MockY: w000000t

tgs3: wot

MockY: so where is everybody_

tgs3: still 30m mins til 21:00

MockY: stil....

MockY: ptffft

MockY: :)

tgs3: How's the SOTD chatroom coming along?

MockY: not very good I must say

MockY: The best I have encountered is the one we tried last

MockY: And why it doesnät work is a mystery to me

MockY: it seems like no chat room works anymore

tgs3: Actually, I was thinking it was later. Still 90 minutes until vote time

MockY: ok...?

tgs3: I thought you were going to reformat the server or put a couple of chatrooms on the downtown host site and see how that worked

tgs3: What is the ? for?

MockY: I didn't understand you first

tgs3: ah

MockY: Well...reformatting the server will take major time and effort and I have to plan for it when I have alot of time

MockY: However, I can install a chatroom on downtown as we speak

MockY: while we wait

tgs3: Yeah, I thought you'd try a different server first and see how that went

tgs3: We've certainly still got time

MockY: now it's just a question how I use MySQL on their server....

tgs3: I have confidence in your ability to figure it out


MockY: that is their pre existing poackage

MockY: even though I', admin, there is no way of changing anything

tgs3: thumbs down to it

MockY: agree

MockY from x.x.x.126 joined the chat 113 minutes ago

MockY: ok



tgs3: Everyone, go to the last chat peter linked to right above this line

thebrat13n from x.x.x.109 joined the chat 52 minutes ago

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tgs3 from x.x.x.173 joined the chat 35 minutes ago

tgs3: Hi People!

thebrat13n from x.x.x.109 joined the chat 34 minutes ago

tgs3: A couple of songs are in danger of dropping a point for me :)

MockY from x.x.x.126 joined the chat 32 minutes ago

tgs3: What's taking so long?

MockY: I lost connectivity

MockY: I hate wireless

tgs3: So maybe that has been your probelm today?

MockY: doubt it

Ragee from x.x.x.4 joined the chat 30 minutes ago

MockY: w0000t

MockY: ..

tgs3: Getting everyone in here is like herding cats

thebrat13n: Sorry, I'm busy packing and am only half here

MockY: haha

tgs3: You're here as much as anyone else :(

Ragee: vilka är inne nu då?

MockY: funny guy today

MockY: våra storbröder fattas

MockY: Och en av dom missuppfattade totalt att det ens va ett tema

Stekarn from x.x.x.171 joined the chat 25 minutes ago

MockY: w000t

MockY: nu

hebbe from x.x.x.210 joined the chat 25 minutes ago

Ragee: vem då

MockY: W00000000t

MockY: nu e alla inne

Ragee: cool

thebrat13n: yeah

MockY: Skulle gissa Robert

Stekarn: det är väll bäst vi röstar snart

tgs3: So we decided no negative points for missing the theme, right? :)

tgs3: I'm ready

MockY: Tror inte han tror att Idlewild skulle gå dåligt

MockY: mjo, jag e klar också

hebbe: det är ganska förvirrande med alla olika chattar

thebrat13n: I'm ready

MockY: men diggar inte taktik uploadning

Stekarn: idlewild går väll jämnt dåligt och ju bättre låt jag har desto sämre brukar det gå det verkar bara vara finskt som funkar

MockY: men diggar inte taktik uploadning

MockY: haha, den sämsta bortförklaringen jag hört haha

hebbe: idlewild finns med på album

Stekarn: förra säsongens vinnare hade jag till och med glömt bort

MockY: precis

thebrat13n: It atleast never made it on the album

thebrat13n: one before

Stekarn: det var länge sedan

tgs3: What does the band name have to do with anything? It's the song that matters.

tgs3: And Idlewild has been in the top 6 in album voting twice before

Stekarn: jag kör vad som helst nu för tiden jag vet aldrig vart det slutar

thebrat13n: maybe he didn't think that it would do well, it's his opinion

MockY: true, but not likely

tgs3: That's fine, which is why I wonder why we're discussing the group

MockY: shall we begin?

hebbe: det betyder att han har samma tema varje omgång

Stekarn: tycker denna temarunda är totalt meningslös för mig

Stekarn: t roligare för er

MockY: Stekarn har kastat in handuken och bryr sig tydligen inte om något längre. Kör sitt egna race...trevligt att veta

tgs3: haha. I knew this theme would cause controversy

Stekarn: ha ha ha

tgs3: I really don't see how you can't have any idea hwo songs will do, Robert

tgs3: You were the first to complain about Nina and Anders the last time we did this

MockY: because he does not give a shit

Stekarn: jo jag trodde lite på dom finska förra säsongen

tgs3: I don't think that's true, but that is how he's sounding

MockY is headbanging to deathmetal

Stekarn: men jag tycker inte att dom var jättebra

tgs3: What does that have to do with this round?

