: You can use heavy without sucking

MockY[03/06/08 3:55 PM ]: Ja fortsätt så du

Ragee[03/06/08 3:55 PM ]: haha

tgs3[03/06/08 3:55 PM ]: One of your big bands has a new single out that would be quite abit better than what you've done

MockY[03/06/08 3:55 PM ]: It sure as hell is not In Flames

Ragee[03/06/08 3:55 PM ]: det är ni som inte förstår er på musiken jag använder

MockY[03/06/08 3:55 PM ]: sucky ass single

Ragee[03/06/08 3:56 PM ]: inte mitt fel att grymt låtar får dålig poäng

Ragee[03/06/08 3:56 PM ]: ja medioker singel

MockY[03/06/08 3:56 PM ]: SOTD - Metal Edition

tgs3[03/06/08 3:56 PM ]: Music? What music?

MockY[03/06/08 3:56 PM ]: du får ju starta en syster site

tgs3[03/06/08 3:56 PM ]: Mediocre might be correct. Peter as usual has no ability to see shades of gray

MockY[03/06/08 3:57 PM ]: I'm pissed man

MockY[03/06/08 3:57 PM ]: they can do so much better than that

tgs3[03/06/08 3:57 PM ]: But mediocre would be a big step up from the current level

MockY[03/06/08 3:57 PM ]: but yes, I agree with Niklas

MockY[03/06/08 3:57 PM ]: haha true

tgs3[03/06/08 3:57 PM ]: It's just one song. YOu need to read the book "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff"

MockY[03/06/08 3:58 PM ]: I'm now scared that In Flames goes the other direction, and do a Trivium

tgs3[03/06/08 3:58 PM ]: Niklas, don't you have any heavy stuff with singing?

MockY[03/06/08 3:58 PM ]: the whole album sucking because they are trying to do stuff to please others

tgs3[03/06/08 3:58 PM ]: That would be a nice addition to the usually good music

MockY[03/06/08 3:59 PM ]: Which most people do, but it is just a miss in that genre

MockY[03/06/08 3:59 PM ]: hey, here is singing in Machine Head

MockY[03/06/08 3:59 PM ]: Machine Head is actually pretty darn good, but this tune was not one of them

Ragee[03/06/08 3:59 PM ]: rensång förstör ju bara för det mesta

tgs3[03/06/08 3:59 PM ]: sort of

MockY[03/06/08 3:59 PM ]: jag vill inte höra renar sjunga heller

Hebbe[03/06/08 3:59 PM ]: ha ha ha

MockY[03/06/08 4:00 PM ]: skulle förtöra all musik

tgs3[03/06/08 4:00 PM ]: NIklas has one thing right, I don't understand

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:00 PM ]: men jag tror en ren growlar bättre än machine head

MockY[03/06/08 4:00 PM ]: Rudolph And The Vampire Santa

MockY[03/06/08 4:00 PM ]: awesome band

tgs3[03/06/08 4:01 PM ]: And Anders doesn't either I'm guessing

MockY[03/06/08 4:01 PM ]: ?

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:01 PM ]: jag har faktiskt en hård sång med lite growl i, kanske skulle köra den

Ragee[03/06/08 4:01 PM ]: jag är så förbannat glad att jag hitta det underbara med growl

Ragee[03/06/08 4:02 PM ]: det finns så sjukt mycket bra death

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:02 PM ]: but i´m alive

tgs3[03/06/08 4:02 PM ]: You sound like a mind washed religious person

Ragee[03/06/08 4:02 PM ]: haha nu får du ge dig

tgs3[03/06/08 4:02 PM ]: One day you're wake up and realize you haven't been listening to music for the last 10 years...

MockY[03/06/08 4:03 PM ]: He found the growl

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:03 PM ]: ha ha ha ha ha

MockY[03/06/08 4:03 PM ]: it takes time

MockY[03/06/08 4:03 PM ]:

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:03 PM ]: jag är för gammal

tgs3[03/06/08 4:03 PM ]: And sane.

MockY[03/06/08 4:03 PM ]: Soon he will slaughter goats and hens while he votes as his current death metal song receives its 4 1-pointers

tgs3[03/06/08 4:04 PM ]: I fear that.

Ragee[03/06/08 4:04 PM ]: hahaha

tgs3[03/06/08 4:04 PM ]: What else can explain why people would think they like this "music"?

Ragee[03/06/08 4:04 PM ]: jag är en alldeles för glad person för det

tgs3[03/06/08 4:04 PM ]: You think.

tgs3[03/06/08 4:05 PM ]: That's how these death metal cults work

MockY[03/06/08 4:05 PM ]: glad...hmm vilsen är nog ett böttre beskrivande ord

MockY[03/06/08 4:05 PM ]: du borde dejta en flicka som har en körlek till Orup

Ragee[03/06/08 4:05 PM ]: vadå vilsen

MockY[03/06/08 4:05 PM ]: kanske det neutraliserar din smak lite

MockY[03/06/08 4:05 PM ]: Nej fasen, kör på du bara Nicke

Ragee[03/06/08 4:06 PM ]: vafan jag är nästan allätare ju

MockY[03/06/08 4:06 PM ]: Du har mitt fulla stöd

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:06 PM ]: då kanske jag inte är tillräckligt glad för att uppskatta growl och death

Ragee[03/06/08 4:06 PM ]: hä ä bara hip hop och jazz som går ner i soporna på engång

MockY[03/06/08 4:06 PM ]: nej, du är en bitter sate

Ragee[03/06/08 4:06 PM ]: du skulle behöva en rejäl dos med death/black

tgs3[03/06/08 4:07 PM ]: Hmm. I wonder which one is NIklas this time?

tgs3[03/06/08 4:07 PM ]: NIna's not too hard to guess, either, I think

Ragee[03/06/08 4:07 PM ]: fan om jag är bitter nån gång coh sätter på Malevolent Creation så är jag glad på 2 röda

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:07 PM ]: machine head-låten var så dålig att man rent mådde dåligt då den kom, tror det kan ha förstört för dom andra låtarna

tgs3[03/06/08 4:08 PM ]: Sure, that's the programming....

Ragee[03/06/08 4:09 PM ]: jag körde den låten för jag tyckte den var den mest lättlyssnade

Ragee[03/06/08 4:09 PM ]: men antar jag hade fel

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:09 PM ]: ha ha ha ha ha ha

tgs3[03/06/08 4:10 PM ]: looks like

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:10 PM ]: du är ju rolig i alla fall

MockY[03/06/08 4:12 PM ]: han håller sig till inhemska band i alla fall..förutom Machine Head dock

MockY[03/06/08 4:12 PM ]: men i övrigt är det Svea Rike som gäller

MockY[03/06/08 4:12 PM ]: skapar dålig statistik för Sverige

Ragee[03/06/08 4:12 PM ]: Sverige är ju ett av de bästa ländera när det gäller death

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:13 PM ]: dom kanske tror att dom är vikingar

MockY[03/06/08 4:13 PM ]: När dyker Naglfar upp då?

MockY[03/06/08 4:13 PM ]: sista rundan kanske?

MockY[03/06/08 4:13 PM ]: Anders kommer gilla Mattias och grabbarna lol

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:13 PM ]: nagelfar

Ragee[03/06/08 4:13 PM ]: hehe faktist är det en tanke

Ragee[03/06/08 4:14 PM ]: de eller Zonaria dyker upp

Ragee[03/06/08 4:14 PM ]: så umeå blire iaf

tgs3[03/06/08 4:14 PM ]: Nina's going to be in trouble whenever Niklas starts trying again

MockY[03/06/08 4:14 PM ]: Nej Anders, Naglfar

MockY[03/06/08 4:14 PM ]: inte Nagelfar

tgs3[03/06/08 4:14 PM ]: All of us will be a little

tgs3[03/06/08 4:14 PM ]: I like Nagelfar a lot more

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:14 PM ]: tånagelfar

MockY[03/06/08 4:15 PM ]: Fasen, måste lyssna poå Naglfar nu

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:15 PM ]: kanske dom har nageltrång som dom låter

MockY[03/06/08 4:15 PM ]: det va länge sedan

MockY[03/06/08 4:15 PM ]: The Perpetual Horrors är så jävla bra

MockY[03/06/08 4:16 PM ]: "that's why I domintae, that's why I remain..."

Ragee[03/06/08 4:16 PM ]: har du nå kontakt med dem idag?

MockY[03/06/08 4:16 PM ]: brukar emaila Mattias då och då

MockY[03/06/08 4:16 PM ]: va 2 år sedan sist dock

Ragee[03/06/08 4:16 PM ]: oj

MockY[03/06/08 4:17 PM ]: Han drog till Japan på turné och sen bidde det inte av att prata vidare

Ragee[03/06/08 4:17 PM ]: Jaaa fan va underbart jag skall få se The Haunted igen i sommar

tgs3[03/06/08 4:18 PM ]: They're not that handsome

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:18 PM ]: ja just det måste hitta nå dynga från japan å

Ragee[03/06/08 4:18 PM ]: de är fanm sjukt bra

MockY[03/06/08 4:18 PM ]: meeeen, jag vill ju också se The Haunted igen....inte rättvist