Stekarn: förr så hade jag bättre koll för då visste jag vart jag hade peter

Stekarn: nu för tiden är det bara att hoppas att ni gillar det

Stekarn: det är klart är man först med dom stora banden då går det ju bra

tgs3: He gave you the most points in both the rounds and album voting just a season ago, Season 16

thebrat13n: ok, I think that we should vote, I have stuff to do

tgs3: I don't know, I don't see a lot of "Big" bands last season that did well

tgs3: I agree

Stekarn: jo då blev jag allt förvånad

Ragee: robert är en liten rolig kille

Stekarn: ja nu röstar vi

MockY: fusksi e vad han är

MockY: spelar inte efter reglerna längre. He's an the cops

MockY: 1

tgs3: Definitely a variety of different music this round anyway

thebrat13n: 2

Ragee: 2

tgs3: 2

Stekarn: vi säger väll att jag fuskar för då måste jag i alla fall bry mig mycket om poängen och det är ju bra

thebrat13n: ha ha

Stekarn: 3

thebrat13n: I knew that I was pushing it last time, but I knew the points wouldn't matter in the end

Stekarn: vart tog hebbe vägen

thebrat13n: I'm always on the bottom

hebbe: 6

MockY: han runkar i ett hörn

Stekarn: hehe

tgs3: No need to be in a corner

Ragee: go go go

MockY: haha

hebbe: dark 2p

MockY: Winger 1p

Ragee: Ted 3p

Stekarn: Winger 1p

tgs3: Dark Tranquility 3p

thebrat13n: Dark Tranquility 4p

hebbe: ted leo 4p

MockY: Ted Leo 3p

Ragee: winger 4p

Stekarn: Dark 2p

tgs3: Nine Inch Nails 4p

thebrat13n: Winger 5p

hebbe: nine inch 5p

MockY: Dark Tranquillity 5p

Ragee: Dixie Chicks 5p

Stekarn: Ted 5p

tgs3: Winger 5p

thebrat13n: Nine Inch Nails 6p

hebbe: dixie 6p

MockY: Dixie Chicks 6p

Ragee: Nine Inch Nails 6p

Stekarn: Nine Inch Nails 6p

tgs3: Dixie Chicks 6p

thebrat13n: Ted Leo & the Pharmacists 7p

hebbe: idlewild 7p

MockY: Idlewild 9p

Ragee: Idlewild 7p

Stekarn: Dixie 7p

tgs3: Hmm, I wonder who won

Stekarn: ha ha ha h a ha

tgs3: This is actually a good thing, Robert "wasted" this song on this round

Stekarn: word

tgs3: After this maybe we can go fishing with dynamite :)

thebrat13n: Theron: did you give you're last points, 'cause I didn't see them

tgs3: Idlewild 8p

thebrat13n: Idlewild 8p

hebbe: jag väntar

tgs3: Sorry, I must have typed over it and thought it got sent

thebrat13n: that's what I thought

thebrat13n: we're not used to this chat program

tgs3: yes

MockY: the new chat is installed now and we will use it for the next time

MockY: And you will have access to it by choosing the chat link from the website

thebrat13n: ok, cool

hebbe: låter bra

Stekarn: ja bra ska bli spännande

MockY: but you all have to sign up ....again

Stekarn: ja vad kul

MockY: hehe

Ragee: vi börjar bli vana nu

hebbe from x.x.x.210 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

MockY: tss inte vara dum nu :)

tgs3: Another day, another chat :)

hebbe: 1 idlewild 39p

Stekarn: kan man få ett grattis eller

hebbe: 2 dixie 30p

MockY: neeee

MockY: tydligen inte

MockY: Anders e sur på dig för ditt fuskande

MockY: :)

Ragee: gratz

hebbe: 3 nine inch 27p

MockY: Ragee Gratz

MockY: Fint stage name

hebbe: sur på chatten går knappt att skriva

thebrat13n from x.x.x.109 joined the chat


MockY: Tycker endå att Niklas ska byta namn till Ragee Gratz

hebbe: 4 ted leo 22p

thebrat13n: Good job Robert;)

tgs3: YES. Another point

tgs3: Leo rocks. You all suck

Stekarn: tack

tgs3: I'm going to tell him you guys hate him the next time I see him

thebrat13n: Hey, it was second for me...

tgs3: Of course, I haven't seen him in 15 years, so that probably won't happen.

tgs3: I went to Notre Dame with Ted

hebbe: 5 winger 16p

hebbe: 6 dark 16p

tgs3: Yeah, I automatically assume Nina will have better taste :)

MockY: good for you

thebrat13n: ha ha

tgs3: Sorry to include you

tgs3: Why is that good for me?

hebbe: det verkar som om jag och niklas fatta temat i alla fall

thebrat13n: I thought that the Dixie Chicks would do a lot worse

thebrat13n: Even in this round

MockY: It was a response on something you saod long time ago...this chat sux :)

tgs3: Yes, lets hang the webmaster

MockY: haha

hebbe: grattis rob

tgs3: Nah, I waffled between 6 and 7 for them

MockY: nej, nu ska jag fara och gräva

MockY: plant a tree and do soma landscaping

thebrat13n: what are you digging?

Ragee: man kan igenligten säga att jag vann denna runda

thebrat13n: ahhh

hebbe: guld?

MockY: puss i ljumsken allihopa

hebbe: då blev jag 2:a

thebrat13n: sure

hebbe: bye

thebrat13n: i have to get back to packing and loading the van with stuff from the garage to it can get cleaned

thebrat13n: Did we decide on the next vote?

thebrat13n: I assume wednesday unless told otherwise

tgs3: He's making sitting area where they buried the cat

tgs3: I'm pretty sure Dee carries his balls in her purse

thebrat13n: great, so the only place to hang out in that yard is going to be around a dead cat

thebrat13n: that's funny

tgs3: Yes, lets target Wednesday. I gotta go see everyone later. Rock on!!

thebrat13n: bye

tgs3: Niklas has "won" both of these type of rounds I believe

tgs3: Bye for real now