Ragee[03/06/08 4:19 PM ]: du har väl sett dem 10gånger

tgs3[03/06/08 4:19 PM ]: I found a Japan band by accident. I'm going to be quick to upload that round since I don't anticipoate having any backups worth anything

Ragee[03/06/08 4:19 PM ]: har bara sett dem 2gånger hittils

MockY[03/06/08 4:19 PM ]: samma här

MockY[03/06/08 4:19 PM ]: The Haunted totalt dominerar, speciellt live (fråga Theron, han håller nog med)

Ragee[03/06/08 4:19 PM ]: fan då kommer jag säkert inte få med min låt

tgs3[03/06/08 4:19 PM ]: Here you go, Peter:

tgs3[03/06/08 4:19 PM ]:

MockY[03/06/08 4:20 PM ]: du får väl bunkra upp med japaner

Ragee[03/06/08 4:20 PM ]: min låt från japen är jävligt känd

MockY[03/06/08 4:20 PM ]: jag har ingen aning vad jag ska använda än

tgs3[03/06/08 4:21 PM ]: Maybe I'll hear it before the round. but it would be impossible to text file any song ever made in Japanese throughout the history of the world

Ragee[03/06/08 4:21 PM ]: jo då det tror jag nog

MockY[03/06/08 4:21 PM ]: here I go what?

MockY[03/06/08 4:22 PM ]: Never heard of crowpath

tgs3[03/06/08 4:22 PM ]: So?

Ragee[03/06/08 4:22 PM ]: fan jag sitter ju tom sjunger med i vissa låtar

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:22 PM ]: på japanska

MockY[03/06/08 4:22 PM ]: so what is it that I get?

MockY[03/06/08 4:23 PM ]: confused

tgs3[03/06/08 4:23 PM ]: You wanted to see the Haunted

tgs3[03/06/08 4:23 PM ]: That was close

MockY[03/06/08 4:24 PM ]: So what does this picture have to do with that?

tgs3[03/06/08 4:24 PM ]: Four douchebags that play crappy music. I don't know why you want to see that,but that's what you said

MockY[03/06/08 4:24 PM ]: funny

tgs3[03/06/08 4:25 PM ]: thank you

MockY[03/06/08 4:25 PM ]: Though the bald dude reminde me of my friend Peter

MockY[03/06/08 4:25 PM ]: haha

MockY[03/06/08 4:25 PM ]: the bearded one

MockY[03/06/08 4:25 PM ]: noticed they were 2

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:26 PM ]: det hoppas mycke ut och in

MockY[03/06/08 4:27 PM ]: Mjo, du är inte ensam att göra det tydligen

tgs3[03/06/08 4:27 PM ]: Opera ftw

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:27 PM ]: nä jag sitter still

MockY[03/06/08 4:28 PM ]: ftw - For The Win?

MockY[03/06/08 4:29 PM ]: I wish they could release a final version of Firefox 3

tgs3[03/06/08 4:29 PM ]: yes

MockY[03/06/08 4:29 PM ]: it's about time to release it I think

MockY[03/06/08 4:29 PM ]: slow ass s

tgs3[03/06/08 4:30 PM ]: I guess. What's it have that is desireable?

MockY[03/06/08 4:30 PM ]: The integrated scheme

MockY[03/06/08 4:30 PM ]: wonderful

Hebbe[03/06/08 4:30 PM ]: nä nu ska jag hoppa ut, bye hörs på måndag

tgs3[03/06/08 4:32 PM ]: bye

MockY[03/06/08 4:32 PM ]: besides from the part where a new version generally have something better to offer

tgs3[03/06/08 4:32 PM ]: Ah yes, the integrated scheme. Of course.

MockY[03/06/08 4:32 PM ]: The list of new feautures is to long to read.

tgs3[03/06/08 4:32 PM ]: That was sarcasm, by the way

MockY[03/06/08 4:33 PM ]: I know it was

MockY[03/06/08 4:33 PM ]: but you asked and I answered

tgs3[03/06/08 4:33 PM ]: i bet Dee could read it in just a few minutes

MockY[03/06/08 4:33 PM ]: I'm sure she could

tgs3[03/06/08 4:33 PM ]: Integrated Scheme is pretty awesome

tgs3[03/06/08 4:33 PM ]: So you lied

MockY[03/06/08 4:33 PM ]: but I don't think she loves me after I force her to do so

MockY[03/06/08 4:34 PM ]: I lied?

tgs3[03/06/08 4:34 PM ]: you said it was too long to read

tgs3[03/06/08 4:34 PM ]: And now you say Dee could do it relatively fast

MockY[03/06/08 4:34 PM ]: as in no normal person would read it...geez

MockY[03/06/08 4:35 PM ]: I rather find a summary than this list

tgs3[03/06/08 4:35 PM ]: So you're saying Dee is abnormal. That's not very nice

MockY[03/06/08 4:36 PM ]: did she read it?

MockY[03/06/08 4:36 PM ]: or would she?

MockY[03/06/08 4:36 PM ]: no on both

MockY[03/06/08 4:36 PM ]: so no on your statement

tgs3[03/06/08 4:37 PM ]: Yuck. Niklas is getting worse. There's only 3 new songs to listen to every round nowadays

MockY[03/06/08 4:37 PM ]: just 2 more rounds of that though

tgs3[03/06/08 4:37 PM ]: Hopefully.

MockY[03/06/08 4:37 PM ]: see, now you upset him

tgs3[03/06/08 4:37 PM ]: Maybe he won't stop

tgs3[03/06/08 4:37 PM ]: haha

MockY[03/06/08 4:37 PM ]: he said that he is going to stop

tgs3[03/06/08 4:38 PM ]: I must have missed that

MockY[03/06/08 4:38 PM ]: I guess you did

tgs3[03/06/08 4:39 PM ]: Was that today?

MockY[03/06/08 4:39 PM ]: look in the log. I'm to lazy to look it up, but he did say it today that he have good songs waiting but he is not using them until next season

MockY[03/06/08 4:39 PM ]: I take that as he is going to stop his grow episode

MockY[03/06/08 4:39 PM ]: growl*

tgs3[03/06/08 4:40 PM ]: yeah I saw it now

MockY[03/06/08 4:40 PM ]: ok

tgs3[03/06/08 4:40 PM ]: If his brainwashing will let him

MockY[03/06/08 4:40 PM ]: lol

MockY[03/06/08 4:41 PM ]: Out of fear for the Death Metal Gods, he will continue growling his way through SOTD

MockY[03/06/08 4:43 PM ]: I took a huge chance this round. I have 3 points to gamble with but I still feel nervous, assuming you will continue to do great throughout these last rounds

tgs3[03/06/08 4:44 PM ]: I believe it

MockY[03/06/08 4:44 PM ]: I will try to play it safe the last round however

tgs3[03/06/08 4:44 PM ]: When I quickly went through the songs, there wasn't one that said "Peter" to me

MockY[03/06/08 4:45 PM ]: but that is still no guarentee to get points

MockY[03/06/08 4:45 PM ]: no, I am not using a "Peter" song this time

tgs3[03/06/08 4:45 PM ]: I'm playing it safeish both rounds, but that doesn't guarantee anything

MockY[03/06/08 4:45 PM ]: and since I am outside my comfortzone, I am very nervous and have no idea how I will do

tgs3[03/06/08 4:45 PM ]: If I had done badly this round, I would change, but since I stil have a shot, I'm going for it

MockY[03/06/08 4:46 PM ]: you go biy

MockY[03/06/08 4:46 PM ]: boiii

tgs3[03/06/08 4:46 PM ]: I think I might fall out of it this next round, but I'll already upload for round 10 before I know that

tgs3[03/06/08 4:46 PM ]: I'd love to match you 5 wins, but that seems very unlikely

tgs3[03/06/08 4:47 PM ]: Of course, there's almost only three of us really trying at this point

MockY[03/06/08 4:47 PM ]: well, I have done it before, so it's not impossible

MockY[03/06/08 4:47 PM ]: but yes, very unlikely

tgs3[03/06/08 4:47 PM ]: I don't mean in a row, just win the next two and we'll have 5 each this season

MockY[03/06/08 4:47 PM ]: hopefully that changes with round 1 next season

tgs3[03/06/08 4:47 PM ]: But as I said, not at all expecting it.

MockY[03/06/08 4:48 PM ]: cause right now it's a battle of the 4 pointer between you and me

MockY[03/06/08 4:48 PM ]: and Anders as well to some extent

tgs3[03/06/08 4:48 PM ]: I did expect to win the last two rounds, but not this next one. I hope to of course, but I don't expect it

MockY[03/06/08 4:48 PM ]: historically this season anyways

tgs3[03/06/08 4:48 PM ]: "some" extent

tgs3[03/06/08 4:48 PM ]: ?

tgs3[03/06/08 4:48 PM ]: You're being very narrow in your look at "history"

MockY[03/06/08 4:49 PM ]: you should never expect it. Then you'll get upset and purky. I have done it way to many times

tgs3[03/06/08 4:49 PM ]: Well, it worked out, I did win two in a row, thankfully

MockY[03/06/08 4:49 PM ]: I said, this season...I have nothing to be prod of before that

tgs3[03/06/08 4:51 PM ]: buh-bye

MockY[03/06/08 4:51 PM ]: ok